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2000 Millenium Quarters

In January of 2000, the Royal Canadian Mint issued the second of a monthly set of millenium commemorative designs for the 25 cent coins. This complete set in brilliant uncirculated condition is available in a cardboard holder showing a map of Canada. The first 1999 set is here.

January Theme: Pride

The Royal Canadian Mint celebrated the arrival of the year 2000 by launching “the first coin of the new century” at ceremonies in two Canadian centres — Ottawa and Winnipeg. Designed by Donald F. Warkentin, the coin embodies Canadian pride with the beloved maple leaf adorned with a flowing ribbon and three smaller leaves to mark the year 2000.

February Theme: Ingenuity

The coin was designed by John Jaciw who was inspired by the hope of the future prosperity of Canada. The coin celebrates Canadian ingenuity, representing a model society — prosperous farms; innovative cities; rapid, safe transportation; and an eye toward space.

March Theme: Achievement

Designed by Daryl Dorosz, the coin tells a story about Canada’s journey forward in time. The coin embraces future human achievement as Canada moves beyond Earth to forge new ground in space research and development. A stylized arrow forming a rocket points to a sky full of stars, illustrating our visions for the future and our inevitable accomplishments

April Theme: Health

Designed by Anny Wassef, the coin symbolizes the hope that our profound commitment to medical research will enable Canadians to enjoy long and prosperous lives.

May Theme: Natural Legacy

The coin, designed by Randy Trantau illustrates the nation’s pledge to protect its natural treasures for future generations. The design represents the artist’s hope for the environment in the next 1,000 years — clean air, fresh water, healthy wildlife and thriving forests.

June Theme: Harmony

The design for the coin makes the symbol of Canada, the maple leaf, into a symbol of how people can live together in peace and unity. The coin celebrates the Canadian mosaic — a tapestry of cultures and beliefs joined together to carry the nation forward.

July Theme: Celebration

Designed by Laura Paxton, the coin captures the spirit of Canada, a nation that is now and always will be celebrated by its people. The fireworks represent the celebration of Canada’s birthday for many years to come.

August Theme: Family

The coin was designed by Wade Stephen Baker as a tribute to the family, the fabric of Canadian society. The depiction of two wolves symbolizes togetherness. The launch event was held in the Squamish Nation Recreation Centre in North Vancouver.

September Theme: Wisdom

Designed by Cezar Serbanescu, the coin reflects the gift of wisdom being passed down as a beacon for future generations. The older person represents the last millennium sharing our Canadian heritage — symbolized by the maple leaf — with the new millennium, embodied by youth.

October Theme: Creativity

Designed by Eric (Kong Tat) Hui, the coin applauds the rich legacy of Canadian artistic expression past and future. The design depicts Canadian arts in three millenniums. In the left part of the coin, the strong spirit of our natives in the previous millennium is portrayed on the faces of the Inuit sculpture. In the upper part of the coin, a tree is drawn in the style of the Group of Seven of this millennium to depict our love toward Canadian nature and wildlife. In the right part of the coin, the continuation of the image is rendered mysteriously in wire frames to show Canada’s leading role of the use of computer and technology in the arts of the new millennium.

November Theme: Freedom

Designed by Cathy Vinish, the coin honours Canada’s founding values of freedom, peace and security that will guide our children to a bright future. The children symbolize our future; hands raised in joy and freedom, yet joined in unity. They are faceless as they represent children of all ages and races that make up our country. They are standing on a maple leaf that symbolizes Canada; a solid foundation that offers its people freedom, security, protection and strength.  

December Theme: Community

Designed by Michelle Thibodeau, the coin portrays Canada’s continuing leadership and contributions to the global community. The design depicts the earth — represented by a map of Canada — surrounded by homes, trees and other elements of community.

Complete brilliant uncirculated set in a Map of Canada display board.

$24.95 CDN


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