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Canada 1945 / 2005 5 Cent First Day Cover Nickel

5 Cent First Day Cover Nickel 5 Cent First Day Cover Nickel
Over one million Canadian heroes gallantly served freedom's cause in World War II. More than 45,000 lost their lives.

Our contributions, however, were far greater than our numbers. Across Europe from the mountains of Italy to Normandy's battered beaches‚ Canadian soldiers were regarded as bold and fearless.

By dawn of May 8, 1945, official word was received that the war in Europe was over, and Canadians finally celebrated peace.

The 2005 Victory Anniversary Nickel honours the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe.

This special circulation coin is a representation of the 5-cent coin created in 1943 to promote the Canadian war effort. The original design incorporated Winston Churchill's V for Victory, and a Morse code message circling the rim: "We Win When We Work Willingly."

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