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Newsletter #211, July 11, 2011

Royal Canadian Mint Celebrates Vancouver 125

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It was a busy weekend for the Mint. The City of Vancouver was celebrating its 125th Birthday, which was actually back in April, but we all know you do not play outside in April. Instead they closed the Eastern end of Brockton Point in Stanley Park, from Brockton Oval to the Totem Poles, for Summer Live, and the Mint was a major sponsor.

At the Mint Boutique on Granville street, they set up a coin-striking anvil and allowed customers to strike their own free medallions by hitting it with a sledge hammer.

Down at Brockton Point, the crowds were big. There were 3 special shuttle buses from downtown, but the wait was an hour because of the traffic. There were 3 stages offering 125+ acts and performances from noon to 11:00 pm over 3 days. There were a dozen food trucks, dozens of information kiosks from the Aquarium, BC Lions, Port Metro Vancouver, Hydro and the Royal Canadian Mint.
The Mint pavilion was located in the Kids Zone and featured the newly released Sasquatch Painted Quarter. They invited families to take their kids on a Treasure Hunt. Spread around the Kid's Zone, they had placed 10 tripods with replicas of the Sasquatch coin and gave participants a brochure containing 10 questions with multiple choice answers. When you found one of the coins, you could flip up the sasquatch to reveal the correct answer, then circle it in your brochure.

After having your answers checked by the staff, you fill in your personal info and turn it in. After closing Sunday night, a draw was made and 3 winners were notified that they had won attractive gift baskets containing products from the Mint (including the Sasquatch gift pack) and souvenirs from the City valued at $175.

The food was good, the activities were fun, the entertainment was terrific, the weather was glorious and of course, the scenery was unbeatable.

Happy Birthday Vancouver.

Buy the Sasquatch Painted Quarter here.

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