G.B. #114 27 Sep 1901 5d S.S. Nile Hotel Corner Cover to Argentina
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Sept. 28th 1901

                                    U.S.M.S. “St. Paul”

Dear Mamma,

                        We are off This steamer is fine. It is quite different from the Kaiser. We send you a passenger list. Papa was going to get me a Brownie Camera to take pictures with of the steamer but he didn’t have time so he is going to get it in the States. There are about 300 passengers. I have made the acquaintance of 2 ladies 1 gentleman & 1 girl. I knew the first three at the hotel & the girl (Nancy Murray) I came to know about 20 minutes ago. We have an inside cabin which if I were in the habit of using slang I should call a “corker” but no I abhor slang (?). We received a letter yesterday from Mr Olde inviting us to stay at his house on our return. We are going to send you some pictures that we took at Madeira etc. I think I will close this lengthy epistle so with best love to everyone I



Tell the kid I won’t forget her books & Mary that I won’t forget her violin – – & stand.


I write you and send in another envelope enclosing photos of Madeira & passenger list & letter from Carrie

                    (  )

Be good children-

Darling Ellen

Dear dear Mary

Dear old chaffer Edward

Sweet Ruthie