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All Nations Large Lot & Collections Auction #1127 - Noon 30 September 2017

Lot #DescriptionEstimateBid
1Algeria 1924/1950s Mint & Used on pages incl B14-B26 owner's cat. $210. (132)$50.00
2Animals & Birds 1987/2004 Mint & Used Topicals owner's cat. $367. (105)$100.00
3Auction Catalogues 2002/2010 incl McNaught, Mallott, Steinhart, & Wilkinson some prs (27 pcs)$30.00
4Australia 1902.2007 Used incl Antarctic Territory etc US$550. (900 different)$75.00
5Australia 1934/1940 Nine Used Commemorative Sets incl Varieties US$344. (27)$100.00
6Australia & New Zealand mainly Used Stock from Winnipeg's Shulman Stamp Company (1000s)$40.00
7Australia, British Commonwealth, & World mainly Used Stock from Shulman Stamp Company$30.00
8Australian Antarctic Territory 1957/2003 Mint & Used on pages incl L83-87 NH US$101. (99)$30.00
9Austria 1850s/1960s Mint & Used on stockpages owner's cat. $690. (445)$75.00
10Austria 1946/1980s Mint & Used incl Back of the Book in stockbook (500)$60.00
11Aviation History 1978 Topical First Day Covers in custom album (103)$40.00
12Barbados 1875/1994 mostly Used on Harris pages incl Better values US$225. (150 different)$60.00
13Belgium 1860/2007 Mint & Used incl Back of the Book in stockbook (1152 different)$60.00
14British Caribbean 1883/1983 Mint & Used A/V in Springback album US$500. (425 different)$100.00
15British Commonwealth etc mainly Used Stock from Shulman Stamp Company (100s)$100.00
16British Commonwealth 1912/1987 Mint & Used incl Fiji & Grenada owner's cat $170. (260)$50.00
17British Commonwealth etc mostly Used Stock incl Canada from Shulman Stamp Co. (1000s)$75.00
18British Commonwealth 1937/1950 Mint & Used in Gibbons George VI Album (1300)$150.00
19British Commonwealth pre-1940 stock in Glassines from Shulman Stamp Company (1000s)$40.00
20British Commonwealth & World 1944/1956 mainly Mint in Springback album (300)$50.00
21British Commonwealth 1953/1958 Mint QEII Collection incl Sets, Omnibus (400)$60.00
22British Commonwealth 1973/1993 Maxicards from Falklands & Channel Islands (86 pcs)$25.00
23British Commonwealth 1977 QEII Silver Jubilee Omnibus FDCs in custom album (56 pcs)$30.00
24Bulgaria 1881/1949 Mint & Used in stockbook owner's cat. $294. (708 different)$60.00
25Bulgaria & Hungary 1920s/1970s Mint & Used owner's cat. $270. (1302)$40.00
26Bureau of Ethnology 1883/84 564 page Hardcover Report incl 2 Maps, ex M.O.V.$25.00
27Canada 1897/1984 mostly Used incl 50c Bluenose etc owner's cat. $250. (125)$50.00
28Boggs' Postage Stamps & Postal History of Canada 1975 870 page Hardcover handbook$50.00
29Canada 1897/2014 mainly Used on Harris pages some faults (1500)$60.00
30Canada 1897/1983 Used stock of 10 of each in stockbook (2530)$30.00
31Pugh's 2001 B.N.A. Forgery Reference manual with 2002 supplement$40.00
32Canada 1897/1900 Mint & Used in stockbook incl face value $60.+$75.00
33Canada 1911/1956 Used on Jarrett pages incl 50c Bluenose, B.O.B. etc (382)$100.00
34Canada 1922/1932 Used #107, 195-197 in wholesale quantity (100s)$20.00
35Canada Bluenose binder incl Used 50c Bluenose duo etc owner's cat. $180. $50.00
