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All Nations Stamp & Coin Milestone Auction #1350
Noon Saturday 26th February 2022
5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup by appointment
only Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Tasmania #5 F/VF Used 1855 2d Green, thinned US$500.+gallery thumbnail$100$110
2Bahamas #20 VG/F Mint HR 1882/98 1d Perf 14, round corner US$ thumbnail$125$60
3Belgium #5 VG/F Used 1849/50 40c Carmine Rose, sml fault US$ thumbnail$100$50
4Belgium #B114-B122 F/VF Never Hinged 1932 Set US$950. (9)gallery thumbnail$400$242
5Bermuda #54 VF CDS Madame Joseph style cancel George V Poundgallery thumbnail$150$92
6B.E.A. #14d Fine 16 Ja 1894 Used 1/2a Perf by Imperf Pr, pf cc US$ thumbnail$200$198
7B.E.A. #17e Fine 20 Dec 1893 Used 2.5a Perf by Imperf Pair US$ thumbnail$200$198
8Canada #1 Fine Used 3d Red Laid Paper, small flaws $ thumbnail$200$385
9Canada #2 Fine Used 1851 6d Albert Laid Paper $ thumbnail$300$533
10Canada #5 Fine Used 1855 6d Slate Grey, faults $ thumbnail$100$275
11Canada #7 Fine Used 1855 10d Thin Crisp Transparent Paper $ thumbnail$400$495
12Canada #7a Fine+ Used 1855 10d Thick White Opaque Paper $ thumbnail$500$432
13Canada #8 F/VF Unused 1857 1/2d Rose, thin $ thumbnail$200$242
14Canada #8 Fine Used 1857 1/2d Rose Queen Victoria $500.+gallery thumbnail$150$154
15Canada #9 VF Used 1857 7.5d, small flaws, owner’s b/s $ thumbnail$1250$928
16Canada #10 Fine+ Used 1857 6d Thick Paper, faults incl tear $ thumbnail$1000$1210
17Canada #16 VG Used 1859/64 10c Black Brown, thin, tear $ thumbnail$250$232
18Canada #22 VF Unused 1869 1c Brown Red, hidden corner cr. $600.+gallery thumbnail$250$165
19Canada #23iii F/VF Used 1869 1c Thin Paper, perf corner creases $500gallery thumbnail$125$75
20Canada #25 Fine Mint 1868 3c, 2020 Greene Cert, faults $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$220
21Canada #26 VF Unused 1875 5c, thin, toning $ thumbnail$250$308
22Canada #27 Fine Unused 1868 6c Dark Brown, clipped perfs $ thumbnail$250$231
23Canada #28 Fine Unused 1868 12.5c Blue, short perfs $ thumbnail$125$170
24Canada #30c Fine Used 15c Thick Paper, usual thin $ thumbnail$100$137
25Canada #33 Fine Used 1868 3c Laid Paper, perf corner crease $ thumbnail$300$726
26Canada #34 Fine 27 Never Hinged 1/2c Imprint Block, 2 reinforced (30)gallery thumbnail$200$181
27Canada #37d VF Used Perf 12.5 3c Small Queen, hidden crease $1750gallery thumbnail$500$390
28Canada #45 VF Mint HR 1897 10c Small Queen, trivial perf cc $800.+gallery thumbnail$250$125
29Canada #58 F/VF Never Hinged 1897 15c Jubilee, trifle sht perf $975.+gallery thumbnail$300$590
30Canada #61 F/VF Mint HR 1897 $1 Jubilee $ thumbnail$250$330
31Canada #61 Fine roller Used 1897 $1 Jubilee, filled thin $ thumbnail$150$85
32Canada #62 Fresh & Fine Mint 1897 $2 Jubilee $ thumbnail$300$451
33Canada #62 VF roller Used 1897 $2 Jubilee $ thumbnail$150$109
34Canada #63 F/VF Mint 1897 $3 Jubilee, 2001 PF Cert. $1200.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$905
35Canada #63 F/VF Winnipeg Used $3 Jubilee $ thumbnail$400$708
36Canada #64 Fine Mint 1897 $4 Jubilee, natural gum wrinkle $ thumbnail$400$605
37Canada #64 VF roller Used 1897 $4 Jubilee, pinpoint thin $ thumbnail$400$176
38Canada #65 Fine+ Mint HR 1897 $5 Jubilee, hidden bend $1000.+gallery thumbnail$300$715
39Canada #65 VF Montreal CDS Used 1897 $5 Jubilee $ thumbnail$600$687
40Canada #66-73 Fine+ Mint & Unused (10c) 1897/98 Leaf Set $541. (8)gallery thumbnail$150$99
41Canada #73 VF Mint 1897 10c Maple Leaf, tiny gum thin $ thumbnail$200$88
42Canada #80P VF 1898 6c Brown Plate Proof $ thumbnail$300$600
