Realized $2,000  Lot 120 Ship Arcturus 1839 Receipt duo, ex Wellburn 

Realized $476 Lot 69 Kamloops, B.C. 6 Oct 1885 4-pg Marcus Smith Letter to his wife

Realized $308 Lot 70 S.S. Beaver Unused Bailey Bros Photo Wreck Postcard, crease

Realized $275 Lot 76 Opening of New Parliament Buildings 10 Feb 1898 4-pg Invitation

Realized $264  Lot 190 Province of Canada F/VF 1858 Silver 20 Cents, reengraved 5 $187

Realized $242 Lot 194 The Birks Medal, Vancouver, BC boxed Unc 1899 Nelson Bonspiel

Realized $205 Lot 199 England VG+ 1662 Charles II Silver Crown

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1396
Noon Saturday 11th February 2023
5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup
by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Aden #1/9 Mint 1937 Dhow Octet US$ thumbnail$30$29
2Antigua #42/63 1936 Registered Cover to Barbados US$135. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$22
3Australia #1/206 Used 1913/45 Roos on pages (53)gallery thumbnail$40$37
4Australia #1194/1747 Used 1990/1999 US$141. (181 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$16
5Australia, N.Z. #C3 12/29 Mar 1934 9d Mixed-franked Flight Cover (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
6Austria 1918 Feldpost Used Infantry Regiment Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$16
7Bechuanaland #10/72 Mint 1887/1897 US$133. (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$44
8Belgian Congo #1/54 mainly Used 1886/1915 US$125. (17)gallery thumbnail$30$38
9Belgium #171 24 May 1924 stamps Never Hinged S/S, margin thingallery thumbnail$60$46
101935 George V Silver Jubilee G Countries Mint US$95. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$44
11British Honduras #28/101 Mint 1888/1933 US$142. (14)gallery thumbnail$40$44
12Brunei #14/341 Mint & Used 1911/86 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$41
13Burma #1/14, O16/O39 Mint & Used some toned gum US$96. (18)gallery thumbnail$25$24
14Canada #4d VF Used 1852/57 3d Beaver, faults $ thumbnail$75$86
15Canada #14/20 VG/F Used 1859 quintet, small flaws $ thumbnail$60$66
16Canada #21-30 Fine Used 1868/76 Large Queens Set $600. (10)gallery thumbnail$150$192
17Canada #27 VG+ Unused 1868 6c Large Queen, creases $ thumbnail$100$100
18Canada #34, 66, 74, 89-90, 96-8 Fine Never Hinged, sml flaws $204 (8)gallery thumbnail$50$26
19Canada 1877/81 1c Postal Cards to Hamilton, some flts (12 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$7
20Canada #35 1892/7 3c Ontario 1c Small Queen Covers (5 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$22
21Canada #38a Fine Unused 1876 5c Perf 11.5×12, sml tear $ thumbnail$100$77
22Manitoba 1893/1954 M split-ring CDS cancels on piece etc (14 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$5
23Canada #44c F/VF Mint HR 188/97 8c Small Queen shade $ thumbnail$60$110
24Canada #46xx VF 1893 20c Widow Weed Precancel, adhesion $ thumbnail$50$165
25Canada #56 VF light CDS Used 1897 8c Jubilee, corner crease $ thumbnail$25$22
26Canada #61 Fine Mint 1897 $1 Jubilee, small flaws $ thumbnail$125$110
27Canada #86b Fine three Never Hinged 1898 2c Map Imprint Block $ thumbnail$100$102
28Canada #87, C3ii Used 1899/1932 Shifted Surcharge duo $ thumbnail$25$27
29Canada #89/92 Fine+ Mint & Unu 1903/8 Edward VII, 5c tear $325. (7)gallery thumbnail$100$42
30Canada #89, 97 Used 1905/12 Montreal Postcards (6 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$19
31Canada #96-101 Fine+ Mint 1908 Quebecs $260. (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$40
32Canada #97i, 210i, 224ii, 463vi Used 1908/67 Variety quartet $ thumbnail$30$19
33Canada #102 VF Mint 1908 15c Quebec Tercentenary $ thumbnail$100$109
34Canada #104/119 Mint 1911/25 Admirals $197. (12 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$44
35Officers Mess, Regina Barracks R.N.W.M.P. 1915 2c Colour Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$34
36Canada #111 Fine Never Hinged 1912/14 5c shade, fp on gum $ thumbnail$40$65
