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Newsletter #212, July 16, 2011

Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates Parks Canada

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Back in May, the Mint celebrated the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada, the first National Park agency in the world, with a sterling silver dollar showing a child looking down on assorted flora and fauna.

But everyone knows you can't hold an outdoor party in Vancouver until dry weather appears, historically July 15.

Not this year, July 16 dawned to 14º and a torrential downpour and it wasn't until 3 o'clock that it let up and this intrepid photographer went for a look.

Like the Vancouver 125 party the week before, the Parks Canada festivities were set up on Brockton Point.
The ground at the lower levels was so sodden, they had to put down sheets of plywood.
There were only four people huddled under umbrellas in front of the stage.
Several provinces had booths and the BC pavilion was promoting Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse, Canada's first west coast lighthouse, located in Victoria's harbour.

I'm sure that the organizers were disappointed with the weather, but I'm sure that things would pick up for the main performing groups in the evening.

Buy the Parks Canada coins here.

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