43Canada #81 Fine 3 Never Hinged 1902 7c Olive Yellow Block $560. (4)gallery thumbnail$200$192
44Canada #83P VF 1898 10c Brown Violet Plate Proof $ thumbnail$300$544
45Canada #84P VF 1900 20c Olive Green Plate Proof $ thumbnail$300$544
46Canada #85-86 F/VF Mint & Unu 1898 2c Maps, odd sml flt $825. (33)gallery thumbnail$200$176
47Canada #92 Fine 2 Never Hinged 1903 7c Block, 1 slt gum loss $ thumbnail$300$125
48Canada #92a VF Unused 1903 7c Imperf Pair pencil signed $ thumbnail$300$485
49Canada #93 F/VF Mint HR 1903 10c Brown Lilac $ thumbnail$150$132
50Canada #93i F/VF Mint 1903 10c Dull Lilac Edward VII $ thumbnail$125$133
51Canada #96-103 Fine+ Mint 1908 Quebec Set, small flaws $530. (8)gallery thumbnail$125$110
52Canada #104-122 F/VF Mint 1911/25 Admiral Set incl NH $1394. (18)gallery thumbnail$500$242
53Canada #104/230 etc Used 1911/1935 odd sml flt $778. (117 diff)gallery thumbnail$200$242
54Canada #106LW Fine stamps NH LR 2c Inverted Type C Lathework Blkgallery thumbnail$2000$1540
55Canada #109 9 July 1918 Calgary 3c Stinson Flight Cover US$ thumbnail$1000$665
56Canada #113iii F/VF Never Hinged 7c Variety in pair, lt bends $ thumbnail$200$90
57Canada #119d Fine Never Hinged 1912 20c Block, sht perfs $1800. (6)gallery thumbnail$450$440
58Canada #120a VF Mint HR 1912 50c Black wet ptg, gum thin $ thumbnail$100$66
59Canada #123 F/VF Never Hinged 1913 1c Admiral Coil Pair $570.+gallery thumbnail$300$357
60Canada #131-134 VFNH 1915/24 Admiral Coil Pairs Set $1075. (8)gallery thumbnail$300$605
61Canada #142c, 143c, 145c VFNH 1927 Perf by Imperf Pair trio $720. (6)gallery thumbnail$250$440
62Canada #149-161 Fine+ Mint 1928/29 Scroll Set incl NH, $1116. (15)gallery thumbnail$400$181
63Canada #157b-c VFNH 1929 20c Perf by Imperf Pair duo $750. (4)gallery thumbnail$250$266
64Canada #158b VF 1 NH 1929 50c Bluenose Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$400$797
65Canada #159b VF 1 NH 1929 $1 Parliament Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$400$467
66Canada #604a VFNH 1974 8c QEII Coil Strip w/ 13 Imperf $1300. (15)gallery thumbnail$400$220
67Canada #614a VFNH 1973 15c Imperf Pair, trifle hdlng mks $ thumbnail$150$110
68Canada #1534ii VFNH UR 1994 52c Unissued Plate Block $950. (4)gallery thumbnail$300$165
69B.C. #BCL57a VFNH C Flaw Variety in Plate 8792 Sheet $1625. (25)gallery thumbnail$500$125
70Canada #F1c F/VF Used 1875 2c Orange Imperforate, as is $ thumbnail$200$266
71Canada #F3 F/VF Mint HR 1876 8c RLS, trifle perf cc $ thumbnail$125$292
72Canada #O15Ac VFNH Missing Period Variety in sheet of 100 $ thumbnail$200$100
73Canada #CO2 VFNH UL Plate 2 7c Official Airmail Sheet $1400. (50)gallery thumbnail$500$180
74Victoria, V.I. Nov 1862 P.O. Paid Oval Stampless Cover, ex Wellburngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000still available
75B.C. 1863 Victoria Pd Oval & U.S. 15c mixed franked Cover to C.W., repgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2000$2002
76B.C. #5 Fine+ Mint HR 1865 5c Rose, sml flaws $ thumbnail$125$154
77B.C. #11 Fine Mint OG 1867/71 25c on 3d Orange $ thumbnail$200$319
78B.C. #12 Fine Mint OG 1867/71 50c owner’s backstamp $ thumbnail$600$660
79B.C. #15 VF Mint OG 1869 10c, trifle toned perfs, $2500.+gallery thumbnail$750$825
80B.C. #17 VG Used 1869 50c, thin, ex Painter $ thumbnail$200$525
81B.C. #18 F/VF Used 1869 $1, hidden wrinkle, ex Painter $ thumbnail$500$400
82Vancouver, B.C. 1980 Canphil Postal Strike M/S trio $560. (48)gallery thumbnail$100$74
83N.B. #1 F/VF Used 1851 3d Red, margin crease $ thumbnail$150$198
84N.B. #2 Fine Used 1851 6d shade on Blue paper, repair $ thumbnail$200$110
