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Hudsons Bay Company Proclamation

Here's a newspaper you won't be taking to Starbucks.

As every Canadian school child can tell you, the Hudson's Bay Company was granted it's exclusive Charter to trade and explore in the territory defined by all the rivers draining into Hudson's Bay on May 2, 1670.

Effectively, the HBC had total control over all of north central North America.

Just to make the point, King James I reiterated the rules in the April 5, 1688 edition of the London Gazette, one of the worlds first newspapers.

This was the official rag of the Royal goings-on, and the article begins:

by the King, A Proclamation - Prohibiting his majesties subjects to Trade within the Limits Assigned to the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading in to Hudson's Bay except those of the Company. James R.

This particular page, valued at $750 CDN, sold as soon as it entered the store, but we present it here as an example of historical documents that we can access.

If you are a collector of historical documents, call or email us with your requests.

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