Realized $825 Lot 19 Canada #66ii VF Unused 1897 1/2c Imperforate Pair, 50 issued $600

Realized $700 Lot 18 Canada #65 VF Used 1897 $5 Jubilee, 16,500 issued $1600

Realized $660 Lot 24 Canada #97ii VF Unused 1897 1c Quebec Vertical Imperf Pair $1000

Realized $400 Lot 86 New Brunswick #1R-3R F/VF 1851 Reprint Set, 3d sml thin $400. (3)

Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1381
Noon Saturday 1st October 2022

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup
by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Angola #45/261 Mint & Used 1902/32 US$88. (19 different)gallery thumbnail$20$12
2Western Australia Unused 1d Swan Postal Cardgallery thumbnail$20$12
3Australia 1937/82 Used as received, some faults US$116. (300)gallery thumbnail$30$15
4Australia #1563a-h VFNH 1996/97 Pets S/S Set US$62. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$16
5Austria #11 15k Vienna/Salzburg wax sealed cover, faultsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$20
6Belgium #1426/1633 Never Hinged 1992/1996 US$226. (178)gallery thumbnail$75$99
7Bermuda #1/117 Mint & Used 1865/1935, some sml flaws US$353 (39)gallery thumbnail$75$46
8Brazil #175 21 Jan 1919 100r Cover to Uruguay (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
9George V 1935 Silver Jubilee B/S Never Hinged Set quartet US$ thumbnail$50$46
10British Commonwealth Used as received (225)gallery thumbnail$50$27
11Cameroun #19 1906 CDS Used on pc, two expert’s marks US$ thumbnail$150$206
12Canada #8 F/VF Used 1857 1/2d Rose Belleville Blue 4-ring cancelgallery thumbnail$250$275
13Canada #15TCiv 5c Brown Red Specimen Plate Proof $ thumbnail$75$165
14Canada #23/30 Used 1868/76 Large Queens, some sml flaws $290 (6)gallery thumbnail$75$49
15Canada #35/74 Used Queen Victoria on pages (45)gallery thumbnail$30$27
16Canada 3 Jun 1890 10c Small Queen Cover to India, reducedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150still available
17Canada #38 Montreal 5c Small Queen Transatlantic Cover to U.K., staingallery thumbnail$20$18
18Canada #65 VF Used 1897 $5 Jubilee, 16,500 issued $ thumbnail$500$700
19Canada #66ii VF Unused 1897 1/2c Imperforate Pair, 50 issued $ thumbnail$200$825
20Canada #67/486, C5/MR7 Used 1897/1968 owner’s cat. $253. (204)gallery thumbnail$50$33
21Canada #74-84, 88 F/VF Mint, Unu, Used 1898/1902, odd sml flt $ thumbnail$150$63
22Hockey Match at the Victoria Rink Unused Montreal Private Postcardgallery thumbnail$60$40
23Canada #96/241 Fine+ Mint 1908/38 Pairs $194. (30)gallery thumbnail$50$52
24Canada #97ii VF Unused 1897 1c Quebec Vertical Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$300$660
25Canada #104/118 F/VF Mint 1911/25 Admirals, odd sml flaw $257. (12)gallery thumbnail$60$70
26Canada etc WW1 Unu & Used Regimental Postcards (7 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$49
27Canada #125-30, 125i/132i Used 1912/24 Admiral Coils $162. (19)gallery thumbnail$40$18
28Winnipeg Orpheum 1912 Theatre Programgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$44
29Canada #135/CE1 Fine+ Mint 1917/42 $251. (13)gallery thumbnail$50$82
30Canada #148b VF 1 Never Hinged 1927 20c Perf by Imperf Pair, sht pfsgallery thumbnail$50$82
31Canada #149b VFNH 1928 1c George V Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$75$154
32Canada #163iii Fine Never Hinged 1930 1c Major Re-entry in Block (6)gallery thumbnail$20$55
33Canada #174/183 F/VF+ Mint 1930/31 George V $200. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$33
34Canada #174a VFNH 1930 12c Vertical Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$1000$825
35Canada Unused Rockies Postcards (7)gallery thumbnail$20$10
36Canada #197 1 Jan 1936 3c R.M.S. Niagara N.Z. Marine Post Covergallery thumbnail$25$15
37Canada #215, 242, 253/60 gen VFNH 1935/43 $143. (10)gallery thumbnail$50$33
38Canada #217-27 F/VF+ Mint 1935 George V Set $152. (11)gallery thumbnail$50$38
