Realized $385 Lot 48 Canada #145b VFNH 1927 12c Map Perf by Imperf Pair $240.

Realized $1,750  Lot 200 Canada XF 1948 George VI key date Voyageur Silver Dollar $2000.


Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1406
Noon Saturday 29th April 2023

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Africa mainly Used incl Belgian Congo/Zaire, as received (315 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$19
2Aitutaki #1/36 Mint, Unu, & Used 1903/27, odd sml fault US$100. (16)gallery thumbnail$25$13
3Antigua #2 VF Unused 1863 1d Dull Rose Wmk 5 US$ thumbnail$40$33
4Argentina 13 Apr 1982 U.S. Antarctic Research #10 Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
5New South Wales #O24 Never Hinged LL 1888 1d Imprint Block (20)gallery thumbnail$50$75
6Victoria #AR13/AR54 Used 1879/96 Postal Fiscals, some faults (25)gallery thumbnail$125$60
7Australia #163/330 Used George VI/QEII US$210. (166)gallery thumbnail$50$15
8Australia #294a 1967 4d Booklet Pane Airmail Cover to B.C. (6)gallery thumbnail$20$6
9A.A.T. 1 Feb 1959 4d Wilkes P.O. Opening Cover to UKgallery thumbnail$20$16
10Austria 22 Jan 1933 62g Vienna/Semmering Glider Flight Card, foxinggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
11Bahamas #5 Fine Used 1862 1d Lake, odd short perf US$ thumbnail$50$55
12Barbados #509/768 Mint & Used 1979/89 incl NH US$281. (58)gallery thumbnail$60$33
13Belgium 1853/2012 mainly Used, as received (843 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$40
14Belgium #B169 CDS Used 1935 Souvenir Sheet, stamp NH US$ thumbnail$60$49
15Bermuda #1/26 mostly Used 1865/1901 Queen Victoria US$125. (11)gallery thumbnail$40$38
16B.A.T. #72-5 14 Jan 1979 Penguins Fleetwood FDC Set (4)gallery thumbnail$20$31
17QEII 1953 Coronation omnibus in original album US$160. (106)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$55
18British Commonwealth 1954/1974 Mint US$206. (70)gallery thumbnail$60$38
19British Empire C/G mainly Used US$124. (104)gallery thumbnail$30$20
20B.I.O.T. #34 10 Jul 1969 cacheted Crown Agents Aldabra Island FDCgallery thumbnail$20$13
21Hamilton, C.W. 10 Sep 1851 Blue 3d Chalmers FLS to Palermo, CWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$24
22Canada #4 VG Used 1852 3d Beaver $ thumbnail$20$23
23Canada #7 Fine+ Used 1855 10d Cartier, small flaws $ thumbnail$300$308
24Canada #14/79, F1-2 mainly Used QV lot incl “6c OHMS” some faultsgallery thumbnail$25$45
25Canada #18-19 VG+ Unused 1859 12.5c & 17c duo, faults $ thumbnail$125$88
26Canada #21/21a Mint & Unused 1/2c LQ study lot, odd fault $1282. (15)gallery thumbnail$250$169
27Canada #22b VF Used 1868 1c Thin Paper LQ, corner creases $ thumbnail$40$49
28Canada #25b, 29 Used 1868/74 3c & 15c LQ Thin Paper duogallery thumbnail$40$17
29Canada #37 F/VF Mint lightly hinged 1873 3c Small Queen $ thumbnail$50$53
30Canada #40c Fine+ Used 1877 10c Dull Rose Lilac Perf 11.5 x 12 $ thumbnail$50$77
31Canada #44, 44a Fine Unused 1888/93 8c SQ shade duo, last thingallery thumbnail$40$33
32Canada #50 VF Mint HR 1897 1/2c Jubilee, gum disturbed $ thumbnail$40$20
33Canada #54 Fine Never Hinged appearing 1897 5c Jubilee shadegallery thumbnail$20$20
34Canada #55 VF Mint 1897 6c Jubilee, trifle short perf, dist gum $ thumbnail$75$57
35Canada #62 Fine Quebec roller Used 1897 $2 Jubilee $ thumbnail$100$32
36Canada #66 VFNH 1897 1/2c QV Leaf $ thumbnail$20$40
37Canada #75 F/VF Mint lightly hinged 1898 1c QV Numeral shade $ thumbnail$25$14
38Canada #76 VF Mint HR 1898 2c QV Numeral shade Block $320. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$66
39Canada #89 1910 1c Laggan, Alta Lake Louise Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$25
40Canada #93 F/VF Mint lightly hinged 1903 10c Edward VII shade $ thumbnail$200still available
41Canada #96-98, 100 F/VF+ Mint 1908 Quebec quartet $ thumbnail$75$35
42Canada #101 VF Mint 1908 10c Quebec $ thumbnail$100$66
43Canada #104 1914 1c RMS Megantic Used Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$26
44Canada #107 VF Mint lightly hinged 1922 2c Admiral shade $ thumbnail$20$22
