Prices Realized

All Nations Large Lot & Collections Auction #1186
Noon Saturday 24 November 2018
5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
We are open Tuesday to Saturday 930am – 530pm

LotDescriptionImage click/tap…EstimatePrices Realized
1George VI & Queen Mum signed 6×7.5″ framed 1949 photogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$300
2Africa 1892/1980 Mint & Used on pages, 30 nations (925)gallery thumbnail$30$44
3Algeria 1924/1997 Mint & Used on Minkus pages (260)gallery thumbnail$25$27.5
4Australia 1913/2002 Used on pages, three album box lot (1000s)gallery thumbnail$150$165
5Australia 1913/1981 Used on pages, high cat. (1025)gallery thumbnail$150$150
6Australia 1926/1982 Used on pages, high cat. (801)gallery thumbnail$50$44
7Austria 1850/1952 Mint & Used on Scott pages (530)gallery thumbnail$40$29
8Azores 1887/1930 Mint & Used on Scott pages (100)gallery thumbnail$60$98
9Belgium 1865/2004 Mint & Used incl Back of the Book etc (1294)gallery thumbnail$150$88
10Brazil 1850/1978 mainly Used on Harris pages, some faults (500)gallery thumbnail$40$48
11British Commonwealth Mint & Used A/Z in #102 cards in red boxgallery thumbnail$200$231
12British Commonwealth Mint & Used Box lot incl Oz & N.Z. (100s)gallery thumbnail$50$58
13British Commonwealth Mint & Used 1990s Royalty Topicals US$ thumbnail$50$25
14Burundi 1962/1975 mostly Used on Harris pages incl Topicals (400)gallery thumbnail$25$27.5
15Canada 1859/1959 Used in Unity album incl 50c Bluenose etc (600)gallery thumbnail$300$181.5
16Canada 1868/2003 Used on pages three volume Box lot (1000s)gallery thumbnail$200$82.5
17Canada 1870/1992 mainly Mint in Minkus album incl 50c Bluenose etcgallery thumbnail$300$264
18Canada 1870/1955 Used on pages, high cat., some faults (238)gallery thumbnail$100$73
19Canada 1880/1950 mostly Used incl some Large Queens etc (450)gallery thumbnail$200$150
20Canada 1897/1964 Used on pages in small Springback, high cat. (800)gallery thumbnail$40$38.5
21Canada 1898 2c Christmas Mint & Used Map stamp study lot $395. (48)gallery thumbnail$100$242
22Canada 1902/1908 Mint 1c/10c Edward VII $580. (8)gallery thumbnail$125$66
23Canada 1903/2003 Mint in Stockbook incl Better, FV $ thumbnail$200$110
24Canada 1908 Mint & Used 1/2c to 20c Quebecs $530. (13)gallery thumbnail$125$73
25Canada 1911/1925 Used 1c to $1 Admirals on pages $75. (48)gallery thumbnail$25$9
26Canada 1911/1987 Used Stock incl some Dollar values (1000)gallery thumbnail$20$22
27Canada 1911/2011 39 diff cacheted Stamp Club/Show Coversgallery thumbnail$30$36
28Canada 1916/2003 Covers & FDCs in 6 albums Box lot (297)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$60
29Canada 1920s/30s Used Scroll & Arch issues on pages, incl Coversgallery thumbnail$40$27.5
30Canada 1947/1976 mainly NH incl Fish $1, coils etc FV$49. (463)gallery thumbnail$50$69
31Canada 1947/1997 large size FDCs & Covers incl Registered etc (77)gallery thumbnail$25$33
32Canada 1960s/80s mostly NH Panes & Plate Blocks in album FV$ thumbnail$75$52
33Canada 1968/1972 FDCs in album duo (70)gallery thumbnail$25$42
34Canada 1970s NH Plate Blocks on pages FV$ thumbnail$75$77
35Canada 1970s/1990s NH Plate Blocks on pages FV$ thumbnail$250$275
36Canada 1974 NH unpunched Annual Souvenir Collection $ thumbnail$75$55
37Canada 1974/1995 Used bundleware Box lot (6000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$32
38Canada Covers, Postcards, pieces, incl QV Box lot (100s)gallery thumbnail$100$143
