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All Nations Stamp and Coin Auction #1203
Noon Saturday 30 March 2019
5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
We are open Tuesday to Saturday 930am – 530pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1George VI 1937 Coronation limed oak & green velvet 34x15x19″ Chairgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$2200
2Alberta & related 1904/1966 Postcards, Photos etc some faults (36)gallery thumbnail$25$36
3Algeria 1924/1941 Mint & Used on pages US$407. (164)gallery thumbnail$75$75
4Animals Never Hinged modern Topicals ex Danner US$400. (49 pcs)gallery thumbnail$125$99
5Australia States 1880/1910 Used duplicated accumulation, flts (625)gallery thumbnail$100$81
6Australia 1902/1943 Used on Scott pages US$700. (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$88
7Australia 1979/1989 Used incl Better US$325. (440 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$36
8Australia 1993/2000 Mint & Used on pages, high cat. (791)gallery thumbnail$100$69
9Brigham Collection 2014/2016 colour, ringbound Auction Cataloguesgallery thumbnail$40$11
10British Commonwealth 1876/1991 Mint accumulation US$422. (447)gallery thumbnail$50$58
11British Commonwealth 1916/1978 72 mainly NH Sets US$ thumbnail$60$53
12British Commonwealth 1930/2000 Mint & Used in stockbook (1000 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$69
13British Commonwealth Mint 1937 Coronation in springback album(189)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$88
14British Commonwealth Never Hinged African multiples US$400. (500)gallery thumbnail$75still available
15British Commonwealth Revenues 2008 383pg Barefoot Cataloguegallery thumbnail$50$33
16Canada 1859/1975 Mint & Unu in Lighthouse Hingeless album (750)gallery thumbnail$150$330
17Canada 1870/1972 Mint & Used on pages, some faults (700)gallery thumbnail$75$66
18Canada 1890/1990 mainly Used accumulation Box lot (3100)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$103
19Canada 1899/1942 Covers Shoebox lot (185)gallery thumbnail$50$66
20Ottawa & Ontario 1905/1982 mainly Unused Postcards (181 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$90
2120th Century Covers, Cards, & FDCs (90)gallery thumbnail$25$30
22Force C 22 Nov 1941 4 pg letter, Winnipeg Grenadiers Bklt & clippingsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$432
23Canada 1949/1997 Never Hinged sheets in file, face value $ thumbnail$100$110
24Bileski Bling Mint & Used Shoebox lotgallery thumbnail$100$99
25Canada 1960s/1994 Never Hinged in stockbookgallery thumbnail$40$38
26Canada 1960s/1995 Never Hinged in stockbookgallery thumbnail$100$48
27Canada 1967 Centennials NH on specialty pages $1164. (255)gallery thumbnail$400$300
28Canada 1967 Centennials etc incl 6 references Box lotgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$66
29Canada 1973/1974 Mint & Used on pages, face value $43. (540)gallery thumbnail$40$17
30Canada 1970/1995 Used Commems on paper mix Box lot (3 pounds)gallery thumbnail$30$27
31Canada 1972/1997 Lighthouse Hingeless Album only duogallery thumbnail$100$137
32Canada 1976/1982 Never Hinged Sheets, face value $ thumbnail$100$77
33Canada 1977/1980 Never Hinged Sheets, face value $ thumbnail$500$319
34Canada 1977 & 1980 NH Annual Souvenir Collections, face value $ thumbnail$20$8
35Canada 1979/1985 NH Annual Souvenir Collections, face value $ thumbnail$40$33
36Canada 1982/1987 NH & Used in stockbook, face value $ thumbnail$100$44
37Canada 1982 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$20$8
38Story of Canada Volume II 22 diff gilded FDCs etc in custom albumgallery thumbnail$75$29
39Canada 1984 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$20$8
40Canada 1986/1990 cacheted, unaddressed FDCs (156)gallery thumbnail$25$16
41Canada 1986 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$20$12
42Canada 1987 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$20$8
43Canada 1988 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$20$33
44Canada 1989 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$30$16
45Canada 1990 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$30$27
46Canada 1991 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$30$19
47Canada 1992/2017 Never Hinged N.H.L. issues, face value $ thumbnail$300$220
48Canada 1992/1995 Mint & Used, face value $ thumbnail$250$109
49Canada 1996 NH Historic Land Vehicles V Uncut Press Sheetgallery thumbnail$25$13
50Canada 1997 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$40$16
51Canada 1997/2005 NH 3-country Lunar New Year Packs etc (10 pcs)gallery thumbnail$60$49
52Canada 1999 NH Year of the Rabbit Uncut Press Sheet, face value $ thumbnail$40$15
53Canada NH Millennium Collection, face value $31. (68)gallery thumbnail$60$27