36Canada Used 1c/5c George V & George VI off paper stamp mix Box Lot (1000s)$25.00
37Canada Used pre-1940 unchecked bundles from the Shulman Stamp Co. stock (1000s)$60.00
38Canada etc Used pre-1940 stock in stockbook from the Shulman Stamp Co. (100s)$30.00
39Canada 1942/1980 Used bundles from the Vancouver Coin & Stamp Co. stock (25,000)$60.00
40Canada 1947/2003 Never Hinged in stockbook, face value $260., owner's cat. $720.$300.00
41Canada 1951 & earlier Used stock in stockbook from the Shulman Stamp Co. (100s)$100.00
42Canada Boxed Bonanza incl Mint & Used Colln to 1981 & Centennial Blocks$50.00
43Canada 1960s/1970s NH Blocks on stockpages, face value $43., owner's cat. $485. $100.00
441867-1967 The Founders & The Guardians 147 page Centennial History Book$25.00
45Canada Mint & Used something for everyone lot$40.00
46Canada 1970s/1980s Used Varieties incl FDCs & some U.S.A. (170)$60.00
47Canada Box Lot of 10 Pounds of Used on paper mix$30.00
48Canada 1955/2015 Box Lot of 12 Pounds Used on paper mix$40.00
49Canada NH 1974 Annual Souvenir Collection, unpunched cover $250. (35)$100.00
50Canada NH 1976 Annual Souvenir Collection $85. (31)$40.00
51Canada NH 1977 Annual Souvenir Collection $40. (32)$20.00
52Canada NH 1980 Annual Souvenir Collection $30. (31)$20.00
53Canada NH 1981 Annual Souvenir Collection $30. (29)$20.00
54Canada NH 1982 Annual Souvenir Collection $45., face value $17.36 (54)$30.00
55Canada NH 30c/49c issues, face value $200. $150.00
56Canada NH 1986 Hardcover Annual Souvenir Collection $100., face value $19.38 (40)$50.00
57Canada NH 1986 Annual Souvenir Collection $45., face value $19.38 (40)$20.00
58Canada NH 1987 Hardcover Annual Souvenir Collection $65., face value $18.37 (50)$30.00
59Canada NH 1988 Hardcover Annual Souvenir Collection $70., face value $17.76 (52)$40.00
60Canada NH 1989 Annual Souvenir Collection $50., face value $20.62 (49)$30.00
61Canada NH 1991/1997 Plate Blocks in album owner's cat. $866., face value $296. (512)$300.00
62Canada NH 1996 Annual Souvenir Collection $80., face value $34.21 (79)$40.00
63Canada NH 1988 57c Harrison Paper Orca #1173a Sheet $250, face value $28.50 (50)$50.00
64Canada NH 1998 Annual Souvenir Collection $95., face value $39.07 (80)$50.00
65Canada 1998 45c Used Birds of Canada about 400 of each #1710-1713 $673. (1683)$30.00
66Canada NH 1999 Annual Souvenir Collection $85., face value $34.28 (76)$40.00
67Canada NH Millennium Collection $120., face value $31.28 (68)$60.00
68Canada NH Official Millennium Keepsakes incl quarter-sized medallions (7 sets)$30.00
69Canada NH 2000 Annual Souvenir Collection $85., face value $29.33 (53)$40.00
70Canada NH 2001 Annual Souvenir Collection $90., face value $36.96 (65)$50.00
71Canada 16 Aug 2016 dual artist-signed framed 51c Graphic Designers #2167 FDC$25.00
72Canada NH Volume 1-6 QEII Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Keepsakes $76., face value $76. (7 sets)$25.00
73Canada Used 2016 $10 Star Trek Lenticular S/S #2922a Hoard $202. (13 pieces)$60.00
74Canada 1930s/2000s Christmas Seals incl Mint Panes owner's cat. $185. $40.00
75Canada, Nfld, U.S. QV/QEII Postal Cards & Postal Stationery in binder (136 pcs)$30.00
