Our 1,450th Milestone auction 

on 16th March 2024 brought $104% of presale estimates. Over 200 different bidders from across the globe participated. The 75th anniversary sale fell on the 75th day of the year.
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The stamps and postal history offered included useful Canada, and B.N.A. last offered in the 1970s, the Brewery Collection, featuring fine Canada and B.N.A. purchased from Robert Lyman in the 1950s and 1960s, with more to come, and the Tunnel Collection, which yielded nice B.N.A. and better worldwide, with more to follow.

A newly rediscovered unused 1860 5c Connell brought $6655 Read more about this here. 

The second known  #20ii a very good unused stitch watermark 1859 2c sold for $1650.

A fine+ magenta cds Used 1897 $4 Jubilee block of four, with adhesion on one stamp, realized $1760.

The scarce British Columbia #3 fine used 1865 5c imperforate, from the Senator Calder collection, brought $3492.

See more Exceptional Items with their price realized from the Milestone 1,450th Auction

Our 1,450th Milestone auction 

Coins and banknotes made up the last 25 lots of the 225 item sale. Coins and banknotes were the most popular portion of the online and live auction.

An ANACS MS60 graded 1948 Silver dollar fetched $3101,

and one of 48 known 1937 Specimen $1,000 sold for $7500, in spite of some mount residue in the margins.

There are no buyer’s premiums or credit card fees in All Nations’ weekly auctions.
See more Exceptional Items with their price realized from the Milestone 1,450th Auction

Realized $514 Lot 13 B.E.A. SG #31 19 Feb Mombasa 1st day Used UL T.E.C.R. Block (6)

Realized $3,000 Lot 103 Victoria Post Office 1862/71 incoming 145pg Registered Letter Book

Realized $725 Lot 125 C.S.. Bailey 1888/90 Vancouver, B.C. 8.5×5″ Photo w/ back imprint, ph

Realized $770 Lot 189 India 15 Aug 1948 cacheted, unaddressed Gandhi FDC (5)

Realized $1,210 Lot 201 H.B.C. 22 Aug 1883 Ft. Edmonton 10pg Victoria doc., ex Wellburn

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1450
Noon Saturday 16th March 2024

