Highlight: Lot 55 Canada #158iii Fine Used 1929 50c Man on the Mast Variety, thin

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Highlight: Lot 207 Moesia Superior, Viminacium AD 238-244 Gordian III 7.8gm AE24


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All Nations Stamp & Coin Auction #1437
Noon Saturday 9th December 2023

5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515, collect@direct.ca
North America toll free: 1-877 378 4541
All Nations store will be open for consignment and pickup
by appointment Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

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LotDescriptionImage click/tap...Est Your Bid
1Aland #29/269 VFNH 1988/2007 US$105. (40)gallery thumbnail$30
2Alaska 22 Jun 1940 6c FAM20 Postmaster Signed First Flight Covergallery thumbnail$20
3Albania #B2/J9 Mint 1922/1953 US$280. (35)gallery thumbnail$75
4Algeria #4/450 Used 1924/1975 US$165. (180)gallery thumbnail$40
5Andorra, Sp. #13A/36 Mint 1931/1943 incl NH US$168. (15)gallery thumbnail$40
6Angola #C18 Used 1947 Airmail & tax stamp US$125. (2)gallery thumbnail$30
7Antigua #10/70 Mint & Used 1879/1932 US$202. (20)gallery thumbnail$40
8Australia #1/47 Used 1913/15 Kangaroos, flty #9 US$193. (12)gallery thumbnail$40
9Australia #157/345 Used 1936/1962 US$200. (172)gallery thumbnail$50
10Australia $470a 12 Nov 1969 1st Flight Commem FDC to Toronto (3)gallery thumbnail$20
11Australian Territories VF Used 1957/2012 US$153. (103)gallery thumbnail$40
12Austria #552/B286 etc Mint & Used 1920/1989 US$100. (122)gallery thumbnail$25
13German Austria #385, 484 20 Apr 1938 mixed franked Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
14Bahrain #206/312 VFNH 1974/1984 Sets US$116. (24)gallery thumbnail$40
15Balkans Mint & Used 1940/1960 owner's cat. $150. (149)gallery thumbnail$40
16Basutoland #1/108 Mint & Used 1933/1966 US$161. (70)gallery thumbnail$40
17Belgium #B31-B33 VF Mint 1915 Semipostal Set, sml flaws US$89.gallery thumbnail$20
18Bermuda #143-162 Never Hinged 1953/58 QEII Set US$110. (20)gallery thumbnail$30
19Biafra #26, 31 VFNH 1969 10/- Souvenir Sheet duo US$97.gallery thumbnail$40
20Bohemia & Moravia & German Poland 1915/44 Mint & Used US$144.gallery thumbnail$40
21British Africa 1922/1980 mostly Used N/Z Countries US$163. (312)gallery thumbnail$40
22Burma #1-16 Mint & Used 1937 George VI, odd tone spot US$257 (16)gallery thumbnail$60
23Hamilton, C.W. 3 Feb 1859 3d stampless Cover to Perth Sherriffgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
24Canada #2TCi Fine 1857 6d Trial Colour Plate Proof, faults $325.gallery thumbnail$75
25Canada #4d F/VF Used 1853 3d Beaver, small flaws $150.gallery thumbnail$40
26Canada #17/47 Used 1859/1893, small faults $490. (10)gallery thumbnail$50
27Canada #19 VF Used 1859 17c Cartier shade $300.gallery thumbnail$100
28Canada #25, 25b Used 1868 3c Large Queen study lot $272. (8)gallery thumbnail$50
29Canada #35, 51, 53, 102 Fine Used 1873/1908, sml flaws $201. (37)gallery thumbnail$50
30Canada #38a Fine+ Used 1876 5c Small Queen study trio $100.gallery thumbnail$40
31Canada #40b VF Used 1897 10c Deep Lilac Small Queen $120.gallery thumbnail$40
32Canada #41 1 Dec 1897 3c SQ Nanaimo, B.C. Cover to Quebecgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