76Canada & World Covers & FDCs from the Shulman Stamp Co. Stock (75 pcs)$30.00
77Canada & World 1910/1980 mainly Unused Postcards shoebox Lot, ex Souch (500)$30.00
78Canada, Nfld, U.S. Cigar Box lot in glassines from the Shulman Stamp Co. (1000s)$100.00
79Canada & World 1950/2000 Shoebox lot--try this one on for size… (2000)$25.00
80Canada, Nfld, & P.E.I. Reference trio incl Lee Duplex Cancels & Murray postmarks$30.00
81Canada & World Off Paper Mix Shoebox lot incl original Dennison Hinges (1000s)$40.00
82B.C. Cancels A/Y on piece from a lifetime collection (700)$75.00
83B.C. Mining Share Certificates 1930s/1940s (6 different)$20.00
84Prospector's 1933 381 page Hardcover handbook & 2002 Gold Mining in Bridge River 262 pages$20.00
85B.C. & Canada History Books Box lot incl three hardcover (12 different)$25.00
86Vancouver, B.C. 1931/1939 cacheted Cdn First Flight Covers incl shifted surcharges etc (36 pcs)$40.00
87Victoria, B.C. mainly Unused vintage Postcards & Photographs (78 pcs)$40.00
88Echoes of the Whistle authour-signed 1980 History of Union Steamship Company ex Hunter$20.00
89Two Spirits Soar W.P. Kinsella's 1990 134 page Allen Sapp Art Book first we've seen$20.00
90Newfoundland & B.N.A. mainly Used accumulation, some faults (710)$150.00
91Newfoundland duplicated Used off paper Shoebox lot (3 Pounds)$50.00
92Cayman Islands 1938/1988 Mint on pages owner's catalogue $1000. (500)$200.00
93Central & South America 20th Century Mint & Used in stockbook (1150)$50.00
94Central America & Mexico Used stock from the Shulman Stamp Co. (100s)$25.00
95China 1898/1930s Used Stock from the Shulman Stamp Co. (1200)$300.00
96China Philately 1982-1983 English Language articles incl how to discern reprints etc$25.00
97P.R. China NH 1999 short Year Set in original album US$84. (108)$30.00
98R.O. China NH 1996 Year Set in original album US$95. (97)$40.00
99Churchill Topicals 1963/1990s Mint & Used owner's cat. $930. (100s)$200.00
100Cuba 1855/1970 mostly Used on pages incl #4 etc (500)$40.00
101Duck Stamps & Prints 1988 192 page Coffee Table Book w/ dust jacket$20.00
102Expo '70 Topicals Mint & Used on Japanese language specialty pages US$479. (278)$125.00
103Fish & Sealife Topicals mainly NH Sets & Souvenir Sheets US$213. $50.00
104Fiume 1918/1920 mainly Mint owner's cat. $175. as is (50)$30.00
105France 1853/1939 Used on Scott pages some faults US$350. (125 different)$60.00
106France 1862/2004 Mint & Used in stockbook incl Art issues (900 different)$75.00
107France 1944/1979 Mint & Used Architecture Topicals US$137. (137)$30.00
108France 1946/1979 mainly NH Personalities Topicals US$618. (285)$150.00
109France 1952/1979 Mint & Used US$62. (98)$20.00
110France 1961/1981 Mint & Used Jumbo Topicals US$105. (88)$25.00
111France 2005/2008 Used Modern Commemoratives on stockpages owner's cat. $288. (400)$75.00
112French Polynesia 1913/1964 Mint & Used in small stockbook some toning (215)$30.00
113Germany mainly NH 1930s/1950s incl duplication, occupation US$500. (2000) also see lot 150$100.00
114Ghana 1957/1985 Mint in White Ace album US$1180. (1000)$200.00
115Ghana 1986/1992 Mint on White Ace pages US$600. (450)$150.00