85N.B. #5P VF 1860 5c Connell Plate Proof Block $1200. (4)gallery thumbnail$400$440
86Newfoundland #12 Fine Used 1860 4d Orange, wrinkle $ thumbnail$200$352
87Newfoundland #17 VFNH 1861/62 2c Rose Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$500$462
88Newfoundland #17F/23F VF 1861/62 Oneglia Forgery Sheet (36)gallery thumbnail$200$121
89Newfoundland #22i VF Used 1861/62 8d Rose Watermarked $525,gallery thumbnail$150$167
90Newfoundland #25 F/VF Used 1865/94 5c Brown, sml flaws $ thumbnail$150$88
91Newfoundland #60e Fine Mint HR 1890 3c Perf by Imperf Pair, repairedgallery thumbnail$150$66
92Newfoundland VF 1922 2c Blue Plate Essay first we have handledgallery thumbnail$400$385
93Newfoundland #194P VF 1932 14c Black Plate Proof Pair US$ thumbnail$150$165
94Newfoundland #195P F/VF 1932 15c Black Plate Proof Pair US$ thumbnail$150$110
95Newfoundland #196P VF 1932 20c Black Plate Proof Pair US$ thumbnail$150$121
96Newfoundland #210P VF 1932 24c Black Watermarked Plate Proof Pairgallery thumbnail$200$181
97Newfoundland #215a VFNH 1933 4c Carmine Imperf Block $520. (4)gallery thumbnail$200$121
98Newfoundland #218a VFNH 1931 8c Brownish Red w/ normal $ thumbnail$400$990
99Newfoundland #C7b Fine+ one NH 1931 50c Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$600$660
100Newfoundland #C8 VFNH 1931 $1 Blue Airmail Block $720. (4)gallery thumbnail$250$276
101Newfoundland #C12 F/VF Never Hinged 1932 $1.50 on $1 DO-X $ thumbnail$200$385
102Newfoundland #C14a VFNH 1933 10c Imperforate Block $800. (4)gallery thumbnail$300$233
103Newfoundland #C18 F/VF Never Hinged 1933 $4.50 on 75c Balbo $ thumbnail$200$352
104Nova Scotia #2, 4 Fine+ 1856 9d Cover, stamps reattached $ thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$330
105Nova Scotia #5 Fine Used 1857 6d Dark Green, corner thin $ thumbnail$300$200
106P.EI. #1-2 Fine Used 1861 faulty 2d & straightedge 3d $ thumbnail$150$166
107P.E.I. Fine+ Mint HR 1872 5c BABN Essay ex Gawaine Bailliegallery thumbnail$500$500
108Cape of Good Hope #6a VF Used 1858 1/- Dark Green US$ thumbnail$200$220
109Cape of Good Hope #15 VF Used 1863/64 1/- Emerald US$ thumbnail$150$192
110Falkland Islands #6/161, MR1/3 mainly Mint 1883/1966 US$424. (76)gallery thumbnail$100$55
111France #37 Fine Used 1869 5 Franc, margin added spacefiller US$ thumbnail$100$82
112Germany 2 Oct 1923 2.8 Million Mark Inflation Cover US$508. (185)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$176
113G.B. #1 16 Sep 1840 1d Black Plate 2 FLS ex Wellburn US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$803
114G.B. #1 VF Used 18409 1d Black position P-F Plate 10 US$ thumbnail$300$401
115G.B. #1/17 Used 1840/1855 Queen Victoria US$3368.50 (12)gallery thumbnail$500$774
116G.B. #2 17 Feb 1841 2d Blue Plate 2 lg part FLS ex Wellburn US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$974
117G.B. #3 VF Mint 1841 1d Red Brown, some gum loss US$ thumbnail$150$180
118G.B. #5 Fine Used 1847 1/- Embossed, toned, thin US$ thumbnail$100$50
119G.B. #6 Fine+ Used 1848 10d Red Brown, trifle scissor cut US$ thumbnail$300$400
120G..B. #7d F/VF Used 1854 6d Inverted Watermark US$ thumbnail$250$264
121G.B. #18/43 Used 1856/1865 Queen Victoria US$2309. (15)gallery thumbnail$300$511
122G.B. #24-26 Fine Used 1856/57 4d Rose trio, last sml flaws US$ thumbnail$200$198
123G.B. #27 VG Mint HR 1856 6d Lilac, short perfs US$ thumbnail$300$311
124G.B. #37 Fine Mint 1862 3d Pale Rose, corner crease US$ thumbnail$500$847
125G.B. #37a Fine Used 1862 3d Deep Rose US$ thumbnail$125$253
126G.B. #42, 42a Fine Used 1862 1/- Plate 1 duo, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$150still available
