Realized $1,980 Lot 136 Ship Arcturus 1839 Invoice duo, ex Wellburn with his page

Realized $1,331  Lot 57 Canada #176a VFNH 1930 50c Imperforate Pair, 75 issued, $2500.

Realized $1,413 Lot 189 G.B./Colonial Canada XF 1849 Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign .2355oz

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1389
Noon Saturday 26th November 2022

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Afghanistan #205/RA2 Mint & Used 1909/1985 US$95. (174)gallery thumbnail$25$27
2La Calmette, Alta RF E 21 Dec 1914 1c embossed Christmas Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$16
3South Australia 1882/1890 Reprints on pages (32)gallery thumbnail$50$137
4Australia #1/36 Used 1914/1924 on page US$219. (26)gallery thumbnail$50$29
5Australia #98/107 23 May 1931 Registered Batavia Flight Cover (4)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$38
6Australian Antarctic Territory #L1/L125 mostly Used 1957/2004 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$38
7Austria #145/940, B3/4N17 Mint 1916/1990 incl BOB US$123. (267 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$55
8Austria #355, 358 1938 Advertising Congress Used Postcard (2)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
9Bangladesh Mint & Used 1970s Pakistan Provisionals, as is (18)gallery thumbnail$25$20
10Bechuanaland/Botswana 1891/2003 mainly Used (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$27
11Belgium #B1058/B1132 Never Hinged 1987/1996 Semipostals US$ thumbnail$30$16
12Birds Mint 1964/1992 C Countries Sets & S/S US$88. (32)gallery thumbnail$30$31
13Boer War 23 Apr 1902 1d Bloemfontein Mourning Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$55
14British Commonwealth 1980s A/Z mainly NH Sets & S/S US$127. (78)gallery thumbnail$40$20
15Brunei #13/54 Mint 1907/1937 US$129. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$30
16Burma #O6, O8-10, O11-12 Mint 1937 Officials, toned gum US$131. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$24
17Canada #4ii VF Used 1852 3d Orange Red, lt wrinkle $ thumbnail$100$137
18Canada #8 VG+ Used 1857 1/2d Rose Imperforate $ thumbnail$75$41
19Canada #11 4-ring 21 Used 1859 1/2d Perforated, faults $ thumbnail$250$251
20Canada #14 Mint HR 1859 1c Rose, trifle rounded corner $ thumbnail$75$81
21Canada #15 Unused 1859 5c Beaver, spots, sht perf $ thumbnail$100$96
22Canada #17b Unused 1859 10c Consort, small tear $ thumbnail$75$27
23Canada #21, 28, 29 Mint & Unu 1868/76 Large Queen trio, 1st adhgallery thumbnail$200$82
24Restigouche, N.B. #21 1879 Large Queen Cover to P.E.I., stamp offgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$13
25Canada #22 VG+ Unused 1868 1c Large Queen, short perfs $ thumbnail$50$22
26Canada #24-25 F/VF Used 1868 Large Queen duo, 3c thin $ thumbnail$30$10
27Canada #26 F/VF Used 1875 5c Large Queen w/ 2-ring cancel $ thumbnail$60$92
28Canada #29b Mint 1873/74 15c Misperf shade, sealed tear $ thumbnail$75$45
29Canada #29b Fine Used 1868/76 15c Large Queen w/ foreign receivergallery thumbnail$30still available
30Esquimalt, B.C. 17 Jan 1893 uprated Cover to Italy, stamp offgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
31Canada #36/42 VG/F Mint 1872/1884 Small Queen trio $ thumbnail$25$20
32Canada #38a F/VF Unused 1876 Perf 11.5×12 5c Small Queen $ thumbnail$250$242
33Canada #40c Fine Used 1877 Perf 11.5×12 10c Small Queen $150.+gallery thumbnail$60still available
34Canada #50-60 Mint 1897 Jubilees, some gum side flts $985. (11)gallery thumbnail$250$120
35Canada #55i Mint 1897 6c Re-entry in Postage, thin $ thumbnail$100$97
36Canada #66-73 Mint 1897/1898 QV Leaf Set $545. (8)gallery thumbnail$150$90
37Canada #74-83 Mint & Unused QV Numeral, some gum side flts $ thumbnail$200$93
38Canada #85-86 Mint & Unused 1898 2c Christmas shades $245. (6)gallery thumbnail$60$91
