Realized $550 Lot 47 Canada #156a VFNH 1929 12c Imperforate Pair, 250 issued $375

Realized $850  Lot 115 Ship Arcturus 1839 Invoice duo, ex Wellburn on his page

Realized $110 Lot 202 Elvis Presley RCA Victor Montreal All Shook Up/That’s When… 10″ 78,

Realized $272 Lot 189 Canada ICCS AU55 1947 Blunt Seven George VI Silver Dollar $217

Realized $825 Lot 194 Ptolemy the Great 282-246 BC 14.18gm Silver Tetradrachm

Realized $577 Lot 193 G.B./Colonial Canada VF 1876 QV Die 74 Gold Half Sovereign

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1393
Noon Saturday 7th January 2023

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup
by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Aden #48-61A mainly Used 1953/9 QEII Set incl Vars US$80. (22 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$20
2Antigua #44/57 Mint 1921/9 George V US$171. (8)gallery thumbnail$50$44
3Ascension #75-88 23 May 1963 14-stamp Birds Set FDC US$59.+gallery thumbnail$20$34
4Australia States Used 1866/1909 Revenues on pages (37)gallery thumbnail$25$38
5Australia #183 1941 Syria Field Post Air Letter Card trio w/ messagesgallery thumbnail$30$38
6Australia 8 Jun 1955 Sydney/Amsterdam FFC to Montreal (2)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$29
7Australia #1118/4393 Used 1990/2015 Dollar Values US$300. (110 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$48
8A.A.T. 23 Nov 1957 Flight Cover w/ label & 1959 Christmas Cover to USgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$29
9Austria 1965 USS Skipjack & Shark Nuclear Sub reply card duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
10Belgium #1085/1262 Never Hinged 1982/1986 US$161. (153)gallery thumbnail$50$27
11Birds Mint 1965/96 U Countries Sets & S/S US$110. (37)gallery thumbnail$40$24
12Brazil #C26-7 Mint, C30 Used 1931/2 Zeppelin trio US$ thumbnail$25$44
13British Guiana #31-33 Fine Used 1862/5 trio, 12c fault US$ thumbnail$75$73
14Burma #O43-53 Mint 1947 George VI Officials, 1 toned perfs US$ thumbnail$40$20
15Canada #2TCvii VF 1851 6c Specimen Plate Proof $ thumbnail$100$192
16Canada #4 Fine Used 1852/7 3d Beaver, crease $ thumbnail$40$82
17Canada #17b VG Unused 1859 10c Shade $ thumbnail$75$61
18Canada #18 F/VF Unused 1859 12.5c Shade, thin $ thumbnail$200$62
19Canada #19 Fine Used 1859/64 17c Cartier, sht perf $ thumbnail$30$48
20Canada #20i Fine Unused 1859 2c Shade, sml flaw $ thumbnail$75$121
21Canada #21 VF Used 1868 1/2c Large Queen selected for centeringgallery thumbnail$25$19
22Canada #24 VF Unused 1868 2c Large Queen, round corner $ thumbnail$300$440
23Canada #27 F/VF 2-ring numeral 7 Used 1868 6c Large Queen, creasegallery thumbnail$30$19
24Canada #36/41 Mint, Unu, & Used Small Queen quartet, some fltsgallery thumbnail$75$60
25Canada #45 Fine Mint HR 1897 10c Small Queen $ thumbnail$75$67
26Canada #46-7 F/VF Mint 1893 Widow Weeds duo, sml flaws $ thumbnail$150$66
27Canada $54-56, 59 F/VF Mint & Unused Jubilee quartet, sml flaws $610gallery thumbnail$150$77
28Canada #60 VF Unused 1897 50c Jubilee $ thumbnail$125$110
29Canada #66-73 Mint & Unused 1897/98 Victoria Leaf Set $981. (8)gallery thumbnail$250$110
30Canada #76 Fine Never Hinged 1898 2c Multiple, sml flaws $560. (14)gallery thumbnail$150$74
31Canada #81 VF Mint HR 1902 7c Victoria Numeral $ thumbnail$100$88
32Canada #85 VFNH 1898 2c Imprint Top Margin 1st Christmas stampgallery thumbnail$50$99
33Canada #89 1908/11 Muskoka Hospital Cinderella Postcard triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$55
34Winnipeg Jack, Blackfoot Indians Unused Thompson colour Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$16
35Canada #95 Fine Mint 1908 50c Edward VII, stains $ thumbnail$75$107
36Canada #97i VF Mint 1908 1c Hairlines Variety Pair $ thumbnail$40$30
37Canada #99 VF Mint 1908 5c Quebec $ thumbnail$50$48