33Canada #59 Fine NH appearing 1897 20c Jubilee, sht perfs $150.gallery thumbnail$30
34Canada #62 F/VF Used 1897 $2 Jubilee, smudge cancel $450.gallery thumbnail$150
35Canada #66, 97 VFNH 1897 & 1908 duo $210.gallery thumbnail$75
36Canada #71 VFNH 1897 6c Queen Victoria Leaf, trifle gum dist $250.gallery thumbnail$75
37Canada #80 VF Mint 1898 6c Queen Victoria Numeral $300.gallery thumbnail$75
38Canada #86b Fine+ Mint 1898 2c Map quartet, gum thins $120.gallery thumbnail$40
39Canada #86 31 May 1899 2c Nova Scotia Map Cover, sml flawsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
40Canada #88 Never Hinged 1899 2c Shifted Overprintgallery thumbnail$25
41Canada #89 10 Apr 1911 1c Niagara Falls Simon's Photo Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
42Canada #89, 90, 247 Winnipeg 1906/39 Postcard triogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
43Canada #90 Montreal Harbour in Winter 2c Postcard to Wetaskiwingallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
44Canada #104-122 Fine+ mainly Mint Admiral Set $835. (18)gallery thumbnail$200
45Canada #106a VFNH 1917/22 2c Admiral Booklet Pane $100. (6)gallery thumbnail$30
46Canada 14 Jun 1922 17c Registered Ottawa Precancel Cover (3)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
47Canada #110 VFNH 1922 4c George V Admiral shade $240.gallery thumbnail$75
48Canada #112a VFNH 1924 5c Thin Paper, natural bend $150.gallery thumbnail$50
49Canada #116 F/VF Mint 1912 10c Admiral $260.gallery thumbnail$75
50Canada #130 VF Mint 1924 3c Admiral Coil Pair $200.gallery thumbnail$40
51Canada #131 VFNH 1915 1c Admiral Coil Pair $50.gallery thumbnail$20
52Canada #139-140 Fine+ Never Hinged 1926 3c Admiral duo $105.gallery thumbnail$40
53Canada #142/271 F/VF Mint 1927/1946 incl NH $242. (52)gallery thumbnail$60
54Canada #150b VFNH 1929 2c George V Imperforate Pair $187.gallery thumbnail$75
55Canada #158iii Fine Used 1929 50c Man on the Mast Variety, thingallery thumbnail$250
56Canada #159 Fine Mint 1929 $1 Parliament $250.gallery thumbnail$60
57Canada #160i Fine Never Hinged 1929 1c Paste-up Coil Pair $90.gallery thumbnail$30
58Canada #163ii Fine Never Hinged 1c Major Re-entry in Block $52. (4)gallery thumbnail$25
59Canada #166 Mint 1931 2c George V Dramatic Misperf, bend $125.gallery thumbnail$30
60Canada #168 Fine+ Never Hinged Reversed Inverted Plate 1 Block $75.gallery thumbnail$25
61Canada #176 F/VF Mint 1930 50c Grand Pre, disturbed gum $225.gallery thumbnail$50
62Canada #178 VF 18 Feb 1933 Vancouver 1c Coil Strip, sml flaw $75.gallery thumbnail$25
63Canada #180iii VF Mint 1930 2c Cockeyed King Variety in Strip $100. (4)gallery thumbnail$40
64Canada #191i VF Mint 1932 3c Extended Moustache Variety in Pair $150gallery thumbnail$50
65Canada #218i, 226i, 228ii, 229ii Fine+ Mint & Unu Variety quartet $267.gallery thumbnail$75
66Canada #227 VF Mint 1935 $1 Champlain Block of Four $320.gallery thumbnail$100
67Canada #228-230 Fine+ Mint 1935 George V Coil Pair Set $147. (6)gallery thumbnail$50
68Canada #241a/302 F/VF+ Never Hinged 1938/1951 $339. (10)gallery thumbnail$100
69Canada #260 9 Dec 1945 20c Irvine's Landing, B.C. Air Cover to U.K.gallery thumbnail$20