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515, collect@direct.ca
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup
by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized 
1Aden #1-11 F/VF Mint 1937 Dhows US$376. (11 diff)gallery thumbnail$200$176
2New South Wales #9a Fine Mint 1850/51 3d Green, faults US$12,500.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2500$962
3Queen Victoria signed 22 Jun 1897 trimmed Hughes & Mullins Photogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$132
4Queen Elizabeth II & Philip signed 1987 9×8.5″ framed photogallery thumbnail$150$275
5Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier signed 1942/53 Autograph Book (17 signatures)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$55
6Margaret Thatcher signed, framed 11×12″ Photogallery thumbnail$100$60
7Austria #B188 VFNH 1946 Imperf Semipostal Sheetlet US$500. (6)gallery thumbnail$150$121
8Austria #P6 VF Mint 1859 1Kr Newspaper Stamp US$875.gallery thumbnail$200$187
9Barbados #60/69a Mint 1882/85 QV, odd sml flaw US$694. (22)gallery thumbnail$150$99
10Boer War 1899/1902 Press Photos in album, some flaws (85 diff)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$660
11Brazil #28 VF Unused 1850 600r Black Goat’s eye US$500.gallery thumbnail$150$121
121935 George V Silver Jubilee Mint A/S US$857. (152)gallery thumbnail$200$242
13B.E.A. SG #31 19 Feb Mombasa 1st day Used UL T.E.C.R. Block (6)gallery thumbnail$150$514
14Canada #1 VF Used 1851 3d Laid Paper $1600.gallery thumbnail$500$780
15Canada #2 Fine Used 1851 6d Albert shade, owner’s b/s $1000.gallery thumbnail$300$412
16Canada #4 VF Mint 1852 3d Beaver, may not be o.g, crease $2000.+gallery thumbnail$500$605
17Canada #4c F/VF Used 3d Ribbed Paper, hinge thin $600.gallery thumbnail$150$165
18Canada #5d VF Used 1855 6d Hard Paper, margin thins $4,000.gallery thumbnail$1000$1150
19Canada #7 F/VF Used 1855 10d Cartier shade, crease $1800.gallery thumbnail$400$330
20Canada #8 Fine Mint HR 1857 1/2d QV shade $700.+gallery thumbnail$400$396
21Canada #8 Fine Used 1857 1/2d shade, pinpoint thin $500.gallery thumbnail$100$88
22Canada #9 Fine+ 4-ring London 19 Used 1857 7.5d QV shade $2000.gallery thumbnail$600$880
23Canada #10 VF Unu 1857 6d Reddish Purple, expertly rebackedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$5000$3100
24Canada #11 Fine Used 1858 1d Perforated Pence, margin tear $1000.gallery thumbnail$250$302
25Canada #12 Fine+ Used 1859 3d Red Perforated Pence, sht perfs $600.gallery thumbnail$150$275
26Canada #13 Fine Used 1859 6d Perforated Pence, lr repair $5000.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$750
27Canada #15 VF Mint HR 1859 5c Beaver shade, soaked perfs $800.gallery thumbnail$200$242
28Canada #16 VG/F Used 1869 10c Black Brown $1250.+gallery thumbnail$400$632
29Canada #17b Fine Unused 1859 10c shade, odd short perf $800.gallery thumbnail$200$88
30Canada #18 VF Mint HHR 1859 12.5c QV shade, sml tear $1250.gallery thumbnail$200$109
31Canada #19 Fine Mint HR 1859 17c Cartier, some soaked perfs $900.+gallery thumbnail$300$165
32Canada #20 Fine Never Hinged appearing 2c shade $300.+gallery thumbnail$100$154
33Canada #20ii VG Unused 2c Stitch Watermark, two known $3500.gallery thumbnail$1000$1650
34Canada #22 VF Unu 1868 1c Large Queen shade, odd sht perf $1000.gallery thumbnail$200$220
35Canada #23 Fine Mint HR 1869 1c Large Queen shade, perf cc $800.gallery thumbnail$200$260
36Canada #24 Fine Mint HR 1868 2c Large Queen shade $600.+gallery thumbnail$150$137
37Canada #25 VG+ Never Hinged appearing 1868 3c LQ, sht perf $500.+gallery thumbnail$100$150
38Canada #26 F/VF Mint HR 1875 5c Large Queen $1650.+gallery thumbnail$500$467
