Featured: Lot 59 Canada #237a VFNH 1937 3c Imperforate Pair, 75 issued, fp $1200.

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Featured: Lot 194 Thessaly 336-317 BC Alexander the Great 17.12gm Silver Tetradrachm


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All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1391
Noon Saturday 10th December 2022

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515, collect@direct.ca
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
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LotDescriptionImage click/tap...Est Your Bid
1Argentina #C35-C37 Mint 1932 Graf Zeppelin Airmail Set US$48. (3)gallery thumbnail$25
2Australia #45/51b Used 1915/1921, sml perf flaws US$206. (12 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
3Australia #256/969 Used 1953/1985 US$214. (375 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
4Australia 28 Dec 1954 28d Macquarie Islands FDC to US (4)gallery thumbnail$20
5A.A.T. 1957/97 M&U, F.S.A.T. 1988/93 Never Hinged US$169. (104)gallery thumbnail$40
6Austria #B3/B295 Mint 1915/55 Semipostal Sets US$175. (70 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
7Lombardy-Venetia #1/22 Used 1850/54 incl 11a US$380. (8)gallery thumbnail$75
8Belgium, Belgian Congo 1937 mixed franked delayed Flight Map Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
9Brazil #C26-7, C29-30 Never Hinged 1931/32 Zep quartet, 2 creasedgallery thumbnail$50
10B.W.I. 1937 Coronation FDCs incl Registered (10 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50
11Butterflies 1960/1990 mainly Used incl Scott unlisted (750 diff)gallery thumbnail$75
12Canada #4 VF 4-ring Used 1852 3d Beaver, faults $300.gallery thumbnail$60
13Canada #7 Fine Used 1855 10d Cartier $1200.gallery thumbnail$400
14Canada #14 Fine Unused 1859 1c Rose $250.gallery thumbnail$75
15Canada #15 Fine Unused 1859 5c Beaver, sealed tear $400.gallery thumbnail$100
16Canada #17 Fine Unused 1859 10c Albert, may be removed pen cancelgallery thumbnail$150
17Canada #17b F/VF Unused 1859 10c Albert, small flaws $1200.gallery thumbnail$200
18Canada #18TCix VF 1859 12.5c Black Proof, small flaws, thin $650.gallery thumbnail$150
19Canada #19 VG Unused 1859 17c Cartier $300.gallery thumbnail$75
20Canada #20 Fine Unused 2c Rose, not quite fresh, cc $300.gallery thumbnail$75
21Canada #21-30 Fine+ mainly Used 1868/76 LQ Set, some flts $870.gallery thumbnail$200
22Canada #33 VG Used 1868 3c Laid Paper, colour loss, sht perf $500.gallery thumbnail$125
23Canada #35/41 Used Small Queens incl Pairs (24)gallery thumbnail$25
24Canada #40a Fine Mint HHR 1880 10c Small Queen shade, rc $500.gallery thumbnail$125
25Canada #43 VF Mint HR 6c1888/97 6c Small Queen, pretty $300.gallery thumbnail$100
26Canada #47xx Fine+ Used 1893 50c Winnipeg Precancel, thingallery thumbnail$20
27Canada #50/60 Mint & Unu 1897 Jubilees, some sml flaws $830. (10)gallery thumbnail$200
28Canada #51 Fine+ Mint 1897 1c Colour Changeling Block (4)gallery thumbnail$20
29Canada #53 1897 select cancels on 3c Jubilees $147. (84)gallery thumbnail$50
30Canada #55i Fine Used 1897 6c Jubilee, reentry in Postage $375.gallery thumbnail$100
31Canada #74-82 Mint, Unu, & Used 1898/1902, some flts $560.+ (9)gallery thumbnail$125
32Canada #74/96 24 Sep 1908 5c Redirected Telegraph Creek Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
33Canada #75 15 Oct 1900 2c Manson Cover to Comox, stamp flt (2)gallery thumbnail$20
34Canada #83 Fine Mint 1898 10c QV Numeral, filled thin $200.gallery thumbnail$40
35Canada #85-86a F/VF Never Hinged 1898 2c Christmas duo $165.gallery thumbnail$50
36Canada #85-86 Used 1898 2c Christmas shades $504. (84)gallery thumbnail$100
37Canada #89-90, 91, 93 Mint & Unu Edward VII quartet, sml flaws $440.gallery thumbnail$100