70Canada #302 F/VF Never Hinged UL 1951 $1 Fish Plate 1 Block $250.gallery thumbnail$60
71Canada #325 8 Nov 1954 2c HMCS Stadacona Cover to U.S.gallery thumbnail$20
72Canada #341 3 Oct 1962 5c Resolute Bay Arctic Expedition Covergallery thumbnail$20
73Canada #401 VFNH 1963 1c QEII Preprinting Crease $125.gallery thumbnail$50
74Canada #463p, 464p, 465p, 465B VFNH Centennial Pl. Blocks $129.gallery thumbnail$40
75Canada #704T1, 1032T1, 1034T1 VFNH 1977/88 untagged $165. (5)gallery thumbnail$50
76Canada #1226/2120 VFNH 1988/2005 Plate Blocks etc $145. (98 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50
77Canada #1283a, 1284a, 1286b VFNH 1990 Sheetlet stock $150. (48)gallery thumbnail$50
78Canada #1687b/3190 VFNH 1985/2019 Wildlife S/S etc $124. (7 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40
79Canada #2269/2676i, BK548-554 NH 2013 Hockey $118. (91)gallery thumbnail$40
80Canada #B32 24 Aug 2022 Ukraine Support Maxicard*gallery thumbnail$20
81Canada #BK33a/BK42b six 1942/1951 Mint Booklets $175.gallery thumbnail$60
82Canada #C1-9, CE1-4 Fine+ Mint 1928/46 Airmails, CE3 thin $131. (13)gallery thumbnail$40
83Canada #C4 Fine Never Hinged 1932 6c on 5c Airmail Block $120. (4)gallery thumbnail$40
84Canada #C9 VFNH 1946 M/S, #CE4 Pl Blk duo $148. (24)gallery thumbnail$50
85Canada #CL11, CL44, CL47 1926/29 S.O.A. Cover trio, incl signed $415gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100
86Patricia Airways #CL14f VF Mint 1926/27 10x Broken N Variety $180.gallery thumbnail$60
87Commercial Airways #CL48a & d Never Hinged 1930 Pane $200. (10)gallery thumbnail$75
88Canada #E2-E11 Fine+ mainly NH 1922/1946 Special Delivery $379.gallery thumbnail$125
89Canada #J1/J19 Fine+ Mint 1930/1957 Postage Dues $118. (10)gallery thumbnail$40
90Canada #MR2 VFNH 1915 top margin imprint War Tax Pair $240.gallery thumbnail$75
91Canada #O241-O245i Fine+ Mint 1938 4-hole Perf OHMS Set $527. (7)gallery thumbnail$125
92Canada #O16-O25 Fine+ Mint 1950/51 Official Set incl NH $113. (10)gallery thumbnail$40
93Canada #O30-O32 VFNH 1951/53 Plate Block trio $165. (12)gallery thumbnail$40
94British Columbia #8 Fine+ Mint 1867 2c on 3d $160.gallery thumbnail$50
95Wells Fargo 1870/71 6c San Francisco/Victoria Cover to Fred Baumanngallery thumbnail$50
96Cathedral Mountain, Atlin, B.C. Unu Real Photo Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
97Canoe, B.C. 6 Mar 1912 incoming 1d Postcard w/ fire messagegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
98Cranbrook, B.C. 18 Jan 1909 1c Lumber Mill & Yard colour Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
99Blue Grouse Lake, Grouse Mountain, B.C. Unu JW Postcard, notegallery thumbnail$20
100Riverside Park, Kamloops, B.C. 19 Apr 1948 2c Postage Due Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
101Log Cabin, B.C. RF D 26 May 1905 2c Alaska Goldmines Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
102New Westminster, B.C. incoming 17 Mar 1910 5c de Wolf Smith Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
103Osoyoos, B.C. from the West Unu Russell Real Photo Postcard, bendgallery thumbnail$20
104Handlogging caught on the stump Unu Quatsino area colour Postcardgallery thumbnail$25
105Shuswap River Unu Meeres Real Photo Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
