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2011 Painted Quarter - Tulip and Ladybug

2011 Painted Quarter - Tulip and Ladybug 2011 Painted Quarter - Tulip and Ladybug

2011 Painted Quarter - Tulip and LadybugThis coloured coin and card showcases a beautiful tulip and ladybug along with a marvellous story based on true events.

Mark the start of spring and Canada’s internationally renowned tulip festival with a specially-designed RCM coin and card.

Canada’s gift from Holland – and a welcomed Spring visitor
Every spring, tulips from Holland bloom in Canada’s capital, which is the home of the world’s largest tulip festival. Not only are the flowers a telltale sign of spring, they are the symbol of friendship between nations. In 1945-46, Holland presented over 100,000 prized tulip bulbs to Canada in thanks for Canada welcoming Holland’s Crown Princess and her daughters in 1940, and for Canadian soldiers’ efforts to liberate Holland during the Second World War.

In 1940, Queen Wilhelmina sent Crown Princess Juliana out of harm’s way to Canada. On 19 January 1943, the only royal baby ever born in North America was born in a room at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. The birth was greeted with hope and strengthened the ties of friendship between Canadians and the Dutch.

If you’re lucky, you may spot a pretty, brightly-coloured ladybug inhabiting a vibrant tulip in the spring. Both are warmly welcomed by gardeners as harbingers of spring. The two also share a unique relationship. The ladybug uses the tulip as shelter from predators and as a source of sustenance; much like how Canada was to the Dutch Princesses. In return, the ladybug—one of nature’s most effective pesticides—keeps garden plants and flowers healthy throughout the growing season.

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