45Peter Street #108, 110 1920 15c Registered Cover to Denmarkgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$26
46Cdn Pacific Railway #110, 117 19 Mar 1924 14c Registered Cover to UKgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$17
47Canada #131-134 F/VF Mint 1915/24 Admiral Coil Set $160. (4)gallery thumbnail$40$33
48Canada #145b VFNH 1927 12c Map Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$100$385
49Canada #158 VF Mint 1929 50c Bluenose $ thumbnail$100$73
50Canada #168 Used 1930 4c George V Multiples $200. (20)gallery thumbnail$40$21
51Canada #178/266 Used 1930/35 George V Coils $223. (39)gallery thumbnail$50$44
52Canada #202i Fine+ Mint HR LR Plate 1 Line in 5 Variety Block $75. (4)gallery thumbnail$25$20
53Canada #217-230 VF Mint 1935 George V long Set $240. (14)gallery thumbnail$75$40
54Canada #218 1935 2c Waterton Park RPPC to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
55Canada #219 4 Sep 1936 Pond’s Inlet 3c RMS Nascopie Covergallery thumbnail$25$33
56Canada 1941 CAO FPO Covers (6 diff)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$19
57Canada #338 12 Mar 1957 2c MS TransQuebec Paquebot Cover to thumbnail$20$10
58Canada #348 VFNH 1954 5c QEII Start Strip $72. (4+10)gallery thumbnail$25$44
59Canada #411 VF Mint 1963 LR $1 Export Plate One Block $90. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$20
60Canada #415 30 Oct 1963 Artist-signed 15c Geese Pl Blk FDCgallery thumbnail$20$29
61Canada #502ii VFNH 1969 5c Christmas, Black Reverse Offset Varietygallery thumbnail$50$85
62Indians of Canada Never Hinged Canada Post Thematic Collectiongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
63Canada #601ii, 937 VFNH 1972 & 1982 high Value Plate Block duo $ thumbnail$50$38
64Canada #625a VFNH 1973 6c Christmas, Black Double Printed $ thumbnail$50$55
65Canada #677 1975 8c Ellesmere Island, MPO 310 Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$27
66Canada #715b VFNH 1978 14c Missing All Colour Variety w/ Cert copygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$99
67Canada #790 VFNH LL 1979 17c Parliament Ink Smear Block $150. (6)gallery thumbnail$50$22
68Canada #934 VFNH 1984 $1 Shifted Inscription $ thumbnail$75$73
69Canada #1407a, 1407ai VFNH 1992 Youth Show S/S duo $130. (8)gallery thumbnail$40$22
70Canada #3042, 3043, 3043i, 3044i NH 2017 Leafs Centenary (11)gallery thumbnail$20$19
71Canada 1 March 2023 Ranunculus private B.C. FDCgallery thumbnail$20$10
72Canada Post #B7-9 .999 fine Silver Stamp Replica Set, 47.11gmgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$55
73Canada #C1/O49 Mint Back of the Book, incl NH $177. (45)gallery thumbnail$60$33
74Canada #C1 mixed franked 1928 Montreal/Albany First Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$36
75Canada #CL24 F/VF 28 Sep 1927 Rouyn CDS Used 10c $120.+gallery thumbnail$50$82
76Canada #CL40-CL42 Never Hinged 1927 quartet $ thumbnail$40$67
77Canada #CL48d VFNH Broken Oval Variety in 1930 10c Pane $250. (10)gallery thumbnail$75$104
78Canada #FU14S/FU27S Never Hinged 1948 Specimen Set $775 (13)gallery thumbnail$200$110
79Canada #FWH4 VFNH 1988 $6.50 Pintails Sheet $325. (16)gallery thumbnail$100$50
80Canada #J1-J5 F/VF Mint & Unused 1906/28 Dues, odd sml flt $ thumbnail$50$40
81Canada #MR2Bi F/VF Mint 1915 5c War Tax, gum thins $ thumbnail$50$60
82Canada #MR3, MR3a Fine+ Never Hinged Die I & II duo $ thumbnail$100$165
83Canada #O269-O273 Mint 4-hole perf OHMS Peace Set, 50c thin $ thumbnail$50$44
84Saskatchewan #SL59 NH PVA Gum dull paper #SL57-9 NH Hibrite (4)gallery thumbnail$20$19
85British Columbia #7a about Fine Unused 1865 3d Pale Blue, rc $ thumbnail$50$45
86B.C. 1913 Dept of Lands Mining Division colour Map, some separationgallery thumbnail$25$33
87Caulfeild, B.C. #252, J16 1947 2c Postage Due Thorne Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
88Hotel Vancouver 1925/1937 Used Postcard duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$42
89Royal Hotel Kingsgate, B.C. Unused RPPC, back staingallery thumbnail$20$35
90Lardeau West Kootenay B.C. 1911 Dept of Mines Map, some separationgallery thumbnail$25$27