127G.B. #46 VG Used 1865 9d Straw Plate 4 US$ thumbnail$150$302
128G.B. #57 Fine Used 1867 5/- Rose Plate 1, crease US$ thumbnail$125$66
129G.B. #58 Used 1870 1/2d Plates 1, 3/8, 10-20, US$917. (14 diff)gallery thumbnail$200$165
130G.B. #58 Fine Used 1870 1/2d Plate 9, clipped bottom perfs US$ thumbnail$200$192
131G.B. #59/73 Used 1872/1880 Queen Victoria US$2435. (12)gallery thumbnail$300$319
132G.B. #62 Fine Unused 1873/80 6d Gray Plate 16, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$100$484
133G.B. #64 Fine Mint HR 1873/80 1/- Plate 12, short perfs US$ thumbnail$150$484
134G.B. #65 F/VF Used 1880 1/- Salmon Plate 13 Perfin, corner cr. US$ thumbnail$150$202
135G.B. #68 Fine Used 1876/80 4d Vermilion Plate 15 US$ thumbnail$125still available
136G.B. #78/90a Used 1880/1883 Queen Victoria US$5763. (13)gallery thumbnail$750$1210
137G.B. #94/106 Used 1883/1884 Queen Victoria US$2147. (13)gallery thumbnail$300$275
138G.B. #107 15 Jan 1887 CDS Used 1/- Green, lt wrinkle US$ thumbnail$150$66
139G.B. #124 Fine Used 1891 Pound Green, DB Perfin, some flts US$ thumbnail$100$133
140G.B. 1 Sep 1955 Registered QEII FDC to Montreal, back spot (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$187
141G.B. #U4 1847 2d Used Letter Sheet, faults US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$440
142India #6 Fine Used 1854 4a Queen Victoria US$575.+gallery thumbnail$150$175
143Jamaica 4 May 1936 Registered Hindenburg Zeppelin Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$665
144Mauritius #5b Fine Used 1848 1d Red Orange, thin US$ thumbnail$300$440
145Mauritius #14b Fine Used 1859 2d Blue Victoria, faults US$ thumbnail$300$500
146Mauritius #15 VG/F Used 1859 2d Blue, Position 12, wrinkle US$ thumbnail$2000$1650
147Mauritius #17 Fine Used 1859 2d Pale Blue Laid Paper, thin US$ thumbnail$200$291
148St. Vincent #2/27 VG/F Used 1862/1881 odd fault US$1030. (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$250$302
149Seychelles #32a Fine+ Mint 6c on 8c Inverted Surcharge, as is US$ thumbnail$200$102
150Straits Settlements #88 F/VF Mint 1898 $5 Victoria, crease US$ thumbnail$100$132
151Switzerland #25/40 Used 1858/62 Helvetias, some flts US$1000. (17)gallery thumbnail$100still available
152Uganda #17 Mint HR 5c Black on Laid Paper, back signed US$ thumbnail$1000$621
153U.S.A. #3 VF Unused 1875 5c Franklin, thin US$ thumbnail$200$240
154U.S.A. #12 Fine Used 1856 5c Red Brown Type I, crease US$ thumbnail$200$165
155U.S.A. #67a Fine Used 1861/62 5c Brown Yellow, sht perfs US$ thumbnail$250$143
156U.S.A. #70b Fine+ Used 1861 24c Steel Blue, corner creases US$ thumbnail$200$90
157U.S.A. #32 F/VF Used 1861/62 90c Blue, corner crease US$ thumbnail$125$91
158U.S.A. #79 Fine Used 1867/68 3c Rose overall Grill, sht perfs US$ thumbnail$300$330
159U.S.A. #91 VG Used 1861/66 15c Black E Grill, perf faults US$ thumbnail$125$97
160U.S.A. #122 Fine Used 1869 90c Carmine & Black, wrinkle US$ thumbnail$400$330
161U.S.A. #124 Fine Used 1875 2c Brown, top margin bend US$ thumbnail$150$119
162U.S.A. #138 Fine Used 1871 7c H Grill, corner crease US$ thumbnail$125$38
163U.S.A. #243 VF Used 1893 $3 Columbian, sht perfs US$ thumbnail$200$302
164U.S.A. #261A Fine+ Used 1894 $1 Black, Type II US$ thumbnail$150$137
165U.S.A. #262 Fine Used 1894 $2 Brt Blue, tear US$ thumbnail$125$132
166U.S.A. #263 F/VF Used 1894 $5 Dk Green, repaired corner US$ thumbnail$300$286
167U.S.A. #313 Fine+ Used 1903 $5 Dark Green, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$150$110
168U.S.A. #392-393 Fine+ Used 1910 Line Coil Pair duo US$640.+ (4)gallery thumbnail$200$75