38Canada #89, 90 1905/09 1 & 2c Montreal Postcard duo to UK & USgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
39Canada #92 22 Nov 1911 7c Returned Joint Stock #10 Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
40Canada #94 VF Unused 1903/08 20c Edward VII, sht perfs $1250.gallery thumbnail$250
41Canada, U.S. 1907.21 Used Greeting Postcardsgallery thumbnail$25
42Canada #96-103 Mint & Unu 1908 Quebec Set, odd sml flaw $695. (8)gallery thumbnail$150
43Canada #104 17 Ar 1922 1c U.B.C. Convocation Covergallery thumbnail$20
44Canada #114iv F/VF Mint 1911/25 7c Line in V Variety $100.gallery thumbnail$30
45Canada #116 Fine Never Hinged 1912 10c George V Admiral $192.gallery thumbnail$50
46Canada #125-130 F/VF Mint 1912/24 Admiral Coils, odd sml flaw $239.gallery thumbnail$60
47Canada #131iv Mint 1918 Toronto Experimental Coil duo, gum flawsgallery thumbnail$40
48Winnipeg Used & Unused Postcards incl US & UK (6 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
49Canada #135, 141-148 F/VF Mint 1917/27 incl 5 NH $139. (9 diff)gallery thumbnail$40
50Canada #137 XFNH 1924 2c Admiral Imperforate Block $400. (4)gallery thumbnail$150
51Canada #149-159 Fine Mint & Unu Scroll Set, some faults $582. (11)gallery thumbnail$125
52Canada #149b abt VF Mint 1928 1c Imperforate Pair, toned gum $125.gallery thumbnail$30
53Canada #150 21 Feb 1930 12 Returned Registered Cover (6)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
54Canada #161 abt VF Mint 1929 2c George V Coil Pair $120.gallery thumbnail$30
55Canada #176 VF Unused 1930 50c Grand Pre $300.gallery thumbnail$75
56Canada #217-227 F/VF Mint 1935 George V Set $157. (11)gallery thumbnail$50
57Canada #217-8 7 Aug 1936 Port Harrison, PQ RMS Nascopie Covergallery thumbnail$25
58Canada #232, 252 1941/44 2 & 3c Empress Hotel Postcards to USgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
59Canada #237a VFNH 1937 3c Imperforate Pair, 75 issued, fp $1200.gallery thumbnail$400
60Canada #249-262 gen VF Mint 1942/43 War Set $171. (14)gallery thumbnail$50
61Canada #249, 267 23 May 1946 Returned Victoria Registered Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
62Canada 1945 C.A.O. Fieldpost Air Letter duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
63Canada #297 16 Oct 1942 2c Jamaica Paquebot Cover to US (2)gallery thumbnail$20
64Canada #311-530p Mint incl Tagged & NH (250 diff)gallery thumbnail$30
65Canada #322-9, 349-54 Never Hinged 1953/55 Pl. Blocks $204. (412)gallery thumbnail$50
66Canada #450/847, B2/9 Never Hinged 1966/77 Pl Blks $151. (300)gallery thumbnail$50
67Canada The 1967-73 Definitive Issue 1975 Wegg 84 pg Handbookgallery thumbnail$20
68Canada #1180c VFNH 19908 80c Perf 14.4x13.8 Matched Set $150.gallery thumbnail$50
69Canada #2339-40 VFNH 2009 Habs Centenary Booklet & S/S (13)gallery thumbnail$20
70Canada 2013 Never Hinged Armstrong, B.C. Picture Postage Sheetgallery thumbnail$25
71Canada 29 Sep 2022 Truth & Reconciliation FDC #2/4gallery thumbnail$20
72Canada #B32 7 Jul 2022 Help for Ukraine #11/20 FDC w/ 2002 date*gallery thumbnail$25
73Canada VFNH 2022 Madonna of Sunflowers Picture Postage Booklet*gallery thumbnail$30
74Canada #BK106/BK321 Never Hinged 33c/51c Booklets $96. (8 diff)gallery thumbnail$30
75Jack V. Elliot Air Service #CL7 VFNH 1926 top margin $180.gallery thumbnail$60
76Elliot-Fairchilds Air Service #CL9b VFNH 1926 Tete-beche Pair $150.gallery thumbnail$50
77Patricia Airways #CL18 VFNH 1926 50c sheet margin $300.gallery thumbnail$100
78Western Cda Airways #CL40 26 Jun 1929 12c Flight Cover $40.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
79Cherry Red #CL46, 46a 25 Dec 1929/ 3 Feb 12c Flight Cover duo $95.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
80Canada #E1 VF Mint 1898 10c Special Delivery $250.gallery thumbnail$75
81Canada #F3 VF Unused 1876 8c Registration, sml flaws $900.gallery thumbnail$200