38Canada #101 VF Mint 1908 10c Quebec, sht perf $ thumbnail$75$37
39Canada #102 VF Used 1908 15c Quebec, trivial perf crease $ thumbnail$75$63
40Canada #103 F/VF Mint HR 1908 20c Quebec $ thumbnail$75$60
41Canada #107i VFNH 1922 2c Wet Printing Admiral $ thumbnail$40$33
42Brighouse, BC 22 Jan 1924 13c returned Registered Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
43Canada #125-129 F/VF Never Hinged 1912/23 Coils, 2c gum line $ thumbnail$50$36
44Canada #131iv VF one NH Mint 1918 1c Experimental Coil Pair $ thumbnail$100$77
45Winnipeg Used & Unused half dozen Postcardsgallery thumbnail$40$33
46Canada #149b VFNH 1928 1c Imperforate Pair, 250 printed, fp $ thumbnail$60$170
47Canada #156a VFNH 1929 12c Imperforate Pair, 250 issued $ thumbnail$150$550
48Canada #158 VF Mint HR 1929 50c Bluenose $ thumbnail$100$71
49Canada #159 F/VF Mint 1929 $1 Parliament, trifle toned gum $ thumbnail$75$48
50Canada #202/2340, C8/EC4, E6/E11 Never Hinged 1933/2009 (25)gallery thumbnail$40$38
51Canada #250, 252, J6 1944 Montreal Postage Due Cover triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$5
52Canada #284 VFNH UL 1949 1c Plate 1 Cracked Plate Variety Block (4)gallery thumbnail$30still available
53Canada #312 1955 5c S.S. Cairnavon Edinburgh Paquebot Cover to USgallery thumbnail$20$5
54Canada #381-400 Never Hinged 1958/62 Plate Block M/S $225. (336)gallery thumbnail$50$30
55Canada #468A VFNH 1969 6c Centennial Coil roll trio $180. (300)gallery thumbnail$50$24
56Canada #508p-511p VFNH 1970 25c Tagged Expo Sheet $185. (50)gallery thumbnail$50$60
57Canada #522i, 525i VF Mint 1970 Christmas Center Blks, gum dist (8)gallery thumbnail$20$10
58Canada #572ii VFNH 1974 8c Missing Bird on Totem $ thumbnail$75$104
59Canada #977 VFNH 1983 $2 Commonwealth Day M/S $250. (16)gallery thumbnail$75$38
60Canada #1660ai VFNH 1997 Summit Series Ovpt Pane $100. (10)gallery thumbnail$50$33
61Canada #1924/2411 VFNH 2001/10 Christmas $189. (13 pcs)gallery thumbnail$75$55
62Canada #2779i/3038 Never Hinged 2014/17 Hockey $127. (46)gallery thumbnail$50$80
63Canada 28 Oct 2022 Tommy Prince #3/5 Vancouver #10 FDCgallery thumbnail$20$10
64Canada 2013 VFNH Westbank, BC Centenary Picture Postage Sheetgallery thumbnail$25$16
65Canada 2022 VFNH Madonna of Sunflowers Picture Postage Booklet*gallery thumbnail$30still available
66Fairchild Air #CL12b VFNH 1926 Tete-Beche Pair $ thumbnail$75$100
67Patricia Airways #CL18 VFNH 1926 50c, 1800 printed $ thumbnail$100$220
68Patricia Airways #CL28 VFNH 1926 10c, 800 issued $ thumbnail$50$133
69Western Cda Airways #CL40 27 Jun 1929 12c Flight Cover, shiftgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
70Canada #MR6 VF Mint 1916 War Tax Coil, glazed gum $ thumbnail$40$55
71Canada #O25 VFNH 1949 $1 Ferry Official $ thumbnail$40$65
72Canada #SW1f VFNH 1994 $6 Wood Ducks Sheet $165. (8)gallery thumbnail$40$27
73Canada & Nfld 1946/63 Covers & Cards, ex Topping (9 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$34
74British Columbia #11 VG/F Mint HHR 1867/71 25c on 3d, sml flawsgallery thumbnail$100$110
75Kamloops, BC 1 Sep 1885 Marcus Smith letter to his wifegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$44
76S.S. Beaver 1c Agassiz Bailey Photo Wreck Postcard, stamp fltgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$121
77Coburn, BC RF D 25 Nov 1907 1c Ballooning Cats Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$22
78Esquimalt, BC 26 Jun 1910 1c Flagship Grafton Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$38
79Horseshoe Bay, BC RF D 21 Sep 1949 7c Airmail Covergallery thumbnail$25$10
80Riverside, Kitimat, BC RF D 27 Oct 1958 95c A/R Cover to Hungarygallery thumbnail$25$13
81North Lonsdale, BC RF D 31 Jul 1923 2c Readdressed Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
82Provincial Cannery, BC 25c LCB Registered Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
