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The Royal Hudson "Stamps" and Post Cards

An All Nations Exclusive!

The Royal Hudson 2860 is an ex-CPR Hudson type steam locomotive. All of the best features of North American locomotive design were incorporated into the Hudson. A real effort was made to give them really clean cut lines. The Hudson type was built until 1940. In all, 65 of these beautiful locomotives were produced for the CPR by the Montréal Locomotive Works. The #2860 is one of the last 5 Hudsons to be produced for the CPR.

The Hudson achieved great success as a high speed passenger locomotive, quickly making previous types obsolete. Her top speed was in excess of 90 mph (144 kmh)!. This cut down the time for cross country travel dramatically. The CPR used the Hudson for freight duties as well, making it a truly versatile locomotive.

In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth crossed Canada by train, from Quebec to Vancouver, and CP Hudson #2850 was was given the honor of pulling the Royal Train. It was specially refinished in Royal Blue and aluminum, with a golden crown (the King's crown) at the front of each running board. After the trip, the CP applied for, and was granted, special permission to retain the crowns on the Hudsons, and to designate them "Royal" Hudsons.

Royal Hudson #2860 was retired from the CPR in 1956 and is an exact copy of the engine #2850, which is in Montréal. From 1964 to 1985 it was operated by BC Rail on an excursion day trip from North Vancouver to Squamish along the precipitous shores of Howe Sound.

During that time, "semi official" stamps were produced, available as sets of 8 in denominations of 25 and 50 cents, and as maxi duo postcards.

The block sets were printed on the reverse, the 50 cent set showed the route map, shown here, the 25 cent block showed a schematic of the engine and tender.

After many years of thrilling crowds of both locals and tourists on its daily trips, age took its toll, and Royal Hudson #2860 was retired in 1985. Years of fund raising efforts and negotiations with various groups failed to forestall the inevitable, and it was realized that attempts at restoration would simply be too expensive.

The culmination of several months of work by the District of Squamish Royal Hudson Task Force and the West Coast Railway Association occurred Wednesday, April 3, 2002 as the Province of British Columbia announced that Royal Hudson #2860 would go to Squamish for preservation at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park.

The origin of the West Coast Railway Association (WCRA) can be traced back to 1958 when the steam engine was in its last days. As history was passing before their eyes, the pioneers of the Association, ten in all, began meeting on a regular basis and started acquiring a collection of rail cars and artifacts.

The West Coast Railway Association has an impressive history. In its thirty-five years since it was incorporated it has amassed the largest collection of railway rolling stock and artifacts in Canada outside of Quebec. The Association opened a 12 acre Park in Squamish, British Columbia, to showcase its collection.

All Nations is pleased to announce that it has acquired all the commercially available sets of the stamp sets and maxi duo postcards.

We are offering sets of five items:

Three maxi duo postcards
- 25 ¢ cancelled Vancouver North
- 25 ¢ cancelled Squamish
- 50 ¢ cancelled Vancouver Squamish return

(During its heyday, there were 3 different tours; a round trip, or a boat from Vancouver to Squamish, return on the train, or train to Squamish, return by boat).

A block of 8 mint 25 ¢ stamps, with the schematic of the engine printed on the reverse

A block of 8 mint 50 ¢ stamps with the route map printed on the reverse.

A must have for rail aficionados and collectors of train stamps, and a great possession for those who have travelled on this spectacular trip.

A very attractive price for such a limited collectable.

$19.95 CDN

We also have the 2008 $20 silver coin.


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