Ann Smith Ottawa letter to her daughter Clarice
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                               Box 375 P.O.

                            Ottawa March 15th 187

My dear Clarice,

                          I received your letter, and I am very sorry that you did not see Ethel on Saturday she went to the dentists but too late, as you were gone when she got there

Ethel & I started to see you at “St John’s” on Sunday but the Billings Bridge disappointed us & I was tired by the time that I got to “St George’s” so went there instead

If next Saturday is at all fit for walking, ask Mrs Austin if you may come home and if you go to Dasie’s and stay there till some one calls for you as we can’t tell till the day comes who is going or what time they can leave home

         – Tom went to Toronto a fortnight ago is not home yet but will likely be here by next Saturday, I have had a very bad cold but am much better Papa also was very poorly with a bad cold for nearly a week but is better now – I am glad that you are working nicely at your mapping and hope that you are pleasing Mrs Austin by attention to music and all the other lessons all at home send love and with kind regards to Mrs. Austin

                                     I remain

                                 Yr loving Mother

                                      A Smith Transcribed as written

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