39Canada 1979 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $30. FV$ thumbnail$20$5.5
40Canada off paper mix 3 Pounds Shoebox lotgallery thumbnail$20$16.5
41The Story of Canada 4-volume Gilt Foil FDCs & Mint stamps Box lotgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$88
42Canada 1985/1990 FDCs in album (103)gallery thumbnail$25$10
43Canada 1989 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $70. FV$ thumbnail$30$27.5
44Canada 1990s/2000s NH Plate Blks & multiples on pages FV$ thumbnail$50$48
45Canada 1990 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $55. FV$ thumbnail$25$16.5
46Canada 1990s NH Plate Blocks etc on pages FV$ thumbnail$300$264
47Canada 1990/1995 FDCs in album (113)gallery thumbnail$25$12
48Canada 1995/1998 FDCs in album (102)gallery thumbnail$25$12
49Canada 1995/2001 FDCs in album (100)gallery thumbnail$25$12
50Canada Mint & Used Box lot incl NH Art Sheets FV$24. (1000s)gallery thumbnail$40$27.5
51Canada 1995 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $80. (68)gallery thumbnail$40$48
52Canada 1996 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $80. (79)gallery thumbnail$40$48
53Canada 1997 NH Annual Souvenir Collection faulty mounts FV$ thumbnail$40$36
54Canada 1998 NH Annual Souvenir Collection faulty mounts FV$ thumbnail$30$14
55Canada 1999 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $85. FV$ thumbnail$40$21
56Canada NH Millennium Collection $ thumbnail$50$31
57Canada 2000 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $85. FV$ thumbnail$40$14
58Canada 2001/2005 FDCs in album (104)gallery thumbnail$25$12
59Canada 2001 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $90. FV$ thumbnail$40$20
60Canada 2002 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $100. FV$ thumbnail$50$21
61Canada 2003 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $100. FV$ thumbnail$50$32
62Canada 2004 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $110. FV$ thumbnail$50$33
63Canada 2005 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $110. FV$ thumbnail$50$44
64Canada 2005/2008 FDCs in album, plus empty album (114)gallery thumbnail$25$20
65Canada 2006 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $115. FV$41,gallery thumbnail$50$38.5
66Canada 2007 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $115. FV$ thumbnail$50$27.5
67Canada 2008 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $120. FV$31,gallery thumbnail$60$44
68Canada 2009 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $120. FV$ thumbnail$60$44
69Canada 1932/1982 Mint Booklets & Booklet Panes (136)gallery thumbnail$25$26
70Canada 1875/1965 Mint Back of the Book (260)gallery thumbnail$200$99
71Canada QV/QEII Unu & Used Postal Stationery & Postal Cards (200)gallery thumbnail$75$60
72Stamps & Postal History of Vancouver Is. & B.C. colour Wellburn Bookgallery thumbnail$75$50
73Pugh’s 2004 Reference Manual of B.N.A. Fakes Series 2 Release 4gallery thumbnail$20$22
74Vancouver, B.C. 1954 Commonwealth Games 60 page Scrapbookgallery thumbnail$60$30
75Canada & G.B. mainly Used balance of consignment Box lotgallery thumbnail$40$32
76Canada & World 1961/1967 FDCs, Cards, Covers etc Shoebox lotgallery thumbnail$30$36
77Canada & World Souvenir articles etc incl Mounts Box lotgallery thumbnail$30$20
78Canada & World Mint & Used Shoebox lotgallery thumbnail$25$13
79Canada & World Used Mass in shoebox (6000)gallery thumbnail$30$37
80B.C. 60 Years of Progress #112/350 History Book w/ photos, some fltsgallery thumbnail$150still available