39Canada #233 14 Aug 1941 6c RC.A.F. Flag Postcard to U.S. mt markgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
405 Dec 1941 1st Corps Field Survey R.C.E. 5×10″ 8 pg Dance Programgallery thumbnail$20$5
41Canada #249-62 VF Mint 1942/43 George VI War Set $171. (14)gallery thumbnail$50$38
42Edmonton Used & Unused Postcards (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$20
43Canada #261 1 Jul 1942 $1 Registered Winnipeg FDCgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
44Canada #290 1951 2c Bermuda Paquebot Cover to thumbnail$20$20
45Canada #321, 411 F/VF Never Hinged 1953/63 $1 Pl Blk duo $140. (8)gallery thumbnail$50$23
46Canada 1959/84 Never Hinged Plate Blocks $555., FV$90. (392)gallery thumbnail$75$55
47Canada #404/918 Never Hinged 1963/82 Varieties (24)gallery thumbnail$50$16
48Canada #487/857 Used 1968/1981 Donut Varieties (16 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$15
49Canada #488-489 Never Hinged & First Day Used, ex Bileski $89. (112)gallery thumbnail$30$14
50Canada #492i F/VF Never Hinged 1969 50c Line From Knee Variety Blkgallery thumbnail$20$11
51Canada #639A/1910, BK86 Never Hinged Multiples $188., FV$ thumbnail$50$24
52Canada #650ii Never Hinged LL 1974 6c Torn Skirt Variety, lt bend (4)gallery thumbnail$20$18
53Canada #726-7, 934 VFNH 1979/84 $1/$2, last wrinkles FV$133. (97)gallery thumbnail$100$73
54Canada #755 VFNH 1978 30c Stamp on Stamp Sheet $40. FV$15. (50)gallery thumbnail$20$10
55Canada #1396a VFNH 1995 45c Flag Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$75$77
56Canada #1909a VFNH 2001 47c Trudeau Sheet & souvenir medalliongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
57Canada 2012/2016 Used P stamps on piece (570)gallery thumbnail$50$121
58Canada 2847a, 2858a VFNH 2015 error & corrected Booklet duo $ thumbnail$50$40
59Canada VFNH 2022 QEII Platinum Jubilee Sheet (16)gallery thumbnail$25$30
60Canada Help for Ukraine 2002 date error FDC #2/20*gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$29
61Canada Supports Ukraine 9 Jun 2022 cacheted Show FDC*gallery thumbnail$25$14
62Canada Post #B8 .999 fine 15.55gm Silver stamp replica #000178gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$25
63Canada #C1-9, CE1-4 F/VF Mint 1928/46 incl NH $172. (13 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$22
64Canada #E4 VF Mint 1930 20c Special Delivery $ thumbnail$30$20
65Bank of Nova Scotia #FCH1a-b 1921/23 2c War Tax Cheques $120. (6)gallery thumbnail$40$20
66Canada #J28-J36 VF mostly NH 1969 Plate Block Set $116. (24)gallery thumbnail$30$38
67Canada #MR4 VF Mint 1916 War Tax Block, gum dist. $160. (4)gallery thumbnail$40$33
68Canada #O1/O49 mainly VF mostly NH, O9 perf thin $409. (44 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$110
69Canada #O38 VFNH 1953/55 50c Official Plate 2 Block trio $210. (12)gallery thumbnail$75$36
70Canada #43 VFNH 1948 Christmas Seal Sheet (100)gallery thumbnail$20$15
71C.P.R. Engineer’s Office Kamloops 24 Jan 1885 Marcus Smith Lettergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$142
72Canada/B.C. 1966 Barkerville & Sidney Stagecoach Cover trio, some fltsgallery thumbnail$25$10
73Caulfeild, B.C. 24 Jul 1947 4c Returned Cover to Quebecgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
74Expo 86 Official FDC & Souvenir Medallion duo (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$27
75Kamloops, B.C. 6 June 1925 3c War Memorial Postcard to U.K., ccgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$17
76Prince Rupert, B.C. Unused Totem Pole Postcard, lt bendgallery thumbnail$20$22
77Quesnelle Forks, B.C. RF D 8 Feb 1895 3c SQ Squared Circle Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$71
78Siwash Indians, Victoria, B.C. Unused colour Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$12
79Trail, B.C. Unu Smelter Postcard (see lot 82)gallery thumbnail$20$12
