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All Nations Stamp and Coin Auction #1199
Noon Saturday 2 March 2019

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized 
1Elizabeth R Queen Mum Signed B&W Real Photo Christmas Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$209 
2Antigua #21/37 Mint & Used 1903/1913 on page US$406. (20)gallery thumbnail$100$96 
3Ascension #40/48 Mint 1938/1953 George VI on page US$155. (12 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$58 
4Australian States 1858/1910 mostly Used US$140. (50 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$33 
5Australia #2/294 Used 1913/1956 odd fault US$252. (144)gallery thumbnail$50$10 
6Australia #94/1003, C8 148 Mint 1927/1986 Setsgallery thumbnail$75$42 
7Austria #611, B71/C11 Mint 1916/1936 incl 5 Sets US$104. (40)gallery thumbnail$30$19 
8Bahamas 1912/1997 Mint & Used (150 different)gallery thumbnail$60$32 
9Barbados #44/206 Mint & Used 1874/1947 odd fault US$695. (68)gallery thumbnail$150$97 
10Bechuanaland 1887/1960 Mint & Used on page US$333. (58)gallery thumbnail$75$57 
11British Africa 11 Never Hinged 1937 Coronation Block Sets US$ thumbnail$40$33 
12British America Mint & Used B/T Countries US$106. (312)gallery thumbnail$30$19 
13British Commonwealth Mint & Used Selection US$131. (55)gallery thumbnail$40$25 
14British Guiana 1862/1863 Used study lot US$200. (11)gallery thumbnail$50$165 
15Bulgaria #13/72 Mint 1882/1902 incl Sets US$125. (20)gallery thumbnail$40$13 
16Cameroun #343-354, C38-C40 Never Hinged 1961/1962 Set US$ thumbnail$40$44 
17Quebec/Montreal 27 Apr 1818 Prepaid Prestamp FLS to Jules Quesnelgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$132 
18Canada #4 Fine Used 1852 3d Beaver, sealed tear $ thumbnail$40$57 
19Canada #12 VG Used 1859 3d Red Perforated Pence, faults $ thumbnail$75$73 
20Canada #14/20 VG/F Used 1859 Cents $300. (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$107 
21Quebec 27 July 1860 2-page Marcus Smith Letter to his wifegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$247 
22Canada #22/29 gen Fine Used 1868/1876 Large Queens, faults (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$93 
23Canada #28a Fine Used 1869 12.5c Watermarked LQ sht perfs $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$165 
24Canada #29a Fine Used 1874 15c Large Queen $ thumbnail$60$53 
25Canada #44 Fine Never Hinged 1893 8c Small Queen lt corner bendgallery thumbnail$60$110 
26Canada #46-47 Fine Used 1893 20c & 50c Widow Weed duo, sml flawsgallery thumbnail$20$23 
27Canada #50-55 Fine Mint 1897 1/2c to 6c Jubilees $282. (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$46 
28Canada #66-72 Used 1897/1898 QV Leaf issues $96. (7 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$27 
29Canada #77bs Used 1900 2c QV Numeral Booklet singles $178. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$16 
30Canada 1889/1939 Covers & First Day Covers (20 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$33 
31Canada #85/86 Fine or better Mint 1898 2c Map quartet $ thumbnail$30$32 
32Canada #87-90A Fine or better Never Hinged 1899/1903 $200. (5 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$45 
33Canada #97i VFNH 1908 1c Quebec Hairlines Variety $ thumbnail$60$44 
34Canada #115, 115i Fine or better Mint 1925 8c Admiral Shade duogallery thumbnail$20$20 
35Canada #117, 117a Fine or better Mint 1922 10c Admiral Shade triogallery thumbnail$60$32 
36Canada #118, 118b Fine or better Mint 1925 10c Admiral Shade duogallery thumbnail$25$13 
37Canada #123-124 Fine Mint 1913 Admiral Coil duo, 2c spot $ thumbnail$30$15 
