C.P.R. Engineer’s Office Ft. Hope, B.C. 28 Aug 1882 M. Smith Letter
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                    Engineer’s Office Fort Hope BC

                                 August 28th 1882

My dear Nannie

                          As I have got landed here on a Sunday – for once in a house (a small hotel. I have an opportunity of writing to you – I saw Tom at Stave River on my way up yesterday – he is well but they are in trouble with the contractors chiefly through Brophy – who is the thickest of all thickheads – utterly ignorant of his profession and disagreeable to everybody so different from Patrick. he has committed one blunder after another so that he has almost spoiled the bridge at said River and it will cost several hundred dollars to make it passable – which I have no authority to spend as almost every letter I receive I am told that no extras must be made unless absolutely unavoidable from natural causes – but I suppose a blockhead in a position he is unfit for will not be considered a natural cause but may be condoned by the Minister who I see by the newspaper is very sick – I have been very hard worked – office work – of late and shall be glad when Jennings comes if they place him in the position I asked – The weather is charming and I am going on a trip up the line near to Kamloops with Mr Trutch about the 6th Septr – on official business which will occupy about 10 days – and would have been longer but His Marquis & Princess are expected here about the 16th – The bishop of New Westminster was in my office yesterday and wants to get up a demonstration – arch of evergreens, flag & c – in our neighbourhood – I see by the papers today he has had a letter from the princess saying she is going to spend two weeks with him – he was Chaplain to her sister the late Princess Alice – As I am next door neighbour to the Bishop I fear I shall be bothered with them – Love to all the children and tell them that Papa will be home anon

                          Yours ever

                                M. Smith