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All Nations Acquires Steveston Stamps

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2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Steveston Stamps, which changed hands in 2009  and 2010, as the original operators retired.  Barry Freeman, Barbara Hill, John Maunsell, Ray Ruttan, Ray Saintonge, and Neil Worley started Steveston as a non-profit cooperative in August 1991.  Their first 50 lot bidboard was Saturday September 14, 1991, at 1130am.  Lot #1 was a Penny Black.  The group’s first Public Auction, 215 lots, was 15 June 1995.  Now profitable, Steveston incorporated as a limited company. 

Steveston Stamps Closes
Over the next 14 years, Steveston held 46 Public Auctions, of up to 700 lots each, and conducted 17 Express Large Lot Auctions of 121 lots.  The Large Lot auctions were modeled successfully after Eaton & Sons’ earlier Floor Sale Auctions, also called Express Auctions, which several members of the Steveston group remembered fondly.  Gary De Jager, Russ Kidd, and Sam Vandermeulen had been Steveston partners also, but only Maunsell and Worley remained when the firm was sold to John Connolly, who conducted one auction, and then resold the name and mailing list to Brian Grant Duff, of All Nations Stamp and Coin.  For Grant Duff, buying Steveston was a way to formally welcome the Steveston principals and clients back into his established retail and auction business, which, like Steveston, now had a non-downtown location.    

Steveston itself took over from Barry Freeman who had had a stamp shop in the Richmond fishing village.  When Grant Duff moved his store to 41st and Dunbar, not far from Eaton & Sons’ former Kerrisdale location, he hoped to create a Steveston-like destination for collectors.  With the help of David Allen and Ian Codling, Grant Duff has done that.  He plans to roll the Steveston name into the All Nations banner and carry on his weekly Noon auctions, with some special event auctions planned from time to time. For more information on Steveston or All Nations, contact Brian at (604) 684 4613 or email him at collect@direct.ca.

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