37Canada #111, MR4 16 Feb 1918 8c returned Registered Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
38Canada #113b Fine+ Never Hinged 1912 7c Admiral, sht perfs $ thumbnail$75$40
39Canada #131-4 Fine+ Used 1915/24 Admiral Coils $150. (8)gallery thumbnail$40$25
40Canada #157 VFNH 1929 20c Harvesting $ thumbnail$40$40
41Canada #158 21gm gold plated Sterling Silver 50c Bluenose replicagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$31
42Canada #179i, 182i, 183i Fine+ Mint 1930/5 Line Coil Pair trio $85. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$14
43Canada #203 VF Mint 2 NH 1933 20c Grain Ex Block $360. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$71
44Canada #208ii Fine Never Hinged 1934 3c Scarface Variety $112.50gallery thumbnail$40$99
45Canada #215 26 Oct 1935 $2.20 Registered Parcel Tag (22)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$22
46Canada #217-230 F/VF Mint 1935 George V Long Set $225. (14 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$37
47Canada #233i VF Mint 1937 3c Crease on Collar Variety in Block $ thumbnail$50$80
48Canada #241-5 Fine+ Mint 1938 Long Set $159. (6)gallery thumbnail$50$31
49Canada #250, 257, 262 2 Jun 1943 $4.12 Registered Parcel Tag (6)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$60
50Canada #254 1949 4c R.P.O. Artist-signed Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
51Canada #275/517 Never Hinged 1947/70 Plate Blocks $225. (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$35
52Canada #290 D.E.V. Beaverbane 1952 2c Paquebot Cover to thumbnail$20$27
53Canada #294, 321 VFNH 1950/53Block duo, 50c bends in two $72. (8)gallery thumbnail$20$22
54Canada #329 VFNH UL 1953 5c Karsh foldover Misperf Plate Block (4)gallery thumbnail$30$55
55Canada #334 VFNH 1953 50c LL Plate One dual Variety Block $175. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$40
56Canada #340 Never Hinged 1954 4c Wilding Smear Variety Pairgallery thumbnail$30$40
57Canada #434/453 Never Hinged 1964/7 Pl Blk M/S, 1 sml flt $171. (368)gallery thumbnail$40$22
58Canada #465pi VFNH LR 25c Hibrite Paper Tagged Block $250. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$66
59Canada #522i Never Hinged 1970 5c Centre Block Variety duo $ thumbnail$20$22
60Canada #1250ii 8 Sep 1989 38c UR Regiments Pl Blk FDC $125. (4)gallery thumbnail$40$20
61Canada #1534ii VFNH 1994 unissued 52c Christmas $ thumbnail$75$97
62Canada #1947/3281 Never Hinged 2002/21 Floral S/S $83. (20 pcs)gallery thumbnail$30$49
63Canada #1191C-D VFNH 2003 $1.25 Alaska Cruise Pane $100. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$42
64Canada #BK34d Mint 1942 French Booklet $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$30
65Canada 175th Birthday of Graf Zeppelin Picture Postage Sheet (26)gallery thumbnail$50$48
66Commercial Airways #CL48c VF Mint 1930 Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$100$220
67Haileybury-Rouyn 50th Anniversary of Airmail Proof Set (6) $ thumbnail$20$38
68Canada #MR2Bi Fine Unused 1915 4-line War Tax, straightedge $ thumbnail$30$49
69Kamloops, B.C. 6 Oct 1885 4-pg Marcus Smith Letter to his wifegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$476
70S.S. Beaver Unused Bailey Bros Photo Wreck Postcard, creasegallery thumbnail$25$308
71Cariboo Yarns 1962 Fred Lindsay signed 60 pg Quesnel Bookgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$30
72Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant Unu Burnaby colour Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$19
73Horseshoe Bay, B.C. RF D 1949 7c Airmail Cover to Cranbrookgallery thumbnail$25$11
74Mount Pleasant, B.C. RF D 19 Dec 1909 1c Papooses Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$16
75New Westminster, B.C. 1949 2c Postage Due Fraser River Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
76Opening of New Parliament Buildings 10 Feb 1898 4-pg Invitationgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$275
77Queen of the North Unused Majestic colour B.C. Ferries Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$5
