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All Nations Stamp and Coin Auction #1200
Noon Saturday 9 March 2019

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
We are open Tuesday to Saturday 930am – 530pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized 
1Cartier art deco Platinum wristwatch with 164 diamonds 2012 Appraisalgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50000still available 
2Edward Prince of Wales Signed 22 Sept 1919 Vancouver Club Menugallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$225 
3Australia #6-11, 38-43 Fine Used 1913/1915 ‘Roos US$586. (12)gallery thumbnail$150$115 
4Australia #132 F/VF Used 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge US$ thumbnail$100$151 
5Isaac Brock Signed Upper Canada licence, tears along foldsgallery thumbnail$500$2750 
6Canada #1 VF Used 1851 3d Beaver, Laid Paper $ thumbnail$500$880 
7Canada #2 VF Used 1851 6d Albert, Laid Paper 1976 B.P.A. Cert. $2000gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$990 
8Canada #3P VF 1851 12d Black Specimen Plate Proof $ thumbnail$1000$2600 
9Canada #5b F/VF Used 1855 6d Albert 1995 Greene Cert. $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$440 
10Canada #7P VF 1854 10d Cartier Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$100$137 
11Canada #8P VF 1857/1864 1/2d Plate Proof on india paper $ thumbnail$100$137 
12Canada #9 Fine Used 1857 7.5d Victoria $ thumbnail$500$550 
13Canada #23 Fine Unused 1869 1c Yellow Orange trivial spot $ thumbnail$200$145 
14Canada #24 VF Mint 1868 2c Green trifle perf crease $1400.+gallery thumbnail$300$286 
15Canada #25 Fine Unused 1868 3c Red 1997 Greene Cert. $1000gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$350 
16Canada #27, 27a, 27f Fine Mint 1868 6c Shade trio, sht perfs $ thumbnail$750$400 
17Canada #28 Fine Mint & Unu 1868 12.5c Shades short perfs $2400.+gallery thumbnail$500$367 
18Canada #28a, iv Fine Unu 1868 12.5c Dual Variety, small flaw $ thumbnail$500$275 
19Canada #28P VF 1868 12.5c Trial Colour Plate Proof on card, toninggallery thumbnail$200$137 
20Canada #29b Fine Mint 1868 15c Red Lilac some sht perfs $ thumbnail$150$66 
21Canada #30b F/VF Never Hinged 1875 15c Shade Block $1350. (4)gallery thumbnail$500$484 
22Canada #34 Fine Mint 19 NH Imprint 1882 1/2c Strip wrinkle in two (20)gallery thumbnail$300$330 
23Canada #35b VF Mint HR 1870/1883 1c Yellow Imperf Pair crease $600gallery thumbnail$125$150 
24Canada #34 1894 used on 8 page Circular to France, ex McNaughtgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$145 
25Canada #41a VFNH 1883 3c Rose Carmine perf crease $ thumbnail$600$539 
26Canada #41b VF Unused 1885/1896 1c Small Queen Imperf Pair $600gallery thumbnail$200$137 
27Canada #42 VFNH 1888/1897 5c Grey 2012 Greene Certificate $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$440 
28Canada #45a VFNH 1897 10c Dull Rose $ thumbnail$1000$825 
29Canada #50-60 Fine + Mint 1897 1/2c-50c Jubilees, 20c NH $1017. (11)gallery thumbnail$300$220 
30Canada #59P VF 1897 20c Jubilee Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$150$181 
31Canada #60 VFNH 1897 50c Jubilee $ thumbnail$500$880 
32Canada #61 F/VF Unused 1897 $1 Jubilee tiny thin $ thumbnail$200$132 
33Canada #61 Fine 1901 Ottawa CDS Used $1 Jubilee $ thumbnail$200$192 
34Canada #62 VF Mint 1897 $2 Jubilee with 1986 Greene Cert. $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$665 
35Canada #63 Fine Mint 1897 $3 Jubilee trivial perf crease $ thumbnail$400$495 
36Canada #63P VF 1897 $3 Jubilee Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$300$264 
37Canada #64 Fine Mint 1897 $4 Jubilee $ thumbnail$300$308 
38Canada #64P Fine 1897 $4 Jubilee Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$125$110 
39Canada #65 Fine Mint 1897 $5 Jubilee $ thumbnail$300$440 
