Realized $330 Lot 57 Canada #147b gen VFNH 1927 12c Perf by Imperf Pair $240

Realized $330  Lot 59 Canada #152c gen VFNH 1929 4c George V Perf by Imperf Pair $225.

Realized $121 Lot 103 View Hill, B.C. RF E-3 3 Apr 1915 1c U.S. Easter Postcard

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1409
Noon Saturday 20th May 2023

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Arctic Unused & Used Dog Team, Sled Dogs Postcard quintetgallery thumbnail$75still available
2Australian States 1878/1910 Used from 6 areas US$130. (65 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$33
3Australia #17/266 Mint 1913/53 George V/QEII US$179. (95)gallery thumbnail$60$30
4Australia #804/1027a Used 198187 Sets, odd fault US$172. (246)gallery thumbnail$50$12
5A.A.T. #L19-20 27 Dec 1971 #10 Mawson Cover to B.C. (2)gallery thumbnail$20$11
6Austria 1981/83 Fieldpost Cover & card duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$5
7Barbados #165-179 Mint & Used 192535 Set US$121. (15 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$18
8Belgium #259 1935 S.S. Arucas artist-signed colour Ship Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
9Beer Used & Unused colour Postcard duogallery thumbnail$30$16
10Bermuda #337/518 Never Hinged 1976/87 Topical Sets US$110. (65)gallery thumbnail$30$17
111935 George V Silver Jubilee J/N Used Set trio etc US$116. (15)gallery thumbnail$30still available
12Antigua/Dominica Mint & Used QV/980s US$142. (173)gallery thumbnail$40$20
13Barbados/Grenada Mint & Used QV/Modern US$149. (173)gallery thumbnail$40$21
14Montreal, L.C. 14 Apr 1848 prestamp Mansfield Cover to Whitbygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$19
15Canada #4 VF Used 1853 3d Beaver, faults $ thumbnail$60$74
16Canada #5 VF Used 1855 6d Albert, sealed tear $ thumbnail$300$192
17Canada #14 Fine Unused 1859 1c Rose, odd short perf $ thumbnail$60$55
18Canada #19a VF 4-ring 30 Peterboro Used 1859 17c shade, pinholegallery thumbnail$75$66
19Canada #21 VF Mint 1868 1/2c Large Queen, trivial perf ccgallery thumbnail$50$44
20Canada #24 VF Unused 1868 2c Large Queen $ thumbnail$400$440
21Canada #25 VG Unused 1868 3c Large Queen, short perfs $ thumbnail$100$27
22Canada #26 Fine Unused 1875 5c Large Queen reperfed at top $ thumbnail$200$137
23Canada #27a Fine Mint HHR 1868 6c Yellow Brown LQ, faults $ thumbnail$150$88
24Canada #28ii Fine Used 1868 12.5c No Outer LL Frameline, flts $ thumbnail$30$22
25Canada #29 Fine Mint OG 15c Large Queen shade $ thumbnail$25$24
26Canada #30 Fine Mint OG 15c Large Queen shade $ thumbnail$25$57
27W. Bell & Co. 1874 1c SQ Guelph illustrated Armadale Cover, reducedgallery thumbnail$100$53
28Canada #37e Fine+ Mint HR 1893 3c Perf 11.5 x 12 SQ, trifle adh $ thumbnail$50$25
29Canada #41-46 VG/F Mint & Unu 1888/97 Small Queens $690. (6)gallery thumbnail$150$38
30Belvidere Hotel #41 22 Jy 1896 3c SQ Blackwater, Ont Cover to Torontogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
31Canada #50-60 Fine+ Used 1897 QV Jubilees, odd sml flaw $535. (10)gallery thumbnail$125$63
32Canada #51/292 mainly Never Hinged 1897/1950 $153. (26)gallery thumbnail$50$8
33Canada #53 VFNH 1897 3c QV Jubilee, some sht perfs $ thumbnail$30$32
34Canada #54P VF 1897 5c QV Jubilee Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$30$44
35Canada #57-59 Fine Mint 1897 QV Jubilee trio, 10c bend $ thumbnail$100$55
36Canada #66-69 gen VF Mint 1897/98 QV Leaf quartet, 3c bend $ thumbnail$60$44
37Canada #74, 74i, 75, 76ii, 77, 78 Fine+ Mint 1898 QV Numerals $ thumbnail$60$29
38Canada #81 VF Mint 1902 7c QV Numeral, rounded corner $ thumbnail$75$30
39Canada #82 VF Mint 1898 8c QV Numeral $ thumbnail$200$140
40Canada #85, 85i Mint 1898 2c Map shade duo, small flaws $ thumbnail$30$27
41Essex, Ont. #85 7 Jun 1900 2c Golden Map Tyler Cover to Londongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
42Canada #88/260 Never Hinged `899/1942, some sml faults $535. (35)gallery thumbnail$125$57
43Canada #92ii VF Mint HR 1903 7c shade, some soaked perfs $ thumbnail$125$133
44Canada #95 Fine CDS Used 1908 50c Edward VII shade, trifle perf ccgallery thumbnail$20$12