82Canada #MR2b Fine Never Hinged 1915 2-line War Tax, sht pf $300.gallery thumbnail$75
83Nova Scotia #NSB1/13 Used 1868/71 Bill stamps, 10c forgery $180.gallery thumbnail$40
84Canada #O10 VFNH 1949/50 $1 Ferry Official $120.gallery thumbnail$40
85British Columbia #15 VG Used 1869 10c on 3d, rd corner $800.gallery thumbnail$200
86Kamloops. B.C. 20 Jun 1885 Marcus Smith Letter to his wife cf Rielgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100
87Chemainus, B.C. 1c Used Beacon Hill Park Christmas Auto Rally Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
88Kamloops, B.C. 1970 6c Veale/Price Only Spot on the Map Covergallery thumbnail$20
89New Westminster, B.C. 4 May 1898 1c Dominion Express Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
90Point Grey Fire Dept. 4.5x6.5" matted Photogallery thumbnail$50
91Rossland, B.C. Unu & Used Columbia Ave. Postcard duogallery thumbnail$20
92Selma Park Sechelt, B.C. Unused C. Bradbury Postcardgallery thumbnail$25
93Tulsequah, B.C. RF D 13 Nov 1954 7c COMINCO Cover to Rosslandgallery thumbnail$25
94English Bay Vancouver, B.C. Unused Real Photo Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
95Victoria/Vancouver, B.C. 23 Jul 1928 2c Postmaster signed FFCgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
96Wycliffe, B.C. 20 Dec 1914 1c Admiral Christmas Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
97B.C. Centennial 1958 Used Postcards & Postergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
98New Brunswick 1846 7d Collect St. John/Fredericton prestamp FLSgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75
99Newfoundland #26 Fine Unused 1869 5c Harp Seal, adhesion $300.gallery thumbnail$75
100Canal Zone #31/57 Used 1909/21 Overprints US$183. (15 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
101Cape of Good Hope #41/70 Mint 1884/1903, some faults US$150. (15)gallery thumbnail$30
102Caroline Islands #3a Used 1899 10pf US$125.gallery thumbnail$40
103China #98, N.E. 49, PRC 808/8L9, 3457/3961, ROC M&U US$170.gallery thumbnail$40
104China #248-268 Used 1923 Junks etc US$76. (21)gallery thumbnail$30
105Italian Offices in Peking #29 Mint 1918/19 40c o 1L, toned gum US$350.gallery thumbnail$100
106Manchukuo #75/152, C4 Mint & Used 1932/46 US$81. (59)gallery thumbnail$30
107P.R. China #920-3 Used 1966 Games Set US$67. (4)gallery thumbnail$30
108Cook Islands #1/40 Mint 1892/1911, odd tone spot US$275. (17)gallery thumbnail$75
109Curacao #CB1-8 Used 1941 Rise Again Set US$208. (8)gallery thumbnail$60
110Cyprus 50, 61, 63 Used 1904/12 Broken Triangle Variety triogallery thumbnail$50
111Czechoslovakia 1939 Feldpost Prague Clock Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
112D.W.I. #40, 42, Norway 12, 277 Mint 1867/1949 quartet US$96.gallery thumbnail$30
113Denmark 12 Jul 1902 8o readdressed Edward VII colour Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
114Dennison prefolded lost formula Hinges (2 packs of 1000)gallery thumbnail$50
115Egypt #251 Mint 1945 22m King Farouk Misperfgallery thumbnail$20
116France 1883 30c Telegram Stationery Card, repairedgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
117F.S.A.T. #151, 158 1997 Antarctic Mission Airmail Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
118German East Africa #6/37 CDS Used 1896/1911 US$144. (17 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
119Germany #17/384 Used 1872/1933 Classics US$250. (150 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
120Germany 23 Jul 1935 6pf Graf Zeppelin red cachet Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
121Germany #B160-66 1939 Winter Relief Cover quartet (7)gallery thumbnail$20
122Alsace #N36-42 15 Feb 1941 Registered Cover to Ebingen (7)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
123Berlin #9N61-3 Used 1949 Goethe Set US$127. (3)gallery thumbnail$40