106Cadillac Eight in Big Tree Stanley Park Unu colour Coast Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
107Greater Vancouver Water District 13x16" illustrated Mapgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
108Vernon, B.C. 3c Admiral colour Asylum Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
109Victoria, B.C. 1915 33/8x13/4" B&W Souvenir Photos (12)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
110Newfoundland #104-114 Mint 1911 Royalty Set $228. (11)gallery thumbnail$75
111Newfoundland #145-159 Mint 1928 Publicity Set $140. (15)gallery thumbnail$40
112Newfoundland #212-225 Mint 1933 Gilbert Set $180. (14)gallery thumbnail$60
113Newfoundland #NFR16/20 & NFR36/43 Used 1910/42 $204. (23)gallery thumbnail$40
114Cape of Good Hope #15 Fine Used 1863/64 1/-, thin US$725.gallery thumbnail$75
1151920s Harbin to & from Covers incl Far Eastern Republic (12 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50
116P.R. China #3466/3556 Never Hinged 2006 Sets US$175. (91)gallery thumbnail$60
117Comoro Islands #84/155, C30/65 Never Hinged 1990/95 US$142. (47)gallery thumbnail$40
118Cook Islands #9/82 Mint & Used 1893/1931, some flts US$340. (24)gallery thumbnail$60
119Cyprus, Turkish Cyprus & Gibraltar M&U 1882/2006 US$142. (47)gallery thumbnail$40
120Denmark #18/78 Used 1870/1912 stock US$315. (46)gallery thumbnail$75
121Dominica #35/50, MR1-5 Mint 1907/20 US$155. (16)gallery thumbnail$50
122Ethiopia #2/1635, B1/N6 etc M&U 1895/2002 US$216. (109)gallery thumbnail$50
123Europa VFNH 1968 Omnibus US$50. (35)gallery thumbnail$20
124Faroe Islands #42/420 Used 1979/2002 US$150. (40)gallery thumbnail$40
125France #97-108 Used 1879/1900 Sets, sml flaws US$125. (12)gallery thumbnail$25
126Happy Christmas unmailed 10 Dec 1916 embroidered Silk Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
127France #111/569 mostly Mint 1900/1946, some gum flaws US$210.gallery thumbnail$60
128France 24 Aug 2022 Ukraine Support Maxicard, last one*gallery thumbnail$20
129French Equatorial Africa #74/202 Mint 1938/1958 Sets US$105. (70)gallery thumbnail$30
130French Polynesia #C22/C95 Mint 1954/1973 Sets US$134. (6)gallery thumbnail$40
131F.S.A.T. 28 Aug 2014 Souvenir Sheet Airmail Cover to Germany (4)gallery thumbnail$25
132Bavaria #2/270, O2/O69 etc M&U 1849/1920, some flts US$154. (94)gallery thumbnail$40
133Germany #31/158 Used 1875/1922 US$147. (89)gallery thumbnail$40
13431 May 1909 Unu Zeppelin Wreck Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
135Germany #338/528, C46/O20 Used 1924/1942 US$193. (175)gallery thumbnail$50
136Germany #B360/B588 Never Hinged 1958/81 US$103. (120)gallery thumbnail$30
137East Germany #54/890, C1-7 etc mainly Used 1945/65 US$120. (167)gallery thumbnail$30
138Berlin 7 Oct 1957 returned Lufthansa Flight Cover to Copenhagengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
139Gibraltar #9/787 Mint & Used 1889/1999 (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$60
140G.B. #4 VG Used 1841 2d Blue position N-I US$90.gallery thumbnail$20
141G.B. #33 Used 1864 1d Red Plates 101/210 US$499. (20)gallery thumbnail$125
142G.B. #89/229 Mint 1881/1935, some gum side flaws US$312. (39)gallery thumbnail$75
