C.P.R. Engineer’s Office Kamloops 24 Jan 1885 Marcus Smith Letter
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                Engineer’s Office Kamloops B.C.

                                 Jan. 24th 1885

My dear Nannie

                         A few days ago I received your letter of the 2nd inst. with that of Eloise of the same date enclosing Christmas cards photographs &.c – am glad to hear you all enjoyed the holidays – Yesterday I received Arthur’s letter to Lettie – of Dec. 3rd describing the initiation of the  Freshmen and the goings on .

The weather has been much milder since the new year with only two cold snaps down to 24° below zero for two days each we have only a foot of snow here but it increases as we go up the river and Lakes till at Eagle pass it is over 3 feet

I have been very busy fitting up my office hope to get into it this week  –

overcoat not arrived yet – and February is expected to be a cold month – but as there will not be much to do for me here I may go down the coast – Burrard Inlet where it is much milder – mail just closing will write fuller particulars next mail  – three days from this . Love to all

                                  Yours ever

                                      Marcus Smith

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