91Metchosin, B.C. #107, 118 7 Jun 1928 12c Registered Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$17
92New $4,000,000 Fraser River Bridge at New Westminster Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24
93Pioneer Days in B.C. Volume One 1977 Art Downs 160 pgs 2nd printinggallery thumbnail$20$8
94South Pender Island, B.C. Unused Hodgson’s Resort Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$10
95Wo Fat & Co & 90.5 E. Pender St. Vancouver 1930 Cover to Calgarygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$32
96Comet Delivery & Cartage Vancouver, B.C. 1925 Advertising Card, faultsgallery thumbnail$25$44
97Victoria, B.C. The Gold Ring Investment Co. Bulldog Ad Card, spotgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
98Wattsburg, B.C. RF D 14 Feb 1914 1c Valentine Postcard to Sk., bendgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$20
99Newfoundland Unused & Used French Fishing Fleet Postcard quartetgallery thumbnail$40$44
100Nova Scotia #5 VF Used 1851 6d Dark Green, small flaws $ thumbnail$750$604
101Central America Mint & Used Guatemala & Salvador (308 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$19
102Ceylon #306 1950 Registered U.P.U. Airmail Cover to Switzerland (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$12
103China #344-6, 380, 449-4646 Mint & Used on pages (169)gallery thumbnail$40$33
104P.R. China #1684/1810 VFNH 1982 Sets & S/S US$130. (20)gallery thumbnail$40$15
105Cocos Islands #8-19 9 Jul 1969 cacheted WCS FDC trio to U.S. (12)gallery thumbnail$20$5
106Cook Islands #1323-6, 1364-6 VFNH 2010/11 Sheetlet Sets US$ thumbnail$40$14
107Danzig #C38 1937 25pf slogan Used Postcard to Switzerlandgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$15
108Egypt #13/235 Used 1867/1946 US$139. (120 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$30
109Europa 1969/70 Never Hinged US$157. (91)gallery thumbnail$50$33
110Falkland Islands #584-7 1 Oct 1983 Post Stanley FDC w/ contentsgallery thumbnail$20$16
111Fiji #570/622 VFNH 1987/90 Sets & S/S, no 595 US$155. (48)gallery thumbnail$50$21
112France 1906/38 Used, odd small fault US$113. (114)gallery thumbnail$30$22
113France #348, B258/B296 Mint, Unu, & Used 1938/55 US$365. (22 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$38
114French Colonies Mint & Used, as received (420 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$24
115F.S.A.T. 10 Nov 1994 signed CGM Marion Dufresne Seamail Covergallery thumbnail$20$16
116Gambia #404-7, 432-5, 515-8 VFNH 1980/89 WWF Set trio US$ thumbnail$60$33
117Prussia #1-5 Used quintet US$ thumbnail$60$68
118Germany #82 1909 5pf Zeppelin & Hangar Used Postcard, faultsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
119Germany #96/529, B3/S22 Never Hinged 1916/1945 US$165. (204)gallery thumbnail$60$22
120Germany 1922 inflation era meter postage Advertising Cover quartetgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$26
121Germany #472, C49, C58 6 May 1935 Registered Zeppelin Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$33
122Germany #B292-3 21 Apr 1945 favour cancelled FDC, as isgallery thumbnail$50$22
123Berlin #9N33-9N34 Used 1948/49 duo, 2mk back expertised US$ thumbnail$125$131
124East Germany #B21a VFNH 1950 Imperf S/S, trifle gum dist US$ thumbnail$30$46
125G.B. #1 Used in Fleetwood Souvenir Pack w/ facsimile FDC US$ thumbnail$100$170
126G.B. #3 13 Aug 1842 1d Red M/C #10 Reused FLS US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$174
127G.B. #33 Used 1864 1d Red Plates 71/218, some faults US$706. (114)gallery thumbnail$150$85
128G.B. #67 Used 1876/80 2.5d Plates 3, 9, 12, & 14 US$610. (8)gallery thumbnail$150$44
129G.B. 28 Dec 1898 1/2d Lever Bros Dublin Diary Postal Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
130G.B. #114 17 Aug 1901 2.5d Rugby Stn Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
131G.B. Unused Henry Farman Waterplane Postcard duogallery thumbnail$20$12
132G.B. #189 28 Jan 1929 1.5d C.P. Cruises Paquebot Cover to Calgarygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
133G.B. Unused 1953 QEII Coronation Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$30