54Canada 2000 NH Year of the Dragon Uncut Press Sheet, face value $11gallery thumbnail$25$22
55Canada 2000 NH Birds V Signed Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$75$44
56Canada 2002 NH N.H.L. All Stars 10 panes of six, face value $ thumbnail$30$15
57Canada 2005 NH Rooster Uncut Press Sheet, face value $17gallery thumbnail$30$19
58Canada 2005 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection, face value $ thumbnail$50$21
59Snowbirds pilot-signed Covers & brochures (25 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50$30
60Canada 2008 NH Year of the Rat Uncut Press Sheet, face value $ thumbnail$60$27
61Canada 2011 NH Year of the Rabbit Uncut Press Sheet, face value $ thumbnail$30$33
62Canada 2012/2014 NH C.F.L. issues, face value $ thumbnail$50$73
63Canada 2014 NH Empress of India Uncut Press Sheet, face value $ thumbnail$30$33
64Canada pure silver Olympic Semipostal stamp replica trio 1.5oz ASWgallery thumbnail$40$44
65Canada 1931/1949 First Flight Covers (32)gallery thumbnail$30$82
66Van Dam 2009 180pg colour, ringbound Revenue Cataloguegallery thumbnail$20$22
67Canada 1970s/2000 NH Christmas Seal multiples (1200)gallery thumbnail$20$43
68Cda & World 20th Century Unu & Used Postcards, Covers etc (500)gallery thumbnail$75$46
69North America etc 1920/1990 mainly Used in stockbook (1100 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$27
70Cda, U.S., & World 1901/1960 Used & Unu Postcards in album (116)gallery thumbnail$50$36
71Cda & World 1960/1980 Used on paper mix Shoebox lot (2 pounds)gallery thumbnail$20$10
72Samuel Brighouse signed, well worn Family Biblegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$49
73Legends of Vancouver 1913 8th Edn Pauline Johnson 138 pgs, loosegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$50
74Weber Various Articles at Nootka Sound framed copper plate engravinggallery thumbnail$200$60
75B.C., Cda, U.S. History & Coin Hunting Books incl Cariboo etc (8)gallery thumbnail$25$13
76B.C. & California 1974/1982 Placer Mining References (6)gallery thumbnail$20$29
77B.C. & Cda 1903/1977 Used Postcards incl Barkerville etc (56 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$58
78B.C. & Cda mainly Unused modern colour Postcards (92)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$14
79B.C. & Cda Cancels incl Quebec Klussendorfs etc (2000)gallery thumbnail$30still available
80B.C. & Cda Railway related Books incl C.P.R. Pacific Fleet (13)gallery thumbnail$30$38
81Jim Taylor signed 1993 Memoir, & five 1934/1959 Baseball Magazinesgallery thumbnail$100$30
82Newfoundland 1880/1947 Unu & Used accum in stockbook, flts (1300)gallery thumbnail$150$90
83Cinderellas Mint & Used in two volumes incl Revenues ex Jean Smithgallery thumbnail$150$121
84Colombia 1899/2001 mainly Used in stockbook (948 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$40
85Costa Rica 1863/2008 mostly Used in stockbook (700 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$55
86Cuba 1855/2010 Used in stockbook (1854)gallery thumbnail$75$82
87Czechoslovakia 1918/1971 mainly Used on Scott pages (1000)gallery thumbnail$40$27
88Danzig 1920/1923 mostly Mint on Scott pages (150 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$35
89Europe 1930/1990 Used accum from 29 countries (3400)gallery thumbnail$30$20
90France 1858/1942 Used on Scott pages US$700. (230 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$102
91France duplicated Used range in slim stockbook (2075)gallery thumbnail$40$23
92France 1923/1943 Mint & Used on pages incl B.O.B. US$824. (253)gallery thumbnail$150$103
93France 1946/1959 Mint Airmails on pages US$519. (18)gallery thumbnail$125$71
94German book duo with 25 sepia prints incl Wurzburggallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$12
95Germany 2000/2008 Used on Harris pages US$330. (310 diff)gallery thumbnail$100still available
96Berlin 1948/1990 Used comprehensive accumulation (1000)gallery thumbnail$300$160
97G.B. 1841/1951 Used Dealer’s Stock US$2100. (450)gallery thumbnail$100$99
98G.B. 1850s portrait photo album incl Salvation Army, Musgrave (64)gallery thumbnail$50$96
99G.B. 1960s/1980s FDCs & mint packs etc in five albums (350)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$77
100G.B. 1980/2000 Used Machins bundleware (1000)gallery thumbnail$40$25
101Jersey 1973/2010 Never Hinged US$455. (200)gallery thumbnail$100$101
102G.B. & Cmw 1920/1980 Used duplicated accum., flts (2500)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$77
103Haiti 1887/1983 mainly Used on Minkus pages (500)gallery thumbnail$50$36
104Hong Kong 1865/2002 Used incl Treaty Ports US$600. (320)gallery thumbnail$150$99
105Hong Kong 1987/1997 Never Hinged in stockbook US$382. (247)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$125$120
