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All Nations Large Lot & Collections Auction #1198
Noon Saturday 23 February 2019

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Africa 1930a/1990s Used Accumulation incl Sudan (500)gallery thumbnail$40$24
2Australia 1902/1979 Used in Springback album US$700. (400)gallery thumbnail$150$90
3Australia 1882/2002 mainly Used in stockbook, odd fault (540 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$35
4Australia 1913/1999 557 diff Used Accum, some faults (888)gallery thumbnail$25$38
5Australia 1913/2005 mostly Used display packet (625)gallery thumbnail$40$16
6Australia 1917/1969 mainly Used Accum (1600)gallery thumbnail$30$33
7Australia & G.B. 1946/1995 Postal Stationery in binder duo (200)gallery thumbnail$25$49
8Austria & area mostly Used in stockbook (752)gallery thumbnail$200$73
9Bermuda 1988/1991 Mint Sets on Scott Specialty pages US$175 (75)gallery thumbnail$50$60
10British Commonwealth QV/QEII Mint & Used US$1161. (1000)gallery thumbnail$200$220
11Brit. Cmw. 1963/1999 Mint & Used Accum, US$235. (230)gallery thumbnail$50$30
12Commonwealth Collection 1983 NH Omnibus in custom album (214)gallery thumbnail$50$27
13Brit. Near East 1920/1961 Mint & Used on Scott pages (225)gallery thumbnail$100$60
14Brit. Pacific Islands A/T Mint & Used US$183. (300)gallery thumbnail$40$24
15Brit. West Indies mainly Mint Accum on #102 cards (300)gallery thumbnail$30$24
16Bulgaria 1879/1940 Mint & Used US$70. (131)gallery thumbnail$20$11
17Canada 1859./1975 Mint & Used in Jarrett album, some faults (800)gallery thumbnail$100$100
18Canada 1870/2000 Mint & Used incl Newfoundland, face value $ thumbnail$100$81
19Canada’s Small Queen Era 1870/1897 459 page hardcover handbookgallery thumbnail$75$90
20Squared Circle Postmarks of Cda 1981 485 page hardcover handbookgallery thumbnail$20$20
21Canada 1900/1995 Covers and Cards incl Nova Scotia (400)gallery thumbnail$100$90
22Canada 1900/1990 Used display packet (500)gallery thumbnail$25$11
23Edward VII Issue of Canada 1975 211 page hardcover handbookgallery thumbnail$50$30
24Toronto 1906/1976 Used & Unused Postcards incl cancels (127)gallery thumbnail$40$194
25Canada 1912/1990 Used Colln balance incl 60 modern FDCs (1400)gallery thumbnail$40$44
26Canada Oct 1918 Framed, Signed Lieutenant’s Commissiongallery thumbnail$100$50
27Canada 1920/1980 Mint & Used Accum box lot incl Coversgallery thumbnail$100$88
28Canada NH 3c George VI trifle Misperf Plate four Sheet (100)gallery thumbnail$25$20
29Canada 1954/2001 Never Hinged multiples, face value $ thumbnail$300$198
30Canada 1956/2005 Mint & Used Hockey Topicals incl FDCs $ thumbnail$40$22
31Canada 1930/1990 Cancels incl Nova Scotia (3600)gallery thumbnail$60$49
32Canada 1950/1990 Used on paper mix (5 Pounds)gallery thumbnail$20$22
33Canada Expo 1967 FDCs etc (32)gallery thumbnail$25$10
34Canada Mint Varieties as identified in Darnell & Unitrade (19)gallery thumbnail$25$29
35Canada 1970/1980 Mint Packs, Dog Team Covers etc (17)gallery thumbnail$20$9
36Canada 1970s/2000 Used large Commems etc off paper mix (3000)gallery thumbnail$20$24
37Canada 1972/1978 Mint & Used Accum in stockbook, face value $ thumbnail$40$31
38Canada 1979/1993 Never Hinged in Unity album w/ slipcase FV$318gallery thumbnail$250$220
39Canada 1981/1987 Never Hinged Plate Blocks etc, face value $ thumbnail$300$171
40Canada 30c/$1 Never Hinged Blocks & Plate Blocks, face value $ thumbnail$250$135
41Canada 1983-1986 Never Hinged Year Sets, face value $ thumbnail$75$35