124East Germany 1980/82 Never Hinged US$130. (261)gallery thumbnail$40
125Bark Arcturus 1839 Notice & Receipt duo on Wellburn pagegallery thumbnail$25
126G.B. #3/112 Used 1841/1887 Victoria, faults US$574. (14 diff)gallery thumbnail$100
127G.B. #4e Fine Used 1841 Ivory Head, 30 1869 plate 14 Misperf US$135.gallery thumbnail$30
128G.B. #45 F/VF Used 1865 6d Lilac plate 5 US$100.gallery thumbnail$25
129G.B. #60 Fine Used 1873 6d Gray plate 12 US$250.gallery thumbnail$60
130G.B. #89/291 Mint 1881/1951 some gum side faults US$175. (77 diff)gallery thumbnail$40
131The Russian Outrage Unu Baltic Fishing Fleet Postcard duogallery thumbnail$50
132G.B. #140 VF 1905 CDS Used 5/- Edward VII shade US$225.gallery thumbnail$60
133G.B. #173 VF Used 1913 2/6d George V Seahorse, sml flaws US$160.gallery thumbnail$40
134G.B. #181 VF Used 1919 10/- George V Seahorse US$150.gallery thumbnail$50
135G.B. #295 MV Britannic 1956 Paquebot Used 2d Postcard, stamp fltgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
136G.B. 8 May 1970 VE Silver Anniversary cacheted Cover (2)gallery thumbnail$20
137Guernsey 1986/2006 Never Hinged US$673. (408)gallery thumbnail$200
138Hong Kong #39/1243 mainly Used 1891/2006 US$193. (122 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
139Iceland #195/428 Used 1935/71 US$166. (143 diff)gallery thumbnail$40
140Iceland #C3 Mint 1930 10a Gyrfalcon Airmailgallery thumbnail$20
141Indian Mystic on Bed of Nails Unused Postcardgallery thumbnail$25
142Indo China 1892/1949 Mint & Used US$212. (166)gallery thumbnail$50
143Ireland #1/150 mostly Used 1922/1954 US$260.+ (55 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
144Italy #24/313 Used 1863/1933 Classics US$250. (70 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
145Italy #C115 3 Mar 1948 San Remo Stamp Show Opening Day Covergallery thumbnail$20
146Japan field post Used Manchuria censored Artillery Column Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
147Marshall Islands VFNH 2022 $5 Peace for Ukraine S/S* only 1 availablegallery thumbnail$20
148Mauritius #85/136, E2/4 Mint & Used 1891/1907, 1 foxed US$487. (8)gallery thumbnail$100
149Monaco 1953/2009 Mint & Used US$324. (375 diff)gallery thumbnail$75
150Netherlands 28/31 Mar 1959 65c KLM FFC to Saigon return FFCgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
151Netherlands #B1/B690 mainly Used 1906/95 Semipostals (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$60
152New Zealand #17 VG Used 1863 2d Chalon, faults US$450.gallery thumbnail$40
153New Zealand #B9/B141 Mint 1936/1992 Semipostals (100 diff)gallery thumbnail$30
154Ross Dependency 23 Jan 1979 16c signed Christmas Day Cover (2)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
155Nicaragua 1869/1990 Mint & Used (1000 different)gallery thumbnail$100
156Paraguay #C54/C95 Mint & Used 1931/35 Zeppelin Airmails US$96.gallery thumbnail$25
157Poland #N17/N103, NB6/NB41, NO10/24 Mint & Used US$75. (95)gallery thumbnail$30
158Portugal #922-1016 Never Hinged 1964-67 Year Sets US$203. (95)gallery thumbnail$75
159Moscow Unused 1917 Revolution Barricades Winter Postcardgallery thumbnail$40
160St. Pierre & Miquelon Used & Unused Fisheries Postcard quartetgallery thumbnail$30
161Siberia #103 Fine+ Used 1922 4k Imperforate, corner crease US$100.gallery thumbnail$25
162Somaliland Protectorate #4/36, O1/10 mostly Mint US$241. (15 diff)gallery thumbnail$60
163South Africa #74-8 12 May 1937 Registered Coronation Set FDC to Indiagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
164S.W. Africa #142 13 Oct 1942 4/- Registered Cover to B.C. (4)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
165Surinam #22/534 Mint & Used 1892/1979 (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$60
166Sweden #400-3 26 Apr 1948 Registered FDC to Quebec, tear (5)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