116Great Britain 1840 Used Penny Black, world's first stamp, in Fleetwood folder US$320.$100.00
117G.B. 1838/1936 Covers & First Day Cover, incl 1d Reds etc (7 pcs)$50.00
118G.B. 1841/1980 mainly Used Collection some faults US$2700. (900)$200.00
119G.B. 14 Nov 1973 John Pinches Royal Wedding Silver Medallic FDC in original packaging$25.00
120G.B. 1979/1980 Topical PHQ Cards incl some Used, nine sets (35)$20.00
121G.B. NH 1991 Special Stamps Year Set (36)$30.00
122G.B. NH 1994 Special Stamps Year Set (43)$30.00
123G.B. NH 1996 Special Stamps Year Set (44)$30.00
124G.B. NH 1997 Special Stamps Year Set (52)$40.00
125G.B. NH 1998 Special Stamps Year Set (49)$40.00
126G.B. 1978/1981 NH Machins P.O. Packs (7 different)$60.00
127G.B. 1981/1999 NH Machins P.O. Packs (9 different)$75.00
128G.B. 1984/2000 NH Machins P.O. Packs (8 different)$75.00
129G.B. 1996/2000 NH Machins P.O. Packs (8 different)$40.00
130Hungary 1920/1980 Mint & Used owner's cat. $337. (1300) also see lot 25$40.00
131Ireland 1922/2001 Used Stock on manila pages US$1800. (1600)$200.00
132Israel 1948/1991 Mint in White Ace album incl Tabs & #1-9 US$400. (1000)$100.00
133Italy 1890s/1930s Used in small stockbook owner's cat. $500. (166)$60.00
134Italy & Vatican 1863/2000 Mint & Used collection duo (675)$30.00
135Jamaica 1870/2000 Mint & Used on pages (400 different)$150.00
136J.F. Kennedy 1963 Life Magazine trio & Springfield newspaper$25.00
137Liechtenstein 1917/1999 Mint & Used (340)$40.00
138Malta 1885/1927 Used on pages US$93. (40)$30.00
139Netherlands 1864/1999 Mint & Used on Vario pages incl Semipostals etc (1100)$75.00
140New Zealand 1874/1997 mostly Used on pages US$700. (685 different)$150.00
141N.Z. 1880/1970 Used on stockpages some faults owner's cat. $600. (220)$75.00
142N.Z. 1936/1952 Mint & Used on pages incl B.O.B. etc US$484. (159)$100.00
143N.Z. 1967/1986 mainly Mint on pages incl Sets & S/S owner's cat. $228. (432)$50.00
144Portuguese Colonies 1880/1980 mostly Used strength in Azores (318)$30.00
145Railway Topicals generally VFNH Sets & S/S Dealer's Stock US$188. $40.00
146Russia 1918/1972 Mint & Used incl Year Sets & S/S owner's cat. $279. (307)$75.00
147Russia NH First Soviet Issue #149-150 Sheet duo US$90. (200)$25.00
148Russia 1920s/1990s Mint & Used multiples in stockbook owner's cat. $500. (725)$60.00
149Russia Mint 1976/1980 Olympic Sheetlets in custom album duo (70 pcs)$100.00
150Saar 1920/1939 Mint & Used on Lindner pages incl Olympics, Sets, B.O.B. US$1146. (396)$300.00
151St. Pierre & Miquelon 1892/1963 mostly Mint on Minkus pages (120)$40.00
152Scott 2015 World A-Z 6-volume colour Stamp Catalogue Set ex library$150.00
153Scott 2016 Volume 1 A-B Countries 1600 page colour catalogue ex library$40.00
154Scott 2016 Volume 2 C-F Countries 1656 page colour catalogue ex library$40.00
155Scott 2016 Volume 3 G-I Countries 1568 page colour catalogue ex library$40.00
156Scott 2017 Volume 5 N-Sam Countries 1704 page colour catalogue$60.00
157South Africa 1910/1990s Mint & Used including homelands in stockbook owner's cat. $500. (630)$60.00
158South America Used oldtime Dealer's stock from Shulman Stamp Co. (100s)$30.00