42Canada 1984-1986 Never Hinged Matched Sets, face value $ thumbnail$250$171
43Canada 1987-1990 Never Hinged Year Sets, face value $ thumbnail$75$37
44Canada 34c/$1 Never Hinged multiples incl 36c Magenta, FV$ thumbnail$250$156
45Canada 45c/90c Never Hinged Plate Blocks etc, face value $ thumbnail$100$84
46Canada 1982/2002 Never Hinged in partial year books, face value $137gallery thumbnail$125$62
47Canada 1994/1995 Never Hinged & Used in stockbook, face value $170gallery thumbnail$150$84
48Canada 1994/2000 Never Hinged in Unity album w/ slipcase FV$ thumbnail$400$385
49Canada 1996/2009 Never Hinged, face value $ thumbnail$250$159
50Canada 1996 NH Birds 1 Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$75$38
51Canada 1997 NH Birds 2 Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$50$38
52Canada 1998 NH Birds 3 Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$50$34
53Canada 1998 NH R.C.M.P. Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$40$16
54Canada 1998/2000 Never Hinged & Used in stockbook, face value $200gallery thumbnail$200$90
55Canada 1999 Never Hinged Annual Souvenir Collection $85. FV$ thumbnail$40$17
56Canada 1999 NH Year of the Rabbit Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$40$15
57Canada 1999 NH Birds 4 Signed Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$75$66
58Canada 1999 NH Millennium Dove Hologram Uncut Press Sheetgallery thumbnail$75$27
59Canada NH Millennium Collection $ thumbnail$60$33
60Canada 2000 NH Year of the Dragon Uncut Press Sheet $65. FV$ thumbnail$25$20
61Canada 2000 NH Birds 5 Signed Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$75$82
62Canada 2001 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $90., face value $ thumbnail$40$18
63Canada 2003/2008 Never Hinged in Unity album w/ slipcase, FV$ thumbnail$300$192
64Cross Canada Alberta/Maritimes modern hand cancels on piece (500)gallery thumbnail$20$13
65Canada 2009 NH Astronomy Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$50$16
66Canada 2010 NH Year of the Tiger Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$30$16
67Canada 2012 NH Titanic Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$40$26
68Canada 2012 NH Diamond Jubilee Signed Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$100$88
69Canada 2014 NH Empress of Ireland Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$30$29
70Canada 2015 NH Flag Signed Uncut Press Sheet $ thumbnail$125$143
71Airmails of Canada & Newfoundland 1997 550 page hardcover handbkgallery thumbnail$40$52
72Cdn Special Airmail Stamps on Flown Covers 1974 Forrest handbookgallery thumbnail$25$27
73Canada Postal Stationery QV/QEII Used & Unused Box lot (heavy)gallery thumbnail$100$66
74Canada & Newfoundland 1897/1951 mainly Used incl Sets (190)gallery thumbnail$50$44
75Canada & World 1900/1970s Used Dealer’s Overstock box lot (1000s)gallery thumbnail$75$53
76Canada & World 1913/2000s Covers & FDCs Shoebox lot (300)gallery thumbnail$50$26
77Canada Mint & Used Accum in stockbook incl Officials etc (100s)gallery thumbnail$50$49
78Cda, G.B., & World mainly Unu oldtime Postcards & Packs etc (400)gallery thumbnail$50$69
79Canada & more Balance of consignment box lot, face value $30. ,gallery thumbnail$30$19
80Coal Harbour, Vancouver, B.C. 1921 framed Dominion photo copygallery thumbnail$200$117
81White Rock, B.C. 1991/2016 Retail P.O. Markings on 94 Coversgallery thumbnail$30$15
82Salt Spring Island Unc 2001 5-note Collector’s Set in original foldergallery thumbnail$50$24
83Greetings From British Columbia 2009 Vintage Postcard Bookgallery thumbnail$25$25