40Canada #65P F/VF 1897 $5 Jubilee Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$200$150 
41Canada #71 F/VF Never Hinged top margin 1867 6c Imprint Strip $ thumbnail$750still available 
42Canada #84 Fine Never Hinged 1900 20c Olive Green $ thumbnail$200$187 
43Canada #93 F/VF Mint HR 1903 10c Brown Lilac $ thumbnail$100$65 
44Canada #95 VF Mint HR 1908 50c Purple, small flaws $ thumbnail$400$165 
45Canada #96-103 Fine Mint 1908 1/2c-20c Quebec Set $535. (8)gallery thumbnail$150$132 
46Canada #96a XFNH 1908 1/2c Quebec Imperforate Pair, gum wrinklesgallery thumbnail$750$800 
47Canada #99 VFNH 1908 5c Blue, trifle fingerprint on gum $ thumbnail$150$115 
48Canada #101 VFNH 1908 10c Violet $ thumbnail$250$275 
49Canada #104/118 gen VFNH 1911/1925 1c/10c Admirals $1404. (13)gallery thumbnail$500$240 
50Canada #104v Fine Never Hinged 1915 1c Deep Green Block $600. (4)gallery thumbnail$200still available 
51Canada #111, 111iii Fine Mint 1912/1914 5c Admiral Shades $750. (7)gallery thumbnail$200$192 
52Canada #116, 116a Fine+ Mint 1912 10c Admiral Shades $960. (7)gallery thumbnail$250$300 
53Canada #119/119iv Fine Mint 1912/1925 20c Admiral Shades $900. (9)gallery thumbnail$200$220 
54Canada #120/120ii Fine Mint 1912/1925 50c Admiral Shades $980. (7)gallery thumbnail$250$148 
55Canada #122 VFNH 1925 $1 Admiral trifle gum spot $ thumbnail$125$198 
56Canada #123-124 VF Mint 1913 1c & 2c Admiral Coil Pair duo $ thumbnail$200$200 
57Canada #125-130 VF Mint 1912/1924 1c-3c Admiral Coils $462. (6)gallery thumbnail$150$88 
58Canada #128a F/VF Mint, 128i Fine Never Hinged Admiral Blk duo $ thumbnail$250$280 
59Canada #126a Fine Mint, 126c VF Mint 1924 1c Perf by Imperf Blk duogallery thumbnail$300$266 
60Canada #130 Fine Mint & Unused 1924 3c Admiral Coils $562. (8)gallery thumbnail$125$66 
61Canada #133, 134 VF 3 Never Hinged 1921/24 2c & 3c Coil Pair $ thumbnail$150$110 
62Canada #136-138 VFNH 1924 1c-3c Imperforate Pair Set $500. (6)gallery thumbnail$150$137 
63Canada #141a, 144a VF Mint 1927 1c & 5c Imperf Pair duo $ thumbnail$100$170 
64Canada #146a-148a VF Unused 1927 5c-20c Imperf Pair Set $480. (6)gallery thumbnail$125$137 
65Canada #158 VF Mint 1929 50c Bluenose $ thumbnail$100$120 
66Canada #158 Fine Never Hinged 1929 50c Bluenose Plate A2 Block (4)gallery thumbnail$400$502 
67Canada #158a VFNH 1929 50c Bluenose Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$500$750 
68Canada #158b VF Unu 1929 50c Bluenose Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$300$302 
69Canada #159a VFNH 1929 $1 Parliament Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$500$660 
70Canada #159b VF Unused 1929 $1 Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$300$242 
71Canada #211P, 212P, 214P VF 1935 1c/5c Plate Proof Pair trio $ thumbnail$150$96 
72Canada #217P-222P VF 1935 1c-8c George V Plate Proofs $600. (6)gallery thumbnail$200$350 
73Canada #231-236, 241-245i VFNH 1937/1938 1c/$1 $642. (15)gallery thumbnail$200$110 
74Canada #268-273 VFNH 1946 8c-$1 Peace Block Set $600. (24)gallery thumbnail$200$132 
75Canada #273 VFNH 1946 $1 Ferry lower right Plate One Block $450. (4)gallery thumbnail$150$132 
76Canada #227 VFNH 1935 $1 Champlain right margin Block $480. (4)gallery thumbnail$150$90 
77Canada #405bq ten VFNH 1962 5c Cameo Panes of 20 $550. (200)gallery thumbnail$150$104 
78Canada #468Ac F/VF Never Hinged 1969 6c Imperf Pair lt fp on gumgallery thumbnail$100$88 
79Canada #535a VFNH 1971 6c Leaf Imperforate Pair trifle hdlng markgallery thumbnail$400$275 
80Canada #592var VFNH 1974 7c Dk Brown 1-bar Tagged Sheet $ thumbnail$600$396 
81Canada #605 VFNH 1976 10c QEII Imperforate Strip $337. (3)gallery thumbnail$100$44 
82Canada #614a VFNH 1973 15c R.C.M.P. Imperf Pair, light corner bendgallery thumbnail$125$110 