39Canada #27 Fine Unused 1868 6c Large Queen shade $1200.gallery thumbnail$250$242
40Canada #27b VF Used 1868 6c Watermarked, tear $3500.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$467
41Canada #27vii Fine Used 1868 6c Vertical Stitch Watermark, cc $1500.gallery thumbnail$400$495
42Canada #28 Fine Mint HR 1868 12.5c LQ shade, clipped perfs $600.+gallery thumbnail$300$110
43Canada #29P VF 15c LQ shade Plate Proof, trivial cc $1000.gallery thumbnail$250$187
44Canada #29b Fine Mint HR 15c Red Lilac LQ, spot $600.+gallery thumbnail$150$132
45Canada #31 Fine 23 Mar 1869 Used 1c Laid Paper LQ, thin, P.F. Cert.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$1210
46Canada #33 VG green target Used 1868 3c Laid Paper LQ, perf cc $500gallery thumbnail$125$133
47Canada #38 Fine Mint 1876 5c SQ, some foxed perfs $300.gallery thumbnail$100$69
48Canada #40 Fine Mint HHR 1877 10c SQ shade, some foxing $500.gallery thumbnail$100$100
49Canada #45 Fine Mint HR 1897 10c SQ shade, gum bend $300.gallery thumbnail$100$80
50Canada #46 VF Mint 1893 50c Widow Weed, owner’s b/s $600.gallery thumbnail$150$137
51Canada #46a VF+ Mint HR 1893 20c Imperf Widow Weed $900.gallery thumbnail$300$401
52Canada #50-60 Fine+ Mint & Unu 1897 Jubilees, 20c thin $1270. (11)gallery thumbnail$300$151
53Canada #60S VF Unu 1897 50c Specimen Ovpt, hinge thin $600.gallery thumbnail$150$220
54Canada #61 Fine Unused 1897 $1 Jubilee, rounded corner $500.gallery thumbnail$150$165
55Canada #62 Fine Mint HR 1897 $2 Jubilee, thin, fresh colour $1200.gallery thumbnail$250$302
56Cda #63 Fine+ Unused 1897 $3 Jubilee, thin, 13,500 issued, $1200.gallery thumbnail$300$374
57Canada #63 Fine Magenta CDS Used 1897 $3 Jubilee $800.gallery thumbnail$250$385
58Canada #64 Fine+ Unused 1897 $4 Jubilee, hinge fault $1200.gallery thumbnail$250$300
59Cda #64 Fine Magenta CDS Used 1897 $4 Jubilee Block, ll adh $3200.gallery thumbnail$1000$1760
60Canada #65 Fine Unused 1897 $5 Jubilee, 16,500 issued, $1200.gallery thumbnail$300$375
61Canada #66-73, 87 Fine+ Mint HR 1897/98 QV Leaf Set, 10c flaw $635.gallery thumbnail$150$165
62Canada #70P VF 1897 5c QV Leaf Plate Proof Pair, 300 issued, $600.gallery thumbnail$200$247
63Canada #73P VF 1897 10c QV Leaf Plate Proof, 235 issued, $500.gallery thumbnail$150$291
64Canada #74-84, 88 Fine+ Mint HR 1898/1902 QV Numeral Set $2170.gallery thumbnail$600$300
65Canada #75vi VF Unused 1898 1c Imperforate Pair, 600 made, $900.gallery thumbnail$300$550
66Canada #77d VF Unu 1899 2c Die II Imperf single, 500 made, $750.gallery thumbnail$250$500
67Canada #84 VF Mint 1900 20c QV Numeral $1000.gallery thumbnail$300$297
68Canada #85a VF Unused 1898 2c Map Imperforate Pair $700.gallery thumbnail$200$500
69Cda #87iii-88iii Fine Never Hinged Inverted Surcharge forgery duogallery thumbnail$100$50
70Canada #89-95 Fine+ Mint & Unu Edward VII Set, 4 gum loss $1920gallery thumbnail$400$200
71Canada #96-103 Fine+ Mint 1908 Quebec Set, 20c trifle adh $910. (9)gallery thumbnail$250$110
72Canada #104-122 Fine+ Mint & Unu 1911/25 Admiral Set $859. (19)gallery thumbnail$200$110
73Canada #120 VFNH 1923 50c George V Admiral $300.gallery thumbnail$100$165
74Canada #126a, 128a, 130a Fine+ Mint 1924 Perf by Imperf Pr trio $832.gallery thumbnail$200$220
75Canada #133i VF one Never Hinged 1924 2c Admiral Coil Pair $525.gallery thumbnail$200$143
76Canada #136, 138 VF 6 Never Hinged 1924 Imperf Block duo $500.gallery thumbnail$125$82
77Cda #140 Fine 14 Never Hinged 1926 Admiral Block, se at foot $510.gallery thumbnail$125$66
78Canada #149-161 Fine+ Mint 1928/29 George V Scroll Set, $1 flt $723.gallery thumbnail$200$87