143G.B. #111-122 Mint & Unu 1887/1892 Victoria Set US$653. (12)gallery thumbnail$200
144G.B. 18 Jul 1906 1/2d His First Pair Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
145Woodland Friends Unu colour Margaret Tarrant Postcardgallery thumbnail$20
14617th Lancers Charge of the Light Brigade colour Souvenir Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
147Somerset Barracks, Shorncliffe Camp Cdn Light Horse Used Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
148G.B. #179-180 VF Used 1919 George V Seahorse duo US$227.gallery thumbnail$50
149G.B. #334/392 Never Hinged 1957/1965 QEII Mass US$200.gallery thumbnail$50
150G.B. #1284/2327 Never Hinged 1989/2005 S/S etc US$501. (211)gallery thumbnail$150
151Hong Kong #140 18 Nov 1937 50c Airmail Cover to U.K. , foxedgallery thumbnail$20
152Iceland #302/394 Mint 1957/1968 incl NH US$165. (94)gallery thumbnail$50
153India #244/505, C7-12mostly Mint 1948/1969 incl NH US$174. (73)gallery thumbnail$50
154Ireland #23/117 Mint 1922/1942 US$678. (46)gallery thumbnail$200
155Italy #24/Q5 Used 1865/1896 US$225. (34)gallery thumbnail$50
156Liechtenstein #4/1156 Mint & Used 1917/1999 (300 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
157Macao #477/507 Never Hinged 1983/1985 US$47. (14)gallery thumbnail$20
158Mexico #766/1656 Mint & Used 1938/90 Jumbos (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$30
159Montserrat #12/20 Mint & Used 1903 octet US$154.gallery thumbnail$40
160Mushrooms 1974/2002 Mint T/V Topicals US$93. (63)gallery thumbnail$30
161Napoleon Used Christmas Postcard to Isle of Mangallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
162Natal incoming 8 Aug 1906 1d Postcard to Lawrence Millergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
163Netherlands #B1/B85 Used 1906/35 Semipostal Sets US$135. (35)gallery thumbnail$40
164Netherlands Antilles #B1-B20 Mint 1947/53 Semipostals US$140. (20)gallery thumbnail$40
165Nevis #18 VF Unu 1880 1d Victoria US$90.gallery thumbnail$25
166New Zealand #165-170 F/VF Used 1920 Victory Set US$101. (6)gallery thumbnail$30
167North Borneo #136a-153a Unu 1922 Exhibition, toned US$234. (14)gallery thumbnail$40
168Norway #B1/B61 mainly Used 1930/50 Semipostals US$160. (20)gallery thumbnail$40
169Oman #1-24, 27-34, 42-78 Mint 1944/57 Sets incl NH US$177. (69)gallery thumbnail$50
170Philippines #219 Fine Mint 50c Jefferson US$125.gallery thumbnail$40
171Portugal #315-345, 422-436 Mint 1924/27, some gum flaws US$123.gallery thumbnail$40
172Portugal & Colonies 1882/1963 M&U owner's cat. $120. (145)gallery thumbnail$30
173Rhodesia #26-28, 34 Mint HR 1896 quartet US$104.gallery thumbnail$30
174Saar #B67-B68 Used 1949 Horse Set US$62. (2)gallery thumbnail$20
175St. Christopher #4/21 Used 1875/1888 Victoria US$292. (8)gallery thumbnail$50
176St. Helena #140-152 Mint 1953 QEII Set US$92. (13)gallery thumbnail$30
177St. Kitts-Nevis #63 26 Mar 1924 Used 5/-, thin US$250.gallery thumbnail$50
178St. Lucia #110/126 Mint 1938/1946 George VI US$50. (21)gallery thumbnail$20
179St. Pierre & Miquelon #337 3 Nov 1949 5Fr Cover to Nfldgallery thumbnail$20
180St. Vincent #93S Fine Mint 1907 2.5d Specimen US$100.gallery thumbnail$30
181Samoa #9d-e Fine Used 1895/1900 1/2d shade duo US$102.gallery thumbnail$25