45Life in the Canadian North-West unmailed Valentine & Sons Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$23
46Canada #96-103 Fine Mint 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Set $530. (8)gallery thumbnail$125$88
47Canada #104ai VFNH 1911 1c Admiral Booklet Pane, usual lt thumbnail$50$40
48Brighouse, B.C. 7 Feb 1924 14c returned Registered Cover (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
49Canada #112a VFNH appearing 1924 5c Thin Paper Admiralgallery thumbnail$20$17
50Canada #112/244, C2/E7 Mint, Unu, & Used 1922/39, faults $753. (28)gallery thumbnail$150$49
51Canada #119d F/VF Never Hinged 1912 wet printing 20c Admiral $ thumbnail$150$140
52Canada #122 gen VFNH 1925 dry printing $1 Admiral $ thumbnail$100$82
53Canada #125-30 Fine Mint 1912/24 Admiral Coil Pair Set, odd sht perfgallery thumbnail$75$44
54Canada #131-2, 134 Fine Mint 4 NH 1915/24 Admiral Coil Pairs $ thumbnail$20$22
55Canada #138-140 VF Mint 1924/1926 Admirals, last gum thin $130. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$22
56Canada #144 Used 1927 5c Laurier multiple duo $110. (22)gallery thumbnail$30$14
57Canada #147b gen VFNH 1927 12c Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$100$330
58Canada #149-159 Fine Mint 1928/29 George V Set, 50c dist gum $ thumbnail$150$66
59Canada #152c gen VFNH 1929 4c George V Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$60$330
60Canada #162-177 F/VF Mint 1930/31 George V Set, 50c dist gum $ thumbnail$150$33
61Canada #178-183 Fine Mint 1930/31 George V Coil Pair Set $179. (14)gallery thumbnail$60$46
62Canada #184 Fine+ Never Hinged 1931 3c Admiral Plate Strip (4)gallery thumbnail$20$55
63Canada #192-4, 195-201 Fine Mint 1932 George V Set duo $118. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$22
64Canada #202i Fine+ Mint UR 1933 Line in 5 Variety Plate 1 Block (4)gallery thumbnail$25$36
65Canada #205-7 Fine Mint 1st 2 NH 1933 George V Coil Pair Set $95. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$27
66Canada #228-230 VF Mint 1935 George V Coil Pair Set $160. (6)gallery thumbnail$50$33
67Canada 1942/45 censored Airmail Postal Stationery Cover duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$9
68Canada #241-45 VF Mint 1938 long Pictorial Set $221. (6)gallery thumbnail$75$40
69Canada #249-62, C7-8 mainly Never Hinged long War Set $157. (16)gallery thumbnail$50$30
70Canada #252 1950 3c Athabasca Glacier Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
71Canada #268-73 Fine+ Mint 1946 Peace Set incl NH $53. (6)gallery thumbnail$20$22
72Canada #286, 330 1953 returned Winnipeg Postcard triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
73Canada #302 Fine, 3 NH UL 1951 $1 Fish Plate 1 Block, thin in onegallery thumbnail$30$26
74Canada #321 VFNH LL 1953 $1 Totem Plate 2 Block $50. (4)gallery thumbnail$20$33
75Canada 1956/995 incoming & outgoing FFCs etc (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$27
76Canada #411 VFNH LL 1963 $1 Export Plate 1 Block $90. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$27
77Canada #504/530 Never Hinged 1969/70 Matched Sets $196. (208)gallery thumbnail$60still available
78Canada #687-8 VFNH Olympic Minisheet duo $110. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$54
79Canada #742iv VFNH 1977 12c Black Doubling Variety $ thumbnail$30$48
80Canada #756a/1807 VFNH 1978/99 S/S etc $124. (15 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$44
81Canada #1189c VFNH 1990 50c Perf 12.5 x 13 Booklet Pane $50. (4)gallery thumbnail$20$16
82Canada #1250ii VFNH LL 1898 38c Regiments Plate 1 Block $250. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$37
83Canada #1394 Never Hinged 1991 45c Flag Coil strip w/ added perfsgallery thumbnail$40$22
84Canada #1971-2a-f VFNH 2003 NHL Allstars Set duo $66. (12)gallery thumbnail$20$27
85Canada #C1-9 VF Mint 1928/46 Airmail Set $144. (9)gallery thumbnail$40still available
86Patricia Airways #CL14gi VFNH 1926/27 10 Aniline Overprint, sht perfgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$125$137
87B.C. Airways #CL44 25 Aug 1913 Victoria/ London mixed franked Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$181