78Rutland Postal Stn RF D 20 Aug 1976 8c Stamp Club Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
79Sherman, B.C. RF D 20 Oct 1947 7c Airmail Cover to Cranbrookgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
80Stuart Thomson Vancouver 3.5×2.5″ Real Photo Advertising Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
81Watsang Co Vancouver, B.C. 10 Sep 1934 3c Ad Cover & contentsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$275
82Victoria, B.C. 20 Feb 1911 2c L-G Residence Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$21
83Wardner, B.C. 4 Feb 1933 13c Registered corner Cover to Cranbrookgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
84Newfoundland #57 Fine Never Hinged 1896 1/2c Dog $ thumbnail$40still available
85Newfoundland #60/270 mainly Used 1890/1947 (75 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$38
86Newfoundland #148c, 213a VFNH 1932 Imperf Pair duo $240. (4)gallery thumbnail$75$60
87Newfoundland #253 S.S. Beaverburn 2c Paquebot Cover to thumbnail$20$27
88Maritime & Newfoundland Airways 1931 Mint Airmail trio $ thumbnail$20$24
89Halifax, N.S. 6 Feb 1891 signed 8.5″ Memo of Stocks & Depositsgallery thumbnail$20still available
90Cayman Islands #153-167 Mint 1962 QEII Set US$91. (16)gallery thumbnail$30$17
91China #14 Fine Used 1898 Imperial Dragon US$ thumbnail$40$30
92China #364/731, Taiwan #29-34 Mint 1939/47 Sets US$82. (32)gallery thumbnail$30$20
93China/French Offices in Canton #31-5, 37-42, 44-5 Mint US$189. (13)gallery thumbnail$60$40
94China/German Offices #25-7, 29-35 Used 1901 issues US$205. (11)gallery thumbnail$60$44
95China/Italian Offices #15, 29, 32 Mint 1917/19 US$492. (7)gallery thumbnail$150$90
96P.R. China #493/1129 Used 1960/72, faults US$350. (20 diff)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$80
97P.R. China #1810, 1863 1982/3 Souvenir Sheet FDC duo US$ thumbnail$25$10
98P.R. China #2775/3051 Mint Souvenir Sheets US$252. (36 pcs)gallery thumbnail$75$66
99Congo #6/54 mainly Used 1887/1910, some faults US$175. (28 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$44
100Cook Islands #19/42 mostly Mint 1900/19 US$122. (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$30
101Crete #2/O6 Mint & Used 1890/1916 incl unlisted US$113. (66)gallery thumbnail$30$33
102Curacao #C1-3, CB9-10 Never Hinged 1929/44 Air Sets US$139. (15)gallery thumbnail$40$36
103Dominica #65/82 1936 Registered Cover to BarbadosUS$123. (10)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$22
104Falkland Islands #9/59 Mint 1892/1931 US$125. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$30
105Steam Tricycle 9 Oct 1908 10c French Postcard, bendgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$11
106France #121-3 Mint 1900/06 trio, 45c Never Hinged US$ thumbnail$60$60
107France 26 Dec 1917 stampless Zeppelin Crash Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$25
108France #B267-72, B276-81, B285-90 Used 1952/5 Set trio US$100 (18)gallery thumbnail$30$36
109F.S.A.T. #363, 365 2006 Antarctic Expedition Airmail Cover to Germanygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$27
110Baden #6/28a Mint & Used 1853/68, some faults US$216. (8)gallery thumbnail$50$28
111Germany #17/384 Used 1872/1933 Classics US$225. (150 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$25
112Germany #47 1898 5pf SMS Kaiserin Augusta Art Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$22
113Germany Unused 1943 anti-Dambusters Propaganda Postcard, sml fltgallery thumbnail$20$64
114Germany #B41/B176 Mint 1931/40 Semipostals, 13 NH US$221. (22)gallery thumbnail$75$34
115Germany #C46-56 Used 1934 Airmail Set US$76. (11)gallery thumbnail$30$41
116Berlin Never Hinged selection US$100. (42)gallery thumbnail$30$27
117East Germany #264a VF stamps NH 1955 Imperf Engels S/S US$ thumbnail$20$13
118Gibraltar #92 VF Never Hinged appearing 1921 Geo V Pound US$ thumbnail$60$90
119Gilbert & Ellice Islands #1/51, J1 Mint 1911/1939 US$125. (33 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$31
120Ship Arcturus 1839 Receipt duo, ex Wellburngallery thumbnail$25$2000