84Newfoundland mainly 1930s Mint & Used on pages $293. (52)gallery thumbnail$60$55
85Newfoundland Air Mails 1919-1939 1953 180 page hardcover hanbokgallery thumbnail$40$11
86Central America 1900/1970 mostly Used in stockbook (870)gallery thumbnail$40$37
87Ceylon 1903/1961 Mint & Used on Scott pages US$594. (212)gallery thumbnail$125$85
88Cheese labels 1950s mainly British & Swiss triangles in album (630)gallery thumbnail$40$22
89P.R. China 1950/1980 mostly Used incl Covers (150)gallery thumbnail$30$130
90P.R. China 12 Silver Archaeology Medallions Set #697/3000 about 4 ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$143
91Mao’s Red Book 1967 Swahili translationgallery thumbnail$25$22
92Churchill Mint & Used Topicals incl Souvenir Sheets (82)gallery thumbnail$75$33
93Cigarette Cards incl G.B. & Scotland etc (217 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$15
94Cinderellas Mint & Used Accum on stockpages ex Jean Smith (21 pgs)gallery thumbnail$100$88
951953 Coronation Biscuit Tin incl contentsgallery thumbnail$25$8
96Egypt 1886/1946 Mint & Used incl Railway & Aviation US$258. (109)gallery thumbnail$60$44
97Estate Jewellery box lot as receivedgallery thumbnail$40$12
98Fiji 1963/1982 Never Hinged on pages incl some Used US$295. (268)gallery thumbnail$75$66
99France 1849/1940 mainly Used Classics some faults US$678. (273)gallery thumbnail$100$60
100France 1936/1963 mostly Mint on Scott pages US$322. (300)gallery thumbnail$75$40
101Germany 1900/1998 1272 different mainly Used Accum (2220)gallery thumbnail$30$33
102Germany 1986/1999 Used on Harris pages US$575. (700)gallery thumbnail$100$68
103Germany & D.D.R. 1875/1994 mainly Used some faults (603)gallery thumbnail$50$24
104Germany Matchbox label sets from the 1950s incl Coins etc (182 diff)gallery thumbnail$20$8
105Gibraltar 1937/1993 Mint on Harris pages (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$36
106Great Britain 1924/1994 Used in Rapkin album US$725. (1000)gallery thumbnail$100$121
107G.B. 1986-1994 NH Hardcover Special Stamps Vols 3-11 etc (10 pcs)gallery thumbnail$100$121
108Alderney 1983/1995 mainly Used Topicals on pages US$106. (88)gallery thumbnail$30$27
109Guernsey 1958/2007 mostly Used on pages US$300. (480)gallery thumbnail$75$56
110Jersey 1958/2006 Mint & Used on pages US$200. (215 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$45
111Greece 1911/1923 Mint & Used on pages (87)gallery thumbnail$100$60
112Hispaniola Island 1890s/1960s Mint & Used on stocksheets (369)gallery thumbnail$25$27
113Hong Kong 1863/1962 Mint & Used on Scott pages (144)gallery thumbnail$75$60
114Hong Kong 1880s/1998 Mint & Used Range (129)gallery thumbnail$50$35
115Hong Kong 1903/1997 Mint & Used some faults (158)gallery thumbnail$100$48
116I Love Lucy 1991 Nonsport cards in pages (110)gallery thumbnail$25$9
117India 1855/1976 Used Dealer’s Stock on manila pages (5000)gallery thumbnail$50$109
118French India 1892/1941 Mint on Scott Specialty pages US$273. (96)gallery thumbnail$100$90
119Iran, Israel, Jordan 1889/1996 Mint & Used on pages (1000)gallery thumbnail$50$38
120Ireland 1922/1990 Used selection US$700. (480 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$88
121Ireland 1941/1974 88 Used Sets some faultsgallery thumbnail$50$42
122Israel 1948/1954 Mint & Used on pages incl NH US$200. (300)gallery thumbnail$50$26
123Italy 1926/1938 Mint & Used on pages incl Sets US4$1202. (108)gallery thumbnail$250$157
124Jamaica 1883/1995 mostly Used (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$52
125Japan 1981/2001 Used (850)gallery thumbnail$50$42
