Realized $302 Lot 29 22 Jul 1879 Halifax 10c SQ Transatlantic Cover to Sandford Fleming

Realized $880 Lot79 Canada #J11a VFNH 1934 1c Postage Due Imperforate Pair $1000

Realized $192 Lot 208 Julia Mamaea 222-235 2.59gm Silver Denarius w/ Venus etc

Realized $303 Lot 209 Constantine the Great 306-337 3.91gm Follis Struck at London Mint

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1425
Noon Saturday 9th September 2023

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup
by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Aden #1-2, 4-10 gen VF Mint & Used 1937 Dhows US$114. (9)gallery thumbnail$30$22
2Advertising Cards mainly colour U.S. examples, some faults (5 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$19
3New South Wales #110 1905 2d colour Postage Due Postcard to thumbnail$20$10
4Victoria #16 Fine Unused 1854 2d Queen Victoria, some flaws US$ thumbnail$60$30
5Australia #J20 VF Used 1902 5/- Postage Due US$ thumbnail$125$88
6Austria #B71 1938 Anschluss Mixed Franked Propaganda Covergallery thumbnail$25$20
7Automobile Unu Dion-Bouton 1895 Motorcycle Postcard, aginggallery thumbnail$25$10
8Bahrain #38-51 Mint 1942/44 George VI Set US$88. (13)gallery thumbnail$30$27
9Bangkok #14 F/VF Used 1883 4c, nibbed perf US$ thumbnail$30$55
10Banking Documents 1865/69 First Natl Bank of New Berlin (7 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$5
11Barbados #61a/233, B1/MR1 Mint & Used US$104. (42)gallery thumbnail$25$23
12Batum #13-20 Mint 1919 Imperf Set, as is US$72. (8)gallery thumbnail$20$32
13Belgium Mint 1941 Flemish Legion Souvenir Sheet of Fourgallery thumbnail$25$33
14Birds M Countries Mint 1981/1922 Sets & S/S US$90.+ (22)gallery thumbnail$30$14
15Boer War 1 Jun 1903 2d Cover to St. Helena P.O.W. Covergallery thumbnail$25$24
16British Empire mainly Used 1911/36 George V US$500. (275 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$55
17British Commonwealth Mint & Used K/R incl Dunes owner’s cat. $ thumbnail$100$36
18Canada #4d F/VF Used 1852 3d Thin Paper $ thumbnail$50$121
19Canada #14/20 gen Fine Used 1859/64 Cents, owner’s cat. $550. (6)gallery thumbnail$125$90
20Canada #21/233a, O38/O45 mainly NH 1868/1956, #21 rc $140. (29)gallery thumbnail$50$11
21Canada #22-23 VF Used 1868/69 LQ duo, 1c trivial perf cc $ thumbnail$100$82
22Canada #24b VF Used 1868 2c Thin Paper, Guideline at Foot $ thumbnail$40$36
23Canada #29b Fine Used 15c LQ shade, unlisted Thick Paper $80.+gallery thumbnail$30$21
24Canada #30 VF cork Used 15c LQ Shade $ thumbnail$30$36
25Canada #34, 96, 135, J1 Mint 1882/1917 quartet $ thumbnail$25$10
26Canada #39, 43 Fine+ Mint 1872/90 6c SQ duo $ thumbnail$75$66
27Canada #40, 45 Fine+ Used 1880/97 10c SQ quartet $160.+gallery thumbnail$40$33
28Canada #41 1891 3c Vancouver, B.C. Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
2922 Jul 1879 Halifax 10c SQ Transatlantic Cover to Sandford Fleminggallery thumbnail$150$302
30Canada #47 Unu 1893 50c, sml tear, & #58 Fine Mint dist gum $ thumbnail$40$20
31Canada #50-54 Fine+ Mint 1897 Jubilee quintet, 2c crease $140.+gallery thumbnail$40$15
32Canada #55 Fine Never Hinged 1897 6c Jubilee $ thumbnail$100$48
33Canada #59 Fine Never Hinged 1897 20c Jubilee, Dot & Dash LL $ thumbnail$100$109
34Canada #60 Fine Mint 1897 50c Jubilee shade $ thumbnail$50$44
35Canada #63 Fine+ Mint 1897 $3 Jubilee, nibbed perf $1200.+gallery thumbnail$400$440
36Canada #77 VF Mint 1899 2c Carmine Die 1, Left Two Variety $ thumbnail$30$15
37Canada #79 F/VF Mint HHR 1889 5c QV Numeral, trifle perf cc $225.+gallery thumbnail$75$22
38Canada #83 Fine Mint HHR 1898 10c QV Numeral $ thumbnail$50$28
39Canada #85-86 Mint & Unu 1898 2c Map study lot, odd sml flaw $ thumbnail$75$49
40Canada #87F, 88F Used Surcharge Forgery quartet w/ 1 genuine (5)gallery thumbnail$40$66
41Canada #89, J2 1906 2c S.S. Southwark redirected Due Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