169U.S.A. #491 VF Used 1916 2c Type 2 Coil w/ 1980 P.F. Cert. US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$275
170U.S.A. #E1 VF Unused 1885 10c Special Delivery US$ thumbnail$125$44
171U.S.A. #E2 Fine+ Mint 1885 10c Special Delivery US$ thumbnail$125$66
172Vatican City #47-54 F/VF Never Hinged 1936 Set US$495. (8)gallery thumbnail$200$99
173Alderney Proof 1999 Churchill Gold 5 Pounds 1.392oz (see lot 188)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$3000$3342
174Australia XF 1884M Queen Victoria Shield Type Gold Sovereign .2355ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$700
175Hudson’s Bay Company XF 1857 punched 1/2 Made Beaver Tokengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$600
176Canada ICG MS64 1901 Queen Victoria Silver 5 Cents $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$522
177Canada VF30 1870 No LCW Victoria Silver 50 Cents, rim nick $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$4000$1925
178Canada VF 1892 Queen Victoria Silver 50 Cents, rim ding $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$302
179Canada Unc 1967 Centennial Gold $20 .529ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1250$1400
180Canada Proof 1980 Arctic Territories Gold $100 .497ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$1331
181Canada BU 1976 Olympics cased 28 Silver Coin Set FV$210. 30.24ozgallery thumbnail$1000$1000
182Newfoundland ICG MS64 RB 1941C George VI Cent $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$363
183Newfoundland PCGS MS64 1917 George V Silver 25 Cents $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$357
184Satraps of Caria Pixodaros 341-336 BC .37gm 1/24 Gold Statergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1250$1331
185Germany Unc 1928D Commemorative Silver 3 Reichsmark US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$363
186G.B. XF 1847 Victoria Shield Type Gold Sovereign, lt scratch .2355ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$990
187G.B. VF+ 1887 Victoria Jubilee Gold Sovereign .2355ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$715
188Guernsey Proof 1999 Churchill Gold 5 Pounds 1.392ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$3000$3342
189Hong Kong XF 1867 Silver Dollar 26.43gm ex Lam US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$770
190Hong Kong BU 1975 Royal Visit $1000 Gold only 15,000 struck .4708ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$1400
191Hungary 1908KB Gold 100 Corona in Bezel, some wear .9731oz+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2500$2750
192Venice VF 1775-1776 AMP Alviso Morenigo IV Silver Ducato US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$330
193Taras 287-280 BC .7-gm Gold 1/4 Statergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$1595
194U.S.A. XF 1909 Indian Head Gold $5 Half Eagle .24187ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$750
195U.S./Colonial Canada Fine+ 1893S Gold $10 Eagle .48375ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$1500
196U.S.A. XF 1903S Coronet Gold $20 Double Eagle .96750ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2500$2775
197U.S.A. PCGS MS64 1924 Gold $20 Double Eagle US$3000. .96750ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2500$2760
198Canada prefix W/D 1937 Specimen George VI $10, mt damage $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$412
199Canada Unc prefix A/H 1954 Devil’s Face QEII $50 Banknote $1150.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$900
200Canada Unc 15 May 1946 Crain $10 War Savings Certificate $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$126

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