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Bicentennial of the War of 1812 Proof Silver Dollar

Bicentennial of the War of 1812 Proof Silver DollarOTTAWA, Jan. 17, 2012 /CNW/ - The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to announce that its first collector coin of the year, the 2012 Proof Silver Dollar, is dedicated to celebrating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. 

This cornerstone of the Mint's annual collector coin program remembers a conflict which united English, French and First Nations forces in defending the borders and values of a future Canada and also ushered two centuries of peace between Canada and the United States.

"Honouring the bicentennial of the War of 1812 with this special collector coin pays tribute to some of our greatest national heroes and a crucial moment on the road to Canadian nationhood," said the Honourable Jim Flaherty,

Minister of Finance and Minister responsible for the Royal Canadian Mint.  "The Government of Canada encourages Canadians to take the unprecedented opportunity in 2012 to learn more about our history and take pride in our traditions".

Designed by accomplished military artist Ardell Bourgeois of British Columbia, the 2012 Proof Silver Dollar which celebrates the bicentennial of the War of 1812, features a British Sergeant, a Voltigeur Canadien, and an Iroquois warrior united in the defence of their border against an approaching invader.  Behind them is a map showing part of the Great Lakes and Southwestern Ontario, where United States forces sparked the conflict by invading the territory of the future city of Windsor, Ontario on July 12, 1812.

Encircling this design are 200 beads finely struck near the rim of the coin to symbolize the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812.  The obverse of this coin features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, designed by artist Susanna Blunt in 2003.



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