80Vancouver 4/8 Aug 1938 twice flown oversized FFC duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$36
81Fort Victoria etc mainly 1940s B.C. Postmarks on piece (32 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$10
82Warfield, B.C. Unu Hughes CMS Plant Postcard duogallery thumbnail$20$12
83Youbou, B.C. RF D 11 Dec 1957 25c Registered Chinese Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
84I.C.S. Air 1987 35c #10 Enlac Co. Cover to Vancouvergallery thumbnail$20$12
85B.C. Centennial mostly Unu 1958 Postcards & Ephemera (22 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$33
86New Brunswick #1R-3R F/VF 1851 Reprint Set, 3d sml thin $400. (3)gallery thumbnail$100$400
87Newfoundland #22 VF Used 1861/62 8d Imperforate $ thumbnail$125$148
88Newfoundland #60/232 Used incl some Canada $110. (100)gallery thumbnail$30$22
89Newfoundland #86P Fine+ 1908 2c Map Plate Proof $100. (see lot 96)gallery thumbnail$25$55
90Nova Scotia #12TCxii VF 1860/63 10c Blue Plate Proof, usual thingallery thumbnail$40$44
91P.E.I. #4/16 Fine+ Mint & Unu, some sml flaws $237. (13)gallery thumbnail$60$80
92Cape of Good Hope #37 Mint 1882 6d Bright Violet US$ thumbnail$40$48
93Cayman Islands #135-47 Mint & 153-67 Used 1953/62 US$136. (28)gallery thumbnail$40$42
94Children & Animals mainly Used Cda, G.B., Norway Postcards (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$19
95China Mint 1888 3c Dragon US$ thumbnail$75still available
96Kiating 1927 10c Cover to Newfoundland via Shanghai, central foldgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$24
97China #963-70 Mint 1949 Surcharged Set US$139. (9)gallery thumbnail$50$121
98P.R. China #132/368 24 Used 1952/58 Sets US$148. (89)gallery thumbnail$50$69
99P.R. China #2131-92 Mint 1988 Year Set US$135. (70)gallery thumbnail$50$65
100R.O. China #1296/1389 Used 1961/64 Sets US$100. (60 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$30
101Cook Islands #1108-10, 1108-9a-c VFNH 1992 Olympics US$119. (39)gallery thumbnail$40$25
102Cyprus #534/1080 mainly Used 1980/2007 US$110. (75 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$33
103Czechoslovakia 9 Oct 1938 1Kc Liberation Propaganda Covergallery thumbnail$20$10
104Denmark 4 May 1976 signed RAF Escaping Society Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$24
105Egypt 1949 Unused & Used Farouk Airletter duo etc, odd flt (8 pcs)gallery thumbnail$30$16
106Falkland Islands #2-4 Mint & Used 1878/79 trio, faults US$ thumbnail$100$50
107F.I.D. #1L14-17 3 Jan 1950 South Shetlands UPU Set Cover (4)gallery thumbnail$20$12
108New Athens, Ill. Fire Co. matted 8×6″ Photo, creasegallery thumbnail$25$5
109France 3 Jun 1937 cacheted, typed address Edward Wedding Covergallery thumbnail$25$12
110France VFNH 2022 Support for Ukraine Semipostal*gallery thumbnail$20$16
111Reunion #34/376 Mint & Used 1892/1971 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$35
112F.S.A.T. #C13/C90a Never Hinged 1969/85 Airmails US$150. (15)gallery thumbnail$50$97
113Wurttemberg #57/68 Unused & Used 1875/1923 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$60still available
114Germany #221/1560 Mint & Used 1930s/90s US$300. (300)gallery thumbnail$100$40
115Germany #804 seven Never Hinged 1959 Beethoven S/S US$133. (35)gallery thumbnail$40$17
116Germany #B173 Never Hinged 1940 Semipostal, gum spot US$ thumbnail$25$26
117Berlin #9N507-9N592 Never Hinged 1987-90 US$127. (76 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$32
118Ghana #1/435, C1/J5 Mint & Used 1957/71 on pgs US$244. (200)gallery thumbnail$50$32
119Gibraltar #1319-24, 1324a-5 VFNH 2012 QEII US$126. (79)gallery thumbnail$40$33
120Gilbert & Ellice Islands #56-9 10 Oct 1949 cacheted Reg. UPU FDCgallery thumbnail$20$13
1218 Nov 1806 Shipping Invoice Good Ship Atiram to Tortola, ex Wellburngallery thumbnail$25$7
122G.B. #8/21 Used 1854/56 1d Reds & 2d Blues US$612. (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$319
