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Canada / BC 2005 Proof $30 Silver Totem Pole

Canada / BC 2005 Proof $30 Silver Totem PoleA blend of heritage and art - the totem pole

Totem poles of the Northwest Coast communicated many layers of information about the chiefs and their families who commissioned them. Crests of the families were based on animals, fish, birds and plants that they encountered in the ancestral myths. Each generation raised new poles that recombined the images of ancestors and supernatural beings as a record of the ties between families and their links to property and resources.

Along the Pacific Northwest coast the immense western red cedar trees provided carvers with logs that could he carved into canoes, house beams or totem poles up to 20 m (65 ft) in length. Before contact with Europeans, wood was carved with tools with stone or shell blades, but with the arrival of the fur traders in the late eighteenth century the carving of these monumental art forms soared to new heights.

Canada / BC 2005 Proof $30 Silver Totem Pole The Design

Designed by Dr. Richard Hunt, a Kwaguilth (Kwakiutl) native, WeIcome Figure embodies the pride, honour, prosperity and hospitality that have been the hallmark of his people for generations.

The main figure is a chief holding a talking stick in one hand and a copper in the other. The copper is the symbol of prosperity. Above the talking stick is an eagle. the totem for the people of Fort Rupert, British Columbia. The chief is welcoming a visitor to his village. He is enveloped by a raven that is carrying an eagle in its tail. The guest is standing below the walking stick and is wearing a woven hat and chilkat blanket.

The Big House in the background is where the community gathers to perform its customs. The design on the front of the house is a Sea Monster, the totem for Mungo Martin, Dr. Hunt's grandfather. Mr. Martin was a significant force in reviving the traditional arts of the northwest Pacific Coast. The mountains are those of Vancouver Island. They also represent a family of ravens. the totem for the Hunt family.

Canada / BC 2005 Proof $30 Silver Totem Pole

The Coin

This coin is certified to he 92.5% sterling silver and has a face value of $30 Canadian. It weighs 31.50 grams and has a diameter of 40 millimetres. The obverse features the effigy Of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 by Susanna Blunt.

Canada / British Columbia proof 2005 silver $30
Kwakiutl Totem Pole
Only 20,000 minted.

$99.95 CDN

Note: Silver is currently in a speculative market and silver coins may be unavailable or subject to price changes. Please phone or email before ordering to confirm price and availability.

Also available in pure gold, call the store for details.

$1399.95 CDN


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