42Canada #90b Fine Mint 2NH 1903 2c Edward VII Bklt Pane, some fltsgallery thumbnail$250$69
43Canada #91 Fine Mint HR 1903 5c Edward VII $ thumbnail$25$6
44Canada #92-94 Fine Mint 1903/04 Edward VII trio $ thumbnail$250$80
45Canada #96-103 Fine+ Mint 1908 Quebec Set, some gum side flawsgallery thumbnail$150$60
46Canada #104/126v Unu & Used 1911/23 Admirals (12)gallery thumbnail$50$25
47Canada #108-9 Fine+ Never Hinged 1917/22 Admiral duo $ thumbnail$25$6
48Canada #120 F/VF Never Hinged 1925 50c Dry Printing Shadegallery thumbnail$40$47
49Canada #129 VF Mint 1918 3c Admiral Coil Pair $ thumbnail$30$17
50Canada #145/1183 Used 1927/90, owner’s catalogue $130. (31)gallery thumbnail$30$15
51Canada #148, 157, 175, 203 Fine+ Mint 1927/33 quartet $ thumbnail$40$18
52Canada #153d VF Mint 1928 5c George V Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$50$60
53Canada #158/302 Used 1929/1951 High Values $219. (10)gallery thumbnail$50$25
54Canada #176-77 Fine Mint 1930 High Value duo, gum side flaws $ thumbnail$75$42
55Canada #180i-183i Unu Line Coil Pairs & #182ii Mint Cockeyed King (7)gallery thumbnail$30$24
56Canada #204 F/VF Mint 1933 5c Royal William Plate Block quartet $ thumbnail$75$33
57Canada #205-7 Mint 1933 George V Coil Set incl NH $103. (3)gallery thumbnail$30$27
58Canada #21708 27 Jul 1936 Lake Harbour R.M.S. Nascopie Covergallery thumbnail$25$27
59Canada #221P VF 1935 5c George V Plate Proof $ thumbnail$30$40
60Canada #226-7, 244-45i VF Mint 1935/38 quartet incl $1 Aniline $ thumbnail$100$47
61Canada #249-262, C7-8 mainly NH, 50c flt, $1 gum bruise $267. (16)gallery thumbnail$75$9
62Canada #254 Used 1947 Welland Canal Postcard duogallery thumbnail$20$34
63Canada #268-273, O21 VFNH 1946 Peace incl Blocks $207. (22)gallery thumbnail$75$33
64Canada #3– VFNH 1950 4c George VI Coil Strip $100. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$20
65Canada #338 1957 2c M.S.Transpacific Paquebot Covergallery thumbnail$20$5
66Canada #465P VFNH 1969 25c Centennial M/S $200. (16)gallery thumbnail$60$26
67Canada #492, 492i VFNH Line from Knee Variety in M/S $125. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$26
68Baker Lake, NWT 1975 8c R.C.M.P. Detachment Cover to thumbnail$20$38
69Canada #2053 VFNH 2004 49c Misprint Coilgallery thumbnail$25$38
70Canada #2132/2256 VFNH 2005/07 partial Flower Booklets etc FV$ thumbnail$40$27
71Canada #2984 VFNH 2017 $5 Borg Cubegallery thumbnail$40$38
72British Columbia #BCD2 VF Unused 1947 50c Duck $ thumbnail$20$10
73Canada #BK106-9, BK119-22 VFNH 1989/90 Christmas Booklets $ thumbnail$60$33
74Canada #C1/C7, CE1-2 Mint & Used 1928/46 Airmails $30. (8)gallery thumbnail$20$10
75Canada #E1-2, E4-5 Fine+ Used 1898/1932 quartet $ thumbnail$20$27
76Canada #F1 Fine+ Mint 1875 2c R.L.S. Pair, dist gum $150.+gallery thumbnail$75$60
77Canada #FEG5 Mint #FEG7-11 Never Hinged 1930 George V $62. (6)gallery thumbnail$20$10
78Canada #J6-J10 Fine+ Never Hinged 1930/32 Due Set $192. (5)gallery thumbnail$60$25
79Canada #J11a VFNH 1934 1c Postage Due Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$300$880
80Canada #MR2C-MR2D Fine Mint 1915 War Tax duo, 1st NH $ thumbnail$150$80
81Canada #MR3-MR4 VF Mint 1915/16 War Tax duo $100.+gallery thumbnail$30$24
82Ontario #OL67-OL78 Used 1929/61 Ontario Laws $85. (14)gallery thumbnail$30$13
83Anglican Theological College Unu Timms Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$25
84Bulkley Canyon, New Hazelton, B.C. Unu Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$22
85Capilano Canyon, B.C. #89 8 May 1907 1c Timms S. Van Postcardgallery thumbnail$50$44
86Indian Papooses unmailed colour 18 Dec 1913 Postcard, fly specksgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$19
87Kamloops, B.C. #90bs 12 Jun 1908 2c Chapman Postcard to Dkgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$20
88City Market New Westminster, B.C. Unu Valentine & Sons Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$19