123G.B. #33 Used 1864 1d Red plates 199-218, 220-2, 224, flts US$ thumbnail$100$300
124G.B. #58 29 Jan 1879 1/2d Pl 112 John Tod FLS US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$22
125G.B. 23 Aug 1893 1/2d Fruit Merchant Ad Wrapper to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
126Queen Victoria embossed medallic 2.5×4.5″ Baird Memorial Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24
127G.B. #153 1 Jan 1912 1/2d LL 1st Day CDS Used B12 Control Blk (20)gallery thumbnail$30$36
128G.B. 26 Jun 1916 1d Hythe Hat Postcard to Halifax, teargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$12
129G.B. 13 Aug 1917 Censored APO Women’s Canteen Paris FPCgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
130G.B. 31 Jan 1922 2.5d uprated 3.5d Registered Letter to Hamburggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
131G.B. 19th Philatelic Congress 13 Jun 1932 1/2d Mulready Card w/ labelgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$12
132G.B. #210-20 Mint & Used 1934/36 George V Set US$64. (25)gallery thumbnail$20$10
133G.B. #234-91 Used George VI 1936/52 US$134. (60)gallery thumbnail$30$17
134G.B. 15 Jun 1944 2.5d R.A.F. Censored Covergallery thumbnail$20$14
135G.B. #313-6 3 Jun 1953 Registered cacheted Coronation FDC to NYgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30
136G.B. Unu 6d Shakespeare Air Letter duogallery thumbnail$20$15
137G.B. Morocco Offices #211/421 Mint & Used US$153. (49)gallery thumbnail$40$48
138Guernsey #1/1313 Mint & Used 1964/2015 (500 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$137
139Greece #568/1892 Mint & Used 1954/98 US$150. (135)gallery thumbnail$40$27
140Greenland #28/335, B1-2 18 mostly Used 1950/98 Sets US$150. (50)gallery thumbnail$40$35
141Hong Kong #251-2 1969 cacheted, typed address QEII FDC duo (5)gallery thumbnail$20$10
142Hawaii, Papaya Trees Unu Hope Tea House Advertising Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
143Iceland #1096/1126 Never Hinged 2007 Sets US$38. (26)gallery thumbnail$20$21
144India 9 Nov 1935 1/2d London Dead Letter w/ 1/2 dozen markingsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$13
145Ireland #80/144, C1/5 Mint 1929/50 in Official Bklt, some adh US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$55
146Israel #1/1502 Mint & Used 1948/2002 (750 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$77
147Italy #29 Mint 1863/77 15c Victor Emmanuel, toned perfs US$ thumbnail$500$330
148Japan/Manchuria Used Field Post Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$38
149Liechtenstein #105b VFNH 1930 1.20 Franc Perf 11.5 US$ thumbnail$100$66
150Luxembourg 14 Jun 1973 R.A.F. Escaping Society signed Flight Cvr duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
151Macao #555-8, 616, 635-8 Never Hinged 1987/90 US$59. (9)gallery thumbnail$20$13
152Mauritius #53/221 Mint 1878/1943 US$345. (35 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$71
153Middle East I/O Countries Mint & Used US$146. (125 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$36
154Monaco #366-70, C46-8 Never Hinged 1956 Wedding Set (8)gallery thumbnail$20$16
155Dutch 15 Dec 1972 R.A.F. Escaping Society thrice-signed Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
156N.Z. Mint & Used as received (125)gallery thumbnail$25$25
157N.Z./Ross Dependency #L1-4 11 Jan 1957 & 20 Jan 1958 Cover duogallery thumbnail$20$15
158Norfolk Island #1/171 Mint 1947/1973 Sets incl NH US$115. (107)gallery thumbnail$30$21
159Pitcairn Islands #13-16 10 Oct 1949 unaddressed UPU FDC (4)gallery thumbnail$20$14
160Portugal #670 19 Nov 1947 50c Bank Maxi Cardgallery thumbnail$20$14
161Queen Elizabeth II Used & Unused Postcard quartet, incl Quesnelgallery thumbnail$20$12
162Romania #B69/B347, CB1 Mint & Used 1937/47 US$129. (66)gallery thumbnail$30$26
163S.P.M. 31 Aug 1948 Registered FFC to France (7)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$49
