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All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1191
Noon Saturday 5 January 2019
5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
We are open Tuesday to Saturday 930am – 530pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrice Realized
1Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Signed 1964 Christmas Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$659
2Airship & Flight Topical Covers, Cards etc (25 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$52
3Australian States 1858/1910 Used from 6 regions US$200. (60 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$35
4Australia #2/303 Used 1913/1957 Range odd fault US$201. (144 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$17
5Australia #17/805 Mint 1913/1981 little lot, odd fault US$149. (152 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$16
6Australia #J3/J68 Used 1902/1938 Dues US$250. (20 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$27
7Barbados #61/831 mostly Used 1882/1992 packet of 150 differentgallery thumbnail$40$20
8Belgium #496/730, B166/B375 mainly NH 1935/69 US$98. (130)gallery thumbnail$30$16
9Belgium #B561-B566 Never Hinged 1954 Semipostal Set US$175. (6)gallery thumbnail$60$38
10Bermuda/B.I.O.T. Mint & Used 1961/1992 US$256. (211)gallery thumbnail$60$29
11Boer War 1902 Umballa Prisoner of War Camp Postcard to Germanygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$165
12Bosnia & Herzegovina #20 Mint 1900 40h Perf 11.5 US$ thumbnail$50$85
13Botswana #5/328, 404-423 Mint 1966/1987 Topicals US$74. (55)gallery thumbnail$25$10
14British Guiana #63/212, Trinidad & Tobago #34/38 Used US$164. (42)gallery thumbnail$40$22
15Burma #2N51-2N57 Mint 1943 Group of Seven US$ thumbnail$60$95
16Buckingham, L.C. 1841 Paid Stampless F.L.S. to Montrealgallery thumbnail$25$19
17Canada #4c Fine Used 1852/1857 3d Ribbed Paper, thin $ thumbnail$40$122
18Canada #17 Fine regummed 1859/1864 10c Albert, crease $ thumbnail$100$77
19Canada #20iii VG Used 1865 2c Rose Extended Frameline $ thumbnail$50$49
20Canada #24 VG/Fine Mint 1868 2c Green Shade trio $1275.+gallery thumbnail$400$198
21Canada #29i Fine Mint 1868 15c Large Queen Shade $ thumbnail$40$60
22Canada #30c VG Unused 1868/1876 15c Very Thick Paper, thin $ thumbnail$150$110
23Canada #34 VF Mint 1882 1/2c Black Small Queengallery thumbnail$30$20
24Canada #36/178i Used Varieties including unlisted (18)gallery thumbnail$30$42
25Canada #45 Fine Mint 1897 10c Brown Red margin thin $ thumbnail$60$53
26Canada #47 VF Used Kingston roller cancel 50c Widow Weed $ thumbnail$30$19
27Canada #50-57 Fine Mint & Unused 1897 Jubilees, cple stains (8)gallery thumbnail$100$77
28Canada #60 Fine Mint & Used 1897 50c Jubilee Shade duo $265.+gallery thumbnail$100$49
29Canada #63 Fine Used 1897 $3 Yellow Bistre roller cancel $ thumbnail$200$259
30Canada #66-73 Fine Mint 1897 QV Leaf Set, some small flaws $556. (8)gallery thumbnail$125$60
31Canada #71 1898 Hamilton B Flag Used 6c QV Leaf on piece $40.+gallery thumbnail$20$11
32Canada #75/81 Nova Scotia 1900/1903 1c/7c Covers $239. (11 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$47
33Canada #85-85 Fine Mint 1898 2c Map study lot, some faults $200. (7)gallery thumbnail$50$50
34Canada #85-86 Unused & Used 2c Map study lot, some faults (16)gallery thumbnail$30$36
35Canada #86 VFNH 1898 2c Map Red Shift trifle gum disturbed $ thumbnail$100$93
36Canada #90 1900 Wilson 2c Patriotic Private Post Card to U.K., bendgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$31
37Canada #98, 102-103 Fine NH 1908 Quebec Tercentenary trio $ thumbnail$150$186
38Canada #100 VF Mint 1908 7c Olive Green selected for centering $ thumbnail$125still available
39Canada #104-122 Mint 1911/1925 George V Admiral Set odd flt (18)gallery thumbnail$200$99
40Canada #135 XFNH 1917 3c Brown selected for centering $ thumbnail$100still available
41Canada #139-140 Mint & Used 1926 Provisional Admiral Set duo $ thumbnail$30$29
42Canada #142, 146 1928 14c Buckingham, PQ. Keyhole Registered Cvrgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