126Kennedy 1964/1954 Mint Topicals incl Sets & S/S US$160. (220)gallery thumbnail$50$55
127Korea 1970/1995 mainly Mint Accum incl Souvenir Sheets (3000)gallery thumbnail$150$143
128Kuwait 1948/1964 Mint on Scott pages US$276. (80)gallery thumbnail$75$66
129Lebanon 1924/1961 Mint & Used on Regent pages US$550. (450)gallery thumbnail$100$110
130Model Railroad Magazines 32 1970s editionsgallery thumbnail$25$22
131Nauru 1954/1981 mostly Never Hinged US$124. (199)gallery thumbnail$40$44
132Netherlands & Cols 1867/1973 mainly Used in deluxe album US$ thumbnail$300$242
133New Zealand 1920/1992 Mint on pages incl B.O.B. some faults (188)gallery thumbnail$40$25
134N.Z. 1920s/1980s Mint & Used on pages US$375. (275)gallery thumbnail$75$48
135N.Z. 1989/1991 mainly NH on pages incl S/S US$ thumbnail$50$35
136N.Z. & Samoa 1940/2000 Mint & Used duplicated accumulation (500)gallery thumbnail$40$26
137Norfolk Island 1980/1993 Mint on Scott pages US$150. (143)gallery thumbnail$40$48
138Papua New Guinea 1930/1973 Covers (340 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$110
139Pitcairn Islands 1940/1949 Mint & Used incl Covers (43)gallery thumbnail$100$60
140Pokémon Cards in album (266)gallery thumbnail$40$34
141Portugal 1964/1990 Mint on Harris pages some adh.US$450. (350)gallery thumbnail$100$77
142Postcards 1906/1924 Used & Unused to Scotland, incl India (25)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$11
143Russia 1900/1990 394 diff Mint & Used incl Ukraine (489)gallery thumbnail$20$22
144St. Thomas & Prince 1898/1996 mostly Used on pages (335)gallery thumbnail$30$49
145Saudi Arabia 1930s/1960s Mint & Used on pages US$550. (300)gallery thumbnail$100$93
146South Africa 1910/2000 mostly Used fun filled assortment (2400)gallery thumbnail$75$41
147Southern Africa Used Cape of Good Hope/Transvaal US$155. (70 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$45
148Spain 1856/1987 Mint & Used on Minkus pages (1000)gallery thumbnail$50$40
149Spain & Cols 1856/1980 mainly Used on Harris pages (1000)gallery thumbnail$75$44
150Supplies Surprise try saying that 10 times quickly (8 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$24
151Raytech U-V lamp & Safe Signoscope boxed duo, as isgallery thumbnail$50$66
152U.S.A. 1880/1930 Used Accum, some faults (900)gallery thumbnail$50$42
153U.S.A. 1890/1960 mostly Used in #102 cards, some World (1000)gallery thumbnail$50$71.5
154U.S.A. 1895/1943 27 mainly 2c Covers & some contents to Washingtongallery thumbnail$25$27
155U.S.A. 1960/1990 Mint Accum. On Vario pages, face value $ thumbnail$75$44
156U.S.A. 1982/2006 Never Hinged face value $ thumbnail$750$484
157Vintage Valentine’s Day Card triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
158Vario stocksheets preowned 5 to 7 strip stocksheets (50)gallery thumbnail$30$43
159N. Vietnam 1958/1991 Used Topicals (500)gallery thumbnail$30$40
160Weekend Fun Lot as received incl some useful Canadagallery thumbnail$30$29
161Weird World 1970/1999 Mint & Used incl odd shapes (100)gallery thumbnail$25$27
162World 1860/1930 mostly Used Accum, some faults (370)gallery thumbnail$40$30
163World 1870/11920 Mint & Used Accum, some faults (420)gallery thumbnail$40$36
164World 1900/1980 on & off paper mix in beerflat (3 Pounds)gallery thumbnail$30$16
165Binanza 1900/1980 mainly Used Accum, incl Covers & Cards (3000)gallery thumbnail$150$90
166World 1920/2000 mostly Used Accum, incl Cda & G.B. etc (2000)gallery thumbnail$75$55
167World 1930/1960 mostly Used in Premier album incl China (2700)gallery thumbnail$50$44