79Canada #149-159 VF Mint & Unu George V Scroll Imperf Set $1700.gallery thumbnail$500$275
80Canada #159a VF Mint 1929 $1 Parliament Imperforate Pair $900.gallery thumbnail$300$363
81Canada #217P-227P VF 1935 George V Plate Proof Pairs Set $3600.gallery thumbnail$1250$1100
82Canada #241-245i mostly VFNH 1938 Block Set $1600. (24)gallery thumbnail$500$264
83Canada #459ii VFNH 1968 6c Fluorescent Ink Blank M/S $1000. (16)gallery thumbnail$300$165
84Canada #1395a VFNH 1992 43c Flag Imperf Strip of 13 $1300. (15)gallery thumbnail$400$200
85Canada #18786 VFNH 1999 46c Sikh Kiss Print Sheet (16)gallery thumbnail$200$143
86British Columbia #BCD2b Never Hinged 1947 50c Booklet #223, bendgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$90
87British Columbia #BCD3a VFNH Short Log Variety in $1 Pane (5)gallery thumbnail$500$250
88British Columbia #BCD3 VF stamps NH 1948 $1 Imperf Pane, folds (5)gallery thumbnail$400$220
89British Columbia #BCL61 VFNH 1971/80 $5 Plate Sheet $7812. (25)gallery thumbnail$2500$100
90Cda #CE2 VFNH LR 7c Official Airmail Plate 1 Sheet $1400. (50)gallery thumbnail$500$231
91Patricia Airways #CL21a VF Mint 1926 Red Lake Ovpt $3500.gallery thumbnail$1000$1650
92Patricia Airways #CL29b, CL29bi VF Unu 1927 Overprint duo $525.gallery thumbnail$150$110
93Cda #F1a Fine stamps Never Hinged 1875 2c shade, reentry imprint strip, bendgallery thumbnail$150$121
94Cda #F1d, F2b Fine Mint 1875 R.L.S. duo, sml flaws $550.gallery thumbnail$125$73
95Cda #FB1-FB9 8 diff mainly NH 1864 First QV Bill octet, sml flaws, 7c S variety $705.gallery thumbnail$150$93
96Cda #FB16-17 Never Hinged 1864 QV Bill duo, sml flaws $495.gallery thumbnail$125$55
97Canada #FPS2/FPS22 Never Hinged Postal Scrip Blocks $526. (72)gallery thumbnail$100$121
98Cda #FWM45a-48a Never Hinged Purple Control quartet $660.gallery thumbnail$200$109
99Canada #O10-273 VF 2 NH LL 1946 $1 Pl 1 4-hole Perf OHMS Blk, ex Pekonen $630gallery thumbnail$200$209
100Cda #O9a Fine Never Hinged LL Missing Period Variety Pl 1 Blk $2400.gallery thumbnail$750$787
101Canada #O25 VFNH LL 1946 $1 Official Pl. 1 Block, lt bend at top $700.gallery thumbnail$150$77
102Cda #OX2 Fine+ Mint 1902 QV Bluish Paper Block, lt bend in 2 $2000.gallery thumbnail$500$880
103Victoria Post Office 1862/71 incoming 145pg Registered Letter Bookgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$3000
104Freeman & Co. Red San Francisco Oval 2c Express Cover to Victoriagallery thumbnail$500$484
105Freeman & Co. 1859 Paid 3c San Francisco/ Victoria Express Covergallery thumbnail$500$467
106Victoria Paid V.I. Blue HS 1859/60 Wells Fargo Cover to London, fltsgallery thumbnail$500$440
107Dietz & Nelsons Victoria Blue Paid & Post Office Oval Paste up Covergallery thumbnail$400$550
108San Francisco/New West Collect Blue oval Crease Wells Fargo Covergallery thumbnail$300$363
109Barnard’s Express Unused Envelope on Wellburn pagegallery thumbnail$300$550
110British Columbia #2 Fine+ Mint 1860 2.5d QV, crackly gum $400.+gallery thumbnail$100$357
111B.C. #2 Nevada/Calif Wells Fargo Paid Cover to Victoria, reducedgallery thumbnail$750$525
112B.C. #2 Yale 4 Used Pair on Ft. Yale/New West Crease Cover, creasegallery thumbnail$500$825
113B.C. #3 Fine Blue Victoria 35 Used 1865 5c Imperf, ex Calder $5000.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$3492
114B.C. #4 VF Used 1865 10c Imperforate, pinholes $1600.gallery thumbnail$300$407
115B.C. #7 Fine+ Mint OG 1869 3d Block of Four $800.gallery thumbnail$200$425
116B.C. #7 Victoria Blue Oval Wells Fargo Paid Cover to San Franciscogallery thumbnail$400$330
117B.C. #8 on Paid Wells Fargo San Francisco/ Victoria Cover, shortpaidgallery thumbnail$300$357