39Canada #89, 105-7 1911/27 Used Toronto Postcard quartet to thumbnail$20$10
40Canada #92 Fine Never Hinged 1903 7c Olive Bistre $ thumbnail$100$81
41Canada #96-103 Mint & Unused 1908 Quebec Set, odd flt $565. (8)gallery thumbnail$150$85
42Canada #103i VF Mint 1908 20c Major Re-entry $ thumbnail$200$151
43Canada #104-122 F/VF Mint 1911/25 Admiral Set $628. (18)gallery thumbnail$150$121
44Canada #105-106 1919/27 Lake Louise Postcard duo to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
45Canada #108 VFNH 1918 3c Brown George V Admiral $ thumbnail$50$52
46Canada 1923/1945 Used Coils incl Pairs, BOB $131. (32)gallery thumbnail$30$32
47Canada #126d VFNH 1923 1c Admiral Coil Strip $160. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$60
48Our Cdn Troops Unused 9th Field Battery of Toronto Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$27
49Ottawa Used & Unu antique Postcards incl France & G.B. destined (7)gallery thumbnail$60$27
50Canada #138-140, MR2a Mint HR 1915/1926 quartet $97.+gallery thumbnail$30$27
51Canada #149-157 Mint 1928/1929 George V Scroll, 12c toned gumgallery thumbnail$30$15
52Canada #153cvi VFNH 1929 5c Tete-Beche Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$200$363
53Canada #158-159 Used 1929 High Value quartet, odd flt $ thumbnail$75$45
54Canada #160/207 Mint 1929/1933 Coil Pairs $312. (22)gallery thumbnail$100$50
55Vancouver, B.C. 8 Oct 1931 10c uprated 3c Registered Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
56Canada #166b/172 Mint & Unused 1930 Pane, Plate Pieces $ thumbnail$75$33
57Canada #176a VFNH 1930 50c Imperforate Pair, 75 issued, $ thumbnail$1000$1331
58Canada #206i VFNH 1933 2c Line Coil Strip $192. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$60
59Canada #212, 214-216 10 Aug 1939 30c Montreal/U.K. FFC (4)gallery thumbnail$20$27
60Canada #217-227 Mint 1935 George V Set $181. (11)gallery thumbnail$60$66
61Canada #226/302 Mint 1935/1951 High values, some gum flaws $ thumbnail$100$50
62Canada #249-262, 263-267, 278-281 Mint War Set $234. (24)gallery thumbnail$75$64
63Canada #249 18 May 1944 3c The Navy’s Here Patriotic Cover (3)gallery thumbnail$20$16
64Canadian Army Overseas 1944 Fieldpost Aerogramme duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$18
65Vancouver, B.C. #254 13 Jan 1947 Brodie Brush Ovpt Cover to Albertagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
66Canada #268-273, C9, CE3, E11 1946 Registered FDC duogallery thumbnail$50$14
67Canada 1947/1969 Mint incl Never Hinged $126. (212)gallery thumbnail$30$16
68Capex, Pipex etc 1951/2008 Cda & U.S. Show Covers (7 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$24
69Canada #316/834 Never Hinged 1952/1979 $300. (251)gallery thumbnail$75$38
70Canada #415 Angus Shortt artist-signed, ex Bileski (9 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50$40
71Some Canadian Postage Stamps 1965 Green album $50 (21 blks)gallery thumbnail$25$16
72Canada #586/856 1980/81 Coast Guard Ship Cover duo to thumbnail$20$11
73Canada 1981/2002 Scouting Covers & Cards, retail $42. (11 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$25
74Canada #1174a VFNH 1969 59c Perf 13.1 Matched Set $260. (16)gallery thumbnail$100$69
75Canada #1689b-1694, 2405 VFNH 1998/2010 High Vals $116. FV$ thumbnail$40$75
76Canada 2002/2004 Never Hinged Quarterly Pack trio FV$ thumbnail$20$31
77Canada 1 Nov 2022 Christmas FDC #2/10 (4)gallery thumbnail$20$11
78Canada VFNH 2022 Madonna of Sunflowers Picture Postage Booklet*gallery thumbnail$30$44
79British Columbia #BCL58 Fine Never Hinged 1958/70 $20 Law $ thumbnail$20$20
80Canada #C1, E3 4 Jun 1929 25c Montreal/Kingston FFC to Calgarygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$55
81Canada #E2 Fine+ Mint 1922 20c Special Delivery $60.+gallery thumbnail$30$24
82Canada #F1v Fine Used 1875 2c Major Re-entry $ thumbnail$25$36