88Commercial Airways #CL48 12 Feb 1931 Wop May Flight Cover $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$31
89Canada #E3 F/VF Never Hinged 1927 20c Special Delivery $92.+gallery thumbnail$30$33
90Canafa #F2b VF Unused 1876/96 2c Yellow Green R.L.S. $ thumbnail$100$110
91Canada #FWH8 VFNH 1992 $8.50 Eider Duck Sheet $375. (16)gallery thumbnail$125$55
92Canada #J1/O49 Mint B.O.B. incl NH, MR2 crease $129. (52 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$36
93Canada #MR2C, MR2Ci F/VF Used 1916 Admiral shade & ovpt duogallery thumbnail$60$73
94Canada #O32 VFNH UL & UR 1953 $1 Totem G Ovpt Plate 2 Blk duogallery thumbnail$40$22
95Canada #O40iii VFNH 1955/56 1c Misplaced G Variety $ thumbnail$25$44
96British Columbia #7a F/VF Unused 1865 3d Pale Blue, small flawsgallery thumbnail$50$41
97Coombs, B.C. 13 Mar 1944 4c Whitaker Fur Bear Corner Covergallery thumbnail$20$34
98Esquimalt, B.C. HMS Egeria Surveying Ship Unused RPPC, mt marksgallery thumbnail$25$38
99Keremeos, B.C. initial Post Tag from Nighthawk Gold Mine circa 1901gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$97
100C.P.R. Co. Unused Motor Princess Nanaimo B.C. Rumsey Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$50
101Trail, B.C. Unused Camera Crafts Real Photo Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$22
102Vancouver, B.C. 13 Sep 1895 Burns/ Bailey Invoice, faultsgallery thumbnail$25$10
103View Hill, B.C. RF E-3 3 Apr 1915 1c U.S. Easter Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$121
104West Demars, B.C. RF E-2 10 Jun 1926 10c Admiral A/R Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$85
105Newfoundland #11A VF Unused 1860 3d Triangle $ thumbnail$40$55
106Newfoundland #25 F/VF Used 1865/94 5c Seal, short perf $300.+gallery thumbnail$100$40
107Newfoundland ##2ATCii VF 1871 1c Trial Colour Plate Proof, sml flawsgallery thumbnail$20$10
108Newfoundland #48a VF Unused 1880/86 2c Codfish Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$125$165
109Newfoundland #115-26 F/VF Used 1919 Regiments Set $150. (12)gallery thumbnail$40$38
110Newfoundland #263 15 Jun 1946 Gander/Prague Pan Am FFC (2)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$33
111Newfoundland #C13iii-17 F/VF Never Hinged 1933 Airmail Set $367. (5)gallery thumbnail$125$93
112Nova Scotia incoming 2 May 1878 2.5d Plate 9 Cover to Ft. Masseygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$19
113Fort Resolution, NWT Unused Sutherland’s Pharmacy RPPCgallery thumbnail$25$27
114Manchukuo 1.5f Used Postal Card to Tanydobygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
115China Used 1920/23 study lot, some faults (125)gallery thumbnail$60$72
116Dah Yuen & Co. 23 Dec 1948 71-stamp receipt, odd faultgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
117P.R. China #159/239, 1L121-4 Mint 1949/54 US$150. (60 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$65
118P.R. China #568/918 Used 1961/66 US$160. (40)gallery thumbnail$50$52
119P.R. China #796-803, 806-9 Used 1964 issues US$134. (11)gallery thumbnail$40$143
120P.R. China #1749-60 VFNH 12 Beauties Block Set US$260. (48)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
121Valiant Imperial Warriors 2200 Years Ago signed 2013 English Bookgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30still available
122Cook Islands #1503 VFNH 2014 Insects Minisheet US$76. (12)gallery thumbnail$25$29
123Danzig #81/155 Mint & Used 1921/28 on Minkus pages US$124. (145)gallery thumbnail$30$15
124Dominica #1 F/VF Unused 1874 1d QV, odd sht perf US$ thumbnail$40$66
125East Africa #1-10, 31-4 Mint & Used 1903/08 US$430. (24)gallery thumbnail$100$50
126Egypt Unused Tuck’s Oilette Cairo Street Scene colour Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$10
127Ethiopia #C1/C100 Mint 1929/66 Airmails, incl Sets US$92. (42)gallery thumbnail$30$26
128Europa VFNH 1974 A/Y Selection US$86. (41 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$23
129Falkland Islands #1 VG/F Used 1878 1d first issue, sht perf US$ thumbnail$125$49
130F.I.D. 11 Dec 1959 R.R.S. John Biscoe Antarctic Survey Cover (4)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
131Fiji #625-73, 680 VFNH 1990/92 Commemorative Sets US$141. (50)gallery thumbnail$50$36