118B.C. #9 21 Apr 1870 5c Victoria, B.C. Cover to Henry Nathan, sml flawsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$650
119B.C. #13 Fine Mint HR 1867/71 $1 on 3d Green, odd sht perf $1400.gallery thumbnail$300$825
120B.C. #14 Fine Unused 1869 5c on 3d Bright Red, creases $1600.gallery thumbnail$300$363
121B.C. #15 Fine Blue oval Used 1869 10c on 3d, 2014 Greene Cert.$1500gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$577
122B.C. #16 Fine William’s Creek 10 Used 1869 25c on 3d, thin $600.gallery thumbnail$150$165
123B.C. #17 Fine William’s Creek 10 Used 1869 50c on 3d, sht perfs $800.gallery thumbnail$200$192
124B.C. #18 Fine Mint OG 1869 $1 on 3d Green, trifle perf tear $1600.+gallery thumbnail$750$825
125C.S.. Bailey 1888/90 Vancouver, B.C. 8.5×5″ Photo w/ back imprint, phgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$725
126Upper Columbia Co. Fine Mint HR 1897 5c Localgallery thumbnail$500$550
127Timms & Co. Unu Gerolim & Lampiere Colour Private Postcardgallery thumbnail$400$125
128New Brunswick #1 abt Fine 11 Nov 1857 3d FLS to Halifax $800.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$165
129N.B. #2 Fine blue grid Used 1851 6d Shade, sml flaw $800.gallery thumbnail$200$211
130N.B. #5TC VF 1860 5c Connell Trial Colour Plate Proof $2000.gallery thumbnail$500$900
131N.B. #5 Fine+ Unu LL 1860 5c Connell, only 65 known, 1916 R.P.S.L. Certificate $8000gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$3000$6655
132Newfoundland #3 VF Mint HR 1857 3d Triangle $1400.gallery thumbnail$500$600
133Newfoundland #5 VF Used 1857 5d Brown Violet $600.gallery thumbnail$150$307
134Nfld #12 abt Fine Unu 1860 4d, 1956 B.P.A. Certificate $2000.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$715
135Newfoundland #12 VG Used 1840 4d Orange $450.gallery thumbnail$150$109
136Nfld #13 VF Used 1860 6d Orange, hidden wrinkle $1600.gallery thumbnail$400$363
137Nfld #25-26 Fine Unused 1865/94 5c Seal duo, last sht pfs $500.gallery thumbnail$150$66
138Nfld #32-37 Fine Mint & Unu 1868/94, odd sml flt $532. (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$125$121
139Nfld #75-77 Fine+ Mint 1897 1c on 3c trio, last gum thin $847.gallery thumbnail$200$214
140Nfld #87P VFNH 1910 1c Guy Trade Sample Proof Imperf Pair $750.gallery thumbnail$250$275
141Nfld #88P VFNH 1910 2c Guy Trade Sample Proof Imperf Pair $750.gallery thumbnail$250$275
142Nfld #89P VFNH 1910 3c Guy Trade Sample Proof Imperf Pair $750.gallery thumbnail$250$286
143Nfld #89P VFNH 1910 3c Guy Trade Sample Perf Imperf Pr, trifle spotgallery thumbnail$200$275
144Nfld #90P VFNH 1910 4c Guy Trade Sample Proof Imperf Pair $750.gallery thumbnail$250$286
145Newfoundland #C12 VF Mint 1932 $1.50 on $1 DO-X, owner’s b/s $400.gallery thumbnail$125$143
146Newfoundland #C18 F/VF Mint 1933 $4.50 on 75c Balbo, lt bend $350.gallery thumbnail$100$126
147N.S. #2 VF Unused 1857 3d Shade, small flaws $1600.gallery thumbnail$400$440
148N.S. #4 Fine Unused appearing, owner’s b/s, sml flaw $3000.gallery thumbnail$300$330
149Nova Scotia #5 Fine Used 1857 6d Dark Green, owner’s b/s $1500.gallery thumbnail$400$330
150Nova Scotia #6 Fine Used 1857 1/- Shade, ex Calder $3500.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$1620
151Nova Scotia #8 mainly NH 1860 1c QV Complete Sheet, gum flts (100)gallery thumbnail$400$440
152P.E.I. #1 c Fine Mint HR 1861 2d Perf by Imperf, ex Jarrett $3750.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$605
153P.E.I. #2 abt Fine Unused 1861 3d Blue, Perf 9, rd corners $800.gallery thumbnail$200$220
154P.E.I. #3 Fine Used 1861 6d Yellow Green, usual sht perfs $800.gallery thumbnail$200$242
