12 Mar 1871 Dalhousie, N.B. 3-pg Marcus Smith letter to his son Tom
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                            Dalhousie N. B.

                                 12th March 1871

My dear Tom,

                      Mamma has been sick but is now quite well and is very anxious to have a letter from you – she wrote to you some weeks ago and enclosed a 1 dollar bill and some postage stamps if you have received this you should have written to mamma to say so – even if it were a very short letter you should always write when you receive money or anything of importance as those who send it are always anxious to know if it has been received.

Your Uncle George has written to Mamma for your address if he writes to you be sure not to forget to answer his letter as soon as you have an opportunity and try to write a little better your writing is very bad and cramped.

Arthur and your sisters and baby are all very well and getting on nicely with their lessons, baby say A. B. C.&.–cat–

We have had a very cold winter and the high winds have drifted the snow into high banks covering the fences – but it has been warm for some days with a little rain so that the tops of the fences are beginning to peep out and we hope the snow will soon begin to go away – Uncle William is back from England, he and Aunt and cousins are going to leave Montreal in May next and are going to live in Toronto – I do not know yet whether I shall have to go to Ottawa but I think not this winter —

I hope you are getting on well with your lessons and are beginning to understand a little French – and that you like your masters and schoolfellows – and are very comfortable – write soon and tell us how you are getting on. I send you with this one dollar bill which I hope you will receive – Mamma , Arthur, Bessie, Eloise, Letty, and baby send you kisses —

                      Your dear

                              Papa —

Master Thos. R.B. Smith Transcribed as written

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