121G.B. #1/4 Used 1840/41 Imperfs, edge flaws US$800. (9)gallery thumbnail$100$50
122G.B. #33 Used plates 72/218 on pages, odd fault US$454. (92 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$93
123G.B. #73 VG/F Used 8d Orange Plate 1 US$ thumbnail$75$46
124G.B. #108 Fine Used 1884 5/- Victoria, round corner US$ thumbnail$100still available
125G.B. #128 8 Dec 1906 1d Paquebot/T.P.O. RMS Caronia Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$44
126G.B. 22 Nov 1938 4.5d Rcd in Damaged Condition Calpurnia Crash Cvrgallery thumbnail$20$22
127G.B. 14 Nov 1940 2.5d reused Cover w/ economy labelgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
128G.B. Never Hinged Geniality Limited Essays Imperf Sheet (20)gallery thumbnail$50$33
129G.B. 9 Feb 1959 9d Sterling cacheted QEII FDC to Toronto (2)gallery thumbnail$20$20
130G.B. #O42 Fine Used 1902 Edward VII 9d Govt Parcels Official US$ thumbnail$40$44
131Jersey #515/980 Never Hinged 1989/2001 US$381. (253)gallery thumbnail$125$57
132Greenland #114/447a, B12/22 VFNH 1985/97 US$122. (54)gallery thumbnail$40$30
133Hong Kong #71/141 Used 1903/21 Edward VII & George V US$262 (28)gallery thumbnail$75$34
134Iceland #140 fiscal Used 1925 10k on 50a US$ thumbnail$20$13
135Italy #124, 165-8 Mint 1912/23 quintet, 50c dist gum US$118. (5)gallery thumbnail$30$23
136Italy #367-8 1937 30c Vesuvius Erupting Postcard to Prague (2)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$25
137Japan #480/497 Mint 1949/52 US$158. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$23
138Japan Unused Classic Nagasaki & Yokohama colour Postcards (5)gallery thumbnail$50$30
139Macao #147/192, J12-17 Mint & Used 1911/13 US$77. (15)gallery thumbnail$20$24
140Malta Unused colour Embossed Zieher Stamp Postcard, creasegallery thumbnail$20$10
141Mexico #14a/2397 mostly Used 1864/2005 (800 diff)gallery thumbnail$125$121
142Netherlands #225/281, B50-53 Used 1941/46 US$79. (10)gallery thumbnail$30still available
143New Zealand #17 3 Dec 1863 2d Dunedin Cover, torn backflapgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$22
144New Zealand #55/177 Used 1874/1925 US$400. (70 diff)gallery thumbnail$100still available
145New Zealand 15 Feb 1936 1d OHMS George V Mourning Covergallery thumbnail$20$22
146Norway #B20/B61 Used 1941/57 Sets, B27 fault US$132. (24)gallery thumbnail$40$26
147Palestine 23 Aug 1940 13m F.P.O. Censor Cover to N.Z., torn flapgallery thumbnail$20$11
148Papua New Guinea #60/1053 mainly Used 1916/2003 (500 diff)gallery thumbnail$125$121
149Rhodesia #1/56 Used 1890/97 Arms US$127. (14)gallery thumbnail$40$30
150Saar #C1-8 Used 1928/34 Airmails US$142. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$28
151St. Pierre & Miquelon #404-7, 415-6 VFNH 1970/71 Set duo US$101. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$16
152South Africa #68-71 Used 1935 Jubilee Pairs US$153. (8)gallery thumbnail$50$49
153South Africa Unu Golf up to Date Postcard w/ Christmas messagegallery thumbnail$30still available
154South Africa #O19, O19c Used 1940 1/- Shade Pair duo US$180. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$27
155Spain 1901/02 Used 10c U.P.U. Postal Cards to Germany (7 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$33
156Sudan #J1-10, J12-15 Mint & Used 1897/1940 Due Sets US$99. (14)gallery thumbnail$25$22
157Surinam #22/534 Mint & Used 1892/1981 (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$55
158Sweden #B1/J21 Used 1877/1930 B.O.B. US$184. (28 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$35
159Switzerland 8 Aug 1927 unaddressed Flight Cover (3)gallery thumbnail$20$13
160Tibet 1974 Never Hinged Government in Exile Set (4)gallery thumbnail$20$27
161Tonga 21 Jul 1936 2.5d Tin Can Cover w/ various markingsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$43
162Transvaal #97-103 Used 1878/80 QV Set, three natural se US$280. (7)gallery thumbnail$75$104
163Transvaal 3 May 1909 2.5d Cover to Rome w/ receivergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