164S.T.P. #39/402 Mint & Used 1898/1970 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$36
165Samoa #9d/967 mainly Mint 1886/1999 incl Sets (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$121
166Saudi Arabia #179/197, C1/RA4B Unused 1946/58 US$349. (14)gallery thumbnail$100$60
167San Francisco Earthquake 5 diff Used & Unu Postcards, 1 stamp offgallery thumbnail$75$44
168Serbia #2N1-2N15 Mint 1941 Set, expert mks, 30d gum flaw US$ thumbnail$25$31
169Seychelles #1/67 Mint & Used 1890/1912 US$116. (19)gallery thumbnail$40$26
170Sierra Leone #11/134 Mint & Used 1876/1927 US$244. (27)gallery thumbnail$60$35
171Solomon Islands #89/193 Used 1956/68, Fiji #114/187 US$114. (86)gallery thumbnail$40$24
172Somali Coast #49-50, 52 Never Hinged Inverts & Imperfs (6)gallery thumbnail$100$40
173South Africa 19 Jan 1976 5c Antarctic Expedition Ship Cover to Quebecgallery thumbnail$20$22
174South Georgia 6 Jan 1979 Antarctica cacheted Cover duo to U.S. (7)gallery thumbnail$20$36
175S.W.A.22 & 25 Aug 1939 1.5d First Flight Cover duo incl #O17gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$11
176Spain 13 Sep 1978 quintuple-signed RAF Escaping Soc. Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11
177Stanley Gibbons vintage Colour Guide w/ 100 Cinderellasgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$97
178Straits Settlements #11/252 Used 1867/1938 odd sml flt US$94. (10)gallery thumbnail$30$10
179Sweden 20 Se 1974 dual-signed RAF Escaping Society Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$17
180Switzerland 4 Feb 1858 FLSgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
181Switzerland #440/640 Used 1965/78 incl Sets US$70. (171)gallery thumbnail$20$15
182Thailand #304/516 17 Used 1955/68 Topical Sets US$140. (63 diff)gallery thumbnail$40still available
183R.M.S. Titanic Unu Samforth & Co. Antique Memorial Postcardgallery thumbnail$100still available
184Ukraine VFNH 2022 Russian Warship Done W*gallery thumbnail$20$22
185U.S.A. #212/954 Mint & Used 1883/1948 some flts US$256. (300)gallery thumbnail$60$35
186Constantine X 1059-67 4.26gm Gold Histamenon Nomisma w/ Christgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$550
187Canada VG 1925 George V 5 Centsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$73
188Canada VG/F 1929 George V Silver 10c, 25c, & 50c triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$52
189Canada Good 1892 QV Silver 50 Centsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$70
190Canada Unc 1935 George V Jubilee Silver $1gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$55
191Canada BU 1973 Olympic Map Silver $5gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$34
192Canada BU 2002P & 2003WP QEII Golden Jubilee 7-coin Set duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$22
193G.B. VG 1758 George II Silver 6 Pencegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$49
194G.B./Colonial Canada VF+ 1844 QV Shield Gold 1/2 Sovereigngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$495
195Greek/Euboea-Chalcis 369-336 BC 3.67gm Silver Drachmgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$200
196Caracalla AD 198-217 2.82gm Silver Denarius w/ Concordiagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$151
197Geta AD 209-12 3.09gm Silver Denarius w/ Victoriae Britgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$192
198Severina, Augusta AD 270-75 20mm 2.9gm Denarius w/ Venusgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
199U.S.A/Colonial Canada. XF/AU 1832 Silver Half Dimegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$165
200Bank of Canada #BC-3 VG/F 1935 $2 Queen Mary, margin stain $125.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$110
201The Bronze Medallic History of the R.C.M.P. Set in album (48 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400still available

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