132France #109-132 Used 1900/29 Liberty Set US$175. (24)gallery thumbnail$50$42
133France #B27, B38 VF Mint 1928/31 duo, gum side flaws US$ thumbnail$60$60
134F.S.A. T. #333, 364 2006 Marion Dufresne Paquebot Cover, signedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
135F.S.A.T. #C114/C139 Never Hinged 1991/96 Sets US$145. (18 diff)gallery thumbnail$50still available
136Gambia #12-19 Mint 1880 QV Set US$84. (8)gallery thumbnail$30$24
137Gambia 10 Dec 1941 George VI FFC to Montreal (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$15
138Germany #17/203 Used 1872/1922 US$264. (131)gallery thumbnail$75$33
139Germany 1906 Soldier’s Mail Departure Postcard w/ Tsingtao addressgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
140Germany #82 1915 5pf Artist-signed Biplanes at Marne Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
141Germany #138/430 Used 1921/36, some faults US$277. (173)gallery thumbnail$50$33
142Germany #339, 425 1935 Hamburg/Buenos Aires Airmail Cover (2)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$12
143Germany #B84 1936 Olympic Stadium Postcard, foxinggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$12
144General Govt #N68-9 1941 Warsaw/Bern censored Registered Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
145Germany #O28 1923 inflation era Official Cover US$42. (40)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$33
146German Offices in Turkey #31-41 Mint & Used 1905, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$50$33
147Berlin #9N42-60, 64-7 Mint & Used 1949 Sets US$71. (23 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$10
148Berlin #(N43, 45 1954 M/S Leanna Montreal Paquebot Cover (2)gallery thumbnail$20$10
149East Germany #B21a VF Mint Imperf 1950 Stamp on Stamp S/Sgallery thumbnail$20$10
150Gibraltar #76/89 Mint & Used 1921/32 George V US$97. (11 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$33
151Gilbert & Ellice #61-72 Mint 1956 QEII Set US$66. (12)gallery thumbnail$20$33
152Gilbert & Ellice 4 Aug 1964 QEII Airmail Cover to NSW (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$7
153G.B. 15 Nov 1823 Tottenham Prestamp FLS to Highworth w/ contentsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
154G.B. #1 F/VF Red M/C Used 1840 1d Black plate 8 tear US$ thumbnail$75$68
155G.B. #2 Fine+ Red M/C Used 1840 2d Blue position P-I US$ thumbnail$400$247
156G.B. #3 10 Nov 1847 1d Red Rochester Cover US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
157G.B. #4 gen Fine Used 1841 2d Blue Pair US$ thumbnail$75$43
158G.B. #29 Gibraltar Used 2d Blue Plate 12 on piece, foxing US$150.+gallery thumbnail$40$20
159G.B. #21/101 Used 1857/1884 QV Selection US$1377. (17 diff)gallery thumbnail$300still available
160G.B. #49 Fine Used 1867/80 3d Rose Plate 5 Strip on piece US$ thumbnail$50$29
161G.B. #51a Fine Suez Used 1867/80 6d Plate 9 Pair US$220.+gallery thumbnail$75$82
162G.B. #52, 70-1 Used 1867/80 QV trio, faults US$ thumbnail$125still available
163G.B. #55a Fine Used 1867/80 1/0 Pale Blue Plate 1, sht perfs US$ thumbnail$60$44
164G.B. #58 Used 1870 1/2d study lot, faults (14)gallery thumbnail$75$20
165G.B. #58 3 Dec 1877 1/2d Plate 4 Salisbury Front US$ thumbnail$20$7
166G.B. #127-40, 143-5 Used 1902/11 Edward VII US$1100. (27)gallery thumbnail$200$99
167With Love Tuck’s Unused Silk Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$38
168G.B. 5 Dec 1933 4d Jersey & Co. Airmail Cover to Finland via Berlingallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
169G.B. #231 14 Sep 1936 5d Edward VIII Registered FDC (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$93
170G.B. 30 Jul 1937 1.5d George VI London/Calgary H.B.C. FDCgallery thumbnail$20$27
171G.B. 1950/60 Show S/S duo & Never Hinged Varieties (13)gallery thumbnail$25$12
172G.B. 3 Jun 1953 Long Live the Queen Slogan FDC to U.S. (2)gallery thumbnail$40$10
173G.B. 8 Jul 1981 11.5d Signed Lancaster Cover #1129/1296gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
174Tangier 11 Jun 1946 6d Registered H.E. Harris FDC (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$19