38Canada #129iii Mint Paste-up Pair & #131, 134 NH Pairs $69. (6)gallery thumbnail$25$30 
39Canada #136-138 VF Mint 1924 Imperf Admiral Set $125. (3)gallery thumbnail$40$35 
40Canada #140 VFNH 1926 2c on 3c Admiral $ thumbnail$30$34 
41Canada #141-148 Fine or better Mint 1927 Set duo (8)gallery thumbnail$20$9 
42Canada #149-156 Fine mainly Never Hinged 1928/29 Scroll to 12c (8)gallery thumbnail$50$24 
43Canada #158var Used 50c Bluenose Private Perfingallery thumbnail$25$40 
44Canada #184 Fine Never Hinged 1931 3c Admiral Block $96. (12)gallery thumbnail$30$14 
45Canada #195-201, 205-207 mainly NH 1932/33 George V Set $ thumbnail$40$27 
46Canada #227 VF Mint 1935 $1 Champlain $ thumbnail$40$30 
47Canada 1942/1965 Covers incl $1.52 Parcel Tag etc (20 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$66 
48Canada #268-273 VFNH 1946 8c-$1 Peace Set $127. (6)gallery thumbnail$40$40 
49Canada #284/310 Mint 1949/1951 Range incl NH $114. (24)gallery thumbnail$40$15 
50Canada #522i, 525i VFNH Christmas 1970 Center Block duo $80. (8)gallery thumbnail$30$33 
51Canada #1174Ag VFNH 1990 46c Perf Variety Sheet $378. (50)gallery thumbnail$125$45 
52Canada #1283a-1286b VFNH 1990 39c Petro Cda Pane Set $50. (16)gallery thumbnail$25$11 
53Canada #1534ii VFNH unissued 1994 52c Christmas $ thumbnail$75$66 
54Canada #1647/2159 Never Hinged 45c/90c Sheetlets, face value $ thumbnail$60$54 
55Canada #1972 VFNH 2003 48c NHL All Stars Booklet $90. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$24 
56Canada #2045i-2048i NH 2004 Write Me, Ring Me Pack Set $160. (4)gallery thumbnail$50$60 
57Canada #2299f, 2305f, 2366c Never Hinged Olympic Ovpt S/S trio $ thumbnail$25$44 
58Canada #BK32e Never Hinged 1942 1c War issue Bookletgallery thumbnail$20$55 
59Canada #C1-C9, CE1-CE4 mostly Never Hinged Airmails $170. (13)gallery thumbnail$50$37 
60Semi Official Air Stamps of Canada 1924-1934 108 page handbookgallery thumbnail$20$31 
61Canada #CL5 31 Aug 1925 Haileybury/Rouyn Cover $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$140 
62Canada #CL6 Never Hinged 1926 25c Jack V. Elliot trivial bend $ thumbnail$25$36 
63Canada #CL6-CL7 Mint 1926 25c Jack V. Elliot duo $ thumbnail$60$81 
64Canada #FWH12d Never Hinged Dwayne Harty Signed Booklet $ thumbnail$25$31 
65Canada #FX38b Never Hinged 1915/1928 Excise Booklet $ thumbnail$40$44 
66Canada #J11-J14 VFNH 1933/1934 Postage Due Set $230. (4)gallery thumbnail$100$132 
67Canada #MR7 XFNH War Tax coil, trivial gum glazing $ thumbnail$100$165 
68Canada Mint & Used Perfin & Overprint Officials (65)gallery thumbnail$30$25 
69Canada #O47i VFNH Blunt G Variety in positional block, hdlng mark in 1gallery thumbnail$30$38 
70Canada #OX1 Unused 1879 Official Seal, short perfs $ thumbnail$40$110 
711848 H.B.C. Statement to James Murray Yale page 13 Gerald E. Wellburn Fraser River Gold Rush Collectiongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$400 
72British Columbia #2 VG black New West 1 Used 1860 2.5d $ thumbnail$75$85 
73Vancouver Island #5 VG Used 1865 5c Rose, thin $ thumbnail$50$110 
74British Columbia #9 Fine Used dual cancel 5c on 3d, thin $ thumbnail$75$96 
75Victoria, Brit. Col. 5 Au 1878 3c SQ Sam Brighouse Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$374 
76New Westminster, B.C. 22 Mr 1878 3c SQ Sam Brighouse Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$240 
77Kitimat Riverside Postal Stn, B.C. RF E 1957 25c Registered Piecegallery thumbnail$25$12 
78McKay, B.C. 1912 1c Admiral Postcard from Banffgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30 
79Muskwa, B.C. RF D 1943 7c Censored Alcan Hwy Cover to Californiagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$31 