43Canada #156 F/VF Never Hinged 1929 12c Gray Horizontal Pair $ thumbnail$50$47
44Canada #158 Fine+ Never Hinged 1929 50c Bluenose $ thumbnail$100$91
45Canada #162/177 Mint 1930/31 George V Arch group $405. (11 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$44
46Canada #203i VF Used 1933 20c Broken X Variety w/ normal examplegallery thumbnail$30$55
47Canada #218-219 Dr Bell & Scholl’s 1935 Corner Cover duo, sml flawsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$13
48Canada #231/248 NH 1937/1938 George VI $103. (17)gallery thumbnail$30$33
49Canada #309ii NH 1951 2c Start & End plus Paste-up Coil Strips (12)gallery thumbnail$30$40
50Canada #402var Never Hinged 1963 2c Cameo Dramatic Misperf Blockgallery thumbnail$100$88
51Canada #598/2556 Used 1972/2012 Tagging Varieties (14)gallery thumbnail$30$16
521974 Souvenir Collection of Canada’s Standard Postage Stampsgallery thumbnail$20$5
53Robert Bateman Signed 1983 card & #884 NH Plate Block (2 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$24
54Canada #934/937 NH 1982/1987 High Vals & FDCs face value $ thumbnail$300$82
55Jean Paul Lemieux Signed #1027a framed 1984 32c Art Sheet (12)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$44
56Canada #1971-1972 NH 2003 48c Hockey pane & booklet $109. (12)gallery thumbnail$40$22
57Canada NH 2002 Booklets face value $40 (8 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$34
58Canada #F3 Fine Used 1876 8c R.L.S. faulty spacefiller $ thumbnail$30$38
59Canada #FSC16 Fine Used 1915 George V $50 Law $ thumbnail$75$122
60Canada #FWH1d VFNH 1985 Robert Bateman Signed $4 Ducks $ thumbnail$60$66
61Canada #FWH26 VFNH 2009 $25 Souvenir Sheet only 2,000 issuedgallery thumbnail$40$45
62Canada #MR3a Fine NH 1916 Die II minor gum cracking $ thumbnail$100$231
63Canada #O38ii VF CDS Used 1953 Blunt G Variety $ thumbnail$60$73
64Canada #O45 VFNH 1956 20c Plates 1 & 2 Block quartet $80. (16)gallery thumbnail$25$13
65Canada #O231/O45 1930s/1960s Official #10 Covers (20 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$13
66January 1862 London 2.5d Cover to Fort Shepherd Page 7 Gerald Wellburn Fraser River Gold Rush Collectiongallery thumbnail$750$1600
67New Westminster, B.C. 1881 1c SQ Brighouse Cover & contentsgallery thumbnail$25$390
68Vancouver, B.C. 1896 Sam Brighouse Assessment Roll 1c Card triogallery thumbnail$60$247
69Quilchena Golf Club 1935 4c Postage Due Cover to Brighousegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$24
70B.C. Cancels 6 diff Cadboro Bay/Chapman Camp 1934/66 RF C Coversgallery thumbnail$20$8
71Hutton Mills, B.C. RF D 1955 2c Bank Card, teargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
72Kerrisdale, B.C. RF D 1918 3c + 1c Winnipeg Corner Cover, sealed teargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$20
73Timms’ Victory–Tree Life in Stanley Park 1909 1c Postcard stamp faultgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$33
74B.C. & Alberta 5 Unused Postcards incl Squamishgallery thumbnail$20$33
75British Columbia #B1/J100B NH 1981/1990 Locals $445. (212 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$154
76Newfoundland #41/243 Mint & Used 1887/1937 Accum odd fault (250)gallery thumbnail$50$45
77Newfoundland #191b VFNH 1932/37 5c Deep Violet Die II Imperf Pairgallery thumbnail$75$110
78Newfoundland #262i Fine NH 1941/44 15c Offset Image Trial Colourgallery thumbnail$100$165
79Newfoundland #C3b F/VF Used 1921 35c Period After 1921 varietygallery thumbnail$75$49
80Cape of Good Hope #1a Used 1853 1d Pale Brick Triangle US$ thumbnail$150$219
81Cayman Islands #168/598 Mint 1963/1988 US$83. (111 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$21
82China #47 & 65 Mint 1897 1/2c Overprint duo US$ thumbnail$25$60
83China #78 Used 1897 1c on 3c Red Revenue thin US$ thumbnail$75$109
84China #147/258 Used 1912/1923 Junks & Dragons some faults (150)gallery thumbnail$100$77
85Peking, China 1909 incoming French Occupation Forces Danish Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$27
86Manchukuo #1/164 Mint 1932/1945 Selection US$125. (55 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$30
87China & P.R.C. mainly 1950/1952 Unused US$50. (60)gallery thumbnail$30$11