182Singapore #115a VFNH $2.20 Expo 1970 Souvenir Sheet (4)gallery thumbnail$20
183Solomon Islands #23/772 Mint & Used 1924/1994 (200 diff)gallery thumbnail$50
184Southern Rhodesia #16b/22 F/VF Mint 1931/37 George V US$95. (8)gallery thumbnail$30
185Spain #264-268 Mint & Unu 1889 Alfonso quintet, some flts US$515.gallery thumbnail$60
186Stanley Gibbons 2023 Cmw & Br. Empire 1840-1970 colour Cataloguegallery thumbnail$100
187Star Light, Star Bright…. 15 Jul 1942 3c Patriotic Cover, foxinggallery thumbnail$20
188Straits Settlements #52 Fine Mint HR 1883 12c Victoria US$87.gallery thumbnail$20
189Swaziland #65/229 Mint 1951/1965 incl NH US$150. (45)gallery thumbnail$50
190Sweden #22/2550, O3/O54 Used 1872/2007 owner's cat, $260. (530)gallery thumbnail$60
191Switzerland #43/166 Used 1862/1909, sml flaws US$250. (63)gallery thumbnail$60
192Switzerland 1878 & 1889 2Fr Mourning Cover duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
193Tonga #CE2-CE5 VFNH 2012 Special Delivery Airmail Set US$100.gallery thumbnail$30
194Transvaal 19 Dec 1902 incoming Korkula 10h Postcard to Pretoriagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
195Turkey #8/395 Mint 1895/1916 (80)gallery thumbnail$30
196Turtles 1980/1998 Mint topicals US$100. (51)gallery thumbnail$30
197Ukraine VFNH 2023 Weapons of Victory S/S* (6)gallery thumbnail$20
198U.S.A. #26 11 Aug 1857 3c Delaware/Fairfield Covergallery thumbnail$20
199U.S.A. #185/803 Used 1862/1939 US$165. (66)gallery thumbnail$40
200U.S.A. #RW1 Fine+ Unu 1934 $1 Mallards, margin tear US$175.gallery thumbnail$40
201Canada ICCS PL65 1954 FWL QEII Silver $1 $350.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$200
202Canada Proof 2018 3c Parliament pure Silver stamp replicagallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75
203Canada BU 1976 14k 1/4oz Olympic $100 Gold in original holdergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$600
204Nelson, B.C. Queen Cigar Store 1902/23 Tokengallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
205Edward II 1307-1327 1.42gm 19mm Long Cross Silver Pennygallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100
206Happy Birthday 2000 .999 fine Ounce Clown Silver Art Bargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30
207Moesia Superior, Viminacium AD 238-244 Gordian III 7.8gm AE24gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150
208St. Nicholas the Monk 2x4/5" colour 24 Dec Feast Day Holy Helpergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50
209U.S.A. Unc 1896 Morgan Silver $1, die cracks in legend US$70.gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40
210Virginia Treasury Note 21 Oct 1862 $1, faultsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25
211Grand Prize Mining & Milling 5 Jun 1896 Washington Share Certificategallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20
212Centennial of Bank of Montreal 1817-1917 107pgsgallery thumbnail$20
213Wills' Kings Art Treasures 1938 colour Cigarette Card Set (40)gallery thumbnail$20
214Bill Anderson signed 4x6" colour cardgallery thumbnail$25
215Collected Works of Billy the Kid 1970 Ondaatje 105pgsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20

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