81Surrey complete R.P.O. Covers plus interesting Modern #10s (385)gallery thumbnail$100$71.5
82P.R. China five NH 1985/1995 Sheets some margin bends US$ thumbnail$50$24
83Manchukuo 1934/1945 Unused on Minkus pages US$125. (57)gallery thumbnail$30$36
84Cinderellas Mint offering from the Jean Smith estate (250)gallery thumbnail$60$60
85Cook Islands 1937/1967 Mint & Used on pages US$281. (161)gallery thumbnail$60$32
86Cuba 1857/1995 mainly Used on stock pages (500)gallery thumbnail$40$24
87Czechoslovakia 1918/1960s Mint & Used on pages US$190. (580)gallery thumbnail$40$44
88Danzig 1929/1939 Mint & Used on pages US$230. (225 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$73
89Denmark 1870/1940 Used incl D.W.I., some faults US$525. (156)gallery thumbnail$100$73
90Diana Mint Legacy Collection in custom album w/ slipcasegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$55
91Egypt & Greece 1861/1940 Mint & Used US$84. (194)gallery thumbnail$20$17
92Europe Used from seven different Nations incl Portugal (2512)gallery thumbnail$150$110
93France 1854/1944 mainly Used on Scott pages US$600. (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$82.5
94France 2005 NH Year Set US$403. (80)gallery thumbnail$150$121
95German States 1850/1920 Mint & Used some faults US$1500. (178)gallery thumbnail$75$82.5
96Germany Mint & Used in slim green Stockbook, high cat, (1108)gallery thumbnail$40$30
97Germany 1945/1950 Mint & Used Eastern Zones US$595. (394)gallery thumbnail$100$80
98Gibraltar 1866/1967 Mint & Used on pages US$400. (75 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$50
99G.B. 1847/2003 Used in five Binders Box lotgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$120
100G.B. 1862/1919 mostly Used incl Seahorse multiples, faults (70)gallery thumbnail$200$130
101G.B. 1880/2015 mainly Used incl some Covers & Diana pack (1365)gallery thumbnail$100$40
102G.B. 1937/1980 FDCs in album, some foxing (80)gallery thumbnail$40$53
103G.B. 1952/1987 Used US$137. (226 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$17
104G.B. 1970s Mint range incl Traffic Light Blocks & FDCs in stockbookgallery thumbnail$30$55
105G.B. 1985/1991 NH Royal Mail Special Stamps (7 yearbooks)gallery thumbnail$75$50
106G.B./Morocco Agencies 1935 Mint Blocks etc study lot (114)gallery thumbnail$50$55
107Guernsey Used Range on pages incl some Alderney (450)gallery thumbnail$30$47
108Jersey 1943/2001 Used on stockpages incl German Occ. US$ thumbnail$75$48
109G.B. & British Commonwealth Covers & Cards etc as received (29)gallery thumbnail$25$15
110G.B. & Canada 1911/2004 Used on salessheets etc, high cat. (3101)gallery thumbnail$75$170
111G.B. & World Covers, Cards, FDCs etc many addressed to B.C. (217)gallery thumbnail$50$30
112Greece 1901/1996 Mint & Used incl First issue Airmails US$207. (545)gallery thumbnail$40$18
113Grenada 1895/1981 mainly Mint on stockpages incl Disney (350)gallery thumbnail$25$16.5
114Guatemala 1871/1940 Mint & Used on Scott pages US$60. (130)gallery thumbnail$20$23
115Hong Kong 1884/2002 Used incl Better US$500. (220 diff)gallery thumbnail$100$82.5
116Hong Kong 1997 NH Birds Sheet Set US$150. (200)gallery thumbnail$50$20
117Hungary 1874/1974 mostly Used on Scott pages (1630)gallery thumbnail$50$35
118Iceland 1876/1976 Mint & Used US$1140. (350)gallery thumbnail$200$145
119Indian States 1877/1949 mainly Used as received (315)gallery thumbnail$60$68
120French India 1941/1943 Mint Liberation Overprints US$401. (72)gallery thumbnail$150$88