80Needles, B.C. 1911 2c Postcard to thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24 
81Vancouver Wrestling 1948/1949 Programmes etc, some tape (7 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$17 
82Vancouver Canucks 1949 Program duo, tape. (also see lots 198-199)gallery thumbnail$25$34 
83New Brunswick #6Pi 1860 1c Locomotive Plate Proof, thin $ thumbnail$25$36 
84Newfoundland #18, 20, 23 VFNH 1861/1862 Imperf trio $ thumbnail$100$308 
85Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, & P.E.I. Mint & Used little lot (65)gallery thumbnail$100$49 
86Nova Scotia #3 F/VF Used 1857 3d Dark Blue, thin $ thumbnail$75$67 
87Cape of Good Hope #2b Fine Used 1853 4d Triangle US$ thumbnail$60$49 
88Ceylon #87/438 Mint 1899/1969 Sets and singles US$295. (117)gallery thumbnail$75$52 
89China #82 Used 1897 4c on 3c Red Revenue, small faults US$ thumbnail$150$242 
90Peking, China 1909 French Occ. Forces Swiss Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$75 
91China #146/258 Used 1912/1923 Dragons & Junks some faults (150)gallery thumbnail$150$169 
92P.R. China #245a-248a 31 Dec 1956 Used Minisheet Set US$80. (4)gallery thumbnail$40$53 
93P.R. China #1557-1572 Never Hinged 1980 Art Set US$130. (16)gallery thumbnail$75$88 
94Cook Islands #73/100 Mint & Used US$67. (13)gallery thumbnail$20$22 
95Cyprus #2/192 Mint 1880/1960 US$139. (40)gallery thumbnail$40$29 
96Denmark #70/1004 Used 1905/1994 US$121. (154 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$10 
97Denmark #B6/B80 Mint 1937/1995 Semipostals US$80. (73 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$15 
98Diego Suarez #25/50 Mint 1892/1894 on page US$379. (24)gallery thumbnail$75$104 
99Dominica #122-136 Never Hinged 1951 George VI Set (15)gallery thumbnail$20$22 
100Egypt #125-149 Mint & Used 1927/1937 Set etc US$244. (42)gallery thumbnail$60$53 
101Falkland Islands Dependencies #2L1-5L8 Mint 1944 Sets US$113. (32)gallery thumbnail$40$22 
102Faroe Islands #4 Used combination on piece (3)gallery thumbnail$30$30 
103Fiji #131A, 131B Never Hinged 1950 George VI duo US$ thumbnail$40$71 
104Finland #441/589 Mint 1966/1976 incl NH US$120. (105)gallery thumbnail$40$14 
105Fiume #86/99, P2 Used 1919/1921 D’Annunzio US$113. as is (9)gallery thumbnail$25$21 
106France #15/346 Used 1854/1940 Classics US$300. (160 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$37 
107France #329 VF Mint 1937 PEXIP Sheet hinged at top US$ thumbnail$100$121 
108France #J52/J68 Mint 1917/1931 Postage Dues US$400. (10 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$80 
109Gabon 1960/1985 Never Hinged packet of 137 US$ thumbnail$75$44 
110Gambia #102/122, 125-128 Mint & Used 1922/1935 US$319. (32)gallery thumbnail$75$82 
111Germany #96/1970, B5/B55 Mint 1918/1997 odd fault US$154. (249)gallery thumbnail$40$33 
112Germany #401/528 Used 1933/1944 issues US$125. (110 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$20 
113Germany Michel #28 Never Hinged Propaganda Forgery, as isgallery thumbnail$20$32 
114Germany #1417/B633 Never Hinged 1984/1987 Sets US$102. (70)gallery thumbnail$50$26 
115Germany #B170/B277 Mint & Used 1940/1944 US$123. (60)gallery thumbnail$30$33 
116Berlin #9N35/9N41 Unused U.P.U. issues US$159. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$30 
117East Germany #325/501 Mint 1957/1960 incl NH Sets US$116. (161)gallery thumbnail$40$25 
118Gibraltar #11/638 Mint & Used 1889/1993 (110 different)gallery thumbnail$40still available 
119G.B. #3/125 Used 1841/1900 Victorian issues US$1500. (40)gallery thumbnail$200$187 
120G.B. #33 Used Plates 101/199 1d Reds US$160. (16)gallery thumbnail$50$90 
