Alaska Highway Map 1944 Whitehorse Letter Sheet w/ message
Lot 1 in our auction Saturday 23rd July 2022

         Whitehorse Y.T. Wednesday Mar 1944

Dear Ralph:

                   Well Stinky, how are you doing? Frank and I just got back from N.Y. Frank went down for his duffel bag & I went shopping. I bought a pr of gaberdine slacks & french coat and a pigskin bag Boy! Are they nice. When are you coming home? I miss you like the devil. We had dinner at Riccardo’s & then went to the Paramount and saw Lady in The Dark / Xavier Cugat. It’s still playing So you’re not missing anything. We had those delicious greasy hot dogs too!

      Mr. Gardiner is sitting here and he says to hurry home and get him a present. Lou called up Sunday and he might come up this weekend. He heard you skipped out from someone.

                  How’s Freese? Boy! I’ll bet the two of you are having one hell of a time. Did you get very seasick or didn’t you? Gee, I hope you like it after you get used to it.

                   By the way all those tankers are gone that were in the Hudson. I hope they all joined you.

                  Well Stinky, take care of yourself Its closing time at Riverview so I guess I’ll call it quits.



Transcribed as written