89Hotel Prince George Unu B.C. Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$44
90Steveston, B.C. Unu Phot Crafts Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$20
91Fire Hall, Vancouver, B.C. 1911 1c Postcard duo to Nelsongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$30
92Victoria, B.C. 9 Aug 1926 2c Admiral slogan Pool Postcard to Bby, spotgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
93Willow Park, B.C. RF D 1931 postmaster signed Alberta FFC, sml teargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$7
94New Brunswick #1 Fine Used 1851 3d on piece, crease $ thumbnail$75$77
95Newfoundland #24/31 Mint & Used 1865/94 incl 12c Imprint $160.+ (4)gallery thumbnail$50$25
96Newfoundland #37 Unused 1877 1d, corner thin $ thumbnail$25$10
97Newfoundland #76i Fine Used 1897 1c on 3c Spacing Variety, perf flawsgallery thumbnail$60still available
98Newfoundland #124b VF Mint HR 1919 15c shade, bend $ thumbnail$100$82
99Newfoundland #253/266 Mint & Used 1941/44 incl NH $39. (13)gallery thumbnail$20$9
100P.E.I. #3 Fine Used 1861 6d Yellow Green, straight edge $ thumbnail$200$88
101Ceylon #1 Fine Used 1857 1d Blue on Blued Paper, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$100$33
102Bristol Hotel, Colombo colour Advertising Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
103China Unu Postcards (7 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$35
104Manchukuo #101/109 Mint 1937 Surcharges US$57. (8)gallery thumbnail$20$18
105P.R. China #1840-1844 VFNH 1983 Set US$195. (5)gallery thumbnail$60$48
106P.R. China #1859-1863 Mint 1983 incl NH US$75. (5)gallery thumbnail$25$49
107P.R. China #1L176-1L178 Mint 1950 Stalin & Mao Set US$82. (3)gallery thumbnail$30$48
108R.O. China #2615/2707 Never Hinged 1988/1989 Sets US$100. (79 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$29
109Dominica #97/109, 116-140 Mint 1938/51 George VI US$87. (37 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$30
110Egypt Unu Postcard quintetgallery thumbnail$20$11
111Europa VFNH 1967 Selection US$48. (32 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$11
112Falkland Islands #115 VFNH 1952 1/- George VI Imprint Block US$ thumbnail$30$13
113Fiji #71 1909 1d S.S. Ophir colour Ship Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$19
114Finland #18/110 Used 1875/1921 US$155. (50 diff)gallery thumbnail$30still available
115France #109-131 Used 1900/1929 Liberty US$138. (23)gallery thumbnail$30$22
116France Unu Airship Malecot Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$10
117France 1939 illustrated Field Post Postcard, no postal markingsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
118France #2209/2703 Never Hinged 1990/1999 Art Topicals US$100. (35)gallery thumbnail$30$33
119France #N33, N37 1940 Strasbourg Registered Cover to Berlingallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
120F.S.A.T. #141a 1990 Airmail Cover to Germanygallery thumbnail$20$12
121Brunswick #12 Fine Used 1857 Black on Brown Block US$ thumbnail$30$34
122Prussia #17 1867 Cologne Railway Stn Covergallery thumbnail$20$11
123Germany 22 Jan 1877 10pf Marienburg/Thorn Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
124Germany #65 1900 5mk w/ 2004 Sismondo Cert saying cancel addedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$133
125Germany Unu colour Royalty Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$14
126Berlin #9N68 Never Hinged 1950 20pf US$ thumbnail$20$11
127East Germany #187-204 Never Hinged 1953/54 Set US$184. (18)gallery thumbnail$50$30
128Gibraltar #9/983 Mint & Used 1889/2004 (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$44
129Gilbert & Ellice Is. Kiribati #14/792 Mint & Used 1912/2002 (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$35
130G.B. 9 Sep 1849 Leeds/Amsterdam FLS w/ signed contentsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
131G.B. #1 good Used 1840 1d Black, rounded corner US$375.+gallery thumbnail$75$44
