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Vancouver Canucks Medallions

Markus NaslundWith the Vancouver Canucks riding in 3rd place in the NHL, and a sure playoff spot, the Vancouver Sun newspaper has borrowed a page from the Toronto Maple Leafs successful promotion, and is issuing a set of medallions featuring the players of the Canucks.

Friday, March 28th unveiled the first medallion, featuring the League's top scorer and possible MVP, Markus Naslund. They sold out in a few hours.

In February, a similar Toronto Maple Leafs medallion collection, promoted by the Toronto Sun in conjunction with the NHL Players' Association and Activa Consumer Promotions, has seen prices skyrocket on eBay. "Literally, as soon as you buy it, the medallions often double and triple in value," says Ruth Laurent of Activa Promotions.

Vancouver Canucks

"There's a huge market for it," Laurent adds. "We've seen some framed Leaf collections selling in stores for $450. The set only cost $40 through the newspaper a few weeks ago. We expect the Naslund launching [the first Canuck medallion] to go very, very quickly."

We managed to get up very early and snag some of these prized medallions.

Markus Naslund Medallion

$14.95 CDN


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