175Lundy 4, 6 Jan 1939 mixed franked Atlantic Coastal Airlines Cover to NYgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$20
176Grenada #77-8 Mint 1908 duo US$ thumbnail$50$75
177Hong Kong #36/267 mainly Used 1862/1971 US$200. (62 diff)gallery thumbnail$60still available
178Hong Kong #275-84 12 Jun 1973 QEII cacheted typed address FDCgallery thumbnail$20$10
179Hong Kong VFNH 1994/96 Frama label Set trio (21)gallery thumbnail$40$24
180Iceland #425/551, B1/O58 Mint 1902/81 US$198. (99)gallery thumbnail$50$24
181Portuguese India #146/407 Mint & Used 1881/1922, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$20$22
182India #71/98, O71 Used 1904/25 High Values US$240. (10)gallery thumbnail$60$44
183Iran #47/100 Mint & Used 1881/94, as is (12)gallery thumbnail$75$18
184Italy #367-76 Mint 1937 Child Welfare Set US$166. (10)gallery thumbnail$50$38
185Italy VFNH 2022 Ukraine refugee support*gallery thumbnail$20$5
186Jamaica #1-6 Used 1860/63 QV Set, odd small flaw US$231. (6)gallery thumbnail$60$33
187Japan #129 1930 1.5s Battleship Kirishima Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$38
188Japan #422, 479 Mint 1948/49 Beauty & Geese duo, creased US$ thumbnail$40$20
189Kenya & Uganda #29/37 fiscally Used 1922/27 (9)gallery thumbnail$60$30
190Macao #75/135 Mint & Used 1898/1903 US$68. (18)gallery thumbnail$20$16
191Malaya/Kedah #23/41 Mint & Used 1921/36 US$139. (19 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$20
192Mongolia #254a/2463 Never Hinged 1961/2000 S/S US$364. (91 pcs)gallery thumbnail$100$42
193Netherlands #243C/H 1942/44 German censored Cover duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
194Netherlands #B229/B512 mainly Never Hinged 1951/75 Sets US$ thumbnail$40still available
195N.Z. #593/870 Never Hinged 1976/87 Sets & S/S US$111. (174)gallery thumbnail$40$50
196Australia BU 2002 .999 fine Year of the Horse Ounce Silver $1gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$78
197Austria Proof 1915 Franz Joseph Gold Ducat .1107oz AGWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$320
198Belgium Unc 1895 Leopold II 48gm Silvered Prize Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$49
199Canada Unc 1860 Prince Edward 60gm Bronze School Prize Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$55
200Canada VG 1938 George VI Voyageur Silver Dollargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$90
201Canada Proof 1983 Chuck & Di 23gm Royal Visit Silver Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$26
202Canada BU 1988 .9999 fine Ounce $5 Silver Maple Leafgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$53
203Canadian Red Cross enamel Silver 15 Dec 1939 Service Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
204Vancouver Numismatic Society Unc 1961 31gm Silver Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$75
205Cilicia, Tarsus 253-60 AD Valerian I 16.9gm AE32 w/ Cronus etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$77
206Edward VII, Edward VIII AU 1902 & 1937 Coronation Medal duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$66
207G.B./Colonial Canada VF 1837 William IV Gold Sovereigngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$781
208G.B. Proof 1970 8-coin QEII Set US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$11
209G.B. BU 202+B281 Queen’s Beasts 999.9 fine 1 Kilo Silver 500 Poundsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$1430
210Roman Republic 126 BC Numerius Fabius Pictor 3.49gm AR Denariusgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$220
211Mark Antony 32-31 BC 3gm Silver Denarius w/ Legionary Eagles etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$192
212Lucius Verus 161-169 AD 1.84gm Silver Denarius w/ Consecratio etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$137
213U.S.A./Colonial Canada about Good 1854O Silver Half Dollar $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$37
214World Unc 2000/2005 Coins incl Bosnia, Poland, Spain etc (90)gallery thumbnail$100$110
215Continental Currency 17 Feb 1776 1/6 Dollar, tear, pc missinggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$166

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