155Cayman Islands #69-80 F/VF Mint & Used 1932 Set US$687. (12)gallery thumbnail$200$220
156China #3 Fine+ 1887 Customs Used 3c Dragon, sml flaw US$600.gallery thumbnail$150$264
157Falkland Islands #1 Fine Used 1878 1d QV shade, small flts US$500.gallery thumbnail$125$247
158Falkland Islands #22-29 F/VF Mint 1904/07 Edward VII Set US$590. (8)gallery thumbnail$200$231
159France #197 Fine Mint HR 1923 1FR Philatelic Congress, foxed perfsgallery thumbnail$100$109
160France #329 VF stamps Never Hinged 1937 PEXIP sheet & set US$720gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$400
161German States 1862/69 Used US$756. (28 )gallery thumbnail$200$95
162Wurttemberg #33 1863 CDS Used 9Kr Claret, faults US$800.gallery thumbnail$100$36
163Germany #B59-B67 Never Hinged 1934 Semipostal Set US$450. (9)gallery thumbnail$150$99
164Germany #B68 Never Hinged 1935 Ostropa S/S, acidification US$975.gallery thumbnail$125$154
165G.B. #1 VG Unused 1840 1d Black, Plate 2, wrinkle US$12,500.gallery thumbnail$2500$495
166G.B. #1 22 Dec 1840 Fine Used 1d T.P. Cornhill 1d Black FLS US$1000gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$209
167G.B. #4a Fine Mint HR 1841 2d Pale Blue Misperf US$8650.gallery thumbnail$2000$1600
168G.B. #5 abt Fine Used 1847 1/- QV Embossed Die 1 US$1000.gallery thumbnail$250$132
169G.B #7 Fine+ Used 1854 6d Embossed, rd corner US$1000.gallery thumbnail$200$109
170G.B. #34b abt Fine Mint HR 1862 4d QV Hairlines Misperf, flt US$2300gallery thumbnail$300$432
171G.B. #40 Fine Mint HHR 1862 9d QV Shade, faults US$4500.gallery thumbnail$500$662
172G.B. #57 Fine Used 1867 5/- QV Plate 2 Shade US$775.gallery thumbnail$200$146
173G.B. #58 Fine Mint 1870 1/2d QV Plate 9 Misperf, some foxing US$5750.gallery thumbnail$1250$605
174G.B. #58 Fine Used 1870 1/2d QV Plate 9, small flaws US$825.gallery thumbnail$200$90
175G.B. #65 Fine Used 1880 1/- QV Plate 13, corner crease US$650.gallery thumbnail$150$120
176G.B. #71 VF 1881 Liverpool CDS Used 4d QV, corner crease $862.gallery thumbnail$200$132
177G.B. #73 Fine+ Mint HR 1876 8d QV Plate 7, trifle perf cc US$2150.gallery thumbnail$500$825
178G.B. #74 Fine Used 1878 QV 10/-, trivial perf cc US$3750.gallery thumbnail$1000$1375
179G.B. #75 Fine Used 1878 QV Pound, some sht perfs US$5250.gallery thumbnail$1250$1430
180G.B. #78-87 Fine+ Used 1880/81 QV Set US$988. (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$250$82
181G.B. #96a Fine+ Used 1883 2/6d on Bluish Paper, hidden wr. US$1750gallery thumbnail$400$192
182G.B. #98-107 Fine+ Used 1883/84 QV Set US$1994. (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$500$110
183G.B. #109 VF Used 1884 QV 10/-, margin wrinkle US$768.gallery thumbnail$150$82
184G.B. #123 Fine+ Used 1888 QV Pound Brown, perf cc US$5250.gallery thumbnail$1250$1375
185Greece #22/52 Mint & Used 1862/1877 Hermes Heads US$520. (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$125$71
186Greece #14a Fine Used 1862 40L Hermes Head, hinge thin US$600.gallery thumbnail$150$66
187Hong Kong #35B Fine Mint HR 1879 5c n 18c QV Misperf US$650.gallery thumbnail$200$75
188Iceland #49 Fine Used 1902/03 1g on 3a US$525.gallery thumbnail$125$80
189India 15 Aug 1948 cacheted, unaddressed Gandhi FDC (5)gallery thumbnail$150$770
190Italy #74-76 Mint & Used 1951 Gymnastic Festival Set, 2 thins US$540.gallery thumbnail$100$36
191Libya #55a Fine Mint 1924 50c Galley Perf 11 US$775.gallery thumbnail$100$50
192Liechtenstein #115 VFNH 1934 5Fr Agricultural Exhibition S/S US$2250gallery thumbnail$750$600
193Mauritius #29/49 gen Fine+ Mint 1878 Cancelled Ovpts US$707. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$200$85
