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Canada 1995 Golf Course Commemorative Stamps

Golf club stamps

Golf club stamps

Golf club stampsThe "Royal and ancient game of golf" made its debut in Canada in 1873 with the founding of The Royal Montréal Golf Club, the first permanent golf club in North America.

By 1895, golfers had their first national organization - the Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA).

Today, Canada boasts almost 2,000 golf courses and some 1,400 RCGA member clubs, as well as many outstanding golfers.

These stamps show some of the best known and some of the oldest courses across the country: the Riverside Country Club, located near St John, New Brunswick; The Royal Montréal Golf Club on Île Bizard, Québec; Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, Ontario; Banff Springs Golf Club in Banff, Alberta; and Victoria Golf Club in Victoria, British Columbia.

Of course, the last club listed is the only one where you can play all year 'round :-)

2 each of 5 different 43 cent stamps.

$4.95 CDN


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