134G.B. 5 May 1969 5d #79/500 Hydrofoil FFCgallery thumbnail$20$14
135G.B./Regionals Used 1958/69, 1999/2008 US$150. (89)gallery thumbnail$40$52
136Jersey #8b/621b Never Hinged 1969/1993 Booklets US$297. (23 pcs)gallery thumbnail$100$48
137Hong Kong Used little lot as received (91 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$16
138Hungary 1943/44 Censored Postal Card duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$12
139Iceland Used as received, including Sets US$125. (170 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$16
140India #203-6, 497-500 mostly Used 1948/69 Gandhi, some flts US$ thumbnail$60$66
141Indian States 1895/1936 Never Hinged Blocks US$120.+ (62)gallery thumbnail$50still available
142Roman States #12/24 Mint & Unused on page, as is (16)gallery thumbnail$60$10
143Italy #48 Mint 1879 25c Humbert I, part OG, thin US$ thumbnail$150$36
144Italy 3 Mar 1950 L75 Alitalia Rome/Montreal cacheted FFCgallery thumbnail$20$10
145Japan #356/1048 Used 1949/1970 on pages US$111. (223 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$14
146Japan Used N.E. China Expeditionary Army Censored Field Post Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$44
147Leeward Islands #96-99 1935 Registered Silver Jubilee FDC to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$22
148Lithuania Mi. #8 Never Hinged 1941 Overprint, lt bendgallery thumbnail$60$55
149Macao #32, 33, 34a Unused 1887 Provisional trio US$ thumbnail$50$55
150Malaya/Kedah #1/18 Mint & Used 1912/21, odd sml flaw US$79. (16)gallery thumbnail$20$27
151Malta #21-27 Mint 1903/04 Edward VII Set US$160. (7)gallery thumbnail$50$42
152Mongolia #1677/2462, C181-7 VFNH 1991/2000 Sets US$193. (237)gallery thumbnail$60$25
153Nepal #404b-c 2005 signed Rotary Centennial Everest Expedition Cvrgallery thumbnail$25$30
154Netherlands mainly Used mostly 21st Century (511 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$33
155BN.Z. #431-592 VFNH 1969/1975 US$113. (201)gallery thumbnail$40$44
156NZ. 24 Jul 1974 23c repurposed Airmail slogan Cover to U.K., foxinggallery thumbnail$20$5
157N.Z. #196/201, C6-8 16 May 1935 Auckland FFC to France, foxinggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$22
158N.Z./Ross Dependency #L1-4 11 Jan 1957 cacheted Airmail FDC, foldgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
159Nigeria #1/736a mostly Used 1914/2001 (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$75still available
160Rhodesia & Nyasaland #180-2 6 Feb 1962 BOAC Flight FDC to UKgallery thumbnail$20$5
161Saar #39 VF Used 1920 10Mk, short perfs, expertised on back US$ thumbnail$50$33
162St. Pierre & Miquelon #C34-C39 VFNH 1966/68 Airmails US$116. (6)gallery thumbnail$40$22
163Solomon Islands #J1-J8 Mint 1940 Due Set, some back toning US$ thumbnail$20$35
164South Africa 1910/1973 Used little lot US$128. (49)gallery thumbnail$30$17
165South Africa #O33, O33e, O33h Mint 1940/50 Pairs trio US$107. (6)gallery thumbnail$40$22
166Spain #664/698 1943 dual Censored Registered Lettergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$23
167Sweden #617-636, B49-B52 on seven First Day Coversgallery thumbnail$20$10
168Switzerland #1066/1760 Used 21st Century issues US$200. (130 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$36
169Switzerland #B65/B645 Mint & Used 1933/99 Semipostals US$ thumbnail$30$12
170Switzerland #C25a VFNH 1935 40c on 90c vermilion surcharge US$150gallery thumbnail$50$44
171Syria 30 Apr 1923 Beirut/Berlin Commercial Cover, file foldgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
172Tonga #1/32 Mint & Used 1886/95 some perf flaws US$319. (16 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$42
173Transvaal 11 Dec 1900 1d Major W.A. O’Meara Boer War Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$30
174Trinidad & Tobago 15 Feb 1921 uprated Registered Letter to Torontogallery thumbnail$20$16
175Turkey 1900/1970s Mint & Used on approval pages (800)gallery thumbnail$30$48
176Ukraine VFNH 2022 Dog Patron Sheet of eight*gallery thumbnail$20$33
