Driard House Victoria, B.C. 28 Jun 1882 Marcus Smith Letter to wife
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Victoria B.C.

June 28th, 1882

My dear Nanny

            I have come over here for a day with Mr. & Mrs.Onderdonk at the invitation of Mr.Trutch we are to have a day’s yachting in the Govt. steamer “Sir JW. Douglas” and I much needed it for I have been terribly hard worked last week. The floods in the Fraser destroyed all the roads and much of the railway above Yale and 2000 chinamen were sent down to my Division followed by more & more till now I have 3000 men on Wilmot’s Division alone, and will have 1000 more in a few days and at the same time Mr.Paige one of Wilmot’s assistants is laid up with rheumatism so he has only one assistant to keep 3000 men at work- Cambie has only 8 miles to finish and has five assistants Keefer same number and Hamlin same although there is not a man at work. Trutch is behaving very well has ordered some assistants down to help Wilmot. Cambie refuses- and Trutch has sent a long telegram to Ottawa there will be a row- I have not seen Tom since I wrote last so of course he is allright- The conservatives seem to have swept all before them at the elections

Time is up a quarter to seven in the morning and I have to be on board at seven

Yours ever

M. Smith