88Fiji 1906/1984 Mint & Used Packet of 100 differentgallery thumbnail$30$15
89France #15/346 Used 1854/1939 Classics US$300. (170 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$44
90France #B192/B442 Mint 1945/1970 Semipostals US$116. (139)gallery thumbnail$30$42
91Reunion #122/222 Mint 1931/1939 Sets US$60. (14)gallery thumbnail$20$33
92French Africa 1950s/1980s Mint & Used US$97. (98)gallery thumbnail$25$11
93Gabon #16-31 Mint 1904/1907 issues US$323. (16)gallery thumbnail$100$122
94Germany #19, 27 CDS Used 2.5 Groschen duo US$ thumbnail$40$24
95Germany Mi#6-8 NH 1912 Airs as is (3)gallery thumbnail$30$158
96Sudetenland Mi#57-58 NH 1938 Karlsbad Overprints as isgallery thumbnail$20$88
97Czechoslovakia 1945 NH Liberation Overprints as is (12)gallery thumbnail$25$48
98Germany #823/1495 mainly Used 1981/1986 US$131. (369)gallery thumbnail$30$15
99Germany #B316/B375 Mint 1951/1960 Semipostals US$85. (20)gallery thumbnail$30$11
100German Occupation #N6/N19 Mint & Used 1916/17 (42)gallery thumbnail$20$14
101Gibraltar #109b Mint 1938/1949 1.5d Carmine Rose Perf 13.5 US$ thumbnail$60$20
102London 1848 3-page F.L.S. to Paris w/ various markingsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30
103G.B. #30var VG Used 1869 2d Blue Pl.15 Inverted Watermark US$ thumbnail$100$158
104G.B. #94-95 Fine Used 1883 3d & 6d Surcharge duo US$ thumbnail$100$46
105G.B. #175/224 Used 1913/1934 Seahorses study lot, odd fault (27)gallery thumbnail$30$40
106G.B. #1230/1448a, MH21/MH373 Used 1969/2007 High Vals US$ thumbnail$30$18
107G.B. SG#FS1A-FS4B eight NH 1983/84 Machin Booklets (5 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$13
108G.B. #MH288c 21 Apr 1996 QEII Birthday cacheted unaddressed PNCgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$14
109Hong Kong #147-150 Mint 1935 George V Silver Jubilee Set US$59. (4)gallery thumbnail$20$23
110Hong Kong #154/166A Mint 1938/1952 George VI US$244. (15)gallery thumbnail$75$80
111Hong Kong #168-173 Mint & Used 1941 George VI Set duo US$73. (12)gallery thumbnail$20$20
112Iceland #193/272 Used 1935/1951 issues US$155. (50)gallery thumbnail$40$21
113India #93, 95, 98 Mint 1911/1923 George V High Value trio US$ thumbnail$100$97
114Israel #930-931 etc VFNH 1986 Set with Unissued high values US$ thumbnail$100still available
115Italy #24/406 Used 1863/1938 Classics, odd fault US$250. (110 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$27
116Italy & Area 1900s Mint & Used incl Better (60)gallery thumbnail$50$30
117Italy/Aegean Islands #34 VF Used 1934 L1.25 Soccer US$ thumbnail$60$42
118Japan #142-145a Fine Mint 1924/1929 trio US$ thumbnail$30$20
119K.U.T. #84a Mint 1938 10/- George VI Perf 13 US$ thumbnail$40$85
120Malaya #14 VF Used 1900 $1 Green US$ thumbnail$60$36
121Malaya #26a-33b Mint& Used 1904/1910 Tigers US$249. (8)gallery thumbnail$60$48
122Malaya/Kedah #41-42 Used 1921/1936 High Value duo US$ thumbnail$40$14
123Malaya/Perak #60 Unused 1895 $5 Green & Ultra US$ thumbnail$200$55
124New Zealand #122-124 Mint 1906 trio, 3d thin US$ thumbnail$25$44
125Palestine #1 VF Used 1918 1d Shade trio US$ thumbnail$100$97
126Russia #8/714 Used 1858/1939 Classics US$120. (110 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$20
127Russia 27 July 1931 North Pole Zeppelin Flight Covergallery thumbnail$40$114
128Russia #1277/1767 Used 1948/1955 Sets US$140. (55 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$25
129St. Lucia #29/207 Mint & Used 1891/1966 US$85. (51(gallery thumbnail$20$24
130St. Pierre & Miquelon #319var NH incl Offset duo in sheet of 15gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33
131St. Vincent 1885/1985 Mint Topicals etc US$150. (75 diff)gallery thumbnail$40still available
132Samoa 1921/1946 Mint & Used Range US$66. (43)gallery thumbnail$20$18
133Straits Settlements #3 F/VF Used 1867 3c Surcharge US$ thumbnail$30$61
134Straits Settlements #238/271 Mint & Used 1937/1948 US$282. (38)gallery thumbnail$75$44
135Switzerland #31 Fine Used 1855/1857 1 Franc Lavender US$ thumbnail$200$220
136Switzerland #43/234 Used 1862/1939 Selection US$360. (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$75$40
