Siege of Mafeking cover rediscovered
A newly rediscovered Siege of Mafeking cover franked with a 1900 Cape of Good Hope three-pence Robert Baden-Powell stamp (Scott #180) more than doubled its estimate at a west-coast auction on April 2.

Newly rediscovered 13 April 1900 Siege of Mafeking 3c cover sold for $11,000 in Vancouver auction

Auctioneer Brian Grant Duff offered the Scott #180 Baden Powell cover, last given as a 1951 Christmas gift to a King’s Scout by Westmoreland Sheriff J.M. Danson, as lot 123 in All Nations’ 1355th weekly auction on 2 April.

Estimated at $5000, there were 10 bidders including some from Israel, and Great Britain. A U.S. based collector phone bidder who needed it for their collection prevailed.For more information,
Please contact:Brian Grant Duff 604 684 4613

“A 217-day conflict spanning from October 1899 to the following May, the Siege of Mafeking (now Mafikeng) took place in South Africa during the Second Boer War, fought between the British Empire and two independent Boer republics.

“Under the command of Robert Baden-Powell, a charismatic cavalry officer, the tiny British garrison managed to hold out for the next eight months. Their resistance became a powerful symbol of British resolve during the bleak early months of the war,” according to an online Canadian War Museum exhibition, “Canada & the South African War.”

Cape of Good Hope #180 13 Apr 1900 3d Blue Siege of Mafeking Cover
Lot 123 in our auction Saturday 2nd April 2022

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My dear Philip,

I was hoping to get you a Canada stamp for Christmas but unfortunately the dealer in Liverpool from where I hoped to get it was ill with Lumbago so I couldn’t do anything about it, I have no Canada left myself.

However as a Kings Scout you may like to have this cancelled Mafeking stamp showing the head of B.P. which I send with best wishes for Christmas & the New Year.

                     Yours ever

                            J M Davison