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Newsletter #217, November 12, 2011

Canada Post Releases a Hat Trick of Stamps to Celebrate the Return of the Winnipeg Jets

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The Hon. Steven Fletcher, Minister of State (Transport), Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada Post, and Jim Ludlow, President and CEO of True North Entertainment, today unveiled three Winnipeg Jets™ Picture Postage™ stamps to help celebrate the return of the National Hockey League to Winnipeg.

"From the moment the news came out about the Jets returning to our great city of Winnipeg, the excitement has spread across the nation," said Minister Fletcher. "As a Winnipeger, I'm proud to celebrate the return of the Jets today with these new stamps from Canada Post."

Given the popularity of hockey, and its contribution to the country's identity, Canada Post wanted to do something special to join in the celebration of the new Winnipeg Jets. "Canada Post's stamps tell a great story of our journey as a nation. They mark great achievements, personalities, historic moments and of course our cultural diversity," said Mr. Chopra. "We are proud to be able to offer accessible collectibles to Jets fans everywhere."

winnipeg jets"We are very excited to have these stamps available to the public as a means of showing their support for the Winnipeg Jets," said Mr. Ludlow. "As an organization we feel extremely honored to have our logo and accomplishments literally travel from coast to coast on one of the oldest and most trusted means of communication transport."

An event 15 years in the making! Show your pride and celebrate the return of the Winnipeg Jets with these special edition Picture Postage™ stamps. Featuring the new team logo—a fast, sleek and ready for action fighter jet pointing north and poised over a red Maple leaf. Each sheet contains 21 self-adhesive stamps, plus one large stamp image to keep as a souvenir of the glorious return of the Jets.

The new team logo, in a strong military blue and silver, with a classic Canadian red maple leaf, was inspired by the insignia of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Winnipeg’s proud connections with the Canadian Forces. Developed in partnership with Reebok and the NHL, the logo marks the team’s return and offers a strong, winning identity already proudly worn and displayed by legions of Jets fans.

The second stamp features the team’s alternative logo—crossed hockey sticks resting on silver captain’s wings, with a proud red maple leaf connecting the words “Winnipeg” and “Jets.” Each sheet contains 21 self-adhesive stamps, plus a larger keepsake image of the new team logo against a white background, as a souvenir of the glorious return of the Jets.

Created in the style of military insignia, in tribute to the Royal Canadian Air Force and Winnipeg’s proud relationship with the Canadian Forces, this attractive logo proudly broadcast’s your favourite team’s name in strong blue, silver and classic Canadian red.

SCORE! Never forget the excitement of the returning Winnipeg Jet’s first home goal. These special limited edition Picture Postage™ stamps have captured that goal, as scored by #80 Nik Antropov at the MTS Centre on October 9, 2011. Each sheet contains 21 self-adhesive stamps, plus one large stamp image to keep as a souvenir of that historic first goal.

#80 Nik Antropov has been a valuable member of the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Rangers and the Atlanta Thrashers. Born in Kazakhstan, the 6' 6"" 31-year-old Centre shoots left. Only 10,000 Picture Postage sheets—depicting what was no doubt one of the most exciting moments of Andropov’s career—are available so get yours at All Nations now!

A small number of framed and signed first goal sheets are avaikable at All Nations and can be ordered here.

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Newsletter #218
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