168World 1940/1980 mainly Used incl Canada & Asia beerflat lot (3000)gallery thumbnail$40$38
169World 1940/2000 mostly Used stockbook & more (1000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$24
170World Mint & Used box lot incl British Commonwealthgallery thumbnail$100$121
171World Mint & Used Estate Balance incl G.B. & Channel Islandsgallery thumbnail$100$90
172World A/Y Mint & Used 4-volume Box lot (10,000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$50
173World Beerflat lot as received in exotic stockbook duo (100)gallery thumbnail$50$22
174World Mint & Used in stockbook incl British Commonwealth (1000)gallery thumbnail$100$55
175World Topicals Used Mass (2000)gallery thumbnail$40$27
176World 1940/1970 G/V Mint & Used incl Greece (3200)gallery thumbnail$60$30
177World 1880/1990 S/T Mint & Used on Harris pages (2100)gallery thumbnail$60$55
178World Used Dealer’s overstock in #102 cards in red box (900)gallery thumbnail$75$110
179World mainly Used Dealer’s stock in #102 cards in half red box (550)gallery thumbnail$200$145
180World Used Dealer’s overstock in #102 cards in 2 red half boxes (900)gallery thumbnail$250$242
181World Fun Box so much fun that words fail us…gallery thumbnail$40$35
182World Wildlife Fund 1986/1993 Mint Sets & Covers in custom albumgallery thumbnail$40$20
183World Wildlife 1976/77 cacheted typed address FDCs in custom albumgallery thumbnail$40$13
184Yugoslavia 1918/2000 Mint & Used in stockbook (1136 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$55
185Zanzibar 1895/1954 Mint & Used on Scott pages US$214. (87)gallery thumbnail$40$71
186Canada 1922/2018 5 Cents collection in U/A album incl 1925 (100)gallery thumbnail$75$170
187Canada BU 1971-1978 cased Silver Dollars ( 8 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$69
188Canada Proof 2000 cased Hologram Silver Steam Buggy $20gallery thumbnail$30$44
189Canada BU 1971 first issue 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$15
190Canada BU 1972 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$30$46
191Canada BU 1973 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$15
192Canada BU 1974 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$38
193Canada BU 1975 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$16
194Canada BU 1976 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$34
195Canada BU 1977 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$34
196Canada BU 1978 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$46
197Canada BU 1979 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$46
198Canada Proof 1981 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$26
199Canada BU 1996 6-coin Specimen Setgallery thumbnail$20$13
200Canada Proof 1998 8-coin Silver Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$50$88
201Canada BU 1999 7-coin Tiny Treasures Setgallery thumbnail$20$13
202Canada Proof 2001 8-coin Silver Proof Setgallery thumbnail$50$88
203Canada Proof 2002 8-coin Silver Proof Setgallery thumbnail$50$88
204Canada Proof 2004 8-coin Silver Proof Setgallery thumbnail$50$88
205Canada BU 2006 7-coin Specimen Set w/ Snowy Owl Dollargallery thumbnail$40$36
206Charlton 2018 Canadian Govt Paper Money 422 page Cataloguegallery thumbnail$20$27
207Great Britain Proof 1983 8-coin Setgallery thumbnail$20$15
208World Coins 1890/1990 mix in oldtime metal box (8 Pounds)gallery thumbnail$75$88
209Australia, N.Z. & Br Cmw 1978/2010 Philatelic Literature (14 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$24

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