194Montserrat #1c Fine Mint 1876 1d Inverted S Variety, sml flaws US$1250gallery thumbnail$250$125
195Rhodesia #19 Fine Mint HR 1890/94 10 Pound Arms, thin US$3000.gallery thumbnail$600$330
196Saar #B9-B15 Mint & Used 1928 Semipostal Set, B15 NH US$885. (7)gallery thumbnail$200$121
197South Africa #68-71 Used 1935 Geo V Silver Jubilee study US$785. (43)gallery thumbnail$250$104
198Swiss #36/835, B1/S12 mainly Used in Scott album US$3053. (1195)gallery thumbnail$750$302
199U.S.A. #630 Never Hinged 1926 2c White Plains S/S US$500.gallery thumbnail$150$220
200Vatican City #35-40 Used 1934 Set US$1388. (6)gallery thumbnail$400$440
201H.B.C. 22 Aug 1883 Ft. Edmonton 10pg Victoria doc., ex Wellburngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$1210
202H.B.C. 5 diff VF/AU 1946 Eastern Arctic uniface aluminum tokensgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$275
203Canada VG 1872H Inverted A fr V Variety QV Silver 50 Cents $475.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$275
204Canada PCGS SP64 1951 George VI Silver 50 Cents $500.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$325
205Canada ANACS MS60 1948 George VI Voyageur Silver $1gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$3101
206Canada BU 1955 6-coin Silver Proof-like Set $500.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$270
207Newfoundland ICCS EF-40 1870 QV Silver 50 Cents $800.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$550
208R.O. China Unc 1927 Silver $1, .7734oz US$150.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$198
209P.R. China Proof 1988 5 Ounce pure Silver Panda #01007gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$220
210Cook Islands Proof 1974 Churchill $100 Gold, 1453 minted, .4929ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1250$1500
211Germany BU 1927F Silver 2 Reichsmark US$1100.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$495
212G.B. XF 1797 George III Cartwheel 2 Pence US$560.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$200
213G.B./Colonial Cda 1826 George IV Gold plated Shilling to resemble Sovereign in original holdergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100 withdrawn
214James I 1603-1625 Silver 30.16g 60 Shillings, sml crackgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$3000$2222
215Waterloo BU 3.90oz Sterling Silver Pistrucci Medal #1031/5000gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$165
216Johnson Matthey pure Gold numbered Ounce Bar in original holdergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$3000$2950
217Mexico Proof 1986 pure Silver 5 Ounce Round #0708gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$211
218Norway Proof 2006 pure Gold Nelson Mandela Medal #2003gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2750$2950
219South Africa Proof 1978 Ounce Gold Krugerrandgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2650$2900
220Straits Settlements XF 1886 QV Silver 50 Cents, lt scratchesgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$242
221U.S.A. BU 1882CC Carson City Silver $1 in U.S. Mint holdergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$241
222Canada #BC-28S one of only 48 known 1937 $1000 Specimengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$5000$7500
223Canada AU 15 Aug 1943 Sask $25 War Savings Certificategallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$450$440
224Winnipeg Selkirks 1924 10 of 14 Crescent Ice Cream Cards, odd fltgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2000$231
225Bobby Orr KSA 7.5 NM+ 1970/71 OPC Norris Trophy Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$220

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