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1999 Canada Millenium Quarters

Just to make sure they got the real millenium right, the Royal Canadian Mint produced a series of commemorative designs for the circulating 25 cent pieces in both 1999 and 2000. A new design was produced each month, drawn from a competition open to all Canadians.
January Theme: A Country Unfolds

The Royal Canadian Mint marked the arrival of 1999 with the official launch of the first of Canada's Millennium coins at a ceremony in St. John's, Newfoundland on New Year's Eve. Designed by Peter Ka-Kin Poon, of Aylmer, Quebec, the January coin portrays Canada's evolution in four images that, together, form the year 1999.

February Theme: Etched in Stone

In February, the coin design submitted by Lonnie Springer of Calgary was released into circulation at a special ceremony at the Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park near Lethbridge, Alberta. Entitled "Etched in Stone", the design represents the importance of native culture within the spirit of Canada. The coin depicts native petroglyphs - thousand year-old records of our nation's heritage and spirituality.

March Theme: The Log Drive

March saw the launch of "The Log Drive", designed by Marjolaine Lavoie of Sept-Iles, Québec. Her coin, unveiled in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, depicts the courage and valiant contributions of the raftsmen to Canada's development and prosperity.

April Theme: Our Northern Heritage

Canada's 25-cent circulation coin for April featured the work of the Inuit artist, Kenojuak Ashevak, of Cape Dorset in the Northwest Territories. Her design, called "Our Northern Heritage" was suggested for the contest by Emmanouil Kats, and is a tribute to contemporary Canadian Inuit art. The launch of this coin was part of the special celebrations to mark the creation of Nunavut on April 1st, 1999.  


In May, the Mint unveiled "Les Voyageurs", designed by Sergiy Minenok of Surrey, British Columbia. Mr. Minenok's coin design depicts the voyageurs who travelled Canada's rivers by canoe to explore new lands and develop the fur trade. This coin was launched at the Forks in Winnipeg.

June Theme: From Coast to Coast

"From Coast to Coast" is the title of the winning design for June, which was submitted by Gordon Ho of Nepean, Ontario. This coin, launched in Moncton, New Brunswick, acknowledges the thousands of workers who built the Canadian Pacific Railway that links this vast country from coast to coast.

July Theme: A Nation of People

Maria H. Sarkany of Burlington, Ontario designed the July coin, called "A Nation of People." This celebration of Canadian diversity portrays six people drawn with one continuous line representing law and order, learning, teaching, the arts, the love of nature and sports. The coin was officially launched simultaneously in three different sites across Canada (Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal) to profile different ethnic communities.  

August Theme: The Pioneer Spirit

Alzira Botelho's coin for August, "The Pioneer Spirit", reflects the spirit of the people who came from other countries to build new lives in Canada. The Edmonton artist's work was launched at an exhibit in the Western Development Pioneer Village in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

September Theme: Canada Through a Child's Eye

September's winning design, "Canada Through a Child's Eyes", was the work of a young artist, Claudia Bertrand of Beauport, Québec who was ten years old at the time. Her coin depicts three people holding hands representing peace. This coin was launched in Beauport as part of the back-to-school festivities in the student's school.

October Theme: A Tribute to First Nations

"A Tribute to First Nations", designed by Jason Edward Read of North Vancouver, pays tribute to the first inhabitants of Canada. The coin depicts an eagle, a bear and a killer whale representing land, water and sky. The Museum of Anthropology building at the University of British Columbia was the site of the official launch of the October coin.

November Theme: The Airplane Opens the North

Brian R. Bacon's November coin design, "The Airplane Opens the North", salutes the bush plane that helped to open Northern Canada. The coin was launched at the First Air hangar in Carp, Ontario.  

December Theme: This is Canada

1999 came to a close with the presentation of "This is Canada", the December coin designed by J.L. Pierre Provencher of Nicolet, Québec. This coin depicts the richness of Canada - native dwellings, cities, mountains, forests, wheat fields and the wheels of industry. The final coin in the 1999 Millennium coin series was unveiled in Charlottetown, PEI in honour of the birthplace of Confederation.  

Complete brilliant uncirculated set in a Map of Canada display board.

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