83Quick, BC RF D 8 Aug 1967 5c Expo Les Churchill Covergallery thumbnail$25$10
84Revelstoke, BC 16 Oct 1962 5c Skiing School District Cover to BCTFgallery thumbnail$20$11
85Selma Park, BC RF D 10 Mar 1961 5c UBC Covergallery thumbnail$25still available
86Tod Inlet, BC 13 Nov 1906 1c Hotel Vancouver Postcard to Jubilee thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$110
87University Hill, BC RF D 18 Mar 1933 3c Cover, torn b/fgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25still available
88Vancouver, BC 6.5×13 Vapor Gas Handbill mentions Klondike & Nomegallery thumbnail$25$13
89Victoria, BC 10 diff Coast VT Series Used & Unused Postcardsgallery thumbnail$20$29
90Whytecliff, BC RF D 1 Sep 1922 3c Coil Returned Cover, foxedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$55
91Yale, B.C. 7 Nov 1880 5c SQ Cover to Victoria, roughly openedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$22
92Newfoundland No. 1 Unused Vickers Gunbus 1914/5 Postcard w/ msggallery thumbnail$40$36
93Cayman Islands #3-7 Mint 1901/3 Edward VII Set US$133. (5)gallery thumbnail$40$133
94China #161-174 mainly Used 1912 Overprints US$104. (14)gallery thumbnail$40$80
95China #387-91, 397-401 Mint 1940 Secret Marks US$90. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$38
96Italy/China Offices #E2 Fine Mint 1918 Special Delivery Blk, toned gumgallery thumbnail$100$80
97Curacao #C1-3, C18-32 Used 1929/42 Airmail Set duo US$155. (18)gallery thumbnail$50$41
98R.A.F. 14 Base HQ 1944/45 Leave Passgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$6
99Dion-Bouton & Co. Unused 1885 Steam Auto Postcard, age staingallery thumbnail$25$110
100France 21 Feb 1916 Unused Shot Down Zeppelin Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$26
101France Remember Me embroidered Silk Postcard, unmailedgallery thumbnail$20$22
102France #308/100, B76/83 Mint 1936/64 incl Better US$115. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$27
103France #B64/B95 Used 1937/40 Semipostal Sets US$144. (21)gallery thumbnail$40still available
104F.S.A.T. #C106/C139 Never Hinged 1989/95 Airmail Sets US$150. (18)gallery thumbnail$50$44
105German East Africa #N17-23 Used 1916 Overprints (7)gallery thumbnail$20$44
106Germany 1915 Feldpost Cover w/ 1912 Cinderella, reducedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
107Germany #202, 204 1923 Inflation Cover, roughly opened (44)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$25
108Germany 12 Sep 1924/12 Oct Transatlantic Zeppelin FFC, back fltsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$93
109Germany 1941 Used Churchill caricature Feldpost Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$36
110Germany #668, 701, B314-5 Used 1949/53 quartet US$ thumbnail$40$20
111Germany #B144-5, 192 Mint 1938/41 Horse Race trio US$ thumbnail$20$16
112Lorraine #N46 1942 6pf Metz View Postcard to Berlingallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
113Berlin #9N94-8 Never Hinged 1953 Bell Set US$67. (5)gallery thumbnail$20$25
114Berlin Used Rane as received US$100. (170)gallery thumbnail$25$25
115Ship Arcturus 1839 Invoice duo, ex Wellburn on his pagegallery thumbnail$25$850
116G.B. #27a VF Used 6d Shifted Watermark Variety US$ thumbnail$50$55
117G.B. #33 Fine Used 1864 1d Red Plate 224 US$ thumbnail$20$42
118G.B. #44 VF Used 1865 3d Rose Plate 4, nibbed perf US$ thumbnail$50still available
119G.B. #55 Fine Used 1867 2/- plate 1 Victoria US$ thumbnail$40$27
120G.B. #78-80 Fine Used 1880/1 Victoria trio US$ thumbnail$20$12
121G.B. #82 24 Dec 1883 Bute Docks Cardiff FLS to Spain w/ contentsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$36
122G.B. #96 6 Dec 1889 Registered Used 2/6d Victoria, thin US$ thumbnail$40$16
123G.B. #114, 118 1894/1900 uprated Registered Cover duo to Germanygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$17