167Switzerland 1 Aug 1912 5c uprated 5c Bern colour Fete-National Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
168Switzerland somewhat duplicated colourful Used range US$261. (280)gallery thumbnail$50
169U.S.A. #14 F/VF Used 1855 10c Washington Imperforate US$145.gallery thumbnail$50
170U.S.A. #73 F/VF Used 1863 2c Black Jack, face free cancel US$65.gallery thumbnail$25
171U.S.A. 15 Aug 1927 10c Springfield Lindbergh Day Special Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
172Air Ship Los Angeles 15 Apr 1925 2c Lakehurst/Bermuda Flight Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
173U.S.A. #730/751 Mint 1934 Farley Imperforate Sheets (4 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25
174U.S.A. #2869-70 Never Hinged 1994 29c Legends of the West Sht duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75
175U.S.A. #RW1/RW21 Used 1935/54 Ducks, odd fault US$788. (20 diff)gallery thumbnail$200
176U.N./Geneva NH 2022 Ukraine Support Sheet* only 1 available (10)gallery thumbnail$40
177Vatican mainly Mint mostly Sets US$86. (216)gallery thumbnail$20
178Virgin Islands #39/672, MR2 Mint 1913/90 US$117. (68)gallery thumbnail$40
179Yemen #7/572, C4/C66 Mint & Used incl P.R. US$110. (230)gallery thumbnail$25
180Bithynia, Nicaea, Valerian, Gallienus, Valeria II 256-58 8.9gm AE24gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200
181Canada Good 1890H Victoria Silver 25 Cents $30.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
182Canada XF 1948 George VI Silver 50 Cents $200.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$125
183Canada Unc 1935 George V Jubilee Silver Dollar $55.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
184Canada BU 2913 pure silver $20 Santa .25ozgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
185Canada BU 1967 6-coin Silver Proof-like Setgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
186RCM Grinch Unc 2000 Reel Coinz & stickers (5 diff)gallery thumbnail$20
187Edward the Confessor 1042-1066 1.17gm hammered Silver Pennygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100
188G.B./Colonial Canada VF 1861 Victoria Gold Half Sovereign US$450.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300
189G.B./Colonial Canada XF 1829 George IV Gold Sovereign US$2925.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$1500
190Crimean War 40mm 16gm 30 Mar 1856 Peace Medal, scratchesgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40
191Merry Christmas .999 fine ounce Silver 2001 art bargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40
192Mark Antony 32-31 BC 3.2gm Silver Denariusgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150
193Vespasian 69-79 AD 2.70gm Silver Denarius w/ female bust etcgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100
194Thessaly 336-317 BC Alexander the Great 17.12gm Silver Tetradrachmgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300
195John F. Kennedy 14k Gold memorial Half Dollar 3.36 grains replicagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
196Dominion of Canada #DC-1c VG 1870 25c Shinplaster $50.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
197Canada #BC-23c Unc 1937 prefix Y/C George VI $5, margin stain $300.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150
198If Day VF+ Winnipeg Occupation Reichsmark War Savings Note, mt mksgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
199U.S.A. Fine 1934 $10 Silver Certificate, staple holegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
200Summit Series 1972/1997 Paul Henderson signed Postcard etc (3 pcs)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50
201Winnipeg June 1911 Buffalo Cap Badgegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
202Charlton Canadian Bank Notes 2019 588pg Cataloguegallery thumbnail$40

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