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RSS - Real Simple Syndication
If you are the type of person who is interested in the news, or you have a particular hobby or area of interest, then you should be aware of the new technology called RSS. It stands for Real Simple Syndication and here's how it works.

Web sites with constantly changing content can now index that content and make it available for browsing in a new format called XML.

Those web sites can submit their news to central collectors of information, called Aggregators, who can sort the information into areas of interest.

You can go to an Aggregator site and select the topics which interest you and subscribe to them for free, then using a special browser, you can read all news items pertaining to your interests from all sources, from around the world, without having to search through dozens or hundreds of web sites.

Add to My Yahoo! The easiest way to do that at the moment is to go to Yahoo and sign up for a free myYahoo account, which includes a free RSS browser. Click on the link on the left.

If you have a Mac, RSS technology is Built into Safari 2.0, included with OSX 10.4 Tiger.

Or you can subscribe to myYahoo, above.

Or you can download a free stand-alone RSS browser here.

If you are a Windows user, you can also sign up at Yahoo, above, or go here to download a free browser.

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