124G.B. 1916 Unused Night Raider Zeppelin Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$33
125G.B. #189 1934 RMS Aquitania Paquebot Postcard to USgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$27
126G.B. 20 Aug 1934 Railway Air Services First Flight FDCgallery thumbnail$25$13
127G.B. 26 May 1936 RMS Queen Mary Maiden Voyage Cover to USgallery thumbnail$20$11
128G.B 1 Sep 1936 Fulham Registered Edward VIII FDC (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$23
129G.B. #267 26 Apr 1948 2.5d Wilver Wedding FDC to USgallery thumbnail$20$17
130G.B. 33 May 1951 33rd Philatelic Congress George VI Cover to Torontogallery thumbnail$20$12
131G.B. 31 Aug 1953 3.5d QEII Sterling Offices FDC to Toronto (3)gallery thumbnail$20$15
132G.B. 18 Jul 1958 Lanberis 6th Commonwealth Games Official FDC (3)gallery thumbnail$20$13
133G.B. & Channel Islands 1955/2000s Mint & Used QEII US$120. (11)gallery thumbnail$30$15
134Guernsey #925/1044 Never Hinged 2007/9 US$252. (121)gallery thumbnail$75$60
135Guatemala #1-6 Mint & Used 1871/3, some sml flaws, as is US$ thumbnail$100$82
136Hong Kong 1956 MS Ellen Bakke 2c Cdn QEII Paquebot Cover to USgallery thumbnail$20$5
137Iceland #60 F/VF Unused 1902/3 1G on 5a, soaked perfs US$ thumbnail$500$484
138Iceland #C3 Never Hinged 1930 10a Airmail Tete-beche Pair US$ thumbnail$40$40
139Indian States 1900/1946 mostly Used (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$55
140India Unused Snake Charmers Postcard w/ messagegallery thumbnail$20$13
141Italy #81 Mint HR 1901/26 25c Victor Emmanuel III, short perf US$ thumbnail$75$33
142Italy #C23-6 Mint 1930 Virgil Airmail Set US$168. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$40
143Japan #457 Never Hinged 1949 Souvenir Sheet, lt bends US$ thumbnail$30$48
144Macao #35-44 Mint 1888 King Luiz Set US$509. (10)gallery thumbnail$150$88
145Macao #210/238a Mint 1913/24 US$176. (15()gallery thumbnail$50$55
146Malta #14 VF Mint 1886 5/- Victoria US$ thumbnail$40$44
147Netherlands 16 Apr 1960 DC-8 FFC to NY (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
148New Zealand #16 Fine Used 1868 1d Chalon, small flaws US$ thumbnail$100$55
149New Zealand #301/2320 Used 1954/2010 better Vals US$131. (12)gallery thumbnail$40$31
150North Borneo #244-58 Mint 1950 George VI Set, $10 thin, US$135. (15)gallery thumbnail$40$74
151Northern Rhodesia #J1-10 Mint & Used 1929/64 Dues US$108. (10)gallery thumbnail$30$20
152Norway #466-8 Never Hinged 1970/5 Booklet trio US$145. (30)gallery thumbnail$40$35
153Nyasaland SG #SB1 Never Hinged 1954 QEII 5-pane Booklet (20)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24
154Pitcairn Islands #1/31 Mint 1940/58 George VI & QEII Set duo US$ thumbnail$40$31
155Portugal #662-9 Mint 1946 Castles Set US$134. (8)gallery thumbnail$40still available
156Russia 1944/58 Never Hinged Sets US$200. (103 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$53
157St. Pierre & Miquelon #408-11 VFNH 1971 Ships Set US$152. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$60
158Santa Claus 5 different Unused & Used better Postcardsgallery thumbnail$50$33
159Sierra Leone #865/870 uprated 1992 Butterflies Aerogramme to UK (4)gallery thumbnail$20$6
160Slovakia 2022 Used Ukraine Support stamp, only one available*gallery thumbnail$20$24
161South Africa #66-7 Used 1939/54 Bilingual Horizontal Pair duo US$107gallery thumbnail$40$42
162Spain #641 1939 uprated Censored Postal Card to Portugalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
163Sudan #98-114, O44-60 Mint 1951 Set duo incl NH US$121. (34)gallery thumbnail$40$46
164Sweden #457 1954 25o MS Kungsholm Paquebot Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
165Switzerland #52/59 CDS Used 1867/78 Seated Helvetia US$306. (6)gallery thumbnail$75$68