106Hungary 1871/1941 Mint & Used on pages incl B.O.B. (500)gallery thumbnail$100$69
107Hungary 1919 Mint & Used Occupation issues on pages, as is (200)gallery thumbnail$150$140
108India & States 1854/1963 Mint & Used in Scott album (100s)gallery thumbnail$200$600
109Iraq 1923/1962 Mint & Used on Scott pages (300)gallery thumbnail$30$30
110Ireland 1929/1978 Mint & Used incl B.O.B. US$900. (350)gallery thumbnail$150$140
111Ireland 1938/1990 Used bundleware about 50 different (1400)gallery thumbnail$150$44
112Israel 1948/1977 Mint & Used in Minkus album (700)gallery thumbnail$100$53
113Ivory Coast 1906/2000 mainly Used on pages (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$25
114Postal History of Jamaica 1968 180pg Foster/Lowe Handbook, foxinggallery thumbnail$25$13
115Korea 1988 Olympics Mint Sets & souvenir sheets US$167. (59)gallery thumbnail$50$34
116Kuwait 1961/1968 Mint on Scott pages US$ thumbnail$75$66
117Laos 1959/1995 mainly Used on pages (500)gallery thumbnail$40$33
118Lebanon 1961/1971 mostly Mint on pages US$225. (275 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$44
119Maldive Islands 1960/1980 Mint on pages (225 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$20
120Malta 1885/1999 Used US$101. (235)gallery thumbnail$30$30
121Mexico 1900/1980 Mint & Used on Scott pages (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$14
122Monaco 1960s/2000s Never Hinged new issues, ex Danner (300)gallery thumbnail$150$330
123Namibia Modern Used on paper, some duplication (500)gallery thumbnail$25$65
124Netherlands 1867/1947 mainly Used on Scott pages US$150. (200)gallery thumbnail$30still available
125New Zealand 1874/1985 Mint & Used in Scott album US$800. (700)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$126
126N.Z. duplicated Used early to Modern in small stockbook (1309)gallery thumbnail$30$25
127Nicaragua 1869/1975 Mint & Used on Scott pages (600 diff)gallery thumbnail$50still available
128Norway 1878/2007 mostly Used on Vario stocksheets (564)gallery thumbnail$30$22
129Pacific Islands 1990s/2000s NH new issues, ex Danner (33)gallery thumbnail$75$35
130Panama 1892/1975 mainly Used on pages (200)gallery thumbnail$30$27
131Paraguay 1870/2000 mostly Mint in stockbook (750 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$53
132Philippines 1940s/1990s Mint & Used in stockbook (525)gallery thumbnail$30$25
133Pitcairn Islands 1953/1990s Mint & Used specialized material (750)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$137
134Portugal 1887/1992 mainly Used on pages (500 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$41
135Postcards 20th Century U.S.A. & People & Ships topics (51)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30
136Prince William etc NH topical sets & souvenir sheets, ex Danner (16)gallery thumbnail$40$22
137Raytech UV LS4 Lampgallery thumbnail$50$42
138Russia 1945/1990 mostly Used on Minkus pages US$350. (1200 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$55
139Salvador 1867/2206 Mint & Used in stockbook (838 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$48
140Scott Specialty album 1917/1966 M&U Hejaz, Indonesia, Israel (500)gallery thumbnail$40$18
141Singapore 1949/1985 mostly Used on pages US$344. (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$40
142Singapore 1986/2007 Used on pages US$581. (272 diff)gallery thumbnail$125$80
143South Africa 1910/1975 Used US$120. (235)gallery thumbnail$40still available
144South America & Mexico 1900/2000 mainly Used on paper (1500)gallery thumbnail$60$60
145Spain 1909/1995 mostly Used on 15 stockpages (1000)gallery thumbnail$40still available
146Vinyl pages preowned 8 pockets for holding #102 cards (62)gallery thumbnail$25$24
147Scott 2018 U.S. Specialized colour 1270pg Catalogue ex Librarygallery thumbnail$60$64
148U.S.A. 1870/2003 mainly Used accum incl B.O.B. (370)gallery thumbnail$20$58
149U.S.A. Never Hinged Duck Stamps & Semipostals $676. (39)gallery thumbnail$200$260
150Uruguay 1866/1991 Mint & Used in stockbook (492 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$26
151Vatican 1961/1972 cacheted, unaddressed FDCs in cigar box (79)gallery thumbnail$20$19
152World 1860/1920 mostly Used in Lincoln album, faults (600)gallery thumbnail$75$58
153World 1875/1955 mainly Used in Regent album incl China (3400)gallery thumbnail$60$92
154World 1880/1980 Mint & Used A/V in Scott Intl album duo (6000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$140
155World 1900/1980 mostly Used in Premier album incl China (5300)gallery thumbnail$75$96
156World 1900/1970 Mint & Used in Ideal album (3000)gallery thumbnail$50$35
157World 1900/1980 mainly Used on Hagner stockpages (5000)gallery thumbnail$75$73
158World 1900/1960 mostly Used starter collection incl some Covers (500)gallery thumbnail$25still available
159World 1920/1980 mainly Used in Minkus album (2300)gallery thumbnail$60$40