164Trinidad #4 VF Unused part OG 1853 1d Gray Brown US$ thumbnail$20$34
165Tunisia #11/26 Mint & Used 1888/1902 US$95. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$13
166Turkey #66-9 Mint 1884/86 Set, odd short perf US$205. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$82
167Turkey #933 VF Mint 1945 1 Lira Souvenir Sheet US$ thumbnail$25$16
168Ukraine Dog Patron stickers & fridge magnets (12)*gallery thumbnail$20$9
169U.S.A./Colonial B.C. #69 Fine Used 1861 12c Washington US$ thumbnail$30$38
170U.S.A. #78a VF Used 1862 24c Blue cancel Shade US$ thumbnail$150$209
171U.S.A. #113/119 Used 1869 quintet, 15c straight edge US$ thumbnail$100$66
172U.S.A. 24 Sep 1875 6c Cover to Switzerland w/ various markingsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$20
173U.S.A. #152/216 mainly Unused 1873/88, small flaws US$542. (8)gallery thumbnail$125$60
174U.S.A. #232-8 Used 1893 Columbians, foxing US$164. (7)gallery thumbnail$40$20
175U.S.A. #294-9 Used 1901 Pan-Am Expo Set, 1c thin US$119. (6)gallery thumbnail$40$40
176Lindbergh Unused Around the World Flight Postcard w/ wifegallery thumbnail$30$20
177Hindenburg Zeppelin 11 May 1936 3c readdressed Welcome Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30
178U.S.A. 20 May 1939 dual cacheted 30c FAM 18 FFC to France w/ receivergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
179A.P.O. 121 14 Apr 1945 6c Bklt single Airmail Cover to thumbnail$20still available
180U.S.A. #C4-6 Mint 1923 Airmail Set, 8c Never Hinged US$ thumbnail$40$66
181U.S.A. #Q1-11 mainly Used 1913 Parcel Post US$138. (13)gallery thumbnail$40$31
182U.S.A. #RW36/45 Never Hinged 1969/75 Ducks US$223. (7 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$30
183Civil War era Union & Constitution cacheted free franked Cover, sml fltsgallery thumbnail$25$22
184U.N. #38 Never Hinged 1955 Souvenir Sheet, 4c bend US$ thumbnail$20$11
185Upper Silesia 13 May 1920 10pf uprated 15pf Postal Card, hinge mksgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$19
186Virgin Islands #144-158 Mint 1964/68 QEII Set US$84. (15)gallery thumbnail$25$22
187Anglo-Saxon 695-740 Series E 1.17gm Porcupine Type Silver Sceatgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$247
188Australia abt Fine 1924 George V Silver Florin .3364oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
189Bermuda BU 1959 cased QEII Silver Crown .841oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$55
190Province of Canada F/VF 1858 Silver 20 Cents, reengraved 5 $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$264
191Canada Unc 1935 George V Jubilee Silver Dollar, hairlines $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$45
192Eaton’s 125th Anniversary pure Silver 1994 Ounce $50 Medallion #2145gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$55
193Canada BU 1960 6-coin Silver QEII Proof-like Set in original holder (6)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$76
194The Birks Medal, Vancouver, BC boxed Unc 1899 Nelson Bonspielgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$242
195Egypt, Alexandria 276-282 Probus 23mm 9gm Bi Tetradrachm w/ Eaglegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
196France BU 1898 Silver 50 Centimes .0671oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
197G.B./Colonial Canada Fine+ 1835 William IV Silver Six Pencegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$40
198G.B. BU 9 Aug 1902 12.8gm Coronation Silver Medal & envelopegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$47
199England VG+ 1662 Charles II Silver Crowngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$125$405
200Great Britain Unc 1914 George V Gold Half Sovereign .1178oz AGWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$485
201Greek Sicily, Kamarina 461-440 BC 13mm .43gm Silver Litra w/ Nikegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
202Roman Republic 211-10 BC 3.5gm Silver Denarius w/ Roma etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$181

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