166Switzerland #B196-9 1 Dec 1950 Registered FDC (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
167Switzerland #C3-7 VF Used 1923/5 Airmail quintet US$ thumbnail$30$55
168Tibet VFNH 1974 Government in Exile Set (4)gallery thumbnail$20$44
169Tonga #1/32, O1 Mint, Unu, & Used 1887/1895 US$257. (16)gallery thumbnail$60$86
170Transvaal #34, 35a-b Fine Used 1875/6 Arms trio w/ 1964 BPA thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$140
171Trinidad #39/46 Used 1863 Britannias, some faults US$332. (6)gallery thumbnail$75$40
172Trinidad & Tobago #34-42, 34a-36a Used 1935/7 incl Perf Vars US$ thumbnail$25$11
173Tristan da Cunha 1 Feb 1964 Registered Red Cross Cover to NYgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
174Turkey #841 Mint 1940 100K Kemal Ataturk Souvenir Sheet US$ thumbnail$25$24
175Turks & Caicos #78-89 Mint 1938/45 George VI Set US$80. (14)gallery thumbnail$30$55
176Ukraine #122, 172 1993/94 Chernobyl WWF Cinderellas on Covers (5)*gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
177Uganda #79/1913 Mint & Used 1962/2011 (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$60
178U.S.A. #10A 22 Feb 1851/57 3c Meadville Theological School FLSgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$36
179U.S.A. #17 VF Used 1851/57 12c Washington, small flaws US$ thumbnail$60$80
180U.S.A. #24 F/VF Mint part OG 1857/61 1c Franklin, Type 5a, sml flawsgallery thumbnail$30$55
181U.S.A. 27 Jun 1866 Decorah, Iowa 3c Cover to N.Y., mt mksgallery thumbnail$25$22
182U.S.A./Colonial B.C. #68 Fine Used 1861/66 10c Washington US$ thumbnail$20$40
183U.S.A. #93 VG 2c Blackjack Cover US$ thumbnail$20$19
184U.S.A. #117 Fine Used 1869 12c S.S. Adriatic, rc US$ thumbnail$30$42
185U.S.A. 148/616 Used 1870/1924 US$175. (14)gallery thumbnail$40$49
186Botswana Proof 1978 Klipspringer Silver 10 Pula, 3989 minted, 1.04 ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$42
187Canada VG 1894 Victoria Silver 25 Cents $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$44
188Canada Unc 1937 George VI Voyageur Silver Dollar, some hairlinesgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$44
189Canada ICCS AU55 1947 Blunt Seven George VI Silver Dollar $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$125$272
190Canada Unc 2022 Summit Series 50th Anniversary $2 Coin duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
191Canada BU 2016 pure Silver coloured $20gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
192G.B. Fine 1889 Queen Victoria Silver Crowngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$73
193G.B./Colonial Canada VF 1876 QV Die 74 Gold Half Sovereigngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$577
194Ptolemy the Great 282-246 BC 14.18gm Silver Tetradrachmgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$825
195Julia Domna, Augusta 193-217 AD 3.2gm Thrace, Byzantium AE19gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
196Constantine the Great 306-337 AD 2.49gm AE3 w/ Providentia Augustigallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$49
197U.S.A. BU 1899O Morgan Silver Dollargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$132
198Canada #BC31b Fine 1954 Devil’s Face & Modified $5 duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$82
199P.R. China Unc souvenir handover $1,000,000 Billgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
200Croatia 1991/94 mainly AU/Unc Banknotes US$150. (37 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$40
201U.S.A. 1857 Bank of Morgan uniface $5gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$28
202Elvis Presley RCA Victor Montreal All Shook Up/That’s When… 10″ 78,gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$110

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A1393 7th January 2023

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