83Vancouver, B.C. #FWM65, 69 2 Jun 1944 $2.50 Inspection Documentgallery thumbnail$20$82
84Canada #J3, J7 20 Jan 1931 1c returned 6c postage due Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
85Canada #MR1-MR2 F/VF Mint 1915 War Tax Block duo $188. (8)gallery thumbnail$60$41
86Canada #O9 VF Mint HR 50c Lumbering Official, slt gum loss $ thumbnail$50$48
87Canada #O25 VF Used 1950 $1 Ferry Official $ thumbnail$40$38
88Canada 2013 Armstrong, B.C. Centenary Picture Postage Sheet (26)gallery thumbnail$25$27
89Cda 1986, 88, & 91 Perf & Imperf Progressive Proof Christmas Sealsgallery thumbnail$100$73
90British Columbia #6 VG/F Unused 1865 10c Blue $250.+gallery thumbnail$100$192
91C.P.R. Engineer’s Office Kamloops 2 Jun 1885 Marcus Smith lettergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$242
92Caulfeild, B.C. RF D 29 May 1948 4c Stamp Show Cover, ex Thornegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30
93Auto Road Near Fernie, B.C. Unused Spalding Photo Postcardgallery thumbnail$20$22
94Grand Forks, B.C. 9/13 Dec 1913 Poultry Show 48 page Booklet, fltsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$49
95Harrison Lake, B.C. 16 Feb 1908 1c Post Card, address obscuredgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$5
96Lumberton, B.C. RF D 21 Dec 1932 3c Calgary Santa Slogan Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$35
97North Clearbrook, B.C. RF D 5c QEII Covergallery thumbnail$25$10
98Point Grey Fire Dept 6×4.5″ Real Photo on McConnell Mattegallery thumbnail$50$82
99Quick, B.C. RF D 27 Mar 1958 2c late usage Water Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25still available
100Union Steamships 21 Sep 1939 3c Advertising Cover, faultsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
101N.B. #6 23 Oct 1867 3c Cover to Nova Scotia, stamp missing $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$40
102Newfoundland #18/28 Mint, Used, & Unused, some sml flaws $345. (6)gallery thumbnail$75$63
103Newfoundland #52 VF Mint HR 1896 3c Violet Brown, gum spot $ thumbnail$60$80
104Newfoundland #86 VF Mint 1908 2c Map, hinged in perfs only $ thumbnail$40$48
105Newfoundland #253 1952 2c Bermuda Paquebot Cover #15 to thumbnail$20$10
106Newfoundland 1896/1954 paper Ephemera (10 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$10
107Newfoundland #C11, C13-C17 Mint & Used , 5c toned gum $330. (6)gallery thumbnail$100$60
108Nova Scotia #3 Fine Used 1851 3d Dark Blue, thin $ thumbnail$50$33
109Pangnirtung, NWT 9 Sep 1938 3c redirected RMS Nascopie Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$71
110P.E.I. #1a/9 Mint, Used, & Unused on page $787. (14)gallery thumbnail$200$110
111Canal Zone #9/165 Mint & Used 1904/1978 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$66
112Castellorizo #1/78 Mint 1920/1930 US$126. (18 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$33
113Chile #449, B8 1976 Captain-signed Antarctic Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$16
114China unsorted, Used mass salved from an estate (300)gallery thumbnail$30$14
115Italian Offices in Peking #24 Fine Never Hinged Block, trifle toned (6)gallery thumbnail$50$49
116P.R. China #795/854 Used 1964/1965 Sets & singles US$84. (15 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$60
117P.R. China #863-873 Used 1965 National Games Set US$76. (11)gallery thumbnail$30$62
118P.R. China #927-929 Used 1967 Oil Well Firefighters Set US$52. (3)gallery thumbnail$20$55
119R.O. China 1978/1981 Never Hinged Sets incl Railway S/S US$ thumbnail$40still available
120Cook Islands #27/40 Mint & Used 1902/1911 US$90. (9)gallery thumbnail$30still available
121Croatia #B1-B2 mainly Never Hinged 1941 Sheetlet duo, cple thins (32)gallery thumbnail$150$20
122D.W.I. #5e, 8b, 10c Used 1874/79 Inverted Frameline trio US$ thumbnail$30$27