83Canada #715a VFNH 1978 14c Printed on the Gum Side Block duogallery thumbnail$150$80 
84Canada #716c XFNH 1978 14c White Queen Variety $ thumbnail$750$550 
85Canada #726b NH 1981 $1 Fundy Missing Inscriptions Variety w/ Certgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$247 
86Canada #727a NH 1979 $2 Kluane Missing Silver Variety $ thumbnail$100$220 
87Canada #730a VFNH 1978 14c Parliament Imperf Strip of Four $ thumbnail$100$75 
88Canada #765i NH 1978 14c Double Printed Silver Variety in Pair $ thumbnail$100$480 
89Canada #806a VFNH 1979 17c Parliament Imperf Strip of Four $ thumbnail$150$75 
90Canada #953a VFNH 1987 36c Parliament Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$125$97 
91Canada #1166d VFNH 1989 39c Flag Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$250$115 
92Canada #1167d VFNH 1990 39c QEII Perf by Imperf Pair trifle hdlng mkgallery thumbnail$125$55 
93Canada #1194var VFNH 1988 37c Parliament Imperf Strip $337. (3)gallery thumbnail$100$53 
94Canada #1194Cg VFNH 1990 40c Flag Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$125$55 
95Canada #1356i VFNH 1991 42c Flag Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$300$165 
96Canada #1359cf VFNH 1994 43c Flag Perf by Imperf Pair $ thumbnail$300$150 
97Canada #1375var Never Hinged 1995 $1 Court House Printing Shiftgallery thumbnail$100$73 
98Canada #1362c VFNH 1998 45c Flag Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$250$82 
99Canada #1698b VFNH 1998 46c Flag Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$125$66 
100Canada #1534ii, 1535ii VFNH Unissued 1994 52c & 90c duo $ thumbnail$250$242 
101Canada #1969a NH 2003 48c Missing Gold in two stamps in Strip (3)gallery thumbnail$400$440 
102Canada #2004b VFNH 2004 48c Christmas Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$150$93 
103Canada #BK9a Never Hinged 1922 Admiral Booklet $ thumbnail$400$330 
104British Columbia #BCD1 VFNH 1946 50c Duck first issue $ thumbnail$1000$1100 
105Canada #C1a VF Mint 1928 5c Airmail Imperforate Pair $ thumbnail$125$110 
106Canada #C6P VF 1938 6c Airmail Plate Proof on card $ thumbnail$200$350 
107Canada #CLP2 1918 25c Burning Zeppelin, thin $ thumbnail$125$192 
108Canada #CLP3a VF Unused 1919 $1 Aero Club corner crease $ thumbnail$125$360 
109Canada #CL2b Never Hinged 1924 25c Airmail Booklet some foxinggallery thumbnail$750$330 
110Canada #CL14 11 Apr 1927 10c Patricia Map Illustrated Cover $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$290 
111Canada #CL19 23 Jn 1927 10c Patricia Airways Cover $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$605 
112Canada #CL41 VFNH 1927 10c Western Canada Airways Pane (50)gallery thumbnail$500$266 
113Canada #CL41P XF 1927 25c Black Reverse Die Proof on card $ thumbnail$150$400 
114Canada #CL45 14 Jan 1929 25c Klondike Airways Cover $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$280 
115Canada #CL47P VF 1929 10c Commercial Airways Trial Colour Proofgallery thumbnail$100$400 
116Canada #FWS15 Never Hinged 1940/41 25c Booklet Pane lt bendgallery thumbnail$100$90 
117Canada #MR2B-MR2D Fine Mint 1915 2-line War Tax Surcharge Set (3)gallery thumbnail$125$139 
118Canada #MR3a, MR3b, MR4a Mint 1916 War Tax trio. 2nd NH $ thumbnail$150$115 
119Canada #MR6, MR6ii, MR7 Fine Mint 1916 War Tax Coil Pairs incl NHgallery thumbnail$200$105 
120Canada #O231-O236, O241-O245, OC6, OE7 Mint & Used, odd flt (15)gallery thumbnail$125$99 
121Canada #O1-O10, CO1, EO1 VF Mint 1946/50 Officials $447. (11)gallery thumbnail$150$67 
122Canada #O7a VFNH 1949/50 14c No Period After S Variety Plate 1 Blockgallery thumbnail$100$125 
123Canada #PWF6a Mint 1946 P.O.W. Frank Strip, 3 NH $340. (5)gallery thumbnail$100$165 
1241858 U.S. 3c & 10c Cover duo to Fort Hope, Page 14 Wellburn Fraser River Gold Rush Collectiongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$1100 