137Switzerland #133a NH 1908 25c Blue Tete-Beche Block US$65. (4)gallery thumbnail$25$14
138Switzerland #1012 F/VF Used 1918 10c Board of Trade US$ thumbnail$30$53
139Tonga #55/81 Mint & Used 1920/1942 on pages US$111. (20)gallery thumbnail$30$22
140Transvaal #123/165 Mint 1885/1895 issues US$50. (12)gallery thumbnail$20$16
141U.S.A. #571 regummed 1923 $1 Lincoln Memorial Plate 18680 singlegallery thumbnail$20$8
142Indianapolis Motor Speedway 1910/1911 1c & 2c Postcard duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$120
143Hawaii #65 Mint 1893 Provisional Govt Ovpt 2c US$ thumbnail$30$32
144Vatican City #C1/C34 Mint & Used 1938/1954 Airs US$94. (21)gallery thumbnail$30still available
145Virgin Islands #21/498 mainly Mint 1899/1985 (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$50still available
146World 1990s Mint Entertainers S/S & Sheetlets US$100. (23 pcs)gallery thumbnail$30$11
147Zanzibar #201-213 Mint 1936 5c-10sh Set US$110. (13)gallery thumbnail$40$16
148Austria BU 1915 Franz Josef Gold Ducat .110oz AGWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200$209
149Canada Nice AU 1935 George V Jubilee First issue Silver Dollargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$36
150Canada BU 1988 Ironworks Silver Dollar .375oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
151Canada BU 1996 encapsulated $2 Test Tokengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$33
152Canada BU 1965 6-coin Silver Proof-like Set in original packaginggallery thumbnail$30$27
153Timber Show Vancouver, B.C. P.N.E. 1977 .999 Fine Ounce Silver Bargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33
154Great Britain AU 1893 Victoria Farthing US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$16
155Great Britain BU 1901 Last Queen Victoria Pennygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33
156Great Britain AU 1888 Victoria Silver Double Florin US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$66
157Mexico Unc 1979 8-coin Set incl 100 Peso Silver .6428oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$15
158New Zealand BU 1979 1c-$1 7-coin Souvenir Set in original foldergallery thumbnail$20$7
159Panama Proof 1973 encapsulated Bolivar Silver 20 Balboas 3.8291ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$88
160Portugal 1385-1433 F/VF John I of Avis Billon 3.5 Reisgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$66
161Severus Alexander 222-235AD 19mm 2.6gm Silver Denariusgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150$247
162South Africa BU 1947 & 1952 5/- Silver Crown duo 1.18oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$49
163Straits Settlements VG/Fine 1862 Quarter Cent single year type coingallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$33
164U.S.A./Colonial Canada VF 1853 Large Centgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$29
165U.S.A. XF 1854 3c Silver US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$55
166U.S.A. 1913/1938 5c Collection in Whitman folder US$110. (37)gallery thumbnail$75$110
167Dominion of Canada #DC-25l VG+ 1923 George V Horseblanket $1gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$330
168Canada #BC-21d Nice VF prefix W/M 1937 George VI $1 Banknotegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
169Canada #BC-29a VF prefix D/A 1954 Devil’s Face $1 Billgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$22
170Sidney Crosby Beckett 9.5 Gem Mint 2006 Upper Deck #1 Hockey Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$93
171James Harden Beckett 9.5 Gem Mint 2010 Panini #400 Basketball Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$16
172Gordie Howe & Family Signed Black & White Photo plus Fishing photogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$81
173A.A. Mattern PSA VG3 T-205 Gold Border Classic Baseball Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$44
174Charlie’s Angels PSA Gem Mint 10 1977 The Lovely New Angel Cardgallery thumbnail$40$16
175Ogden’s 1938 Actors Character Studies 50 Cigarette Card Setgallery thumbnail$30still available

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