132G.B. #2 Fine+ Used 1840 2d Blue, trifle corner crease US$ thumbnail$250$132
133G.B. #3 Fine M/C #9 used 1841 1d Red, Blue Paper US$ thumbnail$50$82
134G.B. #25 Fine+ Used 1856 4d Rose on White Paper US$ thumbnail$150$109
135G.B. #42a VG/Fine Used 1862 1/- Plate 1 US$ thumbnail$100$55
136G.B. #51a Fine Used 6d Plate 8 US$ thumbnail$30$35
137G.B. #65 Fine+ Used 1873/1880 1/- Plate 13, sht perfs US$ thumbnail$200$99
138G.B. #82 Fine+ Mint 1880/81 2.5d Plate 22 US$ thumbnail$150$110
139G.B. #89/647 Mint 1881/1970 incl NH US$236. (278)gallery thumbnail$75$16
140G.B. 14 Apr 1893 1/2d QV Liverpool/Budapest Wrappergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
141G.B. 28 Oct 1902 1.5d uprated 1d Bank of India Cover to Hamburggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
142G.B. #129/204 Used Two Kings US$234. (8)gallery thumbnail$50$35
143G.B. Unu Entente Cordiale colour Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$10
144G.B. #179-80, #222-3 F/VF Used Seahorses incl Perfin US$352. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$40
145G.B. #189 1926 S.S. Comorin 1.5d Arabic Postcard to Cairogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
146G.B. #207 10 May 1929 1.5d First Day Covergallery thumbnail$20$10
147G.B. 1 Sep 1936 Registered Edward VIII Dalkeith FDC (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$23
148G.B. 31 Aug 1943 2d George VI Booklet Pane Air Cover to Qc (6)gallery thumbnail$20$14
149British Levant 19109 1d Ship Postcard to Athensgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$26
150Hawaii Unu Postcards (7)gallery thumbnail$25$16
151Hong Kong #35A Mint 1879 3c Surcharge, gum disturbed US$ thumbnail$100$133
152Hong Kong #308a Mint 1975 Festival Souvenir Sheet US$110. (3)gallery thumbnail$40still available.
153India #80/98 Mint & Used 1911/26 George V US$205. (19)gallery thumbnail$50$71
154India 7 May 1932 Wotan Airmail Corner Cover to Berlin (4)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$12
155Iran #1453-1455 NH Set & Unu Perf by Imperf Between US$113. (21)gallery thumbnail$40$15
156Ireland #9-10 Never Hinged Red Ovpt Block duo US$152. (8)gallery thumbnail$40$36
157Sardinia #P2 Mint HR 1861 2c Newspaper Stamp US$ thumbnail$40$10
158Italy #20 Mint 1862 40c Victor Emmanuel II study lot, as is (36)gallery thumbnail$100$50
159Italy #367-376 Mint 1937 Child Welfare Exhibition Set US$166. (10)gallery thumbnail$50$44
160Japan 19th Century/1970s Used on pages, some early flts US$ thumbnail$50$26
161Japan Unu Rice Processing colour Postcard quintetgallery thumbnail$40$46
162Java Unu Postcard triogallery thumbnail$20$16
163Kuwait #675-706 Mint 1977 Games Set incl NH US$61. (32)gallery thumbnail$20$8
164Leeward Islands 1890/1990 Mint & Used (350 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$60
165Lumbering Scenes 1908/15 1c colour Postcards, 1 flt, 1 stamp off (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$24
166Luxembourg #B40-B49 Never Hinged 1930/31 Semipostal Sets (10)gallery thumbnail$30$23
167Macao #412-20, $23-24 Never Hinged 1967/1971 Set trio US$66. (15)gallery thumbnail$20$36
168Malaya 1937/1952 Mint & Used George VI US$190. (128)gallery thumbnail$60$36
169Mauritius #465/681 Mint 1978/1988 Sets US$250. (130)gallery thumbnail$50$41
170Mesopotamia #N16 Mint 1917 Overprint, sht perfs, as is US$ thumbnail$60$44
171Nepal #26/46 Mint 1907/1941 US$113. (9)gallery thumbnail$30$90
172Netherlands #226-243 Mint 1940 Surcharged Set US$80. (18)gallery thumbnail$30$27
173Netherlands #B243-7 15 Dec 1952 Semipostal Set Airmail Cover to Qcgallery thumbnail$20$10
174N.Z. #61/2273 mostly Used 1882/2009 incl B.O.B. (1,000 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$88
175N.Z. 26 Apr 1940 18d Trans-Tasman censored Airmail Cover, sml teargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
176Northern Rhodesia #1-16 Mint HR George V, trifle foxing US$551. (17)gallery thumbnail$150$220
