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Canada 2000 Medallion Mule Error

In 1999, the Royal Canadian Mint caught global Millenium fever and produced not one, but two sets of themed quarters, in 1999 and 2000.

The '00 presentation set also included a medallion with a map of Canada made up of maple leaves on the reverse, with an obverse of the year 2000 surrounded by stylized maple leaves, as in the left column.

Correct Obverse

However, in their enthusiasm to get to market, some of the medallions were struck on the obverse with the portrait of the Queen and the denomination "25 cents." The same obverse die used on the quarters, thus "monetizing" the medallion.

Only about 100 are known to exist.

See the sets, 1999 here, and 2000 here.

$1,995.00 CDN


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