159Canada & World 1930/2003 Philatelic References Box Lot incl Catalogues etc$20.00
160Canada, U.S., & World Mint & Used Suitcase lot incl face value $46. (1000s)$50.00
161Supplies Lindner Lazlo T album & slipcase duo, no stamps$50.00
162Supplies new U-V Lamp, Digital Scope, Tongs, & Magnifier(s)$25.00
163Sweden 1858/1975 Used stock on manila pages (100s)$60.00
164Switzerland 1862/1970 Used odd fault US$100. (168)$25.00
165Switzerland 1905/1966 Mint & Used in Minkus Specialty album incl Sets & S/S$60.00
166Syria 1958/1961 Mint on Scott Specialty pages incl some unlisted material US$104. (101)$40.00
167Tanganyika 1922/1962 Mint & Used on Scott specialty pages US$213. (68)$60.00
168Not your typical Topicals 1950s/1980s Mint & Used incl Russia, Hungary (400)$30.00
169United States of America 1870/1990 mainly Used on pages odd fault (1500 different)$60.00
1701890s advertisements & more in ledger scrapbook with autograph album (400 pieces)$500.00
171U.S.A. 1920/1945 mainly NH in stockbook from Shulman Stamp Co. inventory (200)$40.00
172U.S.A. 1926/1936 Mint incl NH from Shulman Stamp Co. stock (300)$100.00
173U.S.A. 1940 and earlier Used in small stockbook from Shulman Stamp Co. (100s)$40.00
174U.S.A. modern Used on & off paper, plus cut squares (100s)$20.00
175U.S.A. 1970s/1990s Mint Range in stockbook owner's face value $100. (500)$100.00
176U.S.A. 1980 & 1981 Fleetwood first day Proof Cards in two custom albums (75 pcs)$30.00
177U.S.A. pre-1940 Used stockbook lot from Shulman Stamp Co. some faults $50.00
178U.S.A. etc pre-1940 Used Beerflat lot incl #294-299 from Shulman Stamp Co. stock$30.00
179United Nations 1951/1990 Mint on Minkus pages incl three offices, face value $200. (800)$60.00
180Vatican 1929/1974 mainly Mint on pages incl Better owner's cat. $150. (300) also see lot 134$40.00
181Virgin Islands 1899/1981 Mint on Harris pages some adhesion US$300. (120 different)$75.00
182World 1880/2000 mainly Used in Citation album unpicked as received (4000)$100.00
183World 1890/1980 mostly Used A/H Box lot (5000)$75.00
184World 1860/1910 in 1899 Scott Imperial album incl China locals etc, adhesion, faults (400)$30.00
185World 1890/1990 mainly Used on Minkus pages in Kabe binder (1500)$50.00
186World 1920/1950 Mint in Springback album incl Tannu Tuva etc (800)$75.00
187World Beerflat Box lot of oldtime dealer's Used material incl China, Crete some faults (3000)$60.00
1881937 Coronation, Hong Kong Postage dues etc pre-1940 stockbook from Shulman Stamp (100s)$50.00
189Australian States and eclectic World pre-1940 World stock from Shulman Stamp Co. (100s)$30.00
190Pre-1940 mish mash Stock from Winnipeg's Shulman Stamp Company (100s)$40.00
191Canada & World Weekend Fun Box Lot incl Russia, United Nations etc $40.00
192World Mint & Used Sets & packets incl China, retail $100. (1000)$40.00
193World 1920/1990 Shoebox of Used off Paper incl Hungary, Mexico etc (4300)$50.00
194World 1920/1980 Mint in small stockbook etc incl G.B. & British Commonwealth (1000)$40.00
195Treasure Trove Box lot housing balance of lifetime holding in 5 albums (6000)$100.00
196Suitcase packed and ready for the stamp traveler (1000s)$50.00