177Nyasaland #68-81 Mint 1945 George VI Set US$102. (17)gallery thumbnail$30$40
178Oman #16-24 Mint 1948 George VI Set US$56. (9)gallery thumbnail$20$10
179Orchids mainly Never Hinged 1965/2003 Sets US$300. (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$75still available
180Panama Unu Postcards (7)gallery thumbnail$20$10
181Philippines Unu Postcard triogallery thumbnail$20$26
182Portugal 26 May 1939 Horta/New York cacheted FFC to Qc (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$19
183Ryukyu Islands #8/226 mostly Mint 1950/1972 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$40
184Saar #B76 VF CDS Used 1950 Stamp Day 15Fr US$ thumbnail$30$50
185Serbia #2NB7-2NB14 Never Hinged 1941/42 Semipostal Sets US$ thumbnail$50$24
186Ship Postcards Unu 1919/1927 triogallery thumbnail$20$14
187South Africa #47d/56c 1953 Booklets on due Air Cover to B.C. (18)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
188Southern Rhodesia #42-54 Mint 1937 George VI Set US$51. (13)gallery thumbnail$20$12
189Spain 1940 censored Bullfighting Ring Postcard to Germany (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$38
190Switzerland #148, France #J30 Used 1910 Postcard duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24
191Tibet 25 diff 1959/1990s Clothing, Food, & Fuel Ration Couponsgallery thumbnail$25$55
192Trinidad & Tobago #358/529 Mint 1982/1990 Sets US$150. (67 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$30
193Ukraine Unu official Banksy Stamp Postcard*gallery thumbnail$20$36
194The Censored Star Spangled Banner Unu Civil War Patriotic Covergallery thumbnail$20$18
195U.S.A. #26 1857 3c Triple Line on Left Cover, torn b/fgallery thumbnail$25$10
196U.S.A. #65 1867 3c Cover & Money Letter, some sml fltsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
197True & Co. Augusta fancy cancel 1c Advertising Cover to thumbnail$40$27
198U.S.A. #232/297, E1-3 Mint & Used 1893/1901, some flts US$432. (8)gallery thumbnail$75$45
199U.S.A. #O83P4-O93P4 1873 Plate Proof Set, some thins US$110. (11)gallery thumbnail$30$33
200Venezuela #C1/C769 mainly Used 1930/1961 Airmails US$350. (414)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$69
201Canada ANACS SP69 2012 Leaning Tower of Pisa $5 Silver Maple Leafgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$55
202Canada BU 1973 Olympic Silver $10, 1.44oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$74
203Canada SP 1967 Centennial $20 Gold, .529oz AGWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$1450
204Canada Proof 2006 Year of the Dog gold cameo Silver $15gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$77
205Canada BU 1964 6-coin Silver Proof-like Set 1.01ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$46
206Rossland, B.C. 1899/100 S.B. Shaw Smokes & Supplies 6.25c tokengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33
207Septimius Severus 193-211 17mm 1.6gm Silver Denarius w/ Mars etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$77
208Julia Mamaea 222-235 2.59gm Silver Denarius w/ Venus etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$192
209Constantine the Great 306-337 3.91gm Follis Struck at London Mintgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$302
210Switzerland BU 2020 Roger Federer Silver 20 Francs with dot in dategallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33
211U.S.A. F/VF Executive Experiment Satirical Token mocking Van Burengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$16
212U.S.A. AU 1886 Morgan Silver Dollar US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$70
213U.S.A. VF+ 1911 Indian Head $5 Gold .24187ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$825
214Texan’s Scratch Pad 11 consecutive 1977A U.S. $1 Billsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$30
215The Grand Prize Mining & Milling Co. 1896 Share Certificategallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$27

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