121Iran 1880s/1970 Mint & Used on Harris pages US$525. (200)gallery thumbnail$40$29
122Japan Used range in large green stockbook, high cat. (1300)gallery thumbnail$30$73
123Korea 1976/1988 Mint in specialty album US$725. (448)gallery thumbnail$150$132
124Maldive Islands 1960/1980 Mint on Harris pages (225 diff)gallery thumbnail$40still available
125Mongolia 1979/1988 Used in stockbook (424)gallery thumbnail$40$20
126Netherlands & Colonies 1867/2006 mostly Used in stockbook (1557)gallery thumbnail$75$35
127New Zealand 1876/1968 Used on pages, high cat. (366)gallery thumbnail$40$41.75
128N.Z. mainly Used Modern Accumulation in three stockbooks (2000)gallery thumbnail$40$33
129Norfolk Island 1970s/1980s Mint & Used on pages US$276. (386)gallery thumbnail$75$53
130Papua & New Guinea mainly Used duplicated range in stockbook (675)gallery thumbnail$40$31
131Philatelic Literature incl Canada & Forgery References Box lot (30)gallery thumbnail$60$27
132Pitcairn Islands 1987/2000 NH on pages incl S/S US$420. (190)gallery thumbnail$125$110
133Postcards mainly Unu vintage G.B. & Europe as received (60)gallery thumbnail$20$21
134Postcards mostly Unused sorted by topic & country in file drawer (500)gallery thumbnail$25$25
135Report Covers Box Lot (100)gallery thumbnail$20$5.5
136Russia 1941/1961 mainly Used on Minkus pages US$375. (777)gallery thumbnail$50$41
137Scott 2018 Volumes 6A & 6B San-Z Colour Catalogue duo, ex librarygallery thumbnail$50$55
138South America 1853/2002 mostly Used 7 nations in stockbooks (4612)gallery thumbnail$100$44
139South & Central America Used 17 countries Shoebox lot (2450)gallery thumbnail$25$21
140Spain & Colonies 1880/1954 Mint & Used US$200. (200)gallery thumbnail$50$24
141Supplies Box lot incl Van Dam Catalogue etcgallery thumbnail$30$44
142Sweden mainly Used selection US$120. (450)gallery thumbnail$30$15
143Tannu Tuva 1934/1936 Mint & Used incl Imperfs US$210. (73)gallery thumbnail$60$77
14430 Nations 1937/1980 Mint & Used incl NH St. Pierre etc (280)gallery thumbnail$50$19
145Togo 1921/1982 Used stock incl Sets in chocolate box (1000)gallery thumbnail$25$14
146Trinidad & Tobago 1864/2003 Used on stocksheets (82)gallery thumbnail$75$41
147Turkey 1870/1996 Mint & Used on stockpages (267)gallery thumbnail$50$21.5
148U.A.R. 1958/1971 mostly Mint on Scott pages (250)gallery thumbnail$30$27.5
149U.S.A. 1851/2003 Used 3-volume Box lot incl B.O.B. (2980)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$66
150U.S.A. 1857/1992 mainly Used on pages US$1650. (100s)gallery thumbnail$200$99
151U.S.A. 1860/1933 mostly Used incl Mint Airmails (375)gallery thumbnail$125$60.5
152U.S.A. Mint & Used 4-volume Box lot incl Covers & FDCs (2784)gallery thumbnail$125$60
153U.S.A. 1880/1950 duplicated Used accumulation in #102 cards (2000)gallery thumbnail$40$33
154U.S.A. 1870s/1970s Used on pages in D-ring binder (1247)gallery thumbnail$30$32
155U.S.A. 1893/1987 mainly Used in Harris album incl B.O.B. (1000)gallery thumbnail$60$40
156U.S.A. Used mainly 20th Century 2-volume stock on manila pagesgallery thumbnail$50$45
157U.S.A. Used Postal Stationery, Precancels etc Box lotgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$15
158U.S.A. off paper mix Pound Shoebox lotgallery thumbnail$20$8
159U.N. 1951/1991 Mint & Used offices incl some Covers (518)gallery thumbnail$40$20
160Vatican City 1929/1996 mainly Mint on pages, some adhesion (260)gallery thumbnail$30$15
161World 1870/1940 mostly Used Europe and Colonies as received (2500)gallery thumbnail$100$85