177U.S.A. #11, 24, 26, 63, 65, 68, 71, 76 Used 1855/63, sml flaws $ thumbnail$100$50
178U.S.A. #87 VG/F Used 1867 2c Black Jack, cple perf flts US$ thumbnail$40$60
179U.S.A. #215, 400, 547, E7, F1 Fine Used 1888/1920 US$141. (5)gallery thumbnail$30$37
180U.S.A. #232, 235, 238, 289-90 mainly Used 1893/98, some flts US$ thumbnail$40$42
181Mosquito Fleet Unused Coos Bay, Oregon Rehfeld’s RPPCgallery thumbnail$20$20
182U.S.A. #305, 307 Fine Mint 1903 6c & 10c duo US$ thumbnail$30$33
183Airship Los Angeles 15 Apr 1925 3c New York/Bermuda Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$44
184S.S. Manhattan 10 Aug 1932 3c Olympics MVC to St. Louisgallery thumbnail$20$49
185HMCS Vancouver 24 Jul 1935 3c Tacoma Cover to Californiagallery thumbnail$20$36
186Honolulu/Hong Kong 23 Apr 1937 First Flight Cover to B.C. (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$49
187U.S.A. #O16/O92 Used range, some faults US$399. (27 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$93
188Ryukyu Islands #8/127 Mint 1950/65 Sets incl NH US$110. (45 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$29
189Vatican City mostly Mint, as received (136)gallery thumbnail$20$24
190Venezuela 1880/1988 mainly Used as received (852 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$53
191Virgin Islands Mint & Used selection, owner’s cat. $300. (49)gallery thumbnail$75$55
192World Mint & Used mix, as received owner’s count (700)gallery thumbnail$30$38
193W.W.1 Used & Unused colour Postcards from Cda, G.B., U.S. (14 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$29
194Yugoslavia 1930s/1960s Registered Covers to Germany & U.S. (10)gallery thumbnail$20$5
195Zululand #22 F/VF CDS Used 1894 4/- Queen Victoria US$ thumbnail$50$80
196Australia BU 1999 .999 fine ounce Year of the Rabbit Silver $1gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$43
197Hudson’s Bay Company XF 1857 1/8 Made Beaver Moose Factory tokengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$165
198Canada G6 1870 Queen Victoria first issue Silver 25 Centsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$25
199Canada Unc 1867-1927 Dellamare boxed Confederation Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$170
200Canada XF 1948 George VI key date Voyageur Silver Dollar $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$1750
201Canada Proof Vancouver 2010 sterling Silver coloured Lucky Looniegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$35
202Canada BU 1988 .9999 fine ounce first issue $5 Silver Maple Leafgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$77
203Canada Proof 1998 gold cameo Silver Year of the Tiger $15gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$72
204Canada Proof 2015 pure Silver Majestic Moose $20gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$44
205Canada Proof 1990 pure 1/4oz Platinum $75 Polar Bear, 2624 issuedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$445
206Canada Proof 1979 Year of the Child QEII 1/2oz $100 Goldgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1250$1300
207R.C.M. .999+ Fine Ounce Silver Bar #CO25921 in original packaginggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$57
208Canada BU 1967 Centennial Silver Proof-like 6-coin Setgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$40
209Cash Box of Canada & World coins and notes, as receivedgallery thumbnail$60$137
210Kamloops, BC 1922/23 Imperial Lodge Service Silver Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$48
211Celtic Iberia 180-20BC Bolskan 3.95gm Silver Denarius, solder mksgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
212Edward VIII BU 1936 Pinches High Relief 20gm 35mm Bronze Medalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$82
213G.B. VF+ 1847 Queen Victoria Shield type Gold Half Sovereigngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$510
214G.B. VF+ 1907 Edward VII Gold Sovereigngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$645
215Septimius Severus AD 193-211 3.3gm 19mm Silver Denariusgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$220

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