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Gerald Wellburn fills his pages with Hand-drawn maps and drawings.


Postmark Toronto


Burrard Inlet Postmaster

Agnes Deans Cameron

A postcard addressed to this celebrated woman is on Page 65 of the Wellburn album

1879 3c Envelope from Granville

to Miss Thain in Victoria. See here


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Granville was named after Earl Granville, Secretary of State for the Colonies. Page 48 of the historic Vancouver album has an 1857 cover from Earl Granville in London to Ampthill


Cover from Toronto to New Westminster, B.C. during American Civil War

Wellburn Page 44


unnumbered introductory page from Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver


Page 5 of Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver

Capt. George Vancouver

Page 6 of Gerald Wellburn Historic Vancouver

Captain Vancouver1792

Page 24 Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver Burrard Inlet P.O. Notes

Burrard Inlet P.O.

Page 25 Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver Burrard Inlet P.O. Notes

Burrard Inlet P.O.

Page 27 Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver Capt.Stamp Notes etc

Captain Stamp

Page 28 Gerald Wellburn's Historic Vancouver Capt.Stamp Notes etc

Captain Stamp

Page 59 Wellburn Historic Vancouver

1879 Burrard Inlet Deposition of Jonathan Miller

See Jonathan Miller page for his fascinating biography

1879 indictment for cutting and wounding by a seaman,evidence by J. Miller, Constable.

Jonathan Miller deposition


Page 65 of Historic Vancouver: 1884 Granville

Page 65 of Historic Vancouver features 1884 Granvile and includes a postcard from Fanny McCartney in Granville to Agnes Deans Cameron in Victoria. Fanny was the wife of Allan Edward McCartney- a civil engineer and architect who had worked on Hastings sawmill and had land at Deep Cove. Agnes Deans Cameron was a famous woman of her time. A progressive schoolteacher from Victoria, she went on to become "the first white woman to reach the Arctic" and published a bestselling book about her journeys called "The New North"

Agnes Deans Cameron "Intellectual, adventurer, journalist, women’s right campaigner, first woman to reach the Arctic Ocean overland, literary sensation, when she died suddenly, editorials described her as “the most remarkable woman citizen of the province.”" Read Stephen Hume's article in The Vancouver Sun here

There's a full biography of this astonishing woman in the B.C. Historical News journal.
Read AGNES DEANS CAMERON, 1863 - 1912 by Gwen Hayball at UBC University Archives as a PDF see Pages 18 to 25 B.C. Historical News Journal 1974

Page 65 of Historic Vancouver: 1884 Granville

Sold for $385 in our 11 Feb 2017 auction

Page 66 of Historic Vancouver

to Miss Thain, a schoolteacher in Victoria

Sold for $396 in our February 18th 2017Auction

Page 67 of Historic Vancouver

Cover to Jessie Cameron, the mother of Agnes Dean Cameron James Bay, Victoria

& Wellburn continues the Granville story:
"Granville seems quite lively with no vacant houses and many new ones projected."

Offered in our auction on March 4th 2017.



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