123Denmark #82 Used 1912 5k Post Office, may be CTO US$ thumbnail$40$10
124Egypt #168-171 Never Hinged 1933 Locomotives Set US$77. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$16
125Falkland Islands #65-72 Mint HR 1933 Octet US$ thumbnail$75$82
126France #J24 Used 2 Franc Postage Due, fault US$ thumbnail$100$45
127French Colonies #18 1877 Saigon CDS Used 4c Grey US$475gallery thumbnail$150still available
128F.S.A.T. 1994 F5.70 Air Letter to Germanygallery thumbnail$20$16
129Germany #82 1908 5pf Used Zeppelin Landing Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$30
130Germany #96/529, C1/S22 Mint 1916/1944 US$145. (293 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$19
131Germany 1932 Dornier DO-X Flying Boat unused cacheted Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$21
132Germany 1940 6pf Used Chamberlain Spottekartegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$49
133German Antarctic Expedition 1958/60 cacheted Cover w/ label to thumbnail$20$16
134Germany #B360/B563 Mint 1958/1979 Semipostal Sets & S/S US$ thumbnail$50$21
135Gibraltar #1677-1682 VFNH 2018 Set & minisheets US$75. (36)gallery thumbnail$25$20
136Ship Arcturus 1839 Invoice duo, ex Wellburn with his pagegallery thumbnail$25$1980
137G.B. #3 1844 1d Red Pair on Scottish FLSgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$60
138G.B. #26 11 Jul 1861 4d FLS to France w/ four backstamps US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$47
139G.B. #51 14 Dec 1869 6d Transatlantic Cover to Ohio US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$20
140G.B. #96 VF Used 1883 2/6d Queen Victoria, perf wrinkle US$ thumbnail$40$30
141G.B. #108 VF Used 1884 5/- Carmine Rose, oily cancel stain US$ thumbnail$50$16
142G.B. 22 Jan 1885 Stampless Mourning Cover to Robert Bell, Ottawagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$38
143G.B. #141 1904 CDS Used 10/- Ultra US$ thumbnail$125$110
144G.B. 16 May 1918 1d Mourning Cover & contentsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$22
145G.B. #180 VF CDS Used 1919 5/- Carmine Rose US$ thumbnail$30$27
146G.B. #235 RMS Scythia Paquebot Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
147G.B. 19 Sep 1950 colourful Paquebot Airmail Cover to thumbnail$20$13
148G.B. 24 Sep 1963 6d RMS Queen Mary Paquebot colour Letter Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$17
149Guernsey #1/669 Never Hinged 1958/1998 US$76. (152)gallery thumbnail$40$38
150Isle of Man #12/424c Never Hinged Booklets US$235. (30 pcs)gallery thumbnail$75$31
151Greenland #28/37 Used 1950/60 Plate Blocks US$88. (36)gallery thumbnail$30$22
152Grenada Carricou & Petite Martinique VFNH Peace for Ukraine S/S*gallery thumbnail$20$60
153Hong Kong #36B/1243, J1/J8 Used 1882/2006 US$158. (137)gallery thumbnail$40$30
154Iceland #289=296 Mint 1956 Set US$65. (8)gallery thumbnail$20$16
155India #11/745 Used 1855/1976 US$186. (286 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$24
156Italy #444/892 Mint & Used 1939/1976 US$99. (281)gallery thumbnail$25$30
157Japan 1980s Never Hinged Sets, face value Cdn $ thumbnail$100$47
158Netherlands #319-322 Mint 1949 Queen Juliana Set US$350. (4)gallery thumbnail$100still available
159Netherlands #B311-B362 Never Hinged 1957/1961 Sets US$77. (52)gallery thumbnail$30$16
160Nyasaland #54-67 Mint 1938/44 George VI Set US$138. (18)gallery thumbnail$50$73
161Poland/Govt in Exile #3K17-3K20 1944 FDC US$70. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$44
162St. Pierre & Miquelon #830-894 Never Hinged 2006/09 US$213. (71)gallery thumbnail$75$121
163Salvador 1867/1956 Mint & Used on Scott pages US$150. (280)gallery thumbnail$40$31
164Serbia #17/135 Mint, Unu, & Used 1867/1915, odd fault US$125. (66)gallery thumbnail$30$38
165Seychelles #1/24 Mint 1890/1900 Queen Victoria US$107. (11)gallery thumbnail$40$46