197World collection in 48 page stockbook (2400)$100.00
198World in 19 well filled manila pages (100s)$50.00
199Weird & Wonderful little lot incl Heligoland, Lundy etc (100s)$50.00
200Everything but the Kitchen Sink Banker's Box lot (1000s)$40.00
201Banker's Box of World on & off paper mix (10 Pounds)$25.00
202Balance of World Mint & Used consignment in glassines (100s)$50.00
203World Wildlife Fund 1983/1988 Mint Sets & First Day Covers in custom album US$165. (72 pcs)$50.00
204Hodge Podge Box lot incl Austria etc (1000)$40.00
205Canada & World mostly Used Shoebox lot incl FDCs & Booklets etc (2000)$30.00
206World pre-1940 stock from the Shulman Stamp Company in glassines (1000s)$40.00
207Heavy World 10 album Box lot from Vancouver Coin & Stamp inventory (10,000)$100.00
208Yugoslavia 1918/1951 Mint & Used owner's cat. $278. (279)$50.00
209Bahamas BU 1974 1c-$5 9-coin Set in original holder $20.00
210Canada BU 1965 Silver Dollars in Whitman folder unchecked for types (27)$400.00
211Canada BU 1970/1976 cased Dollars incl Expo '70, 1971, 1973, & 1974 Silver $82. (10 pcs)$50.00
212Canada BU 1990 6-coin Specimen Set in original holder$20.00
213Canada BU 1999 Nunavut 7-coin Specimen Set in original holder$20.00
214Canada BU 2003P 1c-$2 Tiny Treasures 7-coin Set$20.00
215Canada Proof 2007 gold-plated 8-coin Silver Set in original holder$60.00
2162016 Charlton Canadian Coins 318 page ringbound Catalogue$20.00
217Coin References incl Russian etc Box lot (23 pcs)$25.00
218Medallic History of Canada Proof Set of 50$40.00
219Canada & World mainly 1900s/2000 Coins incl some Silver Box lot (312 pcs)$40.00
220One Thousand Years of British Monarchy #24/500 Silver Print in original folder 7.8oz$150.00
221Greenwich Mint BU 2000 cased Official Millennium Medallion$20.00
222Tea Set in Shoebox looks like Barbara Eden could come out of tea pot… (3 pcs)$20.00
223A Guide to the Principal Coins of the Greeks 1959 British Museum 108 pages w/ plates$25.00
224Constantine the Great 330AD Ancient coins in I.N.B. holders (8 pcs)$60.00
225U.S.A. Proof 1983/1984 L.A. Olympics cased Silver $1 & Gold $10 coin Set$1,000.00
226Thomas Jefferson gold-plated 1973 Sterling Silver Bicentennial Plate #3256 8.3oz$150.00
227Whistler's Mother's Day 1979 Sterling Silver 10 oz Plate in original holder #6417/10,000 ding$200.00
228World Coins 1930/1980 strength in Asia & Europe (7 Pounds)$50.00
229World Silver Coins in custom case incl G.B./Hong Kong Trade Dollar etc (11 pcs)$100.00
230Burlington & Missouri River Railroad framed 1879 $100 Share Certificate$25.00
231China 1913 Waterlow & Sons 18x13 Reorganization Gold Loan Bond ex Freer$100.00
232China 1944 framed 19x14 Chinese Airforce Contribution Receipt to Victoria, B.C. Merchant$25.00
233Confederate States framed 1868 13x10 $500 Bond w/ Locomotive & Steamer Vignette$25.00
234Life of the Late John Myton 19th Century Book with 18 coloured plates, spine wear$50.00
235Milton's Paradise Lost 17x13 329 page Dore illustrated 19th Century Book weighing 19 pounds$30.00
236The Luscar Story Mary-Jean Mitchell Green signed Coal Mining Book$50.00
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