121G.B. #46 Used 1865 9d Plate 4 straightedge, corner crease US$ thumbnail$75$104 
122G.B. 1935/1966 Covers incl Air Letters, P.O.W. etc (16 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$24 
123G.B. #1918/2038a Used 2000/2002 Sets US$131. (106)gallery thumbnail$40$43 
124G.B. #MH34b Never Hinged 1972 Machin Block US$75. (6)gallery thumbnail$25$14 
125Greece #22/132 Used 1867/1900 Hermes Heads US$242. (29)gallery thumbnail$50$99 
126Hong Kong #45/180 Mint & Used 1885/1949 odd fault US$116. (61)gallery thumbnail$30$31 
127Hong Kong #178-179 Mint 1948 Silver Wedding Set US$225. (2)gallery thumbnail$75$99 
128Hong Kong #229-236 four Never Hinged 1966/68 Sets US$158. (10)gallery thumbnail$60$40 
129Iceland #402/717, B23/B24 Never Hinged 1968/1990 US$81. (67)gallery thumbnail$30$22 
130Iran #876-905 Used 1942/1946 US$74. (26)gallery thumbnail$20$14 
131Ireland #78 Never Hinged 1925 5/- Seahorse US$ thumbnail$50$50 
132Ireland #1086/1501 Used 1997/2003 Commems US$123. (82)gallery thumbnail$40$12 
133Israel #930-931var Never Hinged incl Unissued versions US$250. (4)gallery thumbnail$100$44 
134Italian Colonies #1/147, B11/B57 Mint & Used US$116. (48)gallery thumbnail$30$30 
135Italy #24-33, 31a Used 1863/1877 incl Shade US$147. (11)gallery thumbnail$50$25 
136Italy 1870/1956 Used Back of the Book US$230. (33 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$37 
137Japan #47 Used 1875 15 Sen, as is US$ thumbnail$30$55 
138K.U.T. #83a Mint 1938 George VI Perf 13 5/- US$ thumbnail$40$22 
139Labuan #33/109, J1/J5 Mint & Used 1892/1903 US$534. (52)gallery thumbnail$125$104 
140Lebanon #220/284 four Mint 1948/1954 Sets incl NH US$235. (33)gallery thumbnail$75$160 
141Liechtenstein #100a Never Hinged 1930 25Rp Perf 11.5 US$ thumbnail$100$93 
142Mexico 1947/1956 Mint & Used on Scott pages US$289. (111)gallery thumbnail$75$56 
143Netherlands #87/373 five Mint 1907/1957 Sets US$162. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$27 
144Netherlands #B16/B295 11 Used 1927/56 Semipostal Sets US$ thumbnail$50$27 
145New Guinea #1/51, C14/O21 Mint 1925/1939 US$180. (21)gallery thumbnail$50$27 
146New Zealand #133e Mint 1913 3d Exhibition, pencil note on backgallery thumbnail$75$91 
147New Zealand #O29 Used 1902 2/- Official US$ thumbnail$40$36 
148North Borneo #244-259 Never Hinged 1950/52 Geo VI Set 8c US$142gallery thumbnail$50$38 
149Norway #15 Used 1867 8 Skilling small flaws US$ thumbnail$20$15 
150Norway #104/245 Mint 1925/1941 US$234. (62)gallery thumbnail$75$36 
151Philippines 1870s/1960s Mint & Used Range (135)gallery thumbnail$50$55 
152Portugal #10/66 Used 1856/1887 Classics some faults US$325. (25)gallery thumbnail$60$40 
153Russia #987/1461 thirty Used 1945/1950 Sets US$100. (120)gallery thumbnail$30$35 
154St. Helena #101-110 Mint 1934 Set, last creased US$472. (10)gallery thumbnail$125$192 
155Sarawak #180-195 Mint 1950/1952 Geo VI Set US$126. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$33 
156Saudi Arabia #L14-L19 Mint 1921Set some faults US$218. (6)gallery thumbnail$50$58 
157Seychelles #157-171 Never Hinged 1952 Geo VI Set US$87. (15)gallery thumbnail$30$22 
158Sierra Leone #153-163 Mint & Used 1933 Wilberforce US$282. (18)gallery thumbnail$75$85 
159Solomon Islands #101-105 Mint 1956/1958 QEII High Vals US$94. (5)gallery thumbnail$30$20 
160Somaliland Protectorate #116-126 Never Hinged 1951 Geo VI Ser (11)gallery thumbnail$20$16 
161South Africa #29-30 Mint 1927 1/- & 2/6d Pair duo, sml flaws US$ thumbnail$50$73 
162South West Africa #18b/55b, O15/O18 Used 1923/1986 US$147. (18)gallery thumbnail$50$16 
163Spain #1/20 Used 1850/1853 some small flaws US$672. (10)gallery thumbnail$100$181 