166Singapore 1948/1977 Mint & Used on pages US$120. (115)gallery thumbnail$30$15
167South Africa #87/324 Mint 1941/1964 US$217. (27)gallery thumbnail$75$20
168Spain 1850/1900 Mint & Used on pages US$500. (115)gallery thumbnail$100$66
169Switzerland 1903 10c Used colour Arms Postcard to Romegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$16
170Tristan da Cunha #369/734 Mint 1985/2003 Sets US$120. (51)gallery thumbnail$40$27
171Norwich, Ct returned for postage Stampless Cover to Mass., reducedgallery thumbnail$25still available
172U.S.A. #91 fancy cork Used 1867/68 15c E Grill, owner’s b/s US$ thumbnail$150still available
173U.S.A. #238-240 Used 1893 Columbian trio, faults US$ thumbnail$50$48
174U.S.A. #392 Used 1910 1c Franklin Coil Strip US$200. (4)gallery thumbnail$60$55
175U.S.A. #511 Plains, Ks Used 1917 11c Block of ninegallery thumbnail$20$5
176U.S.A. #805b 1943 3c partly Imperf between Pair on Cover to Cdagallery thumbnail$20$10
177Gary Allen signed 29c Hank Williams FDC w/ COAgallery thumbnail$20$25
178U.S.A. #CE2 1938 16c Special Delivery Flight Cover duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
179U.S.A. #RW3 Mint HR 1936 $1 Canada Geese US$ thumbnail$50$35
180Vatican City #155a Mint 1952 Stamp Centenary S/S US$160. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$25
181Vietnam #381 1973 Cdn Forces Saigon R.K. Malott Airlettergallery thumbnail$20$17
182W.W.1 Red Cross ambulance & English nurses Used Postcard quartetgallery thumbnail$60$57
183Zaire #861/1240 Never Hinged 1977/87 Christmas Sets & S/S US$ thumbnail$60$22
184Botswana Proof 1978 Klipspringer Silver 10 Pula 1.0409oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$48
185Canada VG/F 1925 Key Date George V 5 Cents $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$55
186Canada BU 1935 George V Jubilee, Voyageur Silver Dollar $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$80
187Canada Proof 2011 Christmas Tree pure Silver crystal $20 1.01ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$60
188G.B./Colonial Canada VF+ 1859 Gold Half Sovereign, die crack .1177ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$880
189G.B./Colonial Canada XF 1849 Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign .2355ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$1413
190Phoenicia/Tyre 97-117 Trajan 13.41gm Silver Tetradrachmgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$352
191Maximinus 235-238 Silver Denarius w/ Pax Augusti etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$220
192Constantine I 332-333 Commemorative 16mm 3.2gm AE Follisgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$181
193Sharjah Proof 1970 Bolivar Silver 10 Riyals, only 3,200 minted .9645ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$90
194Tanzania Proof 1974 Black Rhino Silver 50 Shilingi 1.0409oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$82
195U.S.A. XF+ 1888 Morgan Silver Dollar .77344oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$66
196Zaire Proof 1975 Mountain Gorilla Silver 2.50 Zaires .841oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$36
197Prussia 1866 Army Commemorative Crossgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$41
198Canada #DC-23b VG 1917 $1 Princess Patricia, sml edge tears $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$68
199Canada #BC-3 VG+ 1935 Queen Mary $2 printed out of register $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$137
200Canada #BC21d, 22c, 24c Fine 1937 George VI Banknote trio $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$57
201Canada #BC-46b Unc 1973 prefix BFL Uncut $1 QEII strip (4)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$23
202Zimbabwe P#84, 88, 92 Unc 2008/09 Banknote triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$91

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