160World 1920/1970 Mint & Used on pages (4600)gallery thumbnail$60$49
161World 1960/1990 mostly Used Box lot in four binders incl Coversgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$50
162World Mint & Used Shoebox lot from the Ted Danner estate (100s)gallery thumbnail$40$63
163World Mint & Used Estate Balance box lot incl G.B., U.S. etc (6 vols)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$150
164World 1930/1990 Used accum incl Australia in file box (3300)gallery thumbnail$30$24
165Canada & World Carton lot incl on paper, Japan etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$49
166World 1940/2000 Box lot incl mixes, packets etc (4 Pounds)gallery thumbnail$40$35
167Big Bin of Beauties estate lot as received (1000s)gallery thumbnail$100$61
168World Mint & Used starter lot incl China, Canada, thumbnail$50$49
169World duplicated accumulation Box lot in 4 albums (1000s)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$44
170World Flea Market Madness Box lot as received incl G.B. etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$44
171World Cigar Boxes & Tins loaded with Used stamps incl N.Z. etc (1000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$55
172World Big Box of estate balances incl Europa Covers etc (1000s)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$37
173China & World Weekend fun lot as received incl Reprints etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$48
174Yugoslavia 1945/1991 mostly Mint on Scott pages US$500. (1100)gallery thumbnail$75$73
175Canada 1920/1971 1c & 5c coins in Whitman folders, face value $ thumbnail$40$20
176Canada BU 1971 cased British Columbia Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
177Canada BU 1973 cased R.C.M.P. Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$22
178Canada BU 1974 cased Winnipeg Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
179Canada BU 1975 cased Calgary Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
180Canada BU 1976 cased Parliamentary Library Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
181Canada BU 1977 cased QEII Jubilee Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
182Canada BU 1978 cased Commonwealth Games Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
183Canada BU 1979 cased Griffon Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$22
184Canada BU 1980 cased Polar Bear Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$22
185Canada Proof 1981 cased Locomotive Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
186Canada Proof 1983 cased University Games Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
187Canada Proof 1986 cased Vancouver Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$17
188Canada Proof 1987 cased John Davis Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
189Canada Proof 1989 cased Mackenzie River Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$15
190Canada Proof 1999 cased Queen Charlottes Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$20$23
191Canada Proof 2005 cased Flag Silver Dollargallery thumbnail$25$23
192Canada Proof 1973 & BU 1975 Olympic Silver $5 & $10 Set trio (12)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$260
193Canada Proof 2013 cased Fine Silver Mother & Baby Fishing $5gallery thumbnail$50$23
194Canada BU 1967 cased 6-coin Silver Set w/ medal $ thumbnail$40$54
195Canada BU 1975 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$22
196Canada BU 1976 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$16
197Canada BU 1977 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$16
198Canada BU 1978 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$16
199Canada BU 1979 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$16
200Canada BU 2013 6-coin Specimen Set w/ Blue Winged Teal Dollar $ thumbnail$30$27
201Canada & U.S. 1939/1984 Silver & Nickel Dollars (8)gallery thumbnail$100still available
202G.B. 1862/1967 1/2d to Shilling coins incl some Silver 6d (150)gallery thumbnail$50$22
203G.B. BU 1968/2006 collector Coins to 5 Pounds incl 1983 Set etc (8)gallery thumbnail$50$31
204World Coins 1864/1980 incl U.S., Morocco etc, some Silver (125)gallery thumbnail$60$49
205Canada Militaria incl 228529 W.H.F. Batkin Mother’s Medal etc (25)gallery thumbnail$200$150
206Lion’s Head Sterling Silver Medallion set w/ emeralds & gold finishgallery thumbnail$200still available
207Mad Magazines 1955/1992 in two small cartons (48)gallery thumbnail$25$139
208The Realist 1961/1973 counterculture publication incl Bruce etc (22)gallery thumbnail$25$12
209Classical & Jazz 78 RPM Records incl Caruso, Goodman etc (14)gallery thumbnail$60$29
210Children’s 1950s Records incl Daniel Boone & Lone Ranger (7)gallery thumbnail$40$29


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