164Straits Settlements #93/148 Mint & Used 1902/1911 US$684. (41)gallery thumbnail$150$137 
165Sweden #647/813 Mint 1964/1972 incl NH US$116. (164)gallery thumbnail$30$24 
166Switzerland #530/1221, B563/B702 Never Hinged S/S etc (15 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$24 
167Switzerland #B39/B99 Mint & Used 1930/1939 Semipostal Sets (45)gallery thumbnail$60$37 
168Tobago #11 Unused 1880 6d Victoria, some toning US$ thumbnail$75$45 
169Transvaal #97/146 Mint & Used 1878/1893 US$480. (40)gallery thumbnail$100$82 
170Tristan da Cunha #1-12 Never Hinged 1952 Geo VI Set US$122. (12)gallery thumbnail$50$55 
171Turkey #22/2581 Used incl B.O.B. some faults US$151. (300)gallery thumbnail$40$35 
172Turks & Caicos Islands #105-117 Mint Set cple mount marks US$ thumbnail$25$22 
173U.S.A. 1870/1880 Used Banknote issues study lot, faults (60)gallery thumbnail$30$20 
174U.S.A. #2834/3408 Never Hinged 1994/2000 Sheetlets, face value $ thumbnail$60$66 
175U.S.A. #C1-C6 Used 1918/1923 First Issue Airmails US$175. (6)gallery thumbnail$50$44 
176U.S.A. #J1-J3 Mint 1879 First Issue Postage Due trio, 1c thin US$ thumbnail$150$110 
177U.S.A. #Q9 Mint 1913 25c Manufacturing US$ thumbnail$40$42 
178U.S.A. #LO1P4 Fine 1851 1c Blue Proof on cardgallery thumbnail$20$48 
179Hawaii #30/82 Used 1875/1889 incl S.S. Arawa US$77. (18)gallery thumbnail$30$45 
180Uruguay #627var VFNH with & without Surcharge unlisted variety Pairgallery thumbnail$30$44 
181Canada BU 2013 1/4oz Pure Silver $20 Whalesgallery thumbnail$30$27 
182Canada BU 1962 6-coin Silver Proof-like Set $ thumbnail$30$29 
183G.B. XF 1902 Edward VII First Year Silver Florin US$60. .3364oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$30 
184G.B. XF 1887 Jubilee Head Victoria Gold Sovereign .2355oz AGWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$550 
185Israel Unc 1966 5 Lirot Silver .7234oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$20 
186Netherlands VG 1576 40mm Silver Lion Dollargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$275 
187Antoninus Pius 138-161 AD 26mm 11.9g AE AS w/ Fortunagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$330 
188Constantius II 337-361 AD AE4gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$49 
189Singapore BU 1973 Silver $5 Games coin duo US$50. .8038oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$22 
190U.S./Colonial Canada VG 1835 Coronet Head Large Centgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$5 
191U.S./Colonial Canada G6 1855 Seated Liberty Silver 25 Centsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27 
192U.S.A. BU 1986 Ounce $1 Silver Eaglegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33 
193U.S.A. Proof 1970S 5-coin Setgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$11 
194Canada 1923/1986 25c/$2 Banknotes incl George VI $1 etc (8 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30 
1951963 Humor House PSA Gem Mt 10 Ace of Diamonds Kennedy Kardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$10 
1961967 Brooke Bond Cda PSA Mint 9 Great Eastern Ship Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40still available 
1972017 Leaf Willie Stargell Signed 5 of 5 Cut Signature Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$34 
198Vancouver Canucks BU 2019 TD Bank Lunar New Year Medalliongallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27 
199Vancouver Canucks 2018/2019 Team Cards incl Pettersson (16 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$32 
200Player’s 1912 Ships’ Figure Heads Cigarette Card Set (25)gallery thumbnail$50$27 


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