1251859 H.P.P. Crease prestamp Cover to Vancouver’s Island ex Wellburngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$275 
1261860 James Douglas Signed Lease to Joseph Trutch, ex Wellburngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$1650 
127British Columbia #2 Fine Mint 1860 2.5d Dull Rose, clipped perfs $ thumbnail$100$172 
128B.C. #2 1864 William’s Creek Mixed Franked Cover to Canada Westgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$800 
1291864 New Westminster, B.C. G.P.O. OHMS Cover & contents ex Wallacegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$600 
130B.C. #4 Fine Mint O.G. 1865 10c Blue w/ 2007 Greene Cert. $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$850 
131B.C. #4 Fine Used 1865 10c Blue w/ matching Paid Blue Oval cancelgallery thumbnail$400$426 
1321864 Mixed Franked Victoria, V.I. Cover to U.K. age spotsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$400 
133B.C. #5 1868 5c Nanaimo P.O. Cover ex Wallace $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$503 
134B.C. #6 Fine Mint 1865 10c Blue $ thumbnail$150$203 
1351865 Mixed Franked Victoria, V.I. Cover to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$368 
1361867 incoming 1/- Cover to Edward Mallandaine, Victoria, thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$220 
137B.C. #7 1868 3d O’Reilly Cover to Royal Engineer’s Camp ex Wellburngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$1210 
138B.C. #9 New Westminster Used 1867/71 5c on 3d trio on Wellburn pagegallery thumbnail$300$605 
139B.C. #10 Fine Mint HR 1867/71 10d on 3d Lilac Rose $1800.+gallery thumbnail$600$357 
140B.C. #12 Fine Mint 1867/1871 50c on 3d Violet, toned gum $ thumbnail$300$230 
141B.C. #12i Fine Mint 50c on 3d Inverted Watermark crackly gum $ thumbnail$500$825 
142B.C. #16 VG Mint 1869 25c on 3d Orange, short perf $ thumbnail$125$160 
143B.C. #18 Fine Mint 1869 $1 on 3d Green, crease $1800.+gallery thumbnail$400$400 
144Barnard’s Express 1872 Mixed Franked Wells Fargo Cover to New Westgallery thumbnail$500$694 
145Gassy Jack Deighton Debts estate document, ex Wellburngallery thumbnail$500$2200 
146New Brunswick #2 Fine blue grid Used 1851 6d Olive Yellow sml repairgallery thumbnail$150$220 
147New Brunswick #3P VF 1851 1/- Black Proof on card $ thumbnail$400still available 
148Newfoundland #3P VF 1857 3c Black Proof Pair on card $760.+gallery thumbnail$300$275 
149Newfoundland #61-74 Fine Mint 1897 1c-60c Discovery Set $442. (14)gallery thumbnail$125$140 
150Newfoundland #98-103 VF Mint 1910 6c-15c Guy Set $470. (6)gallery thumbnail$150$145 
151Newfoundland #BK2 Never Hinged 1932/1937 Complete Booklet $1200gallery thumbnail$600still available 
152Newfoundland #C18 VFNH 1933 $4.50 on 75c Balbo Airmail $ thumbnail$300$324 
153Nova Scotia #1 Fine Unu 1853 1d Red Brown, thin $ thumbnail$200$194 
154Nova Scotia #4 Fine Used 1851 6d Yellow Green $ thumbnail$150$192 
155Nova Scotia #8TCii VF 1860/62 1c Specimen Proof Imprint Block (4)gallery thumbnail$100$71 
156Prince Edward Island #2 VF Mint HR 1861 3d Blue corner crease $2000gallery thumbnail$400$330 
157P.E.I. #3 Fine Unused 1861 6d Yellow Green thin $ thumbnail$200$165 
158Cape of Good Hope #6a F/VF Used 1859 1/- Triangle US$ thumbnail$200$187 
159China #79b VF Used 1897 2c on 3c Inverted S Variety US$ thumbnail$150$600 
160China #177 Fine+ Unused 1905/10 $5 trifle handling mark US$525.+gallery thumbnail$150$495 
161Japan/Offices in China #22-31 Mint 1913 issues US$732. (10)gallery thumbnail$250$445 
162P.R. China #620-627var VF Used 1962 Mei Lan-Fang Imperf Set $ thumbnail$1000$2300 
163P.R. China #628 VF First Day Used $3 Mei Lan-Fang S/S US$ thumbnail$3000$4180 
164P.R. China #1586 VFNH 1980 8f Monkey trivial handling mark US$1800gallery thumbnail$1500$1815 