162World 1880/1980 mainly Used on Harris pages incl Russia etc (7500)gallery thumbnail$100$66
163World 1890/1940 mostly Used in 1941 International Jr album (2900)gallery thumbnail$100$121
164World 1880/1955 Mint & Used in Scott International album duo (6200)gallery thumbnail$100$132
165World 1880/1980 Mint & Used A/L Portland Picks Box lot (6500)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$66
166World 1880/2000 mainly Used Shoebox lot as received (4000)gallery thumbnail$100$80
167World 1890/1990 mostly Used on pages incl large Pictorials (5000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$45
168World 1900/1990 Mint & Used S/T on Harris pages (2800)gallery thumbnail$75still available
169World 1890/1960 mainly Used balance of consignment Box (3500)gallery thumbnail$40$44
170Canada & World Banker’s Box brimming with Bounty (10000)gallery thumbnail$60$82.5
171Interesting World Covers and FDCs as received (137)gallery thumbnail$100$82.5
172World 1900/1970 Mint & Used in two volumes incl Better (1730)gallery thumbnail$60$77
173World Mint Topical Souvenir Sheets incl Cuba, NH etc US$166. (32)gallery thumbnail$50$22
174Canada & World 1897/1950s mostly Used incl Nfld on pages (1600)gallery thumbnail$40$18
175World Used Weekend Fun Lot (1000s)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$55
176World Used box lot incl Map stamps, Philippines etc (1000s)gallery thumbnail$30$40
177World colourful Used assortment incl China in stockbook duo etcgallery thumbnail$50$63
178World on paper mix 2 Pounds Shoebox lotgallery thumbnail$20$20
179World A/Z Used 20th Century in 3 volumes Box lot (1000s)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$69
180World Used mix and more Box lot (1000s)gallery thumbnail$40$48
181World 1890/1980 Mint & Used in #102 cards in red boxes, faults (500)gallery thumbnail$200$165
182World 1950/1990 Used 2 Pounds on paper mixgallery thumbnail$20$24
183U.S. & World 1900/1980 Mint & Used in stockbooks etc Box lot (2000)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$27.5
184Canada, U.S., & World Mint Sheets etc in Hardcover folder etcgallery thumbnail$20$16.5
185Super Box lot as receivedgallery thumbnail$75$55
186World Mint & Used in 1928 International album incl Canada, China etcgallery thumbnail$200$220
187World 1920/1980 in #102 cards in three red boxed (2700)gallery thumbnail$60$107
188Canada & World Fun lotgallery thumbnail$50$40
189Canadian Coins 2018 294 page ringbound Charlton Cataloguegallery thumbnail$20$12
190Charlton Royal Canadian Mint 2018 560 page colour Cataloguegallery thumbnail$20$12
191Canada 1958/1967 cased Silver Dollar quartetgallery thumbnail$60$73
192Canada Proof 2018 cased pure Silver $20 Cougar #3422/6000gallery thumbnail$60$73
193Canada Unc 1971 7-coin Double Dollar Setgallery thumbnail$20$9
194Canada Proof 1990 4-coin Platinum Polar Bear set only 2629 issuedgallery thumbnail$2000$2205
195Canada, G.B., U.S., & World Coins etc estate balance (90)gallery thumbnail$100$77
196Art Life June 1988 Vol 8 Number 5 limited edition magazine, as isgallery thumbnail$30$55
197Canada Expo 86 Official Retrospective Book w/ dustjacketgallery thumbnail$25still available
198Virginia & Truckee Railroad #59/100 1968 Ball Prints (6)gallery thumbnail$50$22
199Essondale, B.C. June 1932 Provincial Hospital framed Class Photogallery thumbnail$50$25
20078 RPM Records 1930s/1940s incl Stephen Foster etc (10 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$40

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