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Canada 2011 Specimen Set

Canada 2011 Specimen Set

Canada 2011 Specimen SetSpecimen Sets have always been highly collectible; even more so with a unique avian theme on the one-dollar coin. This year’s design features the Great Gray Owl, an exceptional hunter that can hear small rodents 30 cm (1 ft) beneath the snow and can break a snowy crust that’s strong enough to support a human being! Designed by Canadian artist Arnold Nogy, the Great Gray Owl dollar is only available with this set.

The avian celebrities who have appeared on the Mint's annual specimen sets welcome the Great Gray Owl to their prestigious menagerie, as one of the world's largest owls assumes a place of honour on the 2011 Specimen Set limited-edition aureate one-dollar coin. This coin is accompanied by specimen versions of all of Canada's traditional 2011 circulation coins (with the exception of the Common Loon $1 coin).

The finish on these superb coins is a three-fold combination of brilliant and frosted relief on a lined finish background. The limited worldwide mintage for this popular set is 35,000.

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