165Cyprus #114-123 Never Hinged 1928 Set US$600. (10)gallery thumbnail$200$220 
166Germany #366-384 Never Hinged 1928/1932 Set US$1025. (19)gallery thumbnail$300$203 
167Great Britain #7 Fine Used 1854 6d embossed, owner’s mark US$1000gallery thumbnail$250$160 
168Titanic Shipwreck 19 Apr 1912 dated 8-page London Daily Mirrorgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$44 
169Greece #427-436 Never Hinged 1940 Greek Youth Set US$431. (10)gallery thumbnail$150$173 
170Hamilton’s Continental Balloon Post 1870/75 cut square, faulty fillergallery thumbnail$100$55 
171Hong Kong #11 Mint HR 1880 5c Victoria US$ thumbnail$100$68 
172Hong Kong #147-150 6 May 1935 Jubilee First Day Cover to thumbnail$300$121 
1733 Dec 1941 Detained in Hong Kong by Japanese Censored C.A.O. Cvrgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$1045 
174India #29 Fine Mint HR 1866 6a Victoria US$ thumbnail$300$330 
175India #76 F/VF Mint 1902/1909 25 Rupees, toned gum US$ thumbnail$400$495 
176India #203-206 Never Hinged 1948 Gandhi Set US$407. (4)gallery thumbnail$150$151 
177Israel/Rishon Le-Zion Bale #123 Never Hinged Imperf Sheet 1987 Certgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$302 
178Israel #7-9 Never Hinged Set with Tabs 1985 Seidman Cert. US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500$1210 
179Israel #J1-J5 VF Used 1948 Dues Set with Tabs 1985 Pinchot Cert. (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$385 
180Italy #C48-C49 Used 1933 Balbo Triptych duo, as is US$ thumbnail$1000$476 
181St. Helena #61-70, 72-77, MR1-MR2 mainly Used US$640. (17)gallery thumbnail$150$330 
182Spain #B1-B12, EB1 mainly NH 1926 Red Cross Set incl Blks US$ thumbnail$300$150 
183U.S.A. #127 Fine Mint 1875 10c part O.G. thin US$ thumbnail$300$198 
184U.S.A. #152 Fine Unused 1870 15c Webster short perf US$ thumbnail$200$67 
185U.S.A. #C14 5 May 1930 $1.30 Zeppelin Return Cover, small flawgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$220 
186U.S.A. #O27 Fine Never Hinged 1873 3c Justice, gum bend US$ thumbnail$300still available 
187Bithynia, Kios 350-300BC 10mm 1.2gm Silver Diobol w/ Apollogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$132 
188Canada BU 1973 Double Dollar Set w/ Large Bust Variety 25 Centsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$275 
189Canada NNC AU58 1947 Maple Leaf Silver 50 Cents $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$160 
190Charles & Diana Proof 1983 .999 Fine Edmonton Silver Trade Dollargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$400$250 
191James I 1619-1625 43mm 29.35gm Silver Crowngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$990 
192Great Britain BU 1871 4-coin cased Maundy Silver Set US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$275 
193U.S.A. XF 1900S Gold $20 Double Eagle .9675oz AGWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2000$2000 
194H.B.C./B.C District Fort Grahame $1 Scrip last of find $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$750$495 
195H.B.C./B.C. District Dease Post $5 Scrip last of find $1500.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1000$550 
196Boer/WW1 Medals Group named to M. Forrest Scottish Horse (4)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$412 
197Mickey Mantle 1952 KSA 2G First Topps Card #311gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$15000still available 
198Bavarian Hunter’s Head Silver Ring set with Rubiesgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$302 
199Octopus 14.7gm Silver Ring set with Rubies and Emeraldsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600$450 
200Rhinoceros 20.9gm Silver